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Family Affairs (Rachel)

My mom died 2 weeks after I was born. The doctor that performed the cesarean nicked something inside; she turned septic and died before anyone realized what was going on. The autopsy proved that the doctor was negligent. Something about a 4 martini lunch 3 hours before surgery. Dad mustered out of the Corps a month later, it would have been her 22nd birthday.

Once the insurance company settled with dad, I had a college fund that would let me go anywhere I wanted. Just needed to make sure my grades met the money’s potential.

Dad used some of the money as startup capital and built a nice little business as a private defense contractor making body armor that would stop a Desert Eagle .50 caliber round for the Corps. We were financially set for the rest of our lives.

We did really well for the next little bit, then when I was 7 dad found a new girlfriend. I was pretty jealous of having to share his time after it being just me and him for the first part of my life, but once I met Rachel, I loved her as much as the old man.

She was 22, 5’9, 135 pounds, long red hair, green eyes, bachelor’s degree in philosophy and the biggest tits I’d ever seen in my life. D cup if they were anything. After doing the laundry got put on my chores list, I found out that they were 36DD.

Anyway, she grew up raising her two little sisters because her mom and dad died when Rachel’s youngest sister was 10, so stepping into a pre-made family didn’t seem to faze her in the least. In fact, she and I got along right from the start. So much so that 3 years after they were married, she came to my room one afternoon while I was doing my homework and asked what I thought about her adopting me and becoming my real mother.

“Wow, I… I think that would be really cool. I mean you are my mom, so this will just make it legal, right?”

“Exactly, that way if anything ever happened to your dad, I would have the legal right to be able to get you medical treatment if you get hurt and make sure you always had someplace to live.”

“Do I have to do anything?”

“No baby just be you and your dad and I will take care of all of the paperwork and the only thing that will change is that my name goes on your birth certificate as you mother.”


She must have noticed the disappointment.

“You don’t want your real mom forgotten do you?”

“It’s okay, I didn’t know Connie anyway, it seems mean, but I don’t have any sort of memories of her anyway.”

I could see the tears well up in her eyes, and she reached out to hug me, so I hugged her back, nestled in between those massive, soft, Strawberry scented breasts. Oh my god.

After the adoption, things went smooth as silk. Home was great, life was great and school was amazing. When I was 11, I floored my dad, by rebuilding the transmission for his motorcycle. Classes went from the standard curriculum to advanced placement and college prep. I graduated High School 2 years early and started college soon after.

Didn’t go to an Ivy League school, but I didn’t really need to, one of the country’s best technology colleges was 50 miles from home, so I got to come and visit whenever I wanted, once I got my license. The old man set me up with a used ’65 Pontiac that he found in some farmer’s field somewhere down south. Took me the year and a half to get it the way I wanted, but it was beautiful and the envy of nearly everyone that laid eyes on it.

After college, I made the decision to follow the old man’s example and went into the corps. After basic, it was discovered that I had a certain skill with a rifle. This combined with my mechanical mind, I was assigned to sniper school and sent into combat on a scout/sniper team. Combat promotions and being loaned out to certain espionage and security agencies earned me a Master Sergeant rank when I left. It also gave me a lot of contacts and friends shared with the old man. It was a nice way to get to know him and his life.

About a month after my discharge from the corps, I got a call one night from Rachel.

“Davey, you need to come to the house, now!”

“Rachel, what’s going on?”

“There’s been an accident, it’s your dad.”

“I’m coming home!”

We buried my dad 2 weeks ago. The lawyers read the will to Rachel and me, we were the only ones mentioned. He left Rachel a lot of money. A lot of money. Enough money to last her through 4 lifetimes. I had no idea that dad had that much money. Everything else came to me, including the house and properties. This didn’t seem to surprise Rachel. Of course, she was still pretty numb from the whole thing. And dad left me an envelope with some DVDs in it, with the caveat that I watch them alone, and within 2 days of getting them.

We left and I took Rachel home. She didn’t say a word the whole way there. I grabbed my small duffle out of the trunk, a change of clothes because I hate monkey suits and my sleep clothes. I still had a room here, but the majority of my stuff was at my own apartment. Once I got changed, I came out and Rachel had put together a small lunch and was at the dining room table.

“Rachel, you didn’t have to do that.”

“I had to do something. You should eat. I’m going to change clothes.”

She got up and took about three steps when her legs gave out and she collapsed into a heap on the floor before I could get to her. She was fine, but sitting on the floor, tears flowing uncontrollably.

“Davey, I feel so alone. Like I’m floundering and have no direction. I’m scared, more scared than I have been in a long, long time. With your dad gone, I can’t seem to focus on anything.”

“It’ll be okay, Rachel. We’ll be okay; we just have to lean on each other until we can stand on our own. Even then, we’ll have each other, I promise you that.” I sat down beside her, took her in my arms and held her; the tears started flowing again, so I just let her cry it out.

By the time I realized she had cried herself to sleep, it had gotten dark. I tried to wake her, but it must have been the first real sleep she’d had since the accident. I picked her up and carried her to their bedroom.

As I laid her on the bed, I knew she’d be pissed if I left her in her nice dress, so I took off her shoes, and sat her up and unzipped her dress. She practically slid out of the dress, and there they were, those magnificent breasts that I spent most of my childhood trying see. I kept trying to steal little glimpses and sidelong glances every time she was close. Then the guilt afterward, she was my mom after all.

Now, however, they were right there in all their glory, wrapped up tight in a bra to keep them under control. I snapped out of my stare, and moved the dress from Rachel’s hips and down her legs, then I noticed that she was wearing a garter and nylons with a slick very small thong, even by thong standards. Holy shit she had six pack abs and tight ropey muscles over her whole body. Creepy thing to say it about your mom, but she was one hot fucking MILF.

I did my best to stay on track, I hung her dress in the closet where it belonged, and put her shoes in their proper place. I shook my head; the old man had imposed his will and order on everything and everybody in his house, including Rachel. Once a Marine, always a Marine. Of course, the place always looked great and that’s all good on her.

I turned around and went back to getting Rachel ready for bed. I undid the garters and slid the nylons off her long beautiful legs, then undid the garter belt. I slid the covers out from under her and put her into bed, took her ear rings and watch, then released those wonderful tits. I leaned down before I pulled the covers over her and inhaled as much as I could. Damn, after all these years, still smelled like fresh strawberries. I folded her bra, hose and garter and put them on the dresser; she could relax a little now and just take care of them in the morning.

I went back and checked on Rachel one last time before I left. As I bent down and kissed her on her forehead, her eyes came open and she looked into my face, almost pleadingly.

“Will you stay with me tonight?”

“I was going to anyway, Rachel so we could talk some tomorrow.”

“No, I mean here, with me. I don’t want to be alone.”

“Rachel, I…”

“Please, Davey. I feel all churned up inside, and I haven’t slept in days, I could use some comfort. Obviously I feel safe with you; I fell asleep in your lap on the living room floor. Please?”

“Okay Rachel, let me go get changed, and I’ll be back.”

I got my sleep clothes on, just some lightweight sweats and a tee shirt, and went back to my parent’s room. Rachel was still in bed, but the far side had been turned down, not what I expected, I had planned on sleeping on top of the covers. Good thing I put on my jammies.

“Thank you for taking my dress and hanging it up for me. It’s dry clean only.”

“No problem Rachel,” as I turned around and glanced toward the dresser, her thong was there with the rest of her lingerie. Wow!

I moved around to the far side of the bed and slid in under the covers.

“Thank you for this, Davey.”

“Sure Rachel, anything for you, you know that.” I turned and switched off the bedstead light. Then slid up behind her on the other side of the bed, doing my best to not get too tight up against her, I knew what that was sure to do to me.

“You’re a good man, Davey,” she said to me in the dark, “Your father was very proud of the man you have become, and so am I. I know he never told you that, and I’m sorry it took this horrible tragedy to make me to realize I needed to tell you too.”

“Thank you for that Rachel. Mom.”

“Do you know, I think that’s the first time you’ve ever called me ‘mom’ in the entire time we’ve been a family?”

“You may be right about that, but you’ve always just been Rachel to me. If it makes you feel any better, you were always introduced as my mom, and I always told people about you as my mom. Like I told you when you adopted me, you’re the only mother I’ve ever known, it’s just that you’ve always been a cool, beautiful, grown up friend to me on top of being my mom, calling you ‘mom’ never felt right. You’re Rachel.”

She grabbed my hand and pulled my arm over her and held it between her breasts. “I’ve always liked you too. You were a cool, smart and loving little kid, and I’m glad the man you’ve become is just the same. You said we need to talk, what about?”

“The house, but we can get to it tomorrow.”

“You’re not going to sell it are you?” The panic in her voice nearly brought the tears again as she started to turn to me. I held her in place and replied as quickly as I could.

“No, no, no, no! Rachel, nothing like that! You remember that dad’s will left the house in my name.”

“Yeah, I remember. He said he would, but I thought he was joking. I never thought he would boot me out of the only real home I’ve had.”

She hit the word home sort of hard.

“So you never felt like your dad’s house was home?”

“No. That place was a house, and grandma’s place too, the only thing that kept me sane was the girls. Granny was okay, but she was really old and deteriorating quickly.”

“Well, what I wanted to talk to you about, Rachel was you being in this house. I want you to stay here.”

“How long can I stay?”

“You misunderstand me, Rachel. As far as I’m concerned, this is your house, your home, I’m a guest here.
You stay as long as you feel you want to or can. Hell, I’ll sign the damned thing over too you if you want.”

“Do you mean that? Really?”

“Of course, you have my word on that.”

“Thank you, Davey. You really are a good, good man.”

“Get some sleep, Rachel. We’ll talk more in the morning.”

I really needed to stop talking; I wasn’t feeling like a good man at the moment, as my cock was growing down the leg of my boxer briefs. God damn she was hot, and she still had my hand clutched between her tits.

I came awake slowly, realizing that my hands were moving. Rachel had laced her fingers over the tops of mine, and was rubbing them all over herself. I did my best to relax, and let her, but she knew I was awake.

“I’m sorry; it’s been a while since I’ve had a man’s hands on me.”

“Didn’t dad…?”

“Not for the last couple of months. I don’t know why.”

“How long since you’ve had sex?”

“3 months.” Her voice was filled with regret.

“So what happened? You guys were always at each other. It was almost embarrassing at times.”

“I think he was cheating on me, or punishing me for something.”

“I’m sorry, Rachel.” It was then that I realized my hands were still on her stomach and on her breast. “Is there anything I can do…?”

“I’m so sorry, I know this has got to be weird for you, I’m just so alone.”

“You’ll never be alone, Rachel.” I pulled her in tight to my body and began running my hands up and down her tight stomach, and up to her breasts. When I got there, I took one in each hand and gave them a firm but gentle squeeze. She moaned with desire, and I took this as a good sign.

“I forgot, you really like my breasts, don’t you?” It was really more statement than question.

“Since the first day I saw them.”

“I remember you were always trying to get a peek at them when you were a kid.”

I stopped involuntarily, and she just laughed.

“You really didn’t think I knew did you?”

“I always thought I was being so slick and getting away with it.” I started kneading her breasts some more.

“Ungh… Nope, I always knew, and I was always flattered. In fact after you got a little older, I would imagine you doing exactly what you’re doing now while I was playing with myself. It always helped me cum.”

“Well, maybe this will help you now.” I brought my hands back to her nipples and rolled them a little between my fingers. Her response told me I was right.

“Oh, my God.”

I slid one hand down her stomach and when I got to her pussy I was a little surprised to find it completely bald.

“Wow, go a little crazy with the bikini trim?”

“I’ve shaved for as long as I can remember, do you like it?”

I responded by cupping her pussy with my hand and starting a slow rub.

“Ungh…I’ll take that as a yes.”

She reached around behind her and started fishing around in my sweats for my cock.

“You always sleep in your underwear?”

“Nope, I needed to be able to control myself, when I knew my body would betray me. You’re beautiful,
Rachel, and I didn’t want this to get weird.”

“Guess it got a little weird anyway didn’t it?”

“I’m so horny right now, I don’t care, anymore, we’ll worry about that later.”

“Good.” With that she rolled over on top of me, breaking my hold on her cunt and her tit. She leaned across and switched on the light. “If we’re going to do this, I want to watch.”


She pulled back and reached down to the waistband of my pants and started to pull them down at the same time I pulled off my shirt.

“You’re in good shape aren’t you? Good to see you didn’t waste your time in the military.”

She said this as she ran one hand over my chest and fingered the 3 scars there. Nobody gets out of a war zone. Sometimes the wounds are physical wounds, sometimes mental, and sometimes both. I feel pretty lucky to have gotten off easy with just physical scars. Rachel had a sort of faraway sadness in her eyes when she looked up at me.

“Do they still hurt?”

“Sometimes a little, but mostly they’re just a reminder to keep myself out of sight.”

She ran both of her hands over my body, lightly massaging as she went.

“Yeah, I like your body too, Rach.”

She pulled my underwear down with my sleep pants, and released my cock from confinement. I’ve never thought about the size of my penis, but she just stared at it like a hungry cat.

“I’ve wanted to see your cock ever since your Aunt Crissy told me about it. It really is as big as she said. Christ it must be 8½ or 9 inches.”

My aunt Christina walked in on me jacking off to mental images of her in the bathroom one time when I was 17 and home for the summer. MOST embarrassing moment of my life, until just now, finding out she told my mom about it.

“She told you about that?!?” My boner started to sink.

“Yep, deal with it.” She reached down and took my cock in one hand and slid the head into her mouth.

Oh my God, I nearly exploded right then and there. She let a little saliva escape from around her lips then moved down the length of the shaft. When she got about halfway down, she vacuum sealed her lips to it and pulled back, taking all of the extra spit with it. This was too much too fast, I reached down and grabbed her long red hair in both hands and pulled her off my shaft. Her mouth came off the head with a ‘pop’.

“Easy there, or this will be over before it begins.”

“I can take care of that.”

She jumped up and went into the bathroom. I’ve never tired of watching her walk away. She came back with a glass of water, and a little blue pill.

“Is that what I think it is?”

“Yep, your dad’s been eating these like candies since they first came out.”

I took the pill and swallowed it down, by the time I put the glass on the nightstand, Rachel was ready to wrap her lips around my cock again.

“Just relax and enjoy the ride.”

She went back to work sucking my dick, just like she had started, it didn’t take long before it was at full attention, and I grabbed her hair and pushed her head down as far as I could on my cock.
“Oh my god, I love your mouth!!”

She pulled her head up, smiling.

“Thank you. Now I want you to cum in mommy’s mouth!” She took my cock in her mouth again and forced it as far down her throat as she could, over and over again. I felt my balls tighten up.

“Now, oh god, Rachel, now! Ungh!!”

She swallowed my dick as far down as she could, and I exploded down her throat. It just kept coming, and she kept swallowing, her lips sealed to my shaft. She didn’t lose a drop. When I finally stopped and fell back on the bed, she pulled her head back slowly, cleaning the shaft as she went.

“Jesus, Rachel that was amazing.”

“Thank you again.” She said after she swallowed the last of my jizz.
I looked down expecting to see my member slowly dwindling to soft and useless, but there it stood in all its glory.

“You should be that way for at least an hour or so.”

“Very Cool! Now it’s your turn.”

I pushed her down on her back and started kissing her, long and deep. I moved my way down to her neck, and squeezed her giant tits as I went.

“Oh baby, I want you to suck on my titties.”

“That works, because I really want to suck them, too.”

So I started, I took her right tit into my mouth, as much as I could, (did I mention they were huge?) and started
a long hard draw with my mouth vacuumed over her nipple, flicking the nipple with my tongue all the while. After a few moments, I moved to the left, then back and forth letting the spit dry on each one and raise the nipple in the cool air, before switching again.

“God, yes, suck on mommy’s titties, baby. Suck them until I… ungh, cum!”

I looked into her beautiful green eyes as I sucked on her breasts, then said, “Will that make you cum, mommy? Or should I move down here?” and I reached down between her legs and stuck 2 fingers into her hot, wet pussy.

“Oh God…take your pick!”

I pulled my fingers out and she moaned her disappointment.

“I won’t leave you hanging, mommy, I’ll take care of you.”

I kissed my way down her wonderful body to that pretty shaved pussy, and started kissing her clit. Her moans told me all I needed to know about hitting the right places. Of course, she was hot enough at this moment, that I probably could have just blown on her clit and made her cum. So I did.

“P-please, can I cum?”

Can I cum? Is she serious? Then a devious thought went through my head.

“Not yet.”

“Oh…Please! I’m so close!

“Soon mommy, but don’t cum yet.”


Wow, she really was going to try and hold it. That’s hot!!

I put my two fingers back in her wet pussy, and pumped her for a few strokes, as I sucked on her clit. She moaned again and grabbed the bed sheet with both hands to try and hold off her orgasm. I kept sucking on her pussy I pulled my fingers out of her and positioned two of my fingers at her asshole.

“Now you can cum, Rachel.” Then I planted my mouth over her pussy again and sucked hard on her clit.

She arched her back and pulled on the sheets with all her might as the orgasm started. As soon as she started, I slid my fingers, slick with her own cum into her ass. She tried to scream, but nothing came out of her throat. Her ass tightened on my fingers, and I could feel her pussy convulse under my mouth. She just kept cumming. Her body tightened into a rigid arc above the bed. I finally took my mouth off her pussy and slowly pulled my fingers out of her ass, as her orgasm slowly subsided. Wow, I’ve never had a woman respond to oral sex that way before.

I licked my fingers clean, wiped my mouth and savored her taste as I climbed slowly up to kiss her again.

“Are you alright?” I asked.

“Y-yes! That was phenomenal!”

“Wow, going to be hard to keep up with phenomenal, from here on.”

“Oh I doubt that!”

“So, you like my technique hunh?”

She just grabbed my face and planted a deep, passionate kiss on me. As we were kissing, I reached down and aimed my cock at the entrance to her pussy and shifted my hips to press against her. I slid into her with amazing ease, she was so wet, and thanks to my new little blue friend, my cock was still cold blue steel.

She pulled away from our kiss and arched up and moaned again.

“Can I come again, please?!?”

“Yes Rachel, you can cum as much and as often as you want.”

A breathy “Thank you! Ungh…!” as another orgasm swept over her.

I started pumping my cock into her slowly. I kept my pace steady and even, and she responded by pushing her hips up to meet me as we found a nice rhythm together.

“Oh fuck, baby that’s so good.”

“I was sort of getting that. Something about you cumming all over my cock gave it away.”

“Yeah…I can see how that may convince you! Oh fuuuuuck! I’m cuuuuming again. I love your cock!!!”

“It loves you too, Rachel.”

I pulled out of Rachel after her orgasm died away and told her to roll onto her stomach.

“Oh yes, baby. But let me bend over the side of the bed. Fuck me from behind.”

We got off the bed and standing there next to each other, she kept stroking my cock, but there was no way that my little man was done yet. I turned her to face the bed and bent her over the side. I stepped up behind her as she spread her legs, then she reached back and spread her cheeks apart and presented herself to me. I slid easily back into her pussy and started pumping her, the more I pumped the more she pushed back against me, until we were thrusting at each other with serious animal lust.

“Ungh…ungh…ungh”, was all that came out of Rachel. Then she did something different. She put her hands behind her back and laid her forearms together and grabbed an elbow with each hand. If I’d had a set of cuffs, I could have easily bound her arms together. My mom might be into some interesting shit. So I reached down and grabbed her by her wrists with one hand and pulled her back toward me.

“Yes!!! Pull my hair Davey, pull mommy’s hair and fuck her hard! Ungh, I’m going to cum again. Jesus fuck me!!!”

When her orgasm died away, I slowed my rhythm and pulled out. I had one more thing to try, but had to take it slowly. I spread her ass cheeks and spit on her rosebud.

“Are you going to fuck mommy’s ass, now?”

“I was planning to yes. What do you have to say about it?”

“Oh God yes!!! Please fuck mommy’s ass.”

That was all the encouragement I needed. I shoved my cock back into her cunt all the way to the hilt for a few more strokes, then positioned my cock head over her ass and pushed slowly. Rachel relaxed and pushed back against me until my cock head was all the way past her ring. I spit on the shaft again just to make sure there was plenty of lubrication.

“Fuuuuuck that feels good, sliding in and out. Please.”

“Please what, Rachel?”

“Please fuck me harder, as hard as you want. Use my ass!”

“Is that what you want me to do?”

“P-p-please yes!!”

So I started fucking her ass in earnest. I had all of my cock all the way into her ass, with my balls slapping her cunt. I reached up and grabbed two handfuls of her hair.

“Oh yes…oh fuuuuuck, I’m going to cum again!!! Fuck me, harder! Fuck your mommy in the ass, make me cum!! Oh…my…God…n-n-now, NOW!!!” She screamed as she shuddered and tried to keep breathing while she grabbed the bed and nearly pulled all the covers off of it. I kept fucking her through her orgasm, but I could feel my own starting to boil up inside me.

“I’m going to cum, Rachel!!”

“I want to taste you again! Please let me!”

I couldn’t figure out why she kept asking for permission. She was the parent wasn’t she? Oh well, she asked nicely, so I pulled out and Rachel spun around and knelt down in front of me. She put her hands in mine and leaned in to take my cock in her mouth. I held her hands out and pulled my cock away from her mouth a little, teasing her just a bit.

“Please…can I have it?”

I leaned forward and let her take my cock in her mouth. She swallowed it almost to the hilt again, and sucked on me until I came down her throat again. This time a little seeped out around her lips. Oh well, we were both pretty tired. I let go of her and she wiped her mouth with her hand and cleaned all of it with enthusiasm.

My hard-on finally started to subside. It was 1 am, we’d been at it for 2 hours and we were both exhausted. Rachel smiled up at me and rose to give me a deep passionate kiss again.

She pulled away from me and said, “We should probably get a shower and some sleep. Your aunts are supposed to be here sometime tomorrow.”

“Shit, I forgot about them coming today.”

Aunt Crissy couldn’t get back in time for the funeral, something about being out in the middle of the Australian outback doing a photo shoot. She didn’t even find out about it until the first visitations at the funeral home. Rachel got a telegram from her with a two word message: “I’m coming!!” Her flight gets in tomorrow (or rather today at 10:30 this morning).

Aunt Sarah is a High School history teacher about 3 hours away. She had come for the funeral, but had to get back to her classes. Now that school was out though, she was going to stay for a month of her vacation, and help mom out if she could. Sarah’s married with no kids, but her husband’s a douche bag that drinks away her paychecks and smacks her around from time to time. I really want to bury him in the woods somewhere. She basically married a younger version of her dad.

“C’mon, let’s get cleaned up.” Rachel voice pulled me out of the memory of my aunts. They were both just as beautiful as she was. This house was destined to look hotter than hell this weekend.
We went into the master bathroom to shower. It’s a nice big room with a claw foot tub, a toilet, a bidet, two sinks and a walk-in shower. All the bathrooms in the house are big, the old man basically had on-suites put on most of the rooms with a jack-n-jill between a couple of the smaller rooms. I walked in and started my shower while Rachel used the toilet. I washed my hair, and in the middle of rinsing, I felt Rachel hug me from behind and lay her head on my back. Her hands slid down and wrapped around my cock and started a long slow massage, kissing me the whole time.

“Aren’t you exhausted?” I asked.

“Yes, but sex is like Chinese food: half an hour later you’re hungry again.”

“I see.” My hair was rinsed by now, so I turned around and picked her up and slid my now hardened cock into her cunt. I held her close to me for a short time, while she wrapped her legs around me and adjusted to my cock being in her pussy again.

“Fuck me, please!”

“Hold on tight.”

She wrapped her arms around my neck and hugged me as tight as she could, so I slid my arms under her knees and pulled her legs up and apart as I pushed her up against the wall and just poured it to her.

“Ungh…yes! Fuck mommy: Fuck mommy as hard as you can!!!”

“Do you like my cock, mommy?”

“Oh, God, Davey yes!!”

“I want you to come all over my cock! Will you do that for me?”

“Y-yes! Mommy loves the way you fuck her. Harder, harder!!”

My rhythm turned into what can only be called “grudge fucking” as I kept ramming my cock into her pussy.

“Oh my god Davey, can I cum? Please, oh please can I cum now?!!?”

“Yes mommy, cum all over your son’s long, hard cock!” I don’t think I’ll ever tire of her asking permission to cum.

That was all she needed, her orgasm started, then grew and rippled through her whole body. She sort of went rigid and squeezed her legs together so hard I thought she was going to break my arms. She screamed and looked in my eyes, then down at our grinding crotches as she squirted cum all over my cock, my stomach and the shower floor. That was all it took for me as I exploded hot cum into her pussy, a second orgasm swept over her and she clamped down on me again and rode the wave to the end.

“Holy shit, Davey! I’ve never squirted before! That was amazing!” She could hardly get the words out; she was so out of breath. “Not to mention multiple orgasms. Jesus H. Christ!!”

“Yeah, that was pretty wild! I’ve never had anything like that either. Wow Rachel, you are amazing!”

We moved back into the shower again and actually got cleaned up this time. We probably would have gone at each other again, as we were soaping each other up and rubbing all of the important, sensitive, fun parts, but we both knew we had to get some sleep.

Once we were both dry, we climbed into bed again and fell asleep with Rachel pulled in close to my body. I drifted off to sleep with the scent of strawberries in my mind.

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I cross the line with my son.

It was a warm spring evening and I found myself at home alone. My daughter was spending the night at a friends house and my son was at a party. He had just turned 18 and was a senior in high school. He and his classmates would be graduating soon and going off to different colleges or jobs. I was a little restless tonight and not sleepy so I decided to wait up for him. I was dressed for bed in a thin cotton tank top and cotton lounge pants. I had a couple of glasses of wine so I was feeling good and relaxed.

At this time I was 37 and I had heard some of my son’s friends use the term MILF when talking about me. I’m 5′ 7” and weigh about 120 lbs. I have 36D tits and an ass I keep in shape by running almost every day. I take pride in the way I look and I admit that I do tease those teenage boys now and then. I have been divorced for 4 years now and like it that way. My kids and I have a very open relationship and can talk about anything. My son has walked in on me changing or getting out of the shower and I have done the same thing to him. I think maybe that’s why I am a little restless tonight.

He had decided to use my bathroom to take his shower before going out. I walked into my bedroom just as he was drying himself off. As he walked past me to his room there swinging back and forth was his huge cock in all it’s glory. I couldn’t help myself and I had to stare at it. It was at least 9 inches long with a very large head. I had seen it before but for some reason the image of him walking by me naked with his big cock swinging back and forth like an elephants trunk was stuck in my head. He was in great shape having played football and powerlifted. He was 6′ tall and about 200lbs, all muscle.

As I replayed that image in my head and sipped my wine I noticed my nipples were rock hard and poking through the thin fabric of my top. He was so sexy I couldn’t help but get turned on. I don’t think I could ever act on it, but if he made the first move I am not sure I could resist him. We had always teased each other and at times I could almost feel some sexual tension, but I wasn’t sure if I was just imagining things.

It was almost 1am when I heard the garage door open. He came into the den where I was sitting on the couch. He had a big smile on his face and I knew he had been drinking some. After having some wine I was feeling good too. He came over and sat down next to me on the couch. I turned towards him tucking one leg under me.

I asked him, “How was your evening?”

He said, “It was fine, I just get real tired of hot girls who just want to tease you.”

He described those hot girls who would dress all sexy and acted like they were experienced and then when it came down to it they stopped things and said no. I was looking at him and for some reason I put myself in the place of one of those girls. I could understand his frustration. For some reason what I said next would change everything.

I said, “I would never tease you.”

I am not sure if that’s exactly what I meant to say but I had said it and it hung there. He looked at me with a curious look. I saw his eyes go lower to where my still hard nipples were poking out. He looked back up at me and smiled.

He said, “Oh really? You would never tease me?”

I didn’t have time to think clearly and say what I might have meant. He had turned toward me now and was staring at my boobs again.

He said, “OK, prove it. Take your top off.”

I had just told him I wouldn’t tease him and now he was asking me to prove it. The smart move would be just to laugh it off but all I could think of now was not to go back on my word. I smiled at him as I reached down and peeled the tight tank top off revealing my naked breasts to him. He had seen them before but now they were on full display right in front of him. He was speechless as he stared at them. I decided to see if he was the tease.

I said, “OK mister off with your top or are you just teasing?”

He didn’t hesitate and pulled off his shirt revealing his naked muscular chest. Where this was going I wasn’t sure. It was his move now.

He looked me in the eyes and said, “OK, I don’t think you will do it, but why don’t you take those pants off.”

He was daring me to go further. I was breathing hard and even though common sense said to stop I had to go on. I stood up and released the drawstring on my pants. Slowly peeling them off I soon stood there in nothing but a pair of white cotton thong panties.

I pointed at his pants and said, “Well?”

He stood up and undid his belt and button on his jeans. Soon he was standing in front of me in his boxers with a very obvious bulge. He didn’t have to ask me what do to next. I reached down and peeled my panties off revealing my freshly shaved pussy, which was very wet. He removed his boxers and there sticking straight out was his very hard cock. I was staring at it when he reached out and pulled me close. As my large breasts crushed against his chest he kissed me. A very passionate kiss full of need. Our tongues danced together as I felt his hand travel to my ass pulling me closer. This was my son and I wasn’t stopping him.

As he broke our kiss and his mouth moved down to my nipples I felt him push me back on to the couch. I lowered myself down on my back as he towered over me. My legs were open and my need for him was as great as his desire for me. He had one hand on a breast as he sucked hard on it’s nipple. The other hand was on his cock as he guided it close to my core. This was really going to happen. He wasn’t wasting any time. He wanted to get inside me. As I felt his large cock head touch my swollen lips I was a little concerned with his size.

I said, “Easy baby, you are so big.”

He must of understood because he slowed down and started to ease himself inside me. He was really stretching me but soon he popped in. He groaned from my tightness and heat. Pushing in he was able to get deeper. Slow in and out strokes helped. The reality of me being his Mother was not slowing him down. He hit bottom with about an inch of his big cock left to go. I felt so full and I grabbed his ass to urge him on. This was so surreal and yet I knew this was what I had wanted all along. I didn’t care about how taboo this was. My Son was fucking me with his big cock and I was about to cum.

I guess he was thinking straight on some level because he said, “Mom I am about to cum. Should I pull out?”

I wasn’t on the pill and he wasn’t wearing a condom. Through my sexual fog I was pretty sure I wasn’t at risk of getting pregnant but to be honest I had no idea. Up until now I hadn’t even thought about that possibility.

I said, “No baby I want to feel it. Shoot your cum inside me.”

I had given him the green light and he hit the accelerator. Pumping me deep and hard now I felt him swell up and start to go off deep inside me. That set me off too and my tight pussy went into spasms as we came together. He seemed to shoot forever filling me up. We held each other tight as we came down. We had crossed a huge line and I wanted him to know it was OK. I told him how much I loved him and he said the same to me. He held my face and kissed me. Finally he got up and stood there all sweaty with his still huge half hard cock glistening with his Mom’s juice. I smiled at him and got up and took his hand and lead him to my bedroom for round 2.

I took my naked 18 yr old Son by the hand and led him down the hall to my bedroom. I was naked too having just had sex with him for the first time, in the den. I pulled the covers back on my big bed and crawled up onto it. I turned and opened my arms to him. We had crossed a huge line but the sexual fog we were in was hiding common sense.

I said, “ Come here Baby.”

He crawled up onto my bed to join me. Our naked bodies pressed together. He kissed me deeply again. His hands went to my breasts and squeezed and kneaded them. He broke our kiss to move down and suck on the nipple of the breast he was holding. These were the same breasts he had nursed from as a baby. He had been fascinated with them and since puberty had stared at them quite often. At the moment he couldn’t get enough of them. I guess since he now had unlimited access to my boobs he was making up for lost time. He had both of my nipples very erect and sensitive. I cradled his head as he continued to suck and kiss them.

He said, “Mom your tits are so big and soft. I knew they would be.”

He was getting me quite worked up and finally I had to do something. I rolled him over on his back. I kissed him on the lips and then proceeded to work my way lower. I grabbed his big cock with my hand and found it to be almost fully hard. I raised it to my lips and gave the head a kiss then a lick. He smelled and tasted like sex. The remains of our previous lovemaking. I opened my mouth and took his head in. He groaned from the heat and suction. Soon I had him fully erect. I knew he would last longer in round 2 so I was not worried about him cumming too fast. I had his cock nice and hard and very wet now. It was so big, at least 9 inches long and thick. It was so different then his Father’s who only had an average one. I could easily become owned by this cock. Is that what I wanted?

I was ready and so was he so I climbed on top of him straddling him. His cock was so long I had to get up on my feet to get things lined up. I lowered myself down holding his cock in one hand with the other on on his chest to steady me. I was wet from being turned on but also from his first load which was still leaking from me. I placed his head at my entrance and we both groaned from the contact. He slipped in easier this time but I still had to use my weight to get him in. I loved this position because it allowed me to control things. Slowly he stretched me and completely filled me. I felt his big head press into my cervix with still more shaft left outside me.

I had both hands on his shoulders as I ground my clit and moved up and down using short strokes. He was still squeezing my breasts and pulling on my nipples. I was his Mother and I was using him for my pleasure as well as giving him pleasure. I loved him more then anything, but right now I was in lust with his cock. He had his hands on my hips now trying to force me down so he could get all in me.

He said, “Your pussy is so hot and tight. It’s gripping my cock as you go up and down. I want to get it all in you, Mom.”

I said, “You are so big Baby, I’m not sure if you will be able to do that. I feel it banging into the bottom of my pussy now.”

I continued to ride him. He was lasting a long time. I had a couple of orgasms making things wetter. I was sweaty and he was sweaty and I was getting tired. He still showed no signs of cumming. I think he sensed me slowing down. He sat up and rolled me over on my back not withdrawing his cock from me. He was on top now and started a steady pace of fucking his Mom. It felt so good to be finally fucking my Son. I knew now that I had wanted to do this for a long time. He pulled my legs up so my knees were level with his shoulders. He was really plowing me now trying to get deeper. I guess my cervix either flattened out or gave was because I felt his pubes on my pussy lips and balls slap my ass. I arched my back and pulled on my nipples feeling him do this to me. This was raw sex. He was working hard really giving it to me.

I said, “Fuck me harder Baby. Fuck your Mother’s tight pussy. I want to feel you cum again deep inside me.”

He said, “Oh God Mom I can’t believe I am finally able to fuck you. I love cumming inside you. Are you sure it’s OK?”

I really wasn’t sure but I had to have it that way. I said, “Yes give it to me, fill me up.”

He was making rapid short strokes and I knew he was close. His face showed both pleasure and pain as he approached his release. He paused suddenly with his cock all the way in me and then I felt it. His load erupted from the end of it deep inside me directly on or into my cervix. After the first blast he stroked in and out as the rest of his load exploded in me. It was the second time he had cum in me tonight and this one felt bigger then the first one. My Son’s sperm was being injected into me and I am sure it was going where it was supposed to, up into my uterus. This was the ultimate bond between a man and a woman, it just so happened that we were also Mother and Son. My orgasm started and my pussy spasmed and contracted milking his cock and pulling his load higher up into me.

This felt so great but it was hard work too and soon he collapsed onto me. He lay on me and I felt his cock giving little spasms inside me as it made sure all his sperm came out. I held him and he held me. I rolled to one side and stayed connected to him. We fell asleep like that, completely exhausted from our lovemaking. Mother and Son, still connected and clinging on to each other.

I knew it was light outside before I opened my eyes. I peeked at the clock and it was 8am. I was on my left side and my Son was pressed up behind me. I guess he had pulled out of me sometime in the night as we slept. We were still very naked of course and his arm was wrapped around me and he was holding one of my boobs. From his breathing I could tell he was still asleep. I was completely sober now and I thought about what had happened last night. I had unprotected sex twice with my Son. This didn’t freak me out in fact I was happy it had happened. We would have to have a talk of course to make sure things were still fine between us. If this was going to continue rules would have to be agreed upon. This would have to be our secret.

This felt so good laying here with him holding me. I felt his big cock between my ass cheeks. It still seemed semi hard. I hoped it was me that was making it that way and I smiled. I wiggled my butt a little feeling his large cock. I felt his hand squeeze my boob a little and I knew he was waking up. He kissed my neck and I moaned. I pressed back into him more insistent now. He let go of my boob and took his now hard cock and placed it between my legs so it rested on my big pussy lips. He slid it back and forth a couple of times and I knew he was making me wet. It was obvious he was ready to go for round 3. This was the best thing about young guys, they needed very little recovery time and they always had a load ready.

He was back to kissing my neck and squeezing my tits. He seemed obsessed by them. I was going to let him make the move and I didn’t have to wait long. He pulled himself free of me and he knelt on the bed. He reached down and pulled me up on my knees. He was going to do me doggie style and I loved the idea. Morning sex was always great and doing it this way with a big cock was the best. I was on my knees and elbows and my ass and pussy were wide open for him. I felt him scoot up closer to me and he cock head pressed into my pussy entrance. My lips were swollen and a little sore from last night and it took a moment for him to get past them. His big head pushed forward and entered me. Once he was lodged in my pussy he grabbed my hips to pull me on to his cock. His huge tool slid into me and I almost couldn’t breath. I felt very different to have him enter me this way.

I was up on my hands and knees as my Son plowed me from behind. My big breasts were swinging back and forth from his forceful strokes. He was able to get much deeper this way. We were making squishy slapping sounds. His cock was deep within me and abusing my cervix once again. He truly was possessing me now. I don’t know if he realized that but I did. He reached under and squeezed my hanging boobs. He pulled on the nipples like he was trying to milk them. This was our first sober fuck and we weren’t saying much. I knew now that he really did desire me.

He took me by the hips again and was really driving into his Mom. This was hard nasty sex and I loved it. He would pull out until just the head was left inside me and then ram his full length into me. I could feel every vein and ridge on his cock since it was such a tight fit. He was about to unload into me. His third one in less then 24 hours. Each one was full of his potent sperm. I was his Mother and I was allowing it. Was this the biggest mistake of my life or something else. Right now I didn’t care. I just wanted my Son to cum in me again.

He said, “Mom you have such a great ass, the sight of it is going to make me cum soon.”

That made me press back even harder. He was really getting into fucking me like this. My back was arched and he grabbed a fistful of my long dark hair and pulled on it. The other hand was on my ass squeezing it. His big balls were slapping my clit sending me into an orgasm. They were very big and I am sure were full again. My pussy started to spasm and this sent him over the edge too. It was so tight now it was actually difficult for him to stroke so he just shoved it in all the way and erupted again in me. Rope after rope of his thick semen spewed from the end of his cock. Did he always cum like this? There was so much of it.

He was pounding his load into me so hard I thought I might hit the headboard. Soon he was done and I was done and I fell forward with him on top of me. The bed was a mess and so were we. His third load was starting to ooze from me and I decided we needed a shower.

I said, “Get up Mister we need a shower.”

He rolled off of me with his cock pulling out with a pop. I went into my bathroom and turned on the shower. Luckily it was big enough for two. Soon the water was steaming and we got in. It was fun washing each other having the time now to explore each others bodies. I washed my pussy until it stopped leaking. I guess the rest was staying deep inside me. When we were done washing he pulled me close and kissed me. I loved him so much and I knew he loved me. He trailed down my front kissing my boobs and sucking on the nipples. Going lower he finally knelt down and kissed my mound. I spread my legs giving him access and for the first time he licked my pussy lips. Even though they were sore it felt good to have him do this. He licked and sucked on them finally making his way to my clit. It was big and hard and oh so sensitive. He sucked on it and flicked it with his tongue. I grabbed his head and pressed his face into my pussy.

I said, “Oh God that feels so good. Suck my clit Baby. Suck Mommy’s clit.”

He did just that and when he nipped it with his teeth I came hard. Even though we were still under the stream of hot water I know I showered him with my juice. When he knew I was finished he stood up and kissed me again. I was shaky but I got down on my knees and took his big cock into my mouth. It was hard and fat and I tried my best to get as much of it in as I could. He had just cum a little while ago and I hoped he could do it again. I sucked and slurped on it for all I was worth. He groaned and tried to shove it down my throat. I stroked it with my mouth and hand. I played with his big balls, feeling their weight and pulling on them. Somehow they were working up another load.

He said, “I’m going to cum Mom. I’m going to cum in your mouth.”

That made me suck even harder trying to coax his load out. I have been told I am a very good cock sucker and he must have thought so because I felt his cock swell up some. His ball sack that I was holding drew up tight and I knew he was about to cum. I held just the head inside my mouth and then I felt it spewing. His thick white creamy load shoot into my mouth. It tasted wonderful all salty and sweet. I swallowed quickly because more was on the way. I was able to swallow it all with none getting past my lips. He shuddered as the last bit came out and I sucked it down. I gave his now limp cock a kiss and stood up. We got out of the shower and dried each other off. After getting dressed I asked him if he was hungry and of course he was so I went to the kitchen to make breakfast.

We sat at the table smiling at each other as we ate. When we were done I took his hand. I looked at him

I said, “Did you enjoy last night?”

He said, “You know I did and I know you did too Mom.”

I said, “Yes I did. Do you want it to continue?”

He said, “More than anything I do. I love you Mom. I have wanted to have sex with you for so long now. I don’t know how I could do without it now that I know what it’s like”

I smiled and said, “Good, that’s want I want too. We have to set some rules though. First, we will only do it when you ask. I don’t want to be the aggressor in this. I will give you all the sex you want if you ask me. Second, we have to keep it a secret from everyone. You cannot tell a soul. People will not understand this. Third, Since I am not on the pill and I doubt you want to use a condom, if I think it’s risky to get pregnant you need to do what I say. If I tell you to pullout you have too or we will just not have sex during those times.”

He agreed to all my rules and that’s how it started. I didn’t get pregnant that time and we were careful going forward. I love my Son and he loves me. I have no regrets for doing this.

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Tender Trap


A father and step-daughter navigate a tumultuous divorce.

This story is a collaboration between myself and my editor and friend Pete. I hope that you enjoy it.


Having just completed his regular, early morning swim in the bay, Don walked up from the water and up onto his own small, private beach. The cool, crisp Southern California water left him invigorated and he felt ready to begin his day.

After walking the short distance up through the sand to his house, he stripped off his clothes, dried off, and was now sitting naked in his comfy armchair-recliner, scanning through the porn sites on his one major extravagance, a ninety-inch screen smart TV.

Living alone in this rather large beach house, it had become a sort of an early morning ritual that after his swim, he’d find a video he liked and slowly stroke himself to orgasm before carrying on with the rest of the day’s activities. He liked to take his time and edge a little, letting the feelings build up in time with the action on whichever video he was watching.

He had found one he hadn’t seen before, involving a guy in his forties gradually persuading and seducing his shy eighteen-year-old babysitter. His pre-cum was already flowing over the glans and lubricating his foreskin as he moved it up and down with slow strokes, alternately covering and uncovering the bulbous, blood-filled head.

As the video progressed to its inevitable conclusion, he continued to get himself closer to his own; his breathing increasing along with the stroking of his hand. Then the damn phone rang. He thought about ignoring it, but he was expecting an important call from the office concerning a lucrative real estate deal he was trying to put together and he couldn’t risk letting it go to voice mail.

Keeping one eye on the action on the TV, but having muted the sound, he picked up the phone.

“Hi Dad, it’s Sydney”

He hadn’t heard from his step-daughter Sydney since he had split up with her mother some months ago and was now in the process of divorcing her for adultery. He wasn’t sure what her feelings were about the situation, or how she felt about him.

“Hello sweetie,” he said, not hiding his surprise, “it’s great to hear from you.”

“You sound a bit odd and out of breath Dad, are you okay?”

I’m glad this isn’t a video phone call he thought, still absently stroking his very hard cock and trying to control his breathing.

“Yes, I’m fine…err… just come in from my swim,” he stuttered, watching as another stream of pre-cum dribbled out of the end of his cock.

“How are you holding up, Dad?”

I guess I’m holding up fine, he thought, but he knew that wasn’t what she meant. He hadn’t anticipated chatting with his eighteen-year-old daughter naked and with a very hard erection, but it sort of had its erotic side to it, although perhaps slightly perverted.

“I am doing all right, just the usual things, you know, working, swimming, eating, drinking, not much else to do here on your own.”

“Sorry Dad, maybe I should have called you sooner, but I’m so glad you’re doing well, it’s really good to hear your voice.”

His erection refused to go down, in fact, hearing her very silky, feminine voice, seemed to have made it harder if anything. It wasn’t good to be talking to her like this; it’s not something he had ever thought about before.

“You too, so how are things at school, have you finished all your exams now?” he replied, feeling the sensation increase as his hand continued to move slowly up and down the shaft.

“I only have two finals left now Dad and I know I’ve done really well on the two that I’ve taken so far.”

“That’s great, I am sure you will do well, you always did work hard.”


“What is it, Syd?”

“I have something important that I need to ask you.”

“Errr…okay,… I’m listening, but you know your mother fairly stripped me clean.”

“Dad, I’m doing fine and I don’t need any money, it’s not that,” she said quickly.

Hmmm not money, then what?

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply that’s what you were calling for, it’s just a raw subject at the moment sweetie.”

“I know what Mom is trying to do to you financially. I feel bad for even asking this but, would it be okay if I spent the summer with you?”

He stopped stroking his cock. The thought of her actually coming to stay made him focus more on the conversation. It would put an end to these morning sessions, but a bit of company would be a welcome change.

“Syd, of course, you can come and stay, but you know it’s just me and there isn’t a lot to do here except swim and soak up the sun, we’re fairly remote here remember”

His heart was beating faster for some reason, maybe it was just the thought of some company or that she actually wanted to come and stay with him. He waited with bated breath to see if she was going to change her mind.

“I know what Mom has been putting you through and I just thought maybe you’d like a little company, but I’d never want to inconvenience you,” she added.

“No, really, I would love it. When do you want to come?”

“I hate to even ask this Dad, but some friends of mine are going on a road trip to the east coast and they asked me if I would give them a ride to San Diego. I was wondering if they could stay the night with us when we get there. We’d probably arrive sometime Saturday afternoon and they’d probably leave first thing Sunday morning.”

“Ehmmm… yes I guess so, I have enough room and I am sure it will liven the place up a bit.”

“Are you sure that’s not putting you out?”

“No, it’ll be fine Sydney, look forward to seeing you… all.”

“That sounds great Dad, I’ll see you on Saturday, bye bye.”

“Okay, drive carefully, I only have one daughter you know!”

“Bye Sweetie.”

She felt so much better after she got off the phone with her father. Actually, he was her step-father, but since he had raised her since she was two, he was the only father she’d ever known. Slowly, she’d been able to pick up the pieces after learning that her mother had been having an affair for the past year and her parents mutually decided that their marriage was over.

Don was very successful. He had built one of the largest real estate firms in southern California from the ground up, so she knew that her mother would be well taken care of. Probably better-taken care of than she deserved, especially after cheating on him. She couldn’t even stand to think about her, or what she did to their family. Luckily, being an only child, there were no other lives ruined besides hers and her father’s. He had given Sydney’s mother everything; a huge house in Beverly Hills, a new car to drive every year, God, that woman wanted for nothing and this is how she repaid him! Why her mother even needed to look for another man was beyond her understanding. Her father was a handsome man, and her mother’s apparent need to look outside her marriage was something that Sydney just couldn’t understand.

Sydney’s mom wanted for nothing, but truth be told, Don’s hard work had made her life very easy as well. She didn’t like to admit it, but he spoiled her too: A closet full of clothes, a brand new Mini Cooper convertible sports car, and he even paid her education expenses. Sydney had it all, and she was so terrified that because of her mother’s actions, her relationship with her father would be forever changed. Would he hold what her mother had done against her? It seemed as though it had already created a chasm in their relationship, and she wasn’t sure what she’d do if her father wasn’t in her life.

Sydney had planned on spending part of the summer in Beverly Hills with her parents, but now, her father had moved out of their home and moved into their vacation house on the beach in San Diego. She could barely stand to even talk to her mother, much less be around her for the entire summer. She was so relieved that her Dad was okay with letting her stay with him and letting her friends hang out and spend the night.


The sun felt so good on Sydney’s face as she drove down the Pacific Coast Highway south from the campus of the University of Southern California towards San Diego. Her friends Addison and Kenna were romantically holding hands in the back seat and it made her feel like a ‘third wheel’ as she sat in the front seat by herself.

Watching her best friends in the rear-view mirror made her consider changing her mind and embarking on the road trip with them. However, she knew her dad needed her more than they did. She could tell he was lonely and needed some company and after everything he had done for her, being there for him, was much more important than spending the summer with her friends on the east coast.

The girls had stayed up late last night, partying with their friends and celebrating the end of finals and the beginning of the summer break. Sydney had a fun time and even let a couple of guys chat her up, but she found it really difficult to get into the festive spirit. Her thoughts were on her father, especially after she had spoken with him.

The closer Sydney and her friends got to San Diego, the more uncomfortable she felt that she had invited herself over to her father’s house for the summer. The last thing she wanted to do was make an already bad situation worse. She really hoped that when she saw him face to face, she’d be able to convince him that she really did have good intentions and that all she wanted was to spend some time with him and renew their relationship.

She pulled off of the main highway and turned down the small street that led to their vacation beach home. Feeling the warm sun on her face, and smelling the cool, crisp salt air, brought back many wonderful memories of her childhood when she and her parents had spent many amazing summers on the beach. Life seemed so simple then. It was before the time of infidelities, lawyers, and divorce settlements. Like a child, she longed for those simpler times; times that she didn’t know if she’d ever experience again.

“My God Sydney, this is your summer home?”

Kenna’s voice broke her out of her deep reflection.

“Yeah Sydney, spoiled much?” Addison said, gently teasing her.

“I told both of you about this place,” Sydney said, smiling at her friends in the rear-view mirror while pulling the Mini-Cooper into the driveway.

“You told us your dad had a house on the beach, not a mansion on the beach,” Kenna said.

“This isn’t a mansion guys,” she said, laughing.

She was thankful now that they hadn’t stayed with her mother in Beverly Hills and her friends hadn’t seen that house.

“Both of you remember what I said about my father, he’s going through a really tough time right now, just be nice to him.”

“Don’t worry so much Syd, he’s going to love us,” Addison said.

As the time for Sidney’s visit drew closer, Don got busy cleaning the house; getting the pool sparkling clear, making sure there was fresh linen for the beds and buying more provisions than he would normally use when he was alone. It had been some time since he had a house guest, let alone three young women, and to be truthful, he was feeling a little nervous. He was wondering whether his choices of food were what young women eat, or what they might all talk about, as he felt a little out of touch with the ‘young’ scene. Don had been waiting all day, trying to keep busy and had changed his clothes twice.

“‘What’s the matter with me?” he mused to himself, as he looked out the window for the umpteenth time.

Just as he was thinking what to do next to occupy his time, he heard the thumping, bass beat, of loud music and tires crunching up the gravel driveway.

“Well here we go,” he thought, and made his way to the entrance hall, casting a last glance in the mirror as he went past, giving his reflection a quick once over. He couldn’t help but notice that his dark hair had been taking on a ‘salt and pepper’ tint over the last several years and he knew this divorce wasn’t helping that in the slightest. However, he still got his fair share of looks from women, even some younger ones, which always helped to stroke his ego. He strived to stay active and was actually in better shape now than he was a decade ago. He quickly put his divorce and his appearance out of his mind as he anxiously opened the front door.

Sydney watched her father open the door and approach the car. He looked thinner since the last time she had seen him. Had he been eating well? He did say he had been swimming in the morning, maybe that’s it. She knew he had to have lost a few pounds with all that exercise.

“Hi Dad,” Sydney said, as she exited the car and walked up to her father and gave him big hug.

“It’s great to see you, Syd,” he said quietly, returning the hug and feeling a little self-conscious under the gaze of her two friends who were looking on.

She closed her eyes and felt his strong arms wrap around her; that warm, loving embrace that she hadn’t experienced in months. It was a feeling that she sorely missed, even though she didn’t realize it until now.

Almost immediately, a lifetime’s worth of memories came flooding back from her subconscious. When she was five, he taught her how to swim in their backyard pool, when she was seven, he taught her how to ride a bike, when she was thirteen he drove her on her first date with a boy, and when she was fifteen, he taught her how to drive a car.

Tears began to well up in her eyes as she whispered into his ear, “I missed you, dad.”

“Hey, I missed you too sweetie,” he said, burying his head in her hair and inhaling its fresh, outdoor smell, ”and we have some catching up to do, but maybe you might like to introduce me to your friends first?”

After they broke their embrace, she felt more than a little embarrassed wiping a tear from her eye. She hadn’t expected that sudden rush of emotions that she was now feeling and she desperately wanted to get herself back under control, especially in front of her friends.

“I’m sorry Dad,” she said, as she took his hand in hers, squeezing it firmly. “These are my best friends Addison and Kenna.”

The other girls had exited the back seat of the Cooper and were amorously holding hands, watching the tender display play out in front of them.

“Hi, Mr. Anderson,” Addison said enthusiastically. “You have such a beautiful house.”

“Thank you,” he said, extending his hand, expecting a handshake, but each of them moved quickly forward following Sidney’s lead and gave him a quick group hug.

Don felt their warm bodies pressed against his as they put their arms around him, each one lightly kissing the nearest cheek, their firm breasts pressing hard against him.

“Wow, errrrr…nice to meet you,” he stuttered, quickly removing his hands, when, due to their skimpy tops, he found warm, bare flesh on each of their backs. “And please, call me Don, ‘Mr.’ makes me feel my age,” he said, trying to make light of it all.

“Looks like we’re acquainted already,” he said to Sidney, giving her a quirky smile, “how about I move the luggage into the house, while you show Addison and Kenna around.”

“Hey, girls,” Sidney said, maybe a little louder than necessary, “if you can untangle yourselves from my dad, I’ll give you the grand tour.”

The three girls walked up the sidewalk and into the house.

It had been three years since Sydney had been inside the beach house and it looked as if very little had changed. The front door opened into the great room which had large vaulted ceilings and a winding staircase that led up to the two smaller bedrooms. Right off the great room was a large open kitchen and an attached breakfast bar as well as a small informal dining room table. Just off the kitchen was the large formal dining room that Sydney couldn’t remember ever eating in.

While surveying the large expansive space, the memories came flooding back.

She remembered cooking breakfast for her parents, the three of them eating at the breakfast bar while laughing and joking with each other. Much happier times.

The voices of Addison and Kenna brought her out of her deep reflection.

“Sydney, it’s so beautiful,” Kenna said, “I love the dark oak rafters, they go perfectly with the beige walls. And look at that fireplace, it’s just beautiful, and I love how that elegant stonework goes all the way up the wall and into the ceiling,”

“The furniture is so sleek and modern Syd, and these paintings, they’re just beautiful, who decorated this place?” said Addison.

“My mom did, she used to be an interior designer before my dad got his real estate business off of the ground.”

“Well she did an amazing job,” said Addison.

“What’s through that door?” Kenna asked.

“That’s the master bedroom.”

The three girls peered inside the expansive room at the large king-size bed. It was a strange feeling for Sydney not to see her mom’s things inside the room. She couldn’t put her finger on it, but the whole house felt different even though it looked exactly the same.

“C’mon, let me show you your bedroom,” Sydney said, eager to put these strange feelings behind her, even if only for a few minutes.

The girls walked up the winding staircase to the second floor where they were met by Don at the top of the stairs. He had somehow managed to get all three of the girls’ luggage up there in one trip.

“I thought for tonight Sydney, you could sleep on the couch and let the girls have the two bedrooms.”

Addison and Kenna softly giggled while Sydney immediately began to blush.

“Dad, they’re going to sleep together in this bedroom and I’m going to sleep in my old room down the hall.”

Don gave Sydney a puzzled look until the realization of what he was being told hit him and he began to blush as well.

“Well, ummm… that sounds like a good plan too,” he said, his face breaking into a soft smile.

“C’mon let me show you the best part of a house,” Sydney said while walking by her dad, and giving his hand a soft, gentle, reassuring squeeze as she passed, letting him know it was alright.

She led the girls back down the stairs and into the great room. The three girls peered out of the large west-facing picture windows towards the back yard and the ocean.

Sydney opened the door and the three girls walked out onto the large deck. It had a beige outdoor couch, love seat, and two chairs which sat on large brown ceramic pavers. The deck also had four sunbathing chairs. Of course, the best part of the outdoor living space was the large, sunken, in-ground pool and hot tub. The deck was enclosed by a four-foot privacy wall with a gate and several steps that went down to the sand. About fifty feet beyond the sand was the Pacific Ocean.

Kenna and Addison’s mouth dropped open when they viewed the stunning sight.

“Sydney, it’s just beautiful,” Addison said.

“Being here again reminds me how much I’ve missed this place,” Sydney said.

After several minutes of taking in the awe-inspiring site, Sydney broke the silence.

“Anyone feel like a swim?”

Don was still thinking about the hug he had got, both from Syd, and her two friends, while he watched the girls going from place to place, examining all the different aspects of the property; making appreciative little ‘Ohhhs’ and ‘Ahhhs’ as they took in all of the splendid features. He couldn’t help but compare his daughter to them as they turned this way and that, and what he saw, put her alongside them in the ‘stunning’ category.

Like Sydney, Kenna had long blonde hair that was nearly halfway down her back. In contrast, Addison had long brunette locks that were just as long, or maybe even a bit longer than the other two. All three girls were average height and extremely fit. Because of an almost daily workout regimen, the girls had managed to avoid the ‘freshman fifteen’ syndrome that plagued so many first-year college women.

Watching Sydney show her friends around the house, Don couldn’t help but think back how, as a little girl, they had been very close, and now here she was, a grown woman and he still felt that closeness that was hard to put a name to.

He saw them coming back into the house, no doubt to get changed and take up Sidney’s suggestion for a swim. It certainly was the right evening for it, warm, but not too hot and a gentle breeze just about moving the palm leaves on the trees.

He decided to go quickly to the kitchen area and make a few drinks for them. He didn’t want them to think he was in any way spying on them, although from what Sydney had said, the two girls only had eyes for each other it seemed.

“Are margaritas okay for you all?” he shouted out from the bar area.

“Margaritas would be great Dad,” Sydney said while stepping out onto the ceramic pavers of the deck, with her friends following close behind her.

“I just can’t get over how beautiful it is here,” Kenna said, marveling at the crystal blue waters.

“It’s just a beach guys,” Addison said, gently teasing them. “I believe you’ll find there’s quite a few like it in California.”

While it was true that there are many beautiful beaches in California, none of them had the effect on Sydney like this one.

Kenna’s voice broke Sydney from her thoughts.

“My God, what are you wearing?” she said, as she watched Addison remove the beach wrap that was over her swimsuit.

“Duh, it’s called a bikini,” she said, as the jaws of the other two girls dropped when they witnessed what Addison had on under her wrap.

“I’d say that’s half a bikini at best,” Kenna said, smiling.

“It’s called a Wicked Weasel and don’t hate on me just because you can’t get your fat bottom into one,” Addison said.

“You know you’re getting dunked for that one bitch, as soon as we get into the pool,” Kenna said, as she pulled her girlfriend to her and kissed her hotly on the mouth.

Sydney smiled as she watched her best friends passionately embrace. She did have to admit that Addison’s suit was shockingly small. The tiny micro bikini was made of pink lace and was virtually transparent. Addison’s pierced nipples shone through the cups of the small top and she could even see the outline of her vaginal lips in the minuscule thong bottom.

Once her friends broke their kiss, Kenna and Sydney took off their wraps. Kenna was wearing a scrunch back brown, green and tan colored military brat ‘camo’ bikini that showed off her curves while Sidney wore a pink and yellow soleil bikini.

The three girls lay out in the sun-bathing chairs and soaked up the warm rays while they laughed and joked with each other until they heard Don open the slider door bringing out a pitcher of margaritas.

“Here you are ladies,” Don said, concentrating on placing the tray with the pitcher and four glasses carefully onto the small side table, before taking in the expanse of bare flesh on display.

Don’s eyes roamed from Addison to Kenna, getting wider as he took in the sight and thinking that his pocket handkerchief had more material than the two suits combined. Realizing he was staring at their barely covered attributes, he finally moved his eyes to Sidney. Although her bikini covered her a little more, he could clearly see that he would have to re-appraise his thought that she was his ‘little girl’, because, with those curves, she was now definitely a very desirable and sexy woman.

“Syd, would you like to pour the drinks for you and your friends please,” he said, shaking himself out of his stupor and hoping they hadn’t noticed his flushed features and a slightly larger lump in the front of his board shorts.

“Of course, I’ll help Dad,” she said, getting up off of the lounge chair and pouring the drink into the four glasses, then distributing them to her friends and her father.

While Sydney was pouring the drinks, Addison motioned for Don to come and sit in the lounge chair next to her.

“Sydney tells us that you’re going through a really rough divorce, Don. My parents just got divorced last year and I can’t tell you how difficult it was for our entire family,” Addison said.

“Damn Addison,” Sydney exclaimed, “you don’t have to put him on the spot like that, maybe he doesn’t want to talk about it.”

“I’m sure he doesn’t mind, and he doesn’t have anyone else to talk to around here, I’m just trying to help him vent a little.”

“Hello ladies, I am here you know!” Don said, waving his hands in an exaggerated fashion while breaking into a wide smile, “and yes, it has been a bit traumatic these last few months, but I want to forget that for a while, enjoy your company and have a bit of fun instead. So what have you got planned?”

“I was thinking,” Sydney said, “that the three of us could go out for dinner tonight at the Crab Shack further along the beach, and then maybe hit a club after that.”

“Nonsense. Why don’t I cook up some steaks and chicken on the grill for you girls and then once you get done eating, you can go out to a club or, you know, do whatever you want.”

“After months of eating in the dining hall at school, a home cooked meal really does sound good to me,” Kenna said.

“That does sound like a great idea Dad… and I’d even help you cook.”

“Well, now that we got all of that settled, I think it’s time for my girlfriend and I to check out this amazing pool,” Addison said.

She got up out of the lounge chair and playfully pulled Kenna up onto her feet. Both girls then walked over to the pool and down the steps and glided gracefully into the water. Out of the corner of his eye, Don stealthily watched the scantily clad girls slip into the sparkling blue water.
Now that her friends were out of earshot, Sydney had a chance to talk with her father in relative privacy.

“Dad, when we talked the other day on the phone I thought you sounded a bit flustered. Are you sure that everything is okay? You know you can always talk to me right?”

“Well err, sure everything is okay, when I, hmm.., talked to you, I had just come back from a swim and I was a bit breathless,” Don replied quickly, feeling the color creep into his cheeks as he remembered what he had actually been doing.

“I don’t want to burden you with what’s going on between your mom and I,” he continued, putting one of his hands on her arm, and the other on the arm of the chair, and looking directly at her as he spoke. “Why don’t we go and join your friends in the pool for half an hour before we start cooking?”

Sydney smiled at her father. He was always so stoic and he kept his emotions unfailingly in check. She knew that it could be difficult for him to open up and tell her what he was feeling and that made it difficult for her to relate to him at times. However, she didn’t want to push the issue and force him to talk when he obviously wasn’t ready.

“That sounds like a good idea Dad, we’ll just talk later on tonight,” she said, as she stood up.

“C’mon old man, let’s get into the pool,” she said, taking her Dad’s hand and pulling him up out of the chair.

Don couldn’t help but notice his daughter’s firm round bottom sexily sashaying from side to side as she walked towards the pool. “God, has she always look like that?” he wondered to himself while walking behind her. “Surely not.”

In the pool, Addison and Kenna were noisily splashing and laughing with each other. That is when they weren’t engaging in some very serious public displays of affection. Addison’s little bikini was all but transparent now that it was wet and the two girls were enticingly rubbing their bodies together while they made out in the pool.

Sydney was used to this type of bawdy behavior from her best friends. However, this promiscuous display was new territory for Don.

“Syd,” he said, as they swam slowly up the pool together, ”are your friends always so umm…’revealing’ for want of a better word?”

She laughed, “Yes Dad, this is how they act most of the time, does it bother you?”

“Well, not really…. it’s just that…. well, I know they prefer each other, but they are very attractive and I am a man if you know what I mean?”
“Dad, I do believe you are blushing,” she said, looking down into the water and noticing the sizeable ‘tent’ in the front of her dad’s swim trunks, which put a smile on her face.

Looking across at her and seeing the smile spreading across her face, he followed the direction her eyes were looking and blushed a little more.

“I don’t want to get your heart racing any faster Dad, but we also talked about doing some skinny dipping, later on, tonight. You could join us if you felt up to it,” she said, still smirking.

Don inhaled water and stopped swimming, coughing and spluttering, while Sydney swam off in the opposite direction, with the silly grin still on her face.

“Is your dad all right Syd?” Kenna asked as Sydney swam up to her two friends.

“Oh, I think he’ll be fine,” Sydney said, with a soft smile.

“Hey, I’ve got an idea, let me up on your shoulders Kenna,” Addison said.

Kenna dove under the water, swam between Addison’s legs and then stood up, hoisting her lover up onto her shoulders.

“I bet you can’t knock me down off of here,” Addison said, playfully.

“Oh, that sounds like a challenge and you’re in trouble now,” Sydney quickly responded back.

“Dad come over here and get me up on your shoulders, we’ve got two bitches here who are going down,” she said.

At first, Don didn’t know whether to join in or not, however after a few seconds of hesitation, he took up the challenge. He swam down between his daughter’s legs and hoisted her up.

The next several minutes were filled with laughter and a lot of loud splashes as Addison and Sydney, on top of their partner’s shoulders, were locked in the backyard pool equivalent of Mortal Kombat.

Amidst the splashing and cheerful name calling of the three young women, Don was having a difficult time concentrating on the battle that was going on above him. He found it nearly impossible to keep his eyes off of the young, perky, nubile breasts that were in front of him, much less the feel of his daughter’s smooth, tan thighs which were wrapped around his head. Surrounded by the young, beautiful college coeds, Don felt as though he was twenty again. After about five minutes, the four combatants had worn themselves out.

“I could really use another Margarita,” Addison said, while still trying to catch her breath.

“I’ll go whip us up another pitcher,” Sydney said, smiling at her friends while making her way towards the steps.

She climbed out of the water slowly, adjusting her bikini bottom as she did so, surreptitiously watching her father talk and joke with her best friends. She could feel his eyes on her and had also noticed the way he very subtly ogled Addison and Kenna before, during, and after, their little pool romp.

She couldn’t easily explain it, but somehow, his glances, his subtle looks, his eyes on her nearly naked body, made her feel alive… and… sexy? Yes, Sexy.

“I think it’s not only the other girls you like sneaking glances at Dad,” she thought to herself while making her way indoors to the kitchen area.

She quickly put these very unexpected thoughts out of her mind as she prepared their drinks.

Having calmed down a little and got his breath back, Don made his way to the pool ladder and followed her into the open kitchen area, leaving Addison and Kenna in the pool.

Sydney had just finished pouring the alcohol into the pitcher when her father entered the kitchen. She looked up, and their eyes met. For the first time in her life, she felt a delicate and delicious, sexual tension, that had never previously been present between them and she wondered if he was feeling the same way.

“Syd, while we are alone, I just wanted to say that I realize now how much I’ve missed you; can a father just have a private hug?”

She felt a tear come to her eye.

“Of course Dad,” she said, as she walked up to him and they tenderly embraced.

She buried her head into his shoulder and felt him wrap his strong arms around her and hold her tight, then felt one hand start to stroke her hair.

“I’ve missed you so much too, and I was so worried about you,” she said, as she tried unsuccessfully to hold the tears back. “After what Mom has been putting you through, I didn’t know if you’d hate me, or even want to see me again.”

“Oh sweetie, I could never hate you, none of this is your fault. You must know how much I love you.”

Hearing his sweet, gentle words, she hugged him tighter and cried freely into his shoulder.

“Oh Daddy, I love you so much too,” she said, between the tears.
Even though he subtly tried to create space between them, Sydney felt his cock begin to stiffen a little as she pressed hard against him. His growing erection pressed against her thigh for just a moment before he moved back. Although she didn’t expect that physical reaction from him, she was also not put off by it. In this highly emotional, loving moment, it didn’t matter to her. She only wanted to feel his embrace, his arms around her, his love, as he held her tight.

“Syd, I think we should get the drinks,” he whispered, “your friends will be wondering where we are.”

“I doubt it, Dad,” she replied, snuggling closer into his arms, “those two are so caught up in each other they probably haven’t even noticed we left the pool.”

“They do seem to be enjoying one another Syd,” Don said, glancing over her head at the two girls still kissing at the far end of the pool, “and it’s nice to have a few minutes of our own time together.”

“It is,” she whispered and stretched up to lightly kiss his cheek.

That small movement put their bodies directly in-line, the swollen head of his erection inside his shorts now pressing firmly against her bikini covered mound.

“We umm… really do need to get the drinks out now Syd,” he said, slowly disentangling her arms from around his neck.

“Yes,” she said softly, while begrudgingly pulling herself away from her father’s tender embrace, “we should get back out there.”

“You take the drinks out and I’ll stay here and start preparing the food,” Don said.

“Okay, let me know if you need any help,” Sydney replied, as she carried the fresh pitcher of margaritas outside.

While making her way towards the pool with the drinks, Sydney had a chance to reflect on what had just happened. It was a natural reaction, she thought to herself. I’m nearly naked in this tiny bikini and we’re pressing our bodies together while we hugged, it’s only natural for something like that to happen. I mean, he is a man, after all, she thought, justifying the semi-innocent ‘rubbing’ to herself. We are both mature adults, right?

As Don marinated the steaks and chicken and readied them to be taken outside to the grill, he couldn’t stop his thoughts drifting back to what had just happened.

It was inadvertently exciting masturbating while talking to his daughter on the phone last week he remembered, but to actually have his erection blatantly rubbing against her like that, separated from her pussy by only her flimsy bikini bottoms and his shorts, was unnervingly erotic and that made him feel more than just a little bit uncomfortable. The other thing that he found almost as shocking was that she hadn’t said anything about it and didn’t seem to mind.

Sydney returned to the pool area and delivered the pitcher of Margarita’s to her friends. Addison and Kenna had exited the pool and were sitting in the sun-bathing chairs talking and romantically holding hands.

“Wow, I thought you got lost Syd, it took you long enough to get the drinks,” Kenna said, gently teasing her.

“I’m sorry it took so long guys, my dad and I were just catching up,” she said.

“Your Dad is so cool Syd, you’re so lucky to have a father that you can just hang out with. He’s nothing at all like my dad. When he’s not at work, he’s watching a ballgame on TV and will barely acknowledge my presence,” Addison said.

“We’ve always been close, but…” she faltered for a moment, for the first time trying to choose her words carefully to describe their relationship, “maybe somehow, this divorce is bringing us closer.”

“Well, anyone who would let you spend the summer here would definitely get my vote for father of the year,” Kenna joked.

The girls continued to talk, laugh, and joke with each other. Thankfully, neither of her friends picked up on Sydney’s emotional distance.

“What do you think Syd?” Kenna said, the question snapping her back to the now.

“I’m sorry, what did you say?” Sydney asked as she tried to get her mind to focus and return to the present.

“Duh, where are you?” Addison teased, “We were talking about just staying in tonight and hanging out here in the pool instead of going clubbing, what do you think?”

“Sure, I’m fine with that,” she said, still trying to recover from not paying attention to her friend’s earlier conversation.

Don’s booming voice from the kitchen momentarily put a pause to the girls’ conversation.

“Dinner will be ready in ten ladies.”

“That gives you ten minutes to go upstairs and put some clothes on your almost-naked ass before we eat, Addison,” Kenna said, playfully.

That good-natured, but saucy remark resulted in another round of kissing between Sydney’s best friends, however, she barely noticed. Mentally, she was still in the kitchen with her father.

A couple of hours later, everyone had eaten their fill of char-grilled steak and chicken and they were on their third pitcher of margaritas. They were all relaxing on the lounge chairs in the warm evening air, chatting and putting the world to rights. The ambiance on the deck of the beach house was relaxed and easygoing, aided in no small part by the copious amount of alcohol the four had been consuming.

“God, she looks just like that girl you used to hook up with Kenna,” Addison said while watching a young couple stroll down the beach hand in hand.

“No, she doesn’t!!” Kenna screeched, punching her lover’s shoulder.

“What’s that girl’s name… Ummm… Gina right?” Addison quipped.

“Yes, her name was Gina.”

“You’re right, that doesn’t look like her. Her ass was so much bigger than that girl.”

Kenna blushed while the other three laughed almost uncontrollably.

“God, you’re such a bitch Addison,” Kenna said, smiling.

“Damn, did you see that guy who was holding her hand? He looked just like, ummm… what’s his name Syd, you know, that guy from your biology class last semester.”

Now it was Sydney’s turn to blush as she looked across at her father, “He was just a friend,” she said a bit too quickly.

Both Addison and Kenna burst out laughing.

“He was a friend that would come to your dorm room a couple of nights a week right?” Kenna said, between giggles.

“Well, we were studying,” she said.

The girls burst out laughing again.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen Syd’s face turn that shade of red,” Kenna added.

Don listened to the verbal exchange, taking in all the implied sexual innuendos, his eyes flitting from one girl and then to the other, but resting mostly on Sydney. Maybe his daughter wasn’t quite the naive, innocent that he always assumed.
“Don’t listen to them Dad, it’s just the alcohol talking, and both of them have big mouths,” Sydney said, before joining her friends in a fit of laughter.

“As much as I’d like to continue making fun of the virginal Sydney,” Addison said, once the laughter died down, “that pool just looks way too inviting, so who’s going to join me for a skinny dip?”

Without warning, Addison stood up unsteadily, stripped off her jean shorts, bikini bottoms and freed her breasts from the tiny bikini top until she stood naked in front of the other three.

“Well what are you all waiting for?” she said and headed to the pool.

Without missing a beat, Kenna stood up and quickly removed her clothes too, creating a second pile of apparel at the feet of the deck chairs, then followed Addison.

Sydney rose to her feet on wobbly legs, turned and then faced her father.

“Are you game, Dad?”

“Well, I guess it can’t hurt,” Don said, “but it might feel a little awkward, you know… with you ..”

Sydney looked into her father’s eyes and slowly let her clothes fall to the ground.

“Oh, let’s worry about that later,” Sydney said, and without further hesitation, turned and walked towards the pool.

Don stood up slowly and watched as Sydney walked away from him. He noticed the sexy sway of her hips, and the slight gap between her thighs. Almost without thought, he pushed his shorts down, and despite knowing that the very sight of her had made his penis come to life, he followed her into the pool.

The three girls were already in the water when he got there, swimming and splashing each other. Hoping they might not notice his aroused state, he slipped quickly into the pool and made his way over to them.

“Glad you decided to join us,” Addison slurred, as she noticed him swimming across.

“Yes come and play”, Kenna shouted, “the water feels great,” she added, clearly buzzed and enjoying it.

“Dad, catch!” Sydney shouted, throwing a large ball towards him, the water only up to her waist so that her breasts and hard nipples faced him.

Don didn’t even come close to catching the ball. He was too preoccupied with the sight of his daughter’s gently swaying breasts as she threw the ball.

“C’mon Addison, I want a rematch,” Kenna shouted, giggling, “it’s my turn on your shoulders and I bet they won’t get me off first.”

“No but I might,” Addison said giggling, then blowing her a kiss, before diving down between Kenna’s legs and hoisting her onto her shoulders.

“What are you waiting for Syd?” Kenna shouted, wobbling precariously on Addison’s slim shoulders.

“Dad, I can’t possibly support you, I will have to be on top again,” Sydney said, wading over to him.

Don didn’t know what to do. His erection was rock hard now from watching his daughter and her two friends frolicking about. Being in the shallow end of the pool he could also see that the swollen head of his cock was clear out of the water, like a submarine periscope.

“Syd, I am not sure,” he said.

Sydney closed the gap between them and pressed her body against his.

“It will be fun Dad, don’t worry about anything,“ she said, looking into his eyes and wrapping her arms around him, her erect nipples touching his chest and his hardness pressing against her bare mound and stomach.

Although Don was buzzed, he knew he wasn’t as drunk as his daughter and her friends. However, he got swept up in the hedonistic moment and relented to Sydney’s request. He dove under the water and opened his eyes, taking in his daughter’s sleek, tight form, in front of him. He took a brief moment to appreciate her perfectly formed breasts, round hips and toned, tanned thighs. She had turned into such a visibly stunning woman and he wondered how he had never noticed it before.

He swam through her legs and surfaced amidst the loud sounds of laughing and giggling, with Sydney on his shoulders. Over the next several minutes, the girls once again began the engagement for backyard pool supremacy. Don marveled at how competitive the girls were in their will to win. Like before, he tried to help Sydney gain a competitive advantage over her friends. Yet, that was difficult because of the distracting, naked, young bodies in front of him and knowing that his daughter’s naked mound was pressed against the back of his neck. God, are all of her friends that comely, he wondered?

A few minutes later, the girls had once again worn themselves out and Sydney and Kenna dismounted from their respective partner’s shoulders. While Don very carefully lifted his daughter from his shoulders and she slid into the water beside him, the girls had already resumed their very amorous public displays of affection. This time, because of the alcohol, Addison and Kenna were even bawdier while making out and rubbing their bodies seductively together.

Even though he tried to ignore it the best he could, Don was sure that the girls had their hands between each other’s legs under the water pleasuring each other.

“I think that we’re ready to turn in for the night,” Addison said.

“Yeah, we’re starting to get tired,” Kenna giggled.

“Okay, I think we can call it a draw,” Sydney said while smiling at her friends. “You both look positively worn out,” she joked. “Good night and I’ll see you both tomorrow morning.”

“Good night,” the girls said in unison as they exited the pool, collected their clothes, and hurriedly made their way towards the house to continue their lustful pursuits.

Once Addison and Kenna were inside and had shut the door, Don and Sydney were left alone in the pool.

“Dad… I…” Sydney started.

“Listen Syd…” Don said.

In their attempt to break the tension, both father and daughter simultaneously began speaking, which resulted in gentle laughter.

“Sorry, you go first Syd.”

Sydney took a deep breath before continuing, “I just wanted to say how great it is to be here with you, it brings back so many wonderful memories for me.”

Don couldn’t be sure if it was pool water or a tear running down her face, but he desperately wanted to hold her and comfort her again. He hadn’t realized the pain that this divorce was causing his daughter and he wanted to something, anything to help alleviate it. He put his arms around her and drew her towards him.

“Everything has been so stressful for me ever since I learned about you and Mom,” she said, another tear sliding down her face onto her father’s skin. “Between my school work and worrying about you, I felt as if I was falling apart. But being here with you, spending time with you, this is the most ‘normal” I’ve felt in months.”

Don was enjoying the feeling of her naked body against him; her breasts touching his chest, her erect nipples pressing against his wet skin. It was too much for him to take, and once again he felt himself lose control and his flaccid penis began to stiffen. However, this time, the thin piece of material from her bikini bottom wasn’t between them and he could feel his erection rest against the smooth mound of her vagina.

He very quickly felt himself grapple with a myriad of mixed emotions. A sexy, young, beautiful, naked woman was in his arms and he hadn’t been intimate with a woman in months. However, he felt a tinge of guilt. Slowly, he felt her pull away slightly and change position.

He wanted to comfort her, be there for her, but had he let this go too far?

Then he felt Sydney move forward and press her lips against his. Not a platonic, father/daughter kiss, but an open-mouthed, passionate kiss reserved for lovers. He felt her tongue enter his mouth and again pulled her body into his as their tongues sensually danced. He could feel her body melting into his, his erection pressing against her thigh, the warm water of the pool surrounding them.

Don was just living the moment, a stunningly attractive young woman, kissing him; her tongue in his mouth, his intertwined with hers, her erect nipples pressing into his chest, her naked body pressed up against his… and then…

Reality. It came to him like a punch to the mouth. “Shit, This is my daughter, my little girl. This is wrong.” Without warning, he broke their kiss and gently pushed her away from him.

“Sydney, I, We…emm I can’t…”

He was too embarrassed to even finish his sentence. He turned, and very quickly headed for the steps, collected his clothes and hurriedly made his way towards the door to the house. Without looking back, he retreated to his bedroom.

Sydney watched in stunned silence as her father departed the pool area and went into the house. She was so turned on from that embrace, from that kiss, from feeling her father’s hard cock against her and from realizing that the feelings were not just one sided.


Sydney knew that sleep wasn’t going to come easily, but she had no idea that it would elude her completely. She had touched herself in the pool after her father had left, and then twice more in her bed, but nothing seemed to quell that need or satisfied the ache. The day had felt like one long emotional and sexual roller-coaster which left her feeling wired and completely awake. Finally, she just gave up. Her throat was parched from being in the sun all day, not to mention all the alcohol she consumed. She silently tip-toed downstairs, naked, to get a bottle of water from the fridge.

Just as she stood upright and closed the refrigerator door, she heard a voice come from out of the darkness of the great room.

“I see that I’m not the only one who couldn’t sleep.”

Don was wearing his bathrobe and smiling at her with kind, gentle, loving eyes. Before today, being nude in front of her father would have mortified Sydney to the point of needing therapy. But now, she felt calm and relaxed standing in front of her father naked.

“We must be suffering from the same affliction,” she said, with a soft smile.

“Over the past several months when things are bothering me, like this upcoming divorce, I’ve found that the hot tub helps me to relax and get some perspective. I’d love for you to join me, Syd.”

There was a warm, gentle breeze blowing in off of the ocean that was lightly swaying the palm trees. Even though the outdoor lights were off, Don and Sydney could see each other clearly under the light of the full moon as they stepped naked into the hot tub.

“Come and sit next to me Syd,” Don said quietly, holding out his hand to steady her into the tub.

“Oh Dad, this is so relaxing,” Sydney said, settling herself next to him, their hips and shoulders touching.

“Yes, I like to come out here sometimes when I can’t sleep,” he replied, casually resting his free arm over Sydney’s shoulders and gently letting his finger trace small circles on her skin.

There was a comfortable silence, until… “Dad… you know earlier, when we were in the pool, I was sort of wondering what made you leave so abruptly.”

Don was quiet for a moment, then took a sip of his water, “Well Syd, to be honest, I found myself feeling things for you that I wasn’t sure you would appreciate. You have to realize that you are a beautiful woman and any man would have a similar reaction to seeing you without clothes.”

Don paused, “You know I love you but..” Don took another sip of water, “I am a bit ashamed to say that I have been thinking about you as more than just my daughter. There, I’ve said it! Are you disgusted with me now?”

She paused for a moment to reflect and process his words.

“I’m not disgusted with you, or angry with you.”

She paused again to collect her thoughts and try to find the right words.

“I thought that I… That I angered you, or stepped over some line when I… when we kissed.”

“No, of course, you didn’t, it was me that thought I shouldn’t be kissing you, even though, at that moment, it was all I wanted to do.”

“It wasn’t only you. That kiss, it was what I wanted too, and maybe… maybe there was no wrong in it. I just feel… ”

She paused again as she felt tears coming to her eyes.

Don put his arm fully around her shoulders and pulled her closer to him.

“Oh Dad, I’ve felt so many different emotions since I’ve been here. All of these memories from my childhood, of all the fun, happy times we’ve had here together as a family. But now, those times, those days, they’re over aren’t they?”

Don turned to look at her.

“We did have great times here, and… yes, things will change, but…I know we’ll find happiness again.”

She looked up, longingly, lovingly, their eyes meeting. They leaned in, their lips brushed tenderly and she felt his strong arms pull her closer to him. He could feel her erect nipples press against his chest while their tongues passionately caressed. Almost involuntarily Don’s hand moved to the inside of her thigh underneath the water.

Sidney was lost in the loving, ardent embrace and almost without thinking, she opened her legs giving Don better access to her most intimate region.

Don slowly moved his fingers along the inside of his daughter’s thigh, and even in the balmy, hot water his smooth, gentle touch sent shivers through Sydney’s body.

Hesitantly, he ran his fingers over her smooth, shaved mound, and then lower, to the lips of her sex.

She gasped, breaking their kiss, as she felt his nimble fingers move over her cleft splitting her lips, and then gently slip inside her. Even under the water, his fingers easily penetrated her.

He had such a smooth, deft touch. It was nothing like the high school, or even college boys that she was used to.

His lips met hers again, kissing her ardently while his fingers continued to explore. Then, without warning, his thumb brushed lightly over the hood of her clit which sent lightning bolts through her body.

“Oh yes Dad, right there,” she moaned into his mouth, just before a very powerful orgasm violently racked her body to its very core.

He continued to kiss her though her orgasm, his mouth never leaving hers until she was able to control her trembling body.

As she came down from the peak, and her wits were once again about her, hesitantly, she reached between her father’s legs and gently grasped his cock. Sydney could see the need in his eyes as she slowly began to stroke him under the water.

Don felt her soft, gentle touch on his cock, the exquisite sensations making his eyes roll back into his head. He slumped up against the hot tub letting out a low, guttural moan as she worked him gently back and forth.

Sydney saw the tension vanish from his face as his breathing became shallower. She could feel the movement in the water as he gently rocked his hips in time with her gentle stroking movement. His penis felt alive in her hand as it pulsated and almost seemed to grow thicker. She increased the pace, which caused his breathing to become even more erratic as she brought him closer to the edge.

He let out a gasp just as Sydney looked down and saw thick ropes of semen burst out of her father’s cock underneath the water. She continued to stroke him several more times until she could tell he was spent. She released him from her grasp, watching fascinated as the thick strings of cum washed around them in the water, some of it attaching itself to her bare thighs.

She was so entranced watching the unraveling strings of Don’s seminal fluid that she was suddenly brought back to the present when Don quietly said in her ear, “I think it’s time we got some sleep, Syd.”

She looked into his eyes, “Dad, I don’t want to be alone tonight. Would it be okay if I slept with you, in your bed?”

Without saying another word, Don stood up and took her hand, leading her out of the hot tub and into the house.

Lost in their own thoughts but still holding hands, they went into the master bedroom. Sydney slipped silently under the covers. Don watched her for a few brief seconds before sliding into bed next to her, pulling her tightly to him and spooning his naked body against hers. Within minutes, both fell into an exhausted, restful sleep.

It was light in the room as Don gradually opened one eye and then the other. He tried to close them again, but it was no use, as sleep would no longer hold him. He knew he couldn’t possibly have gotten enough rest, but the alarm clock inside his body went off. On a normal day, it would be time to take his early morning swim in the ocean. He stretched out in the bed, putting his arms above his head and made his legs as straight and long as he could, easing the tension out of his muscles. He turned his head to the side and the memories of the previous evening kicked in as he saw the tussle of blonde hair on the pillow next to him. Of course, Syd, he remembered.

As he looked at her lying there, still sleeping peacefully, her face serene and her lips slightly open, he thought how beautiful she looked. He slowly looked down her body, seeing that at some time in the night she had obviously been too warm and had pulled the covers down to her waist. He marveled at how her breasts were still firm and held their shape, each smooth hill topped with a light pink nipple and areola. As he looked more closely at the small bumps surrounding each nipple, he blew gently onto the closest nipple and was rewarded by seeing its involuntary change from a small flattened disc to a hard, erect nub.

Sydney stirred the minor stimulation no doubt intruding into her mind. She opened her eyes slowly and her face burst into a smile.

“Dad,” she said huskily, “have you been awake long?”

“Long enough,” Don said, grinning.

Raising himself on his elbow, he placed the other hand on the side of her face and gently, lovingly, tucked a stray blonde lock behind her ear, he leaned over and lightly brushed his lips against hers.

“Mmm that’s a nice way to be woken up,” she said, turning towards him sleepily.

“I didn’t mean to wake you Syd, but your lips looked so soft and after last night, I just had to kiss them.”

“I’m glad you did, now kiss me properly.”

Don moved closer so that the skin along the length of his body was in contact with her. He put his hand on her warm cheek and pressed his lips to hers, a little more forcefully this time as he gently brushed his lips against hers. Sydney opened her mouth and allowed Don’s tongue to slip inside. The arousal of their tongues moving together; tasting, feeling, caressing, caused Don’s cock to grow to its full length and both of Sydney’s nipples to become hard and erect.

Not breaking the kiss, Don slid his hand down from her face, his fingers lightly stroking her neck as it made its way to her breast. He found her hard nub and grazed it with his palm before cupping her breast in his hand, his thumb gently rubbing back and forth over her nipple. He felt Sydney’s legs moving against one another slightly as his thumb kept up the sensations on her nipple.

”Oh Dad, that feels so good,” Sydney said, breaking the kiss and moving her hand down slowly, through the sparse mat of hair on his chest.

Her touch spurned him on, gently cupping her breasts in his hands, feeling the taut, firm flesh give under his tender caress. Her nipples were fully erect now, standing proudly, while her breathing became shallower as his lips possessed hers with increased urgency.

She moaned into his mouth with a heightened sense of ardor as his fingers explored her body. Her stomach muscles quivered under his light, delicate, feathery touch. His fingers moved lower and stopped at her navel. He took the small one karat diamond sun belly ring between his fingers and admired it momentarily, remembering he purchased it as a gift for her eighteenth birthday.

Slowly, his fingers moved further south over her bare mound. The absence of pubic hair still amazed him; young women had changed so much since his day. He heard a slight gasp escape Sydney’s mouth as his fingers traced over her puffy, engorged, pink lips. He gently separated them and noticed the moisture that had lubricated the tips of his fingers.

Hesitantly, he stopped and looked into her eyes for reassurance and was met with a warm, loving smile. Sydney moved her hand on top of his and guided two of his fingers into her hot, wet core.

She gasped and released her hand from her father’s as Don slowly moved his fingers in and out of her vagina. She threw her head back on the pillow moaning and writhing, while he gently worked his fingers in and out of her sex. He marveled how her lithe body responded to his touch, as she began to slowly gyrate her hips, keeping time with his smooth, easy motion.

He lowered his head and took her erect nipple into his mouth sucking hungrily on the little nub which elicited a low moan. Don very subtly increased the pace of his thrusting fingers while simultaneously using his thumb to gently rub the hood of her clit.

“Oh God Dad, yes, just like that,” Sydney said, moaning as her orgasm overtook and consumed her.

He watched in wonderment as she slowly came back down from the peak and regained control of her body. His lips tenderly moved lower, kissing down her stomach. Kissing, licking, and sucking, on her tender flesh causing the muscles in her belly to involuntarily spasm under his skilled ministrations. Unabashedly, Sydney opened her legs as he positioned himself between them.

She gasped as he tenderly kissed the inside of her thighs, licking the secretions which were running down her legs, inadvertently teasing her.

“Please Dad, please put your mouth on me,” she begged.

Don looked up from between her legs and watched her eyes roll back into her head as he sunk his tongue deep inside her. He felt her close her thighs around his head while he licked the walls of her vagina. Her hips began to buck and she ground her pelvis into his mouth.

Sydney’s torso was moving involuntarily in response to Don’s mouth and he had to wrap his arms around her thighs to hold her motionless while his tongue lapped at her swollen wet sex.

“Oh God, please, my clit, lick my clit.”

Responding to her plea, Don flicked the tip of his tongue over the hard little bud which sent Sydney over the edge again, as another powerful orgasm racked her body.

He again licked and kissed the inside of her thighs, giving her time to recover and regain control of her body.

Don’s erection was so rigid that he was approaching the point of physical pain. He got on his knees and positioned himself between her legs.

Silently, their eyes met. She looked up at him lovingly and smiled while simultaneously nodding her head.

Don grasped his cock at the base and gently rubbed the head over her puffy, swollen lips splitting them and causing her to gasp. Smoothly, he positioned the head at her entrance and deftly rotated his hips forward. Gradually, he watched the tip of his cock sink into her and he felt her tight walls give and expand to accommodate his member. He continued moving forward slowly until he was completely inside her.

Sydney felt the head of his engorged member at her opening, then, inch by inch, she felt him easing himself gently inside her until she could feel his balls resting against her ass. It was one of the most erotic moments of her young life, feeling her father’s cock deep inside her, stretching her and filling her. It was one of the most exquisite feelings she had ever experienced.

At a snail’s pace, she felt him begin to move in and out of her sending electric currents through her body. She felt his lips press urgently to hers as she wrapped her arms around him and clung to him, their bodies moving together in perfect unison.

He felt so large inside her, and because of the angle, his thick cock was rubbing perfectly against her clitoris.

“Oh God Dad,” she moaned, and cried out, as another powerful orgasm rocked her to her very core.

Don continued to move smoothly inside her as she released. He again leaned down kissing her lovingly until she had once again gained control of her body.

Wanting to keep him inside her, Sydney locked her legs around Don’s ass pulling him to her.
Held deep inside her by her heels pressing into his ass, Don stopped moving, although Sydney could feel his cock throbbing against the slick walls of her vagina.

“Syd I… I can’t hold back much longer… should I…”

“Inside of me, please Dad, inside of me.”

Once again, he began to move slowly inside her and as his passion grew, he gradually increased the pace. Sydney gasped and rotated her pelvis to meet his hard thrusts. She listened to his breathing change and could feel his cock expand inside her.

“Oh God, Syd, I’m…”

His words were cut off as she squeezed her vaginal muscles around his member, heightening the sensation for him.

Sydney looked into her father’s eyes as she felt his cock pulse and shoot his seed deep inside her, the warm liquid filling her already wet vagina and overflowing out onto the sheet underneath them.

Don collapsed on top of her, sensually crushing her under his weight and it took several minutes for their breathing to return to normal as they recovered. Gradually, his penis softened and slipped out of her, bringing more of their mixed cum with it, making the already large pool of fluid on the sheet even bigger.

Don gently rolled over onto his side, taking his weight off her and looking down at her body. Her still erect nipples, and the red engorged lips of her pussy, glistening wet with their combined juices, was so sexy that it made him want to just do it all again. He felt as though something had just happened that was meant to be.

As Sydney listened to her father’s soft, gentle breathing, she felt so relaxed, so sated, so… happy. Her world felt perfect.

The last thing Don wanted was to get out of bed and separate himself from this amazing young woman who had molded herself perfectly to his body. However, he also didn’t want her to have to answer questions from her friends about where she slept last night.

“We should probably get up,” he said, into her ear.

Sydney wanted to stay in bed all day. She wanted to feel her father’s body against hers, but at some point, she knew her friends would wake up.

She let out a little giggle, “Are you sure we have to?”

“Yes honey, we have to,” he said.

As she grudgingly began to pull herself away from him, he quickly kissed her neck which sent shivers through her body.

Once she was out of the bed, she turned and faced him.

“Anymore of that, and we’ll be staying in bed the rest of the week,” she said, before turning and walking across the room.

Don watched as she sexily sashayed to the other side of the room. She pulled out one of his large T-Shirts from his dresser drawer and slipped it on.

She walked back to the bed and kissed him on the mouth.

“I’m going upstairs to get a quick shower and by the time you’re back from your swim, I’ll have your breakfast ready,” she said.

Sydney gave her father one last hot kiss before walking out of the bedroom door and closing it behind her.

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Well, That Backfired


My brother is shy. Shyness is endearing up to a point, but at eighteen years old, it goes from cute, to pathetic. You think he’d get out of his fucking shell by now, but nope; Tom is still the awkward, apprehensive boy he’s been his entire life. He’ll be heading off to college soon, and if he doesn’t open up, the best years of his life are going to be spent jerking it in a dorm. He’s a sweet kid, (listen to me patronizing him; he’s a year older than me for fuck’s sake!), but sweetness doesn’t get you very far in this world. He’s not a child anymore, and he needs someone to kill the boy and uncage the man. I guess that’ll have to be me. 1

Before your dirty, little mind runs rampant with incestuous fantasies, let me tell you now, that I have no intention of fucking my brother. Would you fuck your brother? I didn’t think so. That being said, I am going to get that poor bastard laid. I have a friend who needs to go to the prom. This friend had an incident earlier this year that made her quite unpopular with…everyone. Eleanor is this unfortunate moron, and ignoring the aforementioned incident, she’s actually quite the catch. Let me describe her to you; she’s looking away from me now, so I feel safe giving her a once-over. Don’t judge me for ogling; this is for your benefit.

She has red hair that flows from the crown of her head in an even part, and then bows inwardly at a sharp, angled cut, just below her jawline. She has pale, freckled skin, apple cheeks, a pointed nose, and full, luscious lips, which she keeps sheened with a layer of red lipstick. Her eyes are large, and sparkle with green irises that cement her obvious Irish ancestry. Pretty cute, huh? Well, her face could certainly be described as such, but her body requires more…adult adjectives. Her neck is long, and elegantly slopes into a delicate collarbone that connects two, narrow shoulders. Her breasts protrude from her chest in full D-cups, though their size does not feel exaggerated. She’s no athlete, so her abdomen isn’t toned, but it’s flat and layered with silky skin. Eleanor often brags that her best asset is her ass, and makes sure to add an affectation in the word “ass-et,” just for good measure. I can’t disagree with her; her ass is great. Full, thick glutes round together in supple domes that curve teasingly from her hips, and crease vulgarly into the crack between them. They seem to perch just above her thighs in a gravity-defying bulge, and when she walks, they flex in a teasing cadence of alternating lasciviousness.

Did you get a good picture? She’s pretty hot, huh? Well, she certainly thought so when she decided to go streaking during the Class A semifinals, and ended up causing our starting quarterback to break his tibia. Yeah…it’s a long story, but you can get why she’s unpopular at the moment. Maybe unpopular enough to lower her standards to a lonely, pathetic senior who needs a date to the prom.

“Psst, Ellie,” I whisper to her in chemistry class, “you got a date for prom yet?”

“You know I don’t,” Eleanor hisses back, “and you don’t need to be a cunt and rub it in.”

“I can set you up with a senior,” I smile, “a good-looking boy who just needs a girl with a pulse to hold his arm.”

“Ew,” Eleanor says, making a face, “you’re brother?! I can do better.”

“Don’t be a bitch,” I giggle, “Tom’s a nice guy.”

“That’s exactly the problem, Laura,” Eleanor frowns, “what the fuck am I going to do with a nice guy?”

“Look,” I whisper, catching the eyes of Professor Starling and lowering my voice, “just give him a chance. He’s a senior, so he has cachet.”

“He’s a loser. Just because he’s a year older than me, doesn’t mean I automatically want to fuck his brains out.”

“You’re a fucking loser, Eleanor,” I hiss, losing my temper, “either you go with my brother, or you go stag; you don’t have any other fucking options!”

“Ouch!” Eleanor exclaims, loud enough that the whole class turns around and looks at her. They glare at her with the same animosity they had after she ruined our school’s chances of making it to the state championship. High school football is a big fucking deal in Nebraska, and her infraction would not soon be forgotten.

“Fine,” she whispers to me after the class had turned their attention back to the professor, “I’ll talk to him in the car ride home.”


I thought finally getting my driver’s license would legitimize me as one of the cool kids, but all it did was make me the chaperone of Laurie and her friends. Being the only male in a van full of high school juniors might sound like a fun time, but for me, it usually meant cringing as the passengers screamed out-of-tune renditions of Adelle over the blaring car stereo. At least Laurie only brought one friend home with her today, but that friend just happened to be Eleanor fucking O’Reilly. God, if there was one person in the school that could make me look like less of a loser, it was her. Sure, she was a hot piece, but…the state championship! U5dsYQgDjJ4vpzAwPhbx7xSDv9VCzu8

“Hey Tom,” Laurie smiles as she gets into the front seat, “how was school?”

“The same,” I murmur, “what is she doing here?”

Eleanor is staying with us tonight,” Laurie says, “and you’re going to be nice.”

“The state championship…”

“Be nice!” Laurie hisses as Eleanor opens the sliding door of the van.

“Hey Tom,” Eleanor says, “you got a date to the prom yet?”

“I’m not going to prom,” I grumble, “it’s too expensive.”

“It’s an archaic tradition created by racists, it’s a fascist construct that strips people of their individuality, it’s a corporate sham that preys on the insecurities of teenagers,” Laurie teases, “or it’s just too damn expensive. All of those excuses are just code for ‘I can’t get a date.’”

“Fine,” I confess, “I can’t get a date.”

“I bet you haven’t even asked anyone.” Laurie smirks.

“You know I haven’t.” I smile sadly.

“And now that all your ideal fantasies are taken,” Laurie says, “and your back-ups are taken, and your last-resorts are taken, you’ve decided to just skip it all together.”

“Bingo.” I sigh, putting the car in drive and pulling out of the parking lot.

“What if,” Laurie smiles coyly, “I had someone in mind that would love to go to prom with you.”

“I’d say you’re a liar, or it’s Eleanor.” I smile back. I’m not fucking stupid, Laurie; I’m just not fucking interested.

“And you think you’re too good for her?” Laurie laughs, and looks back at Eleanor. I eye the beautiful redhead in the rearview mirror, and run the thought through my head. High school was almost over, and any friends I once had, were now mere acquaintances at best. People would judge me for taking Eleanor, but I would never see those people again, so why should I care? She’d owe me at least one dance before she ditches me, which meant I’d get to grind my cock into the best ass in the entire school. Hmm…you know what? I’m already a rock-bottom loser, why the hell not? 2897431

“Hey Ellie,” I say to the girl sitting behind me, “will you go to the prom with me?”

“Fine.” she grumbles.

“Enthusiasm, Ellie,” Laurie glares at her friend, “act like you give a shit.”

“Yay,” Eleanor groans, rolling her eyes, “I’m going to prom with Tommy fucking Baker.”

“You could not be more of a bitch!” Laurie hisses, but I don’t give a shit. Eleanor pretending she wanted to go with me would have been much worse than honesty. I knew I was her last resort, and she knew she was my last chance. I didn’t expect anything but one dance of dispassionate grinding, but I was going to bump and grind into that ass like it was my last night on earth. I’d be moving away soon, and all of this high school shit would be behind me. The only thing I knew I’d regret, was that I never told Laurie how I really feel about her.

And I never would.


You know, Tom’s not bad looking. Lanky, tall, and a mess of curly brown hair…he’s not bad looking at all. The only problem with Tom, is his mouth; he doesn’t open it enough, and when he does, you wish he hadn’t. Sitting with him at the kitchen table and listening to him drone on about the mods of his War Thunder gaming forum was fucking tortuous. I don’t care that the mods deleted your post, Tom, and I certainly don’t care that they banned users due to off-topic conversation. Oh, thank god Laurie’s here; I thought I was going to kill myself.

“You two seem to be hitting it off.” She smiles hopefully. I kill her smile with the motion of my hand, placing my forefinger to my temple and pulling an imaginary trigger.

“Or not.” She frowns.

“Don’t beat yourself up over it,” Tom chuckles at Laurie, “we both know what the situation is. Ellie; I want one dance before you ditch me.”

“Fine,” I say with a wave of my hand, “propriety demands it.”

“Is that all?” Laurie exclaims, “Is that the best either of you are willing to do?”

“What?” Tom laughs, “Did you think this whole thing was going to turn into something? C’mon, Laurie; all of us knew this was basically an arranged marriage.”

“Set up by you,” I smirk at Laurie, “to get your loser friend and your loser brother together, hoping that two losers would somehow find a spark in their loser-dom.”

“We’re like, polar-opposite losers,” Tom laughed, and looked at me straight in the eye for the first time, “I’m a virgin who spends his nights in front of a computer screen, and she’s the slut who ruined football.”

“I am not a slut!” I laugh.

“Jordan, Trey, Carver, Joe, Blake, Eric, Ryan, Carl, Alex, Ollie, Anders, Frank, both Johns and all three Maxes;” Tom smiled wryly, “but I guess you’re just generous.”

“Half of them were at once,” I smirk, and lean forward, “so if we’re going but the number of times, and not the number of dicks…”

“I’m going to let you think about what you just said,” Tom says, resting her arms behind his head and leaning back, “until the realization strikes you.”

“Well, I can tell you one thing,” I say with a pursing of my lips and a raise of my brow, “one of those names will never be ‘Tom.’”

“I’m not a big fan of herpes anyway.” tOG53ho

“You must not be a fan of pussy at all,” I shoot back, “or you would’ve gotten some by now. Are you sure you’re not a closet homo? It’s 2017, Tom; you can come out.”

“ENOUGH!” Laurie yells, her face red with anger, “I fucking tried, OK? I tried with both of you, and all I get is this bullshit. Tom, you’re never getting laid if you don’t grow a sack. Ellie, people don’t hate you because of the football thing, they hate you because you’re an entitled bitch.”

Laurie gives us each a final, disdainful look, and then leaves for her room in a huff. I turn my eyes back to Tom, but Tom’s not paying attention to me. No, Tom is looking right at Laurie’s ass. Tom, Tom, Tom; you dirty boy, you. You thought I was the depraved, sexual deviant? Well, it looks like I’m not alone. Maybe we do have something in common.

“Tom,” I say in my sweetest voice, “how long have you wanted to fuck your little sister?”

Tom jolts up and his face flushes a deep crimson. I stare levelly into his eyes, my knowing smile taunting him. I see his mind try to concoct the retort that will magically refute my accusation, but the gears just aren’t shifting right.

“You were just staring right at her ass,” I giggle, “and it wasn’t a passing glance either.”

“N-n-no I wasn’t!” Tom stammers.

“Oh, Tom,” I smile, and lean forward just a bit more, “you said I was a slut, and you were right. I’m not good at math, science or history, but I’m a fucking PHD in men. I know what they want just by the look in their eyes, and your eyes were practically reflecting Laurie’s ass.”

Tom stares dumfounded at me for a second. Then he puts his hands into his lap, and looks down at them in embarrassment.

“Please don’t say anything,” he mutters, “she’s all I’ve got.”

“Oh, I’m going to do more than say something,” I smirk, and scooch into the chair next to him, “I’m going to help you fuck her.”

Now would probably be a good time to pause the conversation and describe Laurie to you. I bet you thought I’d be the subject of this story’s perversions, and I’ll still play my part, but centerstage is going to be The Baker Sibling’s Taboo Extravaganza. But I digress; Laurie looks a lot like Tom, if you take out the lanky awkwardness and replace it with seventeen-year-old jailbait. Brown, curly hair flows from her head in a delightful coil of bouncing strands, and a set of big, blue eyes, luscious lips, high cheekbones, a cleft chin, and a cut jawline structure her face. She’s about an inch taller than me, maybe five-seven, but doesn’t bare the curves I have. Her neck is long and elegant, her shoulders are narrow and dainty, her arms are-yadda, yadda, yadda; let’s talk about her tits and ass. Laurie has a cute set of breasts, maybe b-cups, but they fill out her chest nicely and perk like they should. Her ass is well-shaped, and perches nicely atop her thighs, but it doesn’t bare the vulgar suppleness of my own (if I do say so myself). It looks good in a pair of leggings, and jiggles when she walks, but more importantly, it’s proportional to the rest of her frame. Laurie wouldn’t best be described as ‘skinny,’ more like ‘athletic.’ Think the body type of female soccer players, and you’ll get the picture. Anyway, I believe Tom was about to yell in shock.

“What?!” Tom yells in shock.

“Be quiet, Tommy,” I giggle, “or you’ll ruin the whole thing.”

“You’re not going to tell her a fucking thing!” Tom hisses, “I’ll-I’ll-I’ll-”

“You’ll-you’ll-you’ll-” I stammer back mockingly, “you’ll what? What are you going to do?”

“I’ll kill you.” Tom says, and grabs the steak knife from the cutlery block. He holds out the blade threateningly, and I notice that it’s not shaking in the least.

“What are you going to do with that?” I smirk, and shift my body closer to him.

“Say you had a breakdown,” Tom whispers, his voice dead-even, “that you made a lunge for me with the chef’s knife. People would believe it; you’re an ostracized whore with no friends except for Laurie; people would believe you went off the rails.”

My smile widens and I lean closer, until our faces are just inches apart. My breasts press against his chest and my hand moves toward his wrist.

“You don’t have the balls,” I whisper, “you wouldn’t hurt a fl-”

The cold blade presses against my neck, and Tom twists it until the point pierces the skin. I feel a drop of blood leak from the spot and run down my cleavage. My breath stops short, and my hand ceases it’s advance toward Tom’s wrist. He’s looking at me levelly, without a hint of doubt in his steely, blue eyes. He’s not fucking around; he’ll actually fucking do it. And reader, it turns me on like nothing ever has.

“Wow,” I whisper, “you really would do it, wouldn’t you?”

Tom doesn’t answer, he just keeps the knife pressed to my throat, and stares daggers into me. His threatening regard is seeped with a cold determination that leaves me feeling helpless and at his mercy. A shudder runs through me as I revel in my vulnerability. A vacant ache permeates from my depths, and compels my body to leak with readiness between my thighs. 18227017

“You can put the knife down,” I say softly, “I won’t tell her.”

“I don’t believe you.” Tom says.

“Are you going to kill me?” I ask, my voice shaking with a mixture of fear and anticipation.

“I’m thinking about it.” Tom responds, his voice dead and void of emotion, his hand steady and pressing threateningly. It occurs to me that Tom might be a bonafide ‘Dexter Morgan’ psychopath, and that I might be playing a very dangerous game right now. I just hope he wants to lose his virginity more than his murder cherry.

“Tom,” I whisper, my voice dripping with need, “fuck me.”


I never knew this about myself. I never knew there was a cold-blooded animal living beneath the guise of nervous adolescence. But here he was, keeping my knife steady, calming my nerves and filling me with singular focus. I could do it. I could just push the knife three inches forward, and that would be it. Eleanor is scared, but not terrified. No, she looks…excited; interesting. It’s not a secret that Eleanor takes meds for some kind of disorder (God only knows what), and she certainly exhibits a dangerous level of thrill-seeking behavior. Maybe, I could just say she finally went off the rails and slit her own-

“Tom,” she whispers, interrupting my train of thought; her green eyes staring, her red lips quivering, “fuck me.”

The cold-blooded killer inside me meets his hot-blooded counterpart. They gage each other, hash out terms, and then decide on a course of action. I draw the knife gently down Eleanor’s neck, and let the blade rest between her breasts. She shudders in excitement, her lips curl in a hungry smile, and her eyes stare with wanton lust. I bring the knife down, and cut through the pink tank top that constrains her bulging bust. The blade slices through her bra, and her pale tits burst from their prison in a jiggle. She leans forward, cautiously moving, letting the point of the knife slide down her flat abdomen and to the waist band of her leggings. She slowly climbs on my lap and straddles me, and then begins delicately undoing my belt. I slice through her waistband, and she spreads her legs, tearing the cut down the crotch of her leggings until her white panties are exposed. There’s a noticeable dark spot deep in her crotch, and I know that she’s not faking her desire. I put the knife down on the table, and she unzips my fly. Her cool, thin fingers wrap around my throbbing cock, and she sighs and broadens her smile.

“I want you to fuck me like you want to kill me,” she whispers, “don’t be nice, Tommy-boy.”

“I won’t be.”

I grab her by the throat and push her backwards on the table. She cries out in delight and spreads her legs further, tearing what’s left of her leggings all the way down her crotch. Her pelvis still presses against my lap, and it forces her back into an uncomfortable, concave arch. I stand up, bringing her pelvis with me, and then drive my hand under her waistband. My fingers press to the moist, tender flesh of her pussy, and I slide the middle and ring inside. Her eyes flash wide open, and her red lips part to yield a moan. Her thighs press together and grind with need around my invading wrist. I push my thumb against her clit and curl my fingers upward inside her. I rub my pinching digits; my fingers pressing against her inner wall, my thumb toying with her erogenous bump. She bites her lower lip and gyrates her hips in pleasure. Moans seep from her whorish mouth, and she stares at me with an expression that drives me mad: vulnerability. She’s under my control, and I can do whatever I want to her. She wants me to do whatever I want to her. mat11_09

I take my fingers out, press my tip to her frothing slit, and push all the way in. Eleanor digs the back of her head into the table, her neck striates with tendons, and her upper-back lifts in the air. An exerted growl flows from her lips, and she flexes her vaginal muscles around me. I take a moment to savor the wet, tight heat of her pussy clenching about my cock, and then I grab her hips, pull out to the tip, and ram into her all the way. This time she cries out, and I press my palm roughly against her mouth to shut her the fuck up. She licks my hand in defiant lechery, and I squeeze one of her breasts in retaliation. The supple flesh protrudes around my fingers, and the nipple stands firm against my thumb. Her combative regard falters, and her submissive self takes over. She moans again, and guides my thumb and finger to pinch her. I twist her nipple and pull it from her body, and she squeals a muffled tone of approval.

I thrust again, and again and again, always pulling out to the head, and then driving until my balls slap against her fat ass. Her body lurches back and forth across the table, her breasts jiggle to the beat of my drives, her thighs ripple with the impact of my lust. Her eyes bare nothing but submissive desire, and I stare into them with my domineering possessiveness. She’s mine, my toy, my little slut.

“You’re a fucking whore, you know that?” I sneer at her as her voice rises higher and higher around my hand, “Nobody ever liked you, Ellie; they just wanted easy pussy.”

Eleanor cries something out from under my hand, but I just squeeze her cheeks harder.

“You’re the school cum-dumpster, and now I finally get my turn,” I grin as she screams out in pleasure from my rapidly-driving cock, “you should get a tramp stamp on your back that just says ‘take a number.’”

Eleanor may or may not be registering what I’m saying. Her eyes are starting to roll back in her head, and her jaw is slackening. I take my hand off her mouth and listen to the sweet chorus of her desperate, moaning breaths. They’re growing faster and shorter, until they’re nothing but pants mixing with squeals. I grab her other breast and pinch the free nipple. I pull back with both hands, and watch as the supple, jiggling flesh stretches to conical points. Her chest lifts forward with my pull, and her head drives harder into the table. A scream of delight erupts from her mouth, but I don’t care enough to silence it. I fuck her faster and faster, harder and harder, until our pelvises are smacking together in fury of slapping blasts, and the table is shaking dangerously. Her pussy is clenching and twitching with sporadic convulsions, and her voice is rising to a near-constant stream of ecstasy. I growl and plow into her harder and harder, not caring if I’m hurting her, but hoping I am. My cock drives through her tight wetness; parting her inner resistances and breaking her in. She’s thrashing now; her shoulders shimmying in a possessed dance, her hips gyrating, her abdomen flexing. Her screams are rough and exerted, as though she’s in the midst of great physical strain. I feel her convulsions rise to a churning torrent inside her, and I thrust one last time. Her entire back arches from the table, her shoulders pin back, and her thighs lock around my hips. A single, breathless sound passes her gaping lips, and then she squirts all over me. I blow inside her with a cathartic roar, and collapse on top of her as she finally finds her voice. She screams out her euphoria, and digs her nails into my back as she’s taken by it. I drive the last bit of myself into her, and her scream subsides to a whimper. We breathe heavily on the table for a moment, and then look into each other’s eyes.

“Holy shit,” she whispers, “Tom, that was the best I’ve ever-”

I kiss her deeply. My lips push against the red outline of her mouth, and my tongue slides into it. She locks tongues with me, and glides a hand into the curls of my hair. I relish the feeling of her sweating, hot body pressing against my own, and the needful way she kisses me, and then I part.

“That still needs a little bit of work,” she giggles, “but Tom, you fuck like a champ.”

“Sorry I said those things about you,” I smile bashfully, “I didn’t mean-”

“Don’t you ever fucking apologize to me!” she hisses, and grabs my jaw, “That weak little boy that says ‘sorry’ over everything is gone. I want the crazy motherfucker who almost killed me.”

“Crazy motherfucker it is.” I grin, and kiss her again. This time, I don’t kiss her gently; I kiss her like I fucked her. My lips feed greedily upon hers, and my tongue drives hedonistically into her mouth. She wrestles with it, and loses, and I placate what’s left of her with my domineering lust. When I part from her, her lips are still open, and her eyes are closed in bliss.

“Much better,” she whispers, and licks her lips, “much, much better.”

“Clean it off.” I demand as I pull out of her. My cum dribbles from her desecrated slit, runs along her taint and pools in the puckered rim of her asshole. She smiles up at me and purrs like a cat while she gets to her knees on the table. She lowers her head, wraps her luscious, red lips about me, and takes my entire length down her throat. She gags when she gets to my base, looks up at me with those bright, green eyes, and swallows. I groan and pet her scarlet hair as she cleans me in one suck, from base to tip. Her lips free my cock with a satisfied smack, and she leaves me with a parting kiss on its head.

“So,” she smiles coyly, “what are we going to do about your little sister?”

“I told you,” I growl, “we’re not doing anything.” 13812837

“Yes, we are,” she giggles, “you and I are going to do everything to her. I thought you were a cold-blooded killer, Tom? Take what you want; let’s share your sister between us.”

“I can still kill you.”

“DNA evidence everywhere, Tommy-boy,” she smirks, and licks a fingertip covered in my cum, “your alibi wouldn’t really work too well for you.”

“I’m not ruining my relationship with my sister by trying to fuck her,” I growl, “there’s not a single chance in hell Laurie would go for it.”

“Tom, I know Laurie in ways you don’t.” Eleanor whispers to me as she presses her body against mine, “I’ve seen her at parties, and I’ve seen her with boys. She withers away in the presence of a controlling man; she can’t help herself. And you, my dear,” Eleanor smiles as her hands clasp about my cock, “are a very controlling man.”

“Why do you want to this happen so bad?” I ask her.

“Because I’m fucked up,” she smirks, “and I want to see good, socially-adjusted people demean themselves and come down to my level. You’re fucked up too, Tom; just as fucked up as me. I’ll warm up Laurie for you, and then you come in and take her.”

Rape her?!” I growl.

“Initially, maybe,” Eleanor smiles, “but when we’re done with her, she’ll be begging for more. C’mon, boyfriend; let’s turn your precious, sweet, little sister into our whore.”


I didn’t actually expect everything to work out perfectly between Eleanor and Tom, but I had hoped something would happen. But no, they just reverted to their lowest selves, and shit all over my plan. Fucking Tom; how hard is it to fuck Eleanor O’Reilly?

Gojira’s heavy anthem Backbone blasts in my earbuds as I try to study. Tom could use a fucking backbone. I nod my head to the driving rhythm and then stop when I see a blur of scarlet enter my field of vision. Eleanor’s head pops out from the side of the doorframe. She motions with one hand for me to take out my earbuds, and I begrudgingly remove only one.

“Hey, Laurie?” she says, almost bashfully.

“What?” I shoot back, my voice full of venom.

“I need new clothes.” She smiles.


“Because,” she says and steps into the doorframe, “your brother fucking ruined mine.”

Eleanor’s tank top has been cut down the middle, her bra is sliced in two, and the crotch of her leggings is torn past her ass crack, exposing her wrinkled, soaked panties to me. Tom had done it; he’d actually fucking done it!

“Oh-my-god!” I squeal, “Oh my god, Ellie; you have to tell me everything! Come in here!”

Eleanor walks through the door and sits next to me on the bed. I sit upright and paw through my drawers for something that will fit her curves.

“So,” I smile to her, “give me the details.”

“Do you really want to hear about your brother?” Eleanor laughs, “That’s kind of fucked-up, Laurie.”

“Don’t be gross,” I giggle, and toss a t-shirt over her face, “I just want to know how he did.”

“Well,” Eleanor says as she pulls the shirt off her face, “he was rough.”

“I can see that,” I laugh, looking at her destroyed clothes, “did he use scissors or something?”

“A knife.” Eleanor responds.

“A knife?!” I exclaim, “That’s fucking kinky.”

“He was so…aggressive,” Eleanor says, almost moaning as she recalls the affair, “like a switch went off in his head, and all of the sudden, he was a different boy…a different man.

“Did he take control?” I ask, throwing her a pair of leggings, “Was he all possessive and dominating?”

“Yessss,” Eleanor hisses, “he just…cut my clothes off and took me on the table. He called me a whore, called me the school cum-dumpster, and ravaged me like I’d never been before. Mmm, Laurie; he was so fucking good!

The tone of Eleanor’s voice worries me slightly. I turn around and see that she hasn’t put on a single piece of clothing. In fact, she has her panties down her thighs and is now touching herself. Three fingers slide to the knuckles inside her, and my brother’s cum leaks out between them. What the fuck.

“Ellie, what the fuck are you doing?” I ask levelly.

“What does it look like?” she giggles, spreading her legs wide for me to see, “I’m playing with your brother’s cum.”

“Can you…not?” I ask, wondering what the fuck is going on with her. Eleanor is a slut, there’s no doubt about that, but this is just fucking bizarre.

“Hmm,” Eleanor smiles, “I don’t think I can.”

She takes a single index finger from her pussy, and places it between her lips. She looks me right in the eyes as she slowly, seductively, sucks my brother’s cum from her finger.

“He’s delicious,” she whispers, “you should try some.”

“Oooookaaaay…” I say, stepping back from her, “you guys obviously did drugs. I’ll just…get you some water and let you sleep in my bed tonight.”

“Won’t you join me?” she asks, her hand running through her red, trimmed mound, “We can do that thing we did sophomore year. Remember that?”

“Yeah, I remember not liking it,” I say, grabbing my water bottle and walking cautiously to her, “now I know pussy just isn’t for me.”

“Give it another chance,” she moans, and spreads her pussy wide with a two-fingered ‘v,’ “I want you to taste him.”

“Ellie,” I say, and hand her the water bottle, “you just need to get some rest-”

Eleanor grabs my outstretched arm and throws me on the bed. I flail for a second, and then land on my stomach.

“Ellie, what the fuck are you-”

She pushes my face into the pillow and crams her hand into my leggings. I scream as I feel her fingers sliding between my ass crack. I push my palms into the mattress and drive upward, but she quickly straddles my lower back and forces me back down. I whip my head around and stare my anger and terror into her eyes, but she just smiles back, and pushes her fingers further through the crease of my ass.

“I’m sorry it has to be this way,” she smiles sadly, “but I need you to do this for me.”

I lash my hand out, but she’s too far away. I twist against her weight, but it’s no use. I’m pinned on my stomach, and at her mercy.

“What the fuck are you doing?!” I scream, “What fucking drugs did you two take?!”

“We didn’t do any drugs,” she smiles, “I’m sober. Just relax, Laurie; I’ll take care of you.”

Her fingers slink past my asshole, and then tease it with a circling tip. My eyes widen in terror, and I trash uselessly against her.

“Tom!” I scream, “Tom, help me! She’s raping me! She’s raping me!”

“Tom knows,” Eleanor giggles, all of her fingers now circling the rim of my ass, “he’s waiting for you to get nice and ready for him.”

“What?!” I scream.

“Your brother wants to fuck you, Laurie,” Eleanor laughs, “and I’m going to convince you to do it.”

And with that, Eleanor pushes three fingers into my asshole. I screech into the pillow as I feel my rim stretch wide. She digs deeper and deeper, and then rests her raping digits against the wall of my anus.

“Are you a virgin here?” Eleanor muses, “I thought you would have let Ryan back here at least once, but you’re so tight. Tom’s going to fuck you here, Laurie, and he is packing heat, so I’ll need to loosen you up first.”

“Eleanor, stop!” I scream, now crying tears of pain, “Please!” tumblr_nkoh0fpGTF1u9uov7o1_400

“I love you too much to stop, Laurie,” Eleanor smiles, “you’ve stuck with me through everything, even when everyone else abandoned me. Now, I’m going to help you through this; it will make us closer than ever.”

“You’re fucking insane!” I whisper, “Ellie; you need help!”

“Maybe,” Eleanor moans as she pushes her fingers deeper, “or maybe, I just need friends who are as fucked-up as I am.”

I grit my teeth and growl in strain as knuckle after knuckle is forced deep inside me. She lubricates my sodomy with my own brother’s cum, and I can feel his hot seed melting into my tender inner flesh. She withdraws slowly, letting my asshole pop in constriction about each knuckle, and then she pushes in again, this time adding another finger. The pain slowly recedes as I adjust to the girth of her four fingers, and I stop thrashing under her weight. It’s uncomfortable for a while, and though I squirm in protest, my defiance is noticeably dispirited. And then…then it starts to feel good. A deep, filling pressure expands in my tightest hole, and sends unfamiliar, new, tingles deep into my colon. The feeling is so invasive, so wrong, and yet, so good. A whimper brushes past my lips, and I clasp my hand over my mouth before it turns to a moan.

“Do you like it?” Eleanor asks, genuine hope in her voice, “I like having one in each, myself. I practice every night; mostly in the mirror, but sometimes for strangers on the internet. They don’t know they’re breaking the law, and it turns me on to watch them get off to a seventeen year old whore like me.”

Slowly, gently, Eleanor stretches my rim wide open. I stop squirming beneath her, and just murmur tones of protest under my breath. In and out, in and out; she pushes her entire fist into me, and then withdraws, pulling out some of my pink, inner flesh with each retreat. I hum a single, desperate tone as I clench my jaw and tighten my eyes. I’m trying to hold back the sound that wants to come out, trying with all my might. Eleanor pulls out, pinches her fingers together, and then pushes in all the way to the wrist. My rim screeches with tortuous delight, and I can’t help myself. I cry out into the pillow and sob with want.

“Deeper!” I scream. Eleanor laughs merrily, and obliges.

“I thought you might like it back here,” Eleanor coos, her other hand gently massaging my lower back, “but let me tell you, dearest friend: a cock is much better than my hand. Should I get Tom in here?”

“No!” I scream, but I can’t stop the moan from mixing with it.

“Tom,” Eleanor calls over her shoulder, “she’s ready for you!”

I hear the approaching footsteps of my older brother. Now, I do try to get free. I thrash and squirm beneath Eleanor with all my might, but she just shifts her weight on top of me and subdues me at every turn, all the while sinking her wonderful hand deeper and deeper into my newfound erogenous zone. Tom walks into the doorframe, staring at me, wearing nothing at all. He’s huge. It’s throbbing and curved upward in anticipation, and I reel back in terror and arousal. The latter feeling alarms me; I can’t want my brother, can I?

“Hey, Laurie,” Tom smiles with uncharacteristic confidence, “nice to see you’ve been getting along with my new girlfriend.”

“She was my friend before we were ever a thing,” Eleanor smirks at Tom, “come see what I’ve done to her for you.”

I stare over my shoulder in horror as Tom kneels between my legs on the bed, and looks at the hand that’s buried in my asshole.

“She’s prolapsed a little,” Tom smiles at Eleanor, “you weren’t very nice.”

“She loved it.” Eleanor smiles back, and then kisses Tom deeply. Their lips lock and suck in hedonistic splendor as their fingers entangle in each other’s hair. I’ve never seen a kiss so carnal, so lecherously vulgar in my life. They’re perfect for each other, and somehow, it makes me jealous. I suppress that thought as best I can, but it still lingers. Part of me wants the fire of their lust, to be taken by it, and then, to join in. No, Tom is your brother, Laurie; you have to fight! This is all wrong, all so fucking wrong!

“Tom,” I sob, “don’t do this. Please, don’t do this.”

“Sorry, sis,” Tom smiles, and then guides Eleanor’s hand out of my rim, “you just have to get through the hard part, and it’ll all be better.”

Knuckle by knuckle, Eleanor’s hands withdraws. I feel myself coming out with her, and I grit my teeth and growl in agonizing delight. Her last digit pulls from my ruined gape, and I feel my insides flow out of me. I scream and look back in horror as my asshole protrudes in a bud of pink flesh. God, it feels good. Eleanor giggles in delight and claps her hands as Tom reaches forward.

“Don’t!” I scream, but to no avail. My older brother pushes his fingers against the outturned, shiny, pink flesh of my ass, and gently squeezes. The ball of internal nerves blasts their signals up my spine, and I scream out in abject pleasure. My thighs tense, my toes curl, and I come. I come in a ferocious rip that sends my back arching in a wrenching curve with its axis pivoted about my subdued pelvis. I erupt a stream of feminine juices from my urethra and soak the bed beneath me. My hands claw at the sheets, and I scream louder and louder. I don’t even notice that Eleanor is stroking my hair until after the feeling is gone, and my body relaxes in involuntary submission.

“There, there,” she whispers lovingly, “that was just a taste of what’s to come. Are you ready, Laurie?”

I stare up at Eleanor from the tops of my eyes, and look back at Tom behind her. His demeanor is so foreign; it’s like he’s a completely different person. But he’s still my brother, and no matter how good it felt, what he did was wrong. I can’t. I can’t do this. But what choice do I have? He’s going to fuck me no matter what I say or do, I can see it in his eyes. Still, I have my dignity. I won’t say I want it. I’ll never say I like it.

“You people are fucking sick,” I whisper, “I hate both of you.”

“Don’t be so mean, Laurie,” Eleanor giggles as she tousles my hair, “you’ll regret saying that in a few minutes. Tom; fuck your little, bitchy sister.”


I line up my shot, press my tip to Laurie’s prolapsed asshole, and tease her with it; prodding her tender, pink folds with my rigid heat. She moans and pushes her face into the pillow to suppress the sounds of her pleasure. Eleanor runs a loving hand through my sister’s hair, and then looks down at my cock, and nods. Slowly, gently, I guide myself in. First, I push her rosebud back inside her, and she whimpers. Then, my tip stretches the tight, pink rim of her asshole, and she moans. Inch by inch I push deeper inside her, and inch by inch, her back arches from the bed. Her moans rise in their intensity with every bit I push, until my pelvis presses against the fat of her cheeks, and my balls rest on the frothing surface of her slit. Her shoulders pin together, her head rises from the pillow, and she looks back at me. Those blue eyes, my eyes, stare back at me, and they’re pleading, but not pleading for me to stop. No, pleading for me to keep going.

So, I do. I pull out to the tip, and then push in again, and again, and again. Every drive of my hips loosens her resisting inner muscles, until she’s not fighting me at all. Every drive sends her neck reeling back and her lips opening wide. Every drive forces her hands to unclench about the sheets she’s grasping, until they’re relaxed and flat against the bedding. And with every violent drive, her voice loses more of its defiance, and gains more of its pleasure. Now, she’s not just staying loose for me, but clenching and embracing me as I enter her. Now, she’s not flexing her glutes about me, but reaching back with her own hands and spreading them wider. Now, she’s not lying static and whimpering, but driving her hips back against me. Now, she’s not my precious little sister, but my moaning lover. I can see it in the way she looks at me; her mouth agape, her lips quivering and smiling at the corners, her eyes drunk with lust, and her brow furrowed at the peak of her face. She’s mine; all mine.

“You can get off her, Ellie,” I smile to my sadistic girlfriend, “she’s not going to fight us anymore.”


I love a controlling man. I love a man who takes charge of the situation, and imposes his will on me. Usually, that means I like it when a man gets too worked-up and just takes me, but now, I know what it really means: I’m a submissive whore. Tom imposed his will on me, my own brother, and here I am, with his cock seven-inches in my ass, moaning for him while I spread myself wide. I’m disgusted in myself, I even hate myself a little, but I can’t deny the part of me that loves it. The rational half of my mind is telling me this is abhorrent, disgusting and wrong, but the other half, the one that just loves a controlling man, is reveling in this depravity for the exact same reasons. That half absolutely delights in how sick and twisted this whole situation is, and the longer I try to endure the pleasure, the more that half takes control. I’m a mess of duality right now, but ‘luckily’ for me, Eleanor is playing therapist as she straddles my back.

“Just say you like it, Laurie,” she whispers in my ear, “and I’ll get off you, and you can enjoy yourself.”

“Fuck you.” I whisper back, my words interrupted by a constant stream of moans.

“You’re in denial,” she giggles, and runs her hands through my hair, “you can’t even stop yourself from moaning. Just say it: you’re a depraved slut who likes it in the ass from her own brother.”

“No.” I mutter, my moans now morphing into exerted groans as I twist my asshole around my brother’s driving cock.

“Be like me, Laurie,” she whispers in my ear, her breath tickling my lobe, “there’s no shame in it if you have no shame.”

“Why are you doing this to me?” I ask, feeling tears of pleasure welling in my eyes.

“Because you’re my best and only friend, and I need someone who not only accepts who I am, but also participates in the fucked-up things I want to do.” she whispers, “And also, corrupted innocence is a huge turn on for me. I get off watching people go against their morals and fall to their baser desires.”

“You’re a sick piece of shit.” I snap at her, but I can’t stop myself from arching my back and clenching around Tom’s cock.

“So are you, Laurie,” she whispers into my ear, her tongue flicking against my lobe, “now be a sick piece of shit with me, and I’ll eat your pussy.”

It’s too much, too much to take. My mind melts in the heat of my rising pleasure, and the temptation to give in becomes overwhelming. I stare into the loving, green eyes of my best friend, and I confess. I throw away the last of my pride, and accept who I really am.

“I like it.” I whisper.

“What was that?” Eleanor smiles with a raised eyebrow.

“I like it.” I moan, and push my ass hard against Tom’s ramming pelvis.

“I need a little more than that,” Eleanor smirks as she ruffles my hair, “you can do better.”

“I’m a little anal slut,” I whisper, “I’m a little anal slut who likes to fuck her brother.”

“Say it like you mean it.” She sneers.

“I’m my brother’s anal slut!” I scream, “Now eat my fucking pussy, you bitch!”

Eleanor laughs and dismounts my back. She grasps my shirt as I whip upward, and my top is pulled off in a single swipe. I press my naked back against my brother’s heaving chest and look up at him with lust etched across my face. He looks back at me with a possessive desire that bores into my soul. He wants me so bad, and I want him too. I want the kind of fire he and Eleanor have, I want to burn in his passion.

“Kiss me,” I whisper to him as he drives relentlessly into my ruined asshole, “kiss me like you kissed her.”

He does. His lips press against my own, and his tongue pushes into my mouth. I suck his lips as he devours me. It’s sloppy, and wet, and so good. My body surrenders to him; my muscles relax, my insides unclench, and my resistances break down. His kiss radiates through my mouth and seduces every inch of me. I’m his; I’m his little whore.

He grabs the underside of my thighs and pulls my legs forward. Eleanor dips her head into my crotch and pulls my leggings to my knees. Tom parts from our kiss just in time for me to see Eleanor look up at me with her tongue out, before she buries it into my folds. My brow furrows, a moan seeps through my lips, and I push her closer with both hands. Tom leans back, and I fall into his lap. His cock impales me upon impact, and I squeal in delight and drive Eleanor’s face deeper into my crotch. Her nose squishes against my pelvis, her lips puff against my slit, and her tongue pushes further inside me. She muffles a tone of lechery, looks up at me, and smiles from around my curly mound. Her lips suck the tender folds of my dripping cunt, and draw the flesh into her mouth while her tongue pushes between them. My head falls back and rests on Tom’s shoulder as I pant pathetic breaths of ecstasy. He lifts me off his lap and surges upward with a jackhammer of violent thrusts. The sudden fervency of his sex shocks my body into a writhe of twisting vertebrae and gyrating hips. I wail to the ceiling, screaming a fluctuating note that wanes with every pull, and shrills with every drive.

“Oh my god, Tom!” I screech.

“Make her come, Tom,” Eleanor giggles as she parts from my slit, strings of my viscous juices bridging her red lips, “make your whore sister come from her ass.”

Tom grabs my face by the cheeks and forces my gaze to him.

“Is that what you are?” he smiles, “Are you my little whore sister?”

“Yes,” I whimper, nodding compliantly as I revel in his degradation, “I’m your anal slut.”

“You’re just a sick cunt who wants her brother to fuck her ass, aren’t you?” he growls as he power-fucks my ass into a churning mess of chaotic pleasure.

“Yes!” I scream, dropping my ass onto his driving cock as I rise in orgasm, “I’m your bitch! I’m a depraved whore! I’m your slave!”

“My slave?!” Tom laughs, and grips my breasts with a covetous squeeze, “So, you’ll do anything I want?”

“Anything.” I whisper, smiling with half-mast eyes. I would do anything for my older brother, especially in this state.

“Your master orders you to come.” He smiles.

“Thank you, master.” I smile back, and surrender myself to the feeling building inside me.

Tom grips my thighs until the fat protrudes from his knuckles. He spreads them wide, and I anchor my feet outside of his knees, locking my shaking legs in a wide squat. I push Eleanor’s face harder into my pelvis, and growl as her tongue presses against the spot on my vaginal ceiling. Beneath her chin, my nectar is leaking from my slit, sliding down my taint, and lubricating my ferocious sodomy. My asshole is a gaping ruin, and screaming its relentless abuse into the pleasure centers of my mind. My abs flex, my shoulders pinch back, my head falls onto my brother’s shoulder, and my heart races. A torrent of convulsions churns in my depths and the two pleasures of Tom and Eleanor mix within the tempest that rises from my pelvis. It’s a pressure that grows and grows, and my voice carries from my mouth with the rising feeling. My body lurches to the violent drive of Tom’s hips, sending my breasts and ass jiggling into a chaotic blur of rippling flesh. He’s driving so fast I think I’ll break in two, and as the pain reaches its precipice, so does my lustful assent. I screech out, buck my hips, and shower Eleanor with my release. The feeling erupts inside me, and every part of my body seizes in a clenching ruin. Tom smashes his pelvis against me, roars out, and comes in my ass. I sob in delight as his spunk rushes through my desecrated insides. He holds me high in the air; his pelvis pivoted against my ass, his back shaking in strain, and then we collapse onto the bed in an awkward bounce. Heavy breaths and glistening skin mingle with the sweet stench of sex. I ease into a blissful state of gratification; the endorphins seeping into my mind as an evolutionary reward. My body doesn’t care that what I just did was wrong at every level, and neither does my mind. It was the best I ever had. I snuggle up against the heat of my brother, and sigh a tone of satisfaction. I am his, and his alone.

“Wow,” Eleanor whispers, staring up at me with her head resting in my lap, “that was beautiful.”

“You were amazing, Sis,” Tom says breathily against my neck, “you were so-”

“You fucking raped me!” I snarl at him. Tom’s eyes droop in crestfallen shame, and I can’t keep up the façade.

“And I fucking loved it,” I breathe onto his lips, searching his eyes, “how long have you thought about me this way?”

“Forever,” Tom smiles, “always. Did you ever…?”

“I mean…” I giggle, “the thought has crossed my mind, but it was just my brain making connections from ‘a’ to ‘b,’ you know? Like: Tom is a man, men have penises, I like penises, Tom has a penis. It was never an actual thought.”

“And now?” he asks me, pumping his still-erect cock into my ass.

My head falls, and a moan escapes my lips. I can’t come back from this, and I know it. This has ruined me, changed me forever, and I’ll have to adjust to the new reality.

“Eleanor, can you (ahhh) can you (fffuuuck), can you give me my phone?” I ask through increasing moans of pleasure.

Eleanor looks at me inquisitively, and then tosses me my phone. I unlock the touchscreen, page to my contacts, and select the number I’m looking for. Dial tone, and then an answer.

Hey, Babe,” Ryan’s voice says through the speaker, “you wanna come over tonight and-

“I’m breaking up with you, Ryan,” I say as evenly as I can through my moans, “don’t call me again; it’s not you, it’s me.”

Laurie, what the fu-

“I found someone better.” I hang up the phone, toss to the side and stare at my brother with a twisted smile on my face.

“Does that answer your question?” I ask coyly.

“It does,” Tom smirks back, and then leans against me, “he was a douche anyway.”

“Holy shit, that was cold.” Eleanor exclaims, staring at me in awe, “And you called me a bitch!”

“You said you wanted friends as fucked-up as you are,” I laugh, and grind my ass against my thrusting brother, “well, now you’ve got them.”

“You’re not that fucked up.” Eleanor sneers.

“I just fucked my brother.”

“Ehhhh, you kind of got forced into it,” Eleanor retorts, “so it doesn’t really count.”

“Oh?” I smirk, and pull away from my brother. He pops out my ass with a sheath of my anal flesh still wrapped about him, and I yelp in delight as I’m turned inside-out again. I level my gaze on him, and crawl backward as I lick my lips. He raises an eyebrow at me, and gets on his back, and I do the rest. I look at him from the tops of my eyes as my tongue rests between his balls. I lick my way up, savoring the throbbing pulse of his sack, and then rest the tip of my tongue against his base. I draw it slowly along his underside, tasting his delicious cum and the sweet tang of my ass on his cock. When I get to the top, I wrap my lips around him, and take him slowly into my throat. His head falls back against the bedding, and he groans in satisfaction. I giggle at his loss of equanimity, and suck hard as I lower my head. He reaches the resistance of my throat, and I loosen for him, before taking him all the way in. I gag when I reach his base, but I don’t pull out. I rotate my lips, suckling the rigid skin of his loins, and then slowly draw up. His cum pools in my mouth and I keep it there until my lips close together at his tip. He looks up at me, and I stare at him. Then, I swallow.

“I fucking love you, Laurie.” He whispers.

I kiss the tip of his cock, and watch in rapt delight as it sways from side to side. Then, I look at him and smile broadly.

“I love you too, big brother.” I smile endearingly.

“Hey,” Eleanor yells indignantly, “don’t make me the third wheel! Show me some love!”

“We both…tolerate you, Ellie.” Tom laughs at the beautiful, naked redhead.

“You are permitted to share oxygen with us,” I add, teasingly, “and also water, if you so choose to.”

“Fuck both of you guys,” Eleanor laughs, and slides her body between us, “I put this whole thing together.”

“It was my plan to start with!” I exclaim.

“Oh, this was your plan?” Eleanor laughs, and pushes my prolapse back into my ass. I shudder in pleasure for a moment, and look back at her with lustful eyes.

“Well…” I say, “no, but it was my idea to get you two together.”

“Well, that backfired.” Eleanor giggles.

“Now that you broke up with Ryan,” Tom says, “who are you going to prom with?”

“Prom is fucking stupid,” I chuckle and give my brother a knowing smile, “and too expensive.”

“But you already bought your dress,” Eleanor says, “so the expensive part is out of the way.”

“I haven’t seen you in it yet,” Tom says as he pets my curly hair, “I’d like to.”

“Hmm,” I smirk, “I bet you would. Do you know what I want?”

“What?” he asks.

“I want to wear it for you,” I whisper over Eleanor’s head, “and then I want you to cut it off me.”

I can practically feel Tom’s boner pushing on Eleanor’s back and driving her pelvis against my ass. Her eyes widen and she giggles at me.

“I think you should get that dress on,” she laughs, “like, right the fuck now.”

I sit upright to go to my closet, but something stops me. Through our merriment and lust, none of us heard the car pull up in the driveway. None of heard the back-door open, and none of us heard Mom walking up the steps. It wasn’t until it was too late, when she opened my bedroom door and saw the three of us, that we knew she had come home early.

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Sis lets me

6079861Sis was laying out on the carpeted floor, her short, short baby blue athletic shorts on and a white t-shirt. I was giving her the massage that we had worked out a few years earlier as young children when I was 10 and she 6. It was a tease game we played when mom and dad were not home. I was now 15 and she was 11. Sis was a short, cute blond with long straight hair to her shoulders. Thin and with a fair complexion she was everything I ever desired in a girl. I had been lusting after her since I was a small boy and we had experimented off and on for years, getting bolder and often times backing off because Mom or Dad would catch us and warn us that what we were doing was not right. We always cooled it for a while and began again each time a little more cautious with the when and where of our games. The rubdowns had continued though through all the “dry” times though, a safe way for us to explore each other without getting a scolding about inappropriate behavior from our parents if we were caught. Often I would rub her down until I reached her ‘limits” and then I would volunteer for a rub down, which she usually agreed too.

I had the baby oil nearby and was rubbing down her legs, “massaging” them. Really it was a sort of cat and mouse game that usually ended in us both stopping short when mom or dad got home or when I had gone “too far”. Going too far though had progressed over the years to more and more boundaries being broken. Funny thing was as often as Sis would say that I was always going too far she would always be the first to change into her blue shorts when mom and dad left. She would also consent to the rubdowns each time or even ask for them. I liked her blue shorts and she knew it, they were very short and loose allowing me peeks of her panties and at times her sweet smooth pussy while I massaged her.

“Do my back, Danny” she murmured to me. I was feeling good now, she was relaxing. I now straddled her thighs,my legs on either side of her legs and I pushed her shirt up to her neck, while she adjusted the shirt beneath her keeping her now newly forming breasts covered. I poured some oil in my hand and applied it to her back, rubbing up and down her back rubbing and pushing high with my hands and coming to a rest on the top of her shorts. After a few moments of this I began my “push” I rubbed all the way to her neck, going from the center of her back at her waistband to her neck then sweeping each palm to her side and down to her waist band again this time though pushing it down a little. I continued this routine as she turned her head to her side and closed her eyes. With each return to her waistband I pushed it lower, exposing her sweet shapely butt a little more each time. Within about ten rotations of my hands I had her sweet butt cheeks half way exposed. I added a rubbing the cheeks of her butt with my palms as I did her back. I was so hard at this point, my jean shorts were putting pressure on my cock and I could feel my wetness beneath my underwear. This routine always aroused me so much.

At this point I got up and asked her to spread her legs, she knew what was coming and I poured more baby oil in my hand and began at her ankles with both hands on one leg rubbing it up the entire length of her left leg up to just under the slight roundness of her ass. I loved that feeling of her bottom, the roundness of it and the softness of the skin. I did this a couple of times each time coming up and stopping a little higher and finally resting against her panties. I then moved to the other leg running my hands up her legs and back down each time going higher, stopping again after a few rounds of this coming to rest on her pantie covered pussy. I loved her smell while I did this and I became super charged sexually whenever I massaged her.

I then pushed her legs back together and I straddled her again and began to massage her half naked butt cheeks. Surprisingly today she was not protesting, some days she did, others she did not. I rubbed the exposed parts and then moved to the parts that were covered rubbing in circular motions with the palms of my hands. MMMMMMMM sis cooed again, “That’s good.” I got bolder and pushed the shorts down even more, again waiting for protest but there was none. Ohh the sight was getting better, I loved the split of her butt cheeks, and I was getting closer to disrobing her completely today. I continued my massage and finally the shorts were rolled against the bottom of her round bottom exposing the globes fully. I was in heaven, such a sweet sight! It had been a while since I had seen her this way, it reminded me of when were a bit younger and we got completely naked with each other until one afternoon when Mom had caught us in the act, but that is another story.

I shifted my focus of the massage now to moving from her buttocks to the top of her neck feeling the soft shapeliness of her sweet young body. On my first round up to her neck I kept it innocent enough just sliding my palms up the sides of her buttocks and to the center of her back up to her neck. Then I pushed my hands outward and came down each side of her body to her hips. I then pushed my hands together toward the center of her butt cheeks and slowly pushed outward on each side, exposing her sweet little asshole. “My God!” I thought to myself, I was being treated today! I had such a fine sight her sweet hairless asshole and just the hint of the lips of her tight pussy were visible! I slowed but did not stop my massage there and worked my way back up to her neck. I came down again and this time did the same thing only spreading them just a bit more exposing more of that sweet hole.

“Ohhhh that’s good, Danny” she said “keep massaging me.” She still had her head lying on her arms turned to the side and her eyes shut. I was so excited! I continued this routine each time spending a small moment spreading her cheeks on each rotation of my hands. Never a complaint never a “that’s enough” today. On the fourth round she slowly lifted her ass just a bit into the air, and as I came down to rub and spread her cheeks her ass was totally exposed now, and much more of her sweet pussy was showing. I acted impulsively this time, I had lost my control that I usually had and as I spread her ass I pushed them wider than before.I had been reading in my stashed porn mags about rimming and I impulsively bent down and licked that sweet asshole. I was tingling with fear, delight and lust! I looked up at her head half expecting a shriek or a quick grab for her shorts as she has done before. That didn’t happen, she tightened up for minute and opened her eyes but didn’t say anything, then closed her eyes again. A sort of permission to continue as it were. I kept her ass spread and licked again, I was trying to remember the stories and pictures I had seen about rimming and began to poke at it with my tongue. Sis responded by pushing back onto my face!
I nearly came in my pants! I could smell her sweet smell and the slight musk of her pussy lower down. Sis remained still and even pushed into my face even more as I continued probing her little bud with my tongue. I grew bolder now and licked from the top the crack of her ass to the edge of her pussy, a strange taste but not one that I was passing up!
I reached up now and pulled her shorts down lower to her knees, afraid to really get crazy, holding on to control as best I could. Sis allowed it, only moaning as I continued to lick her ass crack and bud. She pushed herself into a doggie position with her head still on the floor but her ass high in the air. She spread her legs as far as the shorts around her knees would allow and now I had a full-unbridled view of her sweet ass and pussy. I licked again starting at the top of her ass and this time proceeded down to her pussy. I was very tentative when I reached her pussy sliding my tongue across the outer folds of her cunt not pushing to the soft folds below, yet. The taste was tangy and strong. I could smell her sweat and something else, her musk, I guess, strongly. I was in heaven! I was doing just like the porn mags described, eating her pussy (albeit a bit clumsily) but doing it none the less!
I was just pushing my head up to the top of her buttocks again when I heard the engine of the car entering the driveway! They were home! We had lost track of time, normally she and I kept track and our little games and ended them 15 to twenty minutes before they got home, so we could get changed and pretend we had been doing the chores all along. Quickly we both jumped up and she pulled her shorts up and ran for her room and I for the kitchen to open the fridge door and pretend I was looking for a snack. Just in time, as I heard sis’s door close the front door opened and mom and dad walked in.

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My stepsister took my virginity



This is a true story about how i lost my virginity to my step-sister. If the story is well received i might write more. Some names and places and other minor details have been changed for anonymity. I was 16 years old when this story took place. My biological mother died of cancer when i was 8, my dad married my step mom when i was 11. She had been a single mom with a daughter. My stepsister is 2 years older than me. But we got along very good and became very close. She became my big sister.

Hi, i’m mark 16 years old. A normal teen boy with the usual teen interests. I’m about 1,8m tall, weigh about 75kg, blue eyes, dark brown hair. I’m no superman, but keep myself in decent shape.
I have a stepsister, Lisa who is 18. She is tall, slim, with long light brown hair, and beautiful C cup breasts and a nice round butt. I always sneak a peek at her whenever i can get a look at her body. But never actually thought about having sex with her, until tonight that is.
We were very close, and had quickly become good friends when our parents started dating, and later married.

Our parents was going away for the weekend. Taking a romantic getaway as they usually do a couple of times a year. Leaving me and my 18 year old stepsister home alone for the weekend.

After saying goodbye to our parents, i went up to my room. It was Friday afternoon and raining, so it looked like it would be a boring evening. My stepsister came into my room without knocking. She never knocked, but i didn’t really mind. She asked if i had any plans for the weekend. I told her i didn’t have any special plans, staying home tonight, maybe see some friends tomorrow and Sunday. She told me she was going out with her friend Tina that night. They planned to go to a party and would probably be home late. And she asked if i was OK with being alone for the night. I told her it was no problem and to have fun. Is a bit of a party animal, and liked going out on weekends. I knew she wasn’t a virgin, but she was no slut either. Although i knew she played around with Tina sometimes, but they were never more than friends with benefits.

After Lisa left for her party i relaxed at home. Fixed myself some food, watched a movie, and played on my computer. I used the opportunity to jerk off to some online porn since i had the house to myself (i’m usually a bit shy about this when others are home, since i’m afraid to get caught). And i went to bed at around 11pm. More out of boredom than sleepiness.

I woke up a few hours later, the clock on my bedside table told me it was about 1.30am. I realized the sound that had woke me, was my sister returning home. By the sounds of her unsteady shuffling i could tell she was drunk. I heard her going into the bathroom and turning on the shower. I turned around and tried to go to sleep again.

I was half asleep again, when i thought i felt a movement on my bed. But i figured it was my imagination so i kept trying to sleep. Suddenly i felt something touch my chin, i opened my eyes and realized my sister was lying in my bed beside me wearing only bra and panties. Clearly drunk. She smiled at me. Then she leaned in and kissed me, passionately, her tongue finding its way into my mouth playing with my tongue. I was too drowsy from sleep and surprised to really comprehend what was happening. But her kiss felt good, far better than any kiss i had experienced before. I had only kissed a couple of girls before.

She broke the kiss, still smiling. It almost felt like i was dreaming. She pulled my duvet off and moved closer to me. Our bodies was touching now, she put one leg on top of mine. Then she kissed me again. As she did, she put her hand on my boxers and gently rubbed my cock (which was getting harder by the second) trough the thin fabric. When she broke the kiss again i moaned from the pleasure of her touch. She asked if i liked it, and i all i could do was nod. Then she put her hand inside my boxer and pulled my cock out, all 16cm of it hard as a rock now. She started to slowly stroke it.

By now i was fully awake, but too horny to care if she was my stepsister. We kissed again, and this time i had the presence of mind to kiss back. I put my arms around her, letting my hands glide over her gorgeous body. Then she said “I want to fuck you”, all i could think or say at this point was “oh yes”. She sat up and took of her bra, letting her beautiful tits swing free. Then she slid off her panties, revealing her shaved pussy glistening with her own wetness. It was the first time i saw a pussy in real life, and the sight of her naked body made me so horny it almost hurt.

She pulled off my boxers, i was now laying completely naked in front of her. She straddled over me. Took my cock in her hands and guided it towards her wet heaven while slowly lowering herself onto it. It felt so amazing feeling my cock glide into her tight pussy. She lowered herself all the way down until i was completely inside her. She let out a soft moan, and then started slowly rising and lowering herself on my cock. Both of us moaning in pleasure now. I was dizzy and my head was numb from pleasure, and all i could do was lie there as my stepsister was fucking me. I didn’t last very long that first time, only a few minutes. I let out a long loud moan as i shot my cum inside her. She stopped riding and just sat on top of me for a few seconds as my cock softened inside her pussy.

“mmm that was good” she said as she laid down beside me, “yes it was” i answered. Then she said “but i’m still horny”. We kissed again, and then she took my hand and guided my fingers inside her. We lied like that for a while, kissing and me fingering her pussy. Her breath became heavier and faster as she was nearing an orgasm. My cock was hard again by now. And she took my fingers out of her pussy, “no, not like this” she said “i want to cum on your cock”. She got back on top of me and started riding me again, this time taking my hands and let me fondle her tits while we fucked. I lasted longer the second time, and was even confident enough to let my hips rise to meet hers as she came down on me. After a little while she let out a loud long moan as her orgasm raced trough her body. The look and feeling her orgasm on me made me shoot my load into her a second time.

“Thank you” she said as she laid down again, putting her arms around me. We lied there holding each other and kissing for a long time. And then she fell asleep, her arms still around me. I couldn’t sleep for a long time, i lay awake thinking of how i had been fucked by my own sister.

We woke up late in the morning. She was smiling (shes always smiling), but she said she had a bad hangover and needed a shower. We didn’t speak much that morning, but in the early afternoon she came back into my room. Her hangover almost gone. She was uncharacteristically shy and quiet. “about last night” she said, “i hope i didn’t hurt you or made you feel bad”. I told her i had been really surprised, shocked even. But i also told her it had been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. She told me she was re-leaved to hear that, and that it had been wonderful for her too. And she said she might like to do it again some time, but sober. I told her i would like that. We didn’t have sex again that day, but spent the day at home relaxing together. But later we did it again, but that’s for another story

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I Took a Licking



This is my first posting here. Hope you enjoy it.

I started out having sex with dogs at a fairly young age and quite by accident. We’d always had dogs when I was a kid and my mom’s favorite breed was the dachshund. The one who introduced me to the joys of sex was named Buddy, a fat black and brown sausage of a dog who loved to lick. He always slept in my bed with me and had a habit of burrowing under the covers to keep warm during the winter months.

One night when I was in my early teens (probably 13 or 14) I woke up to a sensation I’d never felt before. I felt Buddy’s soft fur brushing against my legs and his wet tongue was working its way up my thighs. I never wore underwear to bed and, by the time I was fully awake, Buddy had wiggled under my nightgown and started licking my pussy. I was young enough that it didn’t occur to me that this was a bad thing. All I knew was it felt good, REALLY good, and I didn’t want him to stop.

I wanted to see what he was doing, so I pulled the covers back and there he was with his whole body between my legs and his head buried under my nightgown. I opened my legs wider and he pushed his pointy snout in further, bumping my clit with his nose as he dug his tongue in deeper, licking furiously at my tender snatch. I wiggled and moaned as his tongue ran up and down my slit from ass to clit. He would occasionally lunge at me to dig into my hole like he was trying to fuck me with his whole face.

I’d never felt anything so good in my life! Sure, I’d rubbed my pussy and even finger fucked myself a few times, but nothing had ever felt as good as that hot wet doggy tongue licking up and down my pussy over and over again. The more Buddy licked, the wetter I got and he was soon trying to dig his tongue deeper into my hole to get all the cream he could. I reached down and pulled apart my pussy lips to give him better access and he went nuts, seeming to try to get his whole snout buried in my teenage cunt.

It didn’t take long for that concentrated licking to make me cum. His nose bumped against my clit a few more times while he shoved his tongue deep into my hole and I came all over his hairy face. He kept right on licking to clean up all my juices until I had to shove him away because I was too sensitive down there.

Buddy came wiggling up to the head of the bed, licking his chops with his tail wagging. That’s when I noticed the pointy tip of his cock was poking out of its sheath. Since he’d made me cum I thought it was only fair that I help him out, so I rolled him over on his back and started playing with his cock. As I fondled him and massaged his sheath, the more his cock came out of hiding. He wasn’t a big dog and didn’t have a big cock – maybe four inches or so when fully extended and quite slender. I made an “o” with my thumb and finger and slid them up and down his slimy prick and soon he was hunching his furry hips and fucking fingers like mad. Didn’t take him long to cum either and he shot hot doggy all over my hand.

That was the beginning of a wonderful relationship with Buddy. He turned me into a ragingly horny teenager and, more often than not, I’d have him eat me out til I came before going to sleep at night. He was a good dog to experiment with because he was small and non-threatening. He never seemed to tire of licking my pussy and he even seemed to enjoy digging his tongue into my asshole when I held my cheeks open for him. I never had to coax him with peanut butter or anything. All I’d have to do was bring him up on the bed with me, open my legs and he’d dive right in.

Most nights after he licked me til I came, I’d jack him off. But his cock was also the first one I ever sucked. I was fascinated by the smooth heat of it and decided one night I wanted to see what it tasted and felt like in my mouth. I put him in his usual position of laying on his back and I laid down next to him with his cock right by my face. I massaged his sheath until his cock fully extended and leaned down to touch the tip of my tongue to the tip of his prick. I was afraid it would taste bad, but found out there wasn’t a lot of taste to it at all. Kind of salty, but not bad. Buddy’s hips twitched and he whined a little as I licked up and down his skinny little prick. Then I wrapped my hand around the base, pointed it at my mouth and slid my lips over the end. Buddy went absolutely crazy! His doggy hips went wild, hunching up and down, fucking his cock into my mouth as fast as he could. Like I mentioned before, his dick wasn’t very big and not all that long, so there was no chance I’d choke. And to be honest, it was exciting having my face fucked like that with so much enthusiasm. I let him plunge in and out of my mouth until I was taking the whole thing right down to the small knot at the base. The whole time he was fucking there were little spurts of pre-cum flowing over my tongue and I swallowed it as best I could. After a few minutes, Buddy yipped and blew a huge load of dog cum down my throat. For such a small dog he sure could spew out a lot of cum. I swallowed most of it, but some of it escaped and dripped down my chin. Made me feel good to know I’d given him so much pleasure.

I enjoyed my time with Buddy, but eventually my family ended up having to move to where we couldn’t have a dog and we gave him to my aunt. I’ll always wonder if she discovered his talented tongue. Since then I’ve had the pleasure of experimenting with many other dogs and I hope to post more of my stories in the future.

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Fist Time With My Best Friend’s Mom



I just want to share a true story; my first time with my friend’s mom.

I just want to share a true story; my first time with my friend’s mom.

I was seventeen, I had never had sex before but I was spending a lot of my time jerking off in my room with the door closed. I spent much of my time skipping school and hanging out at a friend’s house. I won’t mention his name or his mom’s name here for obvious reasons.

He was the new kid in class and I would go over to his house almost every day to listen to music and watch movies, play video games and stuff like that. His mom was in her early forties, single and went where the work was, so they moved around a lot and they didn’t have many friends.

One morning I stopped by before school while they were still having breakfast. I sat at the kitchen table and watched as his mom served him food and each time she bent over to grab a plate or glass, her shirt would fall forward so that I could see both of her bare breasts hanging there!

These were the first tits I’d ever seen in person and I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. They were probably a c cup and I remember being impressed by how big her dark nipples were! Each ended with a large stubby pencil eraser and they hung so much lower than any girl my age could have.

This woman had already had two children. The way they hung made them look bigger than they actually were and between quick glimpses my imagination was going wild! By the time she noticed what I was staring at, I was pretty hard. She grabbed her shirt collar before my friend could see what was going on and left the room embarrassed.

A few days later I knew my friend was out but I pretended to not know so that I could invite myself in to wait. She was polite and nice but there was also a kind of tension between us. Ever since that morning I was looking at her as a sex symbol. I was picturing her long nipples when she caught me staring at her body. It became obvious what was going happen when she said we couldn’t do this.

I won’t lie, I pretty much begged. I told her that I couldn’t stop thinking about her and that I wanted her to teach me how to fuck.

I think she was a little lonely and pretty horny and enjoying the attention even though she knew this was wrong. I moved toward her as I talked and she backed up slowly until she hit the kitchen counter. Even though she didn’t stop me from kissing her, my hands on her tits over her shirt caused her to inhale sharply and breathe hard, exasperated.

She asked me what experience I had. I told her kissing, frenching and a little touching. Her hand moved over the bulge in my pants feeling how hard she made me. Fumbling with the zipper she finally took me out for a few good strokes and then right there in the middle of their kitchen, she dropped to her knees and took me in her mouth gently.

My first blow job didn’t last longer than five minutes before I was cumming in her mouth. It was too much for me. She knew how to work me and the thought of my friend’s mom on her knees with my hard cock in her mouth was overwhelming.

I don’t know how much I came, but I heard her swallow twice, gulping down my jizz. When I looked down, her lips were wrapped around the head and her tongue tickling me from underneath. She swallowed and kissed the tip of my slit. I was embarrassed but she said I shouldn’t be.

Taking me by the hand, she led me down the hall to her bedroom. I’d never been inside it all the way before. The closest I ever came to entering her bedroom was standing at the door. It was modest, I knew they didn’t have much money, but they were clean and her bed was tidy and small, pushed up against the wall under the window.

She turned and closed the door behind us before pulling her Tshirt over her head and asking me if I liked what I saw the other day. Feeling blood rush back into my cock, I looked down to see the effect she was having on me. I realized that I never zipped up after my kitchen blowjob, but also that maybe I should also take off my clothes.

I said something like, “Yeah, I think you’re really sexy.”

She pushed me onto the bed to sit at the edge as though it were a sofa. My erection was pointed straight up as she straddled me and lowered her tear drop breasts into my face so that I could suck on them. Her pink nubs hardened in my mouth and I moved from left to right as she positioned her hips into the right place and lowered herself onto me.

Her pussy was hot and wet and she did all the work for us both using her thighs to ride me, lifting herself up and the dropping back down, impaling herself on me. She put my hands on her at first, encouraging me to feel her hanging fruits and give them a squeeze so that her soft breast meat squished between my fingers. I was in heaven! I wondered how many other men had been in my position underneath my friend’s mom. How old was she actually? How many men had she slept with?

Every time I squeezed her breasts I got a response; a smile, an appreciative moan or a word of encouragement. “Pinch my nipples,” she whispered as she rolled her big hips in my lap.

With each tweak on her large nipples I noticed her smile and grimace at the same time. “Harder,” she directed me to torment her beautiful hanging teets and I happily complied, clamping down on them a little harder with my thumb and forefinger. She would speed up her rhythm and I could start to feel her get really wet on my cock.

I never felt a woman get slick and wet on my cock before and I was thrilled! I kept squeezing her tough nipples and watching her writhe in ecstasy, begging for more and fucking me like a wild animal!

“I’m going to cum!” She braced herself on my chest so she could grind even harder against me. “Don’t stop! Harder, please! Do it as hard as you can!”

For all I knew at the time, nipples were like buttons and the harder you squeezed them, the faster a woman would cum. I found out with subsequent girlfriends that this wasn’t the case, but at the time I did as requested and clamped down on her brutalized nips as hard as I could and gave them little twists, tugging on them like I was trying to pull them off!

I came inside her in that moment, while watching my first truly deep and exhausted female orgasm ripple through her body in wave after wave of spasming pleasure! It was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen and I couldn’t hold back anymore. I tensed and let my jism explode out of me while I yanking on her nipples like I was milking a cow. The idea that her pain was part of her pleasure was too much for me to process.

We were both drenched in sweat in her steamy little bedroom as she collapsed on top of me, kissing me passionately, grateful and affectionately.

She told me I was a good lay. I’ll never forget that. It was almost six now and her son, my friend would probably be home soon. She told me I should go. I dressed while she lay in bed and felt her sore breasts, smiling. I didn’t want to leave but she said I had to. I asked her if we could do this again and she told me that it probably wasn’t a good idea. Despite that, I did come back a few other times throughout that summer when my friend wasn’t home and his mom taught me a lot about sex but they moved away after that and I never saw her again. He and I reconnected on Facebook recently but they still don’t live near me and I thought it would be weird to ask about his mom.

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First time experience on craigslist



I replied on m4m on cl and was surpised on outcome

This is a true story about how I managed to get involved with another man. I’m a 54 year old married man and would of never thought I could get involved with another man. It all started about a year ago when I was looking at some items on craigslist when I noticed the personal section. I was at work at the time and wasn’t busy so I clicked on causual. I then noticed that there was a m4m area which I thought was strange, but did click on it. I started reading some of the posts and was shocked what they were asking for. There was even pictures of cocks, asses and even faces of the ones doing the posting. For the next few days when I found time I would again to the m4m site to read some of the posts. Every time I read a post my cock became very hard.
I have always love masturbating since I was a kid, and have continued even after getting married. I also enjoy getting naked and sometimes take my clothes off while driving and then jo until I shot my load. There were also times when I would find a safe area and get behind some trees and then get naked. It was always great to have the cool breeze blowing on your cock while your jerking off.
One day while on m4m site I decided to reply to one of the posts. I opened up a new aol account and replied to a man who was looking to either give someone a hj or bj. It made me very hard writing my reponse. I told him I was new at this and wondering if he was interested in meeting up with someone with no experience with other men. It only took a few minutes for him to respond. He said that if we met he would only do what was comfortable for me and that would love to meet somewhere. I responed back and told him that I was interested in meeting sometime and wanted to know where we could meet. He responed that he wanted to meet tomorrow night at a park he had picked out. He also gave me directions and time to meet and that he would be driving a black Chevy blazer. I wrote back the diion of my vehicle and explained I would be more comfortable if he got in my car. He agreed and told me he was looking forward to playing with my cock.
When he wrote back and told me he was looking forward to playing with my cock I was really hard and needed a relief. I went into the bathroom and unzipped my pants and let them drop to the floor. It was a one person bathroom so I knew it was safe. I removed my shoes, shocks and shirt and then pulled my pants and underwear off. I was completly naked and could hear people of the other side of the door. I started jacking off and after a few minutes shot a big load into the sink. I just sat there a few minutes and then got dressed and walked back to my office.
The next day all I could think of was the meeting in the park. After telling my wife I had to work late, I headed to the park. I had no idea what was going to happen in my car, but I was hard by the time I arrived at the park. He was already waiting for me and after parking beside his car he got out and into my vehicle. He was about 5 9 and weighed around 200 lbs and nice looking. We talked a few minutes and then his hand was on my crotch. He rubbed my hard cock through my pants and my cock was straining to get free. He then unzipped my pants and opened them enough to feel my cock through my underwear. He asked if I would take off my pants for him. With out thinking about it I removed my shoes, shock and pants. I was now sitting there and enjoying another man rubbing my cock through my underwear. This time with out asking he grabbed a hold of my underwear and pulled them off me. His warm hand was around my 7″ cock and stroking it so slow and soft. He then unbuttioned my shirt and removed it and I was sitting naked in my car with a stranger playing with my cock. He had me lay my seat back and then started licking the pre cum off my hard cock. I thought that felt great, but when he put my cock all the way in his mouth, it was like the most sensual thing I have ever felt. He then put some spit on his finger and inserted it into my ass. I was really to explode when he sat back in his seat. He asked me if I wanted to see his cock. At this point I would agree to anything in order for him to start sucking on my cock again. He unzipped his pants and let them drop to the floor. He grabbed my hand and put it on his crotch. I could feel this huge cock through his underwear. He told me to pull his underwear down. I grabbed the wasteband of his underwear and pulled them down to his ankles. I couldn’t believe the size of his cock. I guessed it had to be 9″ long. He then took my hand and wrapped it around his huge cock and asked me to stroke it. I slowly started stroking his huge cock and and surprised how much I enjoyed having my hand around another man’s cock.
I must of stroked it for five minutes when he grabbed the back of my head and started pulling it down toward his cock. I was hesitant at first but he was not letting go of my head until I had his cock in my mouth. As I got closer I could smell the precum. I started licking the precum and then slowly starting taking his cock into my mouth. At first it felt strange but the more I sucked the better it felt. He kept pulling on my head until I had all 9″ in my mouth. He then started fucking my mouth and after a few mintutes I felt this warm liquid shooting down my throat. I swallowed it all and he told me to lick every drop off his cock. He then asked if I wanted to shoot down his throat. I said hell yes. He told me first I had to do some things for him. I wanted to have him suck me off so bad I would do anything at this point. He told me to not put on any of my clothes and to follow him in his car. He pulled up his pants and then got into his car and drove off. I was scared at this point what he might have planned for me but I was so hard and horny I didn’t care.
He drove futher into the park and parked in a very dark area with lots of trees. He got out of his car and told me to get out and follow him naked. I enjoy being outside naked so that was no problem. Once we got out into an open spot in the trees he stopped and then started taking off all of his clothes. He had a great body and I loved seeing his huge cock again. He ordered me to get on my knees and start sucking his cock. I obeyed him and started sucking on his cock. After a few minutes he told me to go lean over a picnic table that was sitting there. I did as he said and then he came over and started playing with my ass and then rubbing some lube in my hole. I had a good idea what was going to happen but it became real when I felt the tip of his cock stick in my ass. Slowly he started pushing in a little at a time. It hurt a first but later it felt so good I didn’t care. After working it in and out for a few minutes he had all 9″ in my ass. He started pumping me real hard and it didn’t take long before he shot warm cum in my ass. As it came out of my ass he caught a lot of it and told me to lick it all off his hand.
He then told me to lay on my back on the picnic table with my legs hanging over the side. He bent down and started sucking once again on my still hard cock. It felt great and didn’t take long to shoot a huge load down his throat. He got dressed and walked back and got into his car an left. i just laid there for a while and couldn’t believe what had happened to me. I finally walked naked back to my car and got dressed and went home.
Since then I’ve had some meetings with other men and would share some if interesed. I can tell you after that first night I can truly say that I’m now Bi.
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My Ex wife and my dog sex story


True story. First of three episodes

I had been divorced from Irene for eight years and had had really no contact with her in that time. When I split from the partner I left her for I thought it might be a nice thing to do to call her and apologise for my bad treatment of her heart! Crazy really but the thought just came over me and I acted on impulse. To my surprise she already knew my news and suggested we meet. It was duly arranged and she came to my house and after some small talk she made it very clear that she wanted me to go to bed with her. There was no kissing or petting. She just said “Lets go upstairs” and she held my hand as I led the way to my bedroom. We stripped and dived under the covers to embrace and explore each others bodies. She had aged well for someone already 13 years older than me and was slimmer than she used to be. I complemented her on this and she pushed away the duvet to run her hands downwards over her tits and belly, arching her back as she did so.” Yes I’m pleased with my body now” she said as one hand pushed down between her legs. Her legs opened as she slid her second finger up and down her blonde sparsely haired cunt lips. Her other hand went back up to her left nipple which she pinched between finger and thumb. Her back still arched away from the bed and her breathing began toget louder as she finger fucked herself. “Fucking Hell Irene, you must be pleased with it, You never used to touch yourself at all with me around”.
“.A lot of waters gone under the bridge since then and I’ve learned a thing or two. Now do you just want to watch or are you going to make me cum? I needed no second bidding and leaned over her to take her ripe nipple in my mouth. I teased it breifly before taking the other one and nibbling it between my teeth. She sighed and pushed herself off the bed to meet my lips and tongue. “Please suck me” she said as I felt a slight pressure from her hand on my head pushing, me toward her cunt. I moved around between her legs and pushed them further apart as I leaned forward to place a playful kiss on her mound. “dont fuck about get your tongue up me” she hissed and I snaked my tongue up and down the length of her cunt lips. They parted wetly and I found her clit with the tip of my tongue and began the circular licking which she had once loved. “No inside. I want to feel your tongue up inside me” she breathed as her finger tip replaced my tongue and her other hand pushed down on the top of my head. I pushed her legs further apart and lifted them upward from behind her knees. Her cunt opened and a bead of cum had appeared and was running down toward her ass. I licked this away and plunged my tongue deep into her hole, tasting her sweet juices as I pushed in and out as deep as I could. Her breathing was very rapid now and she was murmering incoherantly as her finger raced around her clit. She began to thrust her hips forward and back and it was all I could do to maintain my tongue fucking. “Oh you fucking bastard I’m going to come. Deeper! Push some fucking fingers up me. Lick my fucking ass. Oh you Horney cunt fucker. Deeper! Oh God…Oh God.. Fucking Hell. OH NO! Oh no! Oh no! No…No.. NO..No.No No. No,ooooo” She pushed my head away from her and clamped her hand over her mound as she lay quivering through the last part of her orgasm. I well remembered this bit and I knew that I just had to stay out of it while she recovered. But I was intrigued by the language as she never used to say hardly a word during sex except the No stuff when she came. “Christ Irene that was quick and noisey too. Where did that come from?” She opened her eyes slightly and said “I told you I’ve learned a thing or two. Including how to let myself go AND how to come more than once so I want you to fuck me now and I’ll show you.” As I kneeled up toward her she reached forward and took my rock hard prick in her hand” And dont cum cos I want to suck you afterwards”
I slid easily into her and recognised that familiar fit and warmth of her delightful cunt. I started to move slowly. “You wouldnt believe how many times I’ve dreamed of this” she said. “But I always knew it would happen. I love your lovely prick and I always knew I would have it again someday. Push it in deep baby. Give me the fucking I’ve been waiting for”
I started to get into a steady rythm as I slid into her squelching cunt. She had her eyes closed and her lips parted in a very sexy way when she suddenly jumped and screamed. Barney my dog had appeared at the bedside and decided it might be a good idea if he planted his cold wet nose on Irenes arm! “Jesus” she bellowed ” your fucking dog scared the hell out of me” Then more calmly,”Just like you Blakey. Nothing on the brain but sex” She pointed toward Barney’s rear end where you could see his prick erected and out of its sheath. “Bloody hell he must have been there for a while to get excited like that. He must fancy you Irene” I reached over and stroked his head as he rested his chin on the bed, wagging his tail and looking longingly at me. He then licked Irene’s arm. “Bloody hell. He really does”. ” Well he can fuck off. This is beween you and me” she laughed.
Barney had been my constant companion since my last relationship finished. He was a jet black giant of a dog being a great dane/labrador cross. He was big and gentle and very obediant. I got him from a dog rescue the day after he had been left there by an emigrating family. He was great with kids, never scrounged and never gave me any trouble at all except he could be a bit embarrassing with that cock of his. He was always getting it up and I used to have to send him out in the garden if I had guests. It was very obvious he was horney the bloody thing used to extend about nine inches out of his sheath and was very thick too. He put me to shame!
“Dont send him away. He’s just reacting to you. You’re very sexy and the noises youve been making have turned him on. Its not his fault” Barney licked her arm again.”fucking hell look at the size of his prick” she hissed “its a fucking monster”. She moved her body across the bed so she could see Barneys cock more from the side.” Why is it so wet?” ” Cos it needs lube just to get it out and be ready to get it in” I said as again I stroked his head and again he kicked out at Irene but this time she had moved her arm and he wetly slurped accross her left nipple. “Jesus Christ” she jerked off the bed “the fucker licked my nipple” Yep, he definately fancies you Irene. Why dont you touch his cock?”
You filthy bastard Blakey. If you think I’m going to wank off the dog while you fuck me. You’ve got another think coming!”
“Who said anything about wanking him off? But there was something in the tone of her voice that had me intrigued. I had to push her a bit further. “Wouldnt you rather fuck him and toss me off?”
“You’re a fucking pervert. I’m not having that fucking great thing up me. It’ll split me in two”. She pushed her hips up at my groin “now fuck me” she comanded. but as I started up the rythm again her hand slid along Barneys back and then down and under him until she had her fist around his enormous girth. She began gentle movements along his shaft, never taking her eyes off it. She pushed up at me harder and faster and I knew she was rapidly approaching a second orgasm. Oh fucking hell this so horney. Fuck me you prick. you cunt sucker. You fucking horney dog. Fuck me. Oh no. Oh no. No No No Oh Barney come for me. Come for me. No No No NOOOOO” She was pumping Barney’s cock like a steam hammer and he was responding by hunching his back and making rapid thrusts into her hand. But as she came she slowed her hand,eventually letting go and holding her breasts as she shuddered and twitched, Her eyes tightly closed. We waited.
“Fucking hell that was the strongest cum I’ve ever had. It nearly ripped my guts out. Jesus Christ you are so horney” she breathed.
“Its not me Irene. Its you. All I did was fuck you”
Yea, but you want me to fuck Barney you filthy bastard. That was what did it for me”
“do you want to fuck him then?” I grinned “he’s still up for it look”. Barney was standing at the side of the bed, sort of shaking and there was a string of cum dangling from the end of his now fully erect cock. I had never seen it so large and it was now out altogether with the dog knot next to his sheath The size of a cricket ball. The whole thing must have been over a foot long.
“Look at the size of it! I could never take that”
“Yes you can. If you get on your knees I could hold him and stop him going in too far”
“Yea but theres the width too. Look how thick it is!”
“Now thats just an excuse. You’ve had a bloody fist up you in the past. You’ll take that easy. Now do you want him or not because I want to cum soon?” I said as I slowly waked my prick and fucked her with two fingers at the same time. I leaned forward and kissed her ” Do you want Barney to fuck you Baby?”
“Oh yes!” she breathed “Will you let him fuck me? Will you help him fuck me? Can I suck you at the same time? I really want him now Blakey”.
“Get on your knees then Baby. Low down the bed so theres room for me in front” I told her as I got off the bed on Barneys side and took him by the collar leading him round the bottom of the bed. There we met Irene’s Ass up in the air. Barney knew what to do. He sniffed once and then slurped his tongue all the way from her clit to her asshole. She groaned. He did it again. She collapsed her shoulders onto the bed but kept her ass in the air. Barney continued to lick.”Oh please put him in me” she cursed “I’m nearly cumming already. Put his beautiful dog cock up me. Please Blakey I want him up me now”. I patted her back gently and Barney jumped up with his front feet eitherside of Irenes quivering body. I pressed down on her back slightly to get the position right and he just pushed straight into her. He got about 5 inches straight up her when he started to fuck her wth very rapid thrusts of his pelvis. Irene started groaning from deep in her throat and seemed to push back at him as more dog cock sank into her. Pretty soon it was up to his knot.
“Oh this is heaven” she shouted “This is so fucking horney. I can feel him so deep. Come here Blakey so I can suck your cock”.
I looked down at Barney’s cock pistoning her cunt and saw both their juices running out of her. She was absolutely pouring and I knew that Barneys dog knot would soon be in her. This was definately the point of no return! I left matters to take their course and went up the bed to lay with my legs either side of Irene and then moved myself down so that my crotch was beneath her face. I looked down at her as she took my prick in her hand and start to lick it. I looked up into Barney’s face. He was wild eyed and his tongue hanging out. He was pounding away as if his life depended on it and I could have sworn he winked at me! Back in my groin Irene was wanking me into her mouth furiously. Not stopping to tell me that she now had Barney’s knot up her and that she was having a continuous orgasm that wouldnt stop. Then it all went very frenzied as I announced that I was close to cumming and Irene screamed as Barney pumped his load up her. She took my prick fully down her throat as I let go and she collapsed on top of me, goaning and shaking. Barney tried to get off but ended up ass to ass with Irene but his back legs could not reach the floor. He was whimpering and struggling to get away from his entrapment and Irene was moaning that it hurt although she was still quivering through her orgasm. Suddenly it all came right as Barney managed to pull his knot out and Irene collapsed on the bed. Barney went and sat down to lick himself and I pulled my wilting prick from Irenes mouth. Irene was now silent. I think she fainted.To be cont….

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Strangers on a Train part 2: Origins


So, It’s been about five years since I posted the first chapter. I highly reccomend you either go back and read or re-read for those of you that enjoyed the original, the first part. Hopefully, it won’t take anohter 5 years for the next installment.

Although neither of us really wanted to get up, Sofia placed her soft hands on my chest, propped herself up, and eventually rolled off from on top of me. My mostly deflated slick cock popped free from her greedy lips, the remainder of my cum dripping from her dilated opening. I rolled onto my side and rested on my elbow so that once again my face was just inches from her little tuft of thick black hair as she stood there naked and perfect in front of the couch, the pungent smell of our sex, a sweet salty mixture of sweat, cologne, perfume, and each other’s fluids filling my nostrils. I breathed it in relishing the evidence of the past hours’ vigorous activities.

“Fuck,” I said in a relaxed, even voice still sounding drunk on our sex, “just smelling you can make me hard… look.” As I took another deep breath the air seemingly went past my lungs, past my diaphragm, and magically began to inflate my well-used member again, not so I was fully hard, but enough for it to plump back up. Sofia just smiled, her deep brown eyes lighting up still lost in the afterglow of her multiple orgasms.

“C’mon baby,” she purred in that sexy accent. Everything about this women just oozed sex. “Let’s go wash up.”

And with that she walked off towards the bathroom. For a hypnotizing moment I just watched the two caramel spheres that comprised her impossible backside rock back and forth as she sauntered off, eventually peeling myself from the sofa and following her into the bathroom where she had already started the shower. As the room began to steam up, we slipped past the glass door and got under the stream of the overhead rain shower. Up until that moment, I didn’t think it was possible for Sofia to be appear any sexier than I had already seen her, but as she arched her back and the water bounced off her taught skin her appeal reached new heights.

Sofia was a mirage, a vision of beauty and perfection and I couldn’t even begin to wrap my head around just how lucky I was at this moment. Her body: absolutely glistening in the shower’s stream. I was lost.

That’s why I hadn’t noticed that she had started to lather her hands up with some body wash. She let her long thin fingers delicately run over my chest, the soapy trail immediately erased by the falling water. How funny, I thought as her hands glided effortlessly over my body, we met because we wanted to escape the pouring rain and now here we were, our naked bodies inches apart, standing under a downpour of water not dissimilar from the earlier storm. I smiled and laughed to myself, enjoying the pleasant irony of the situation.

“Turn around,” Sofia cooed, “I need to get your back.”

As difficult as it was to peel my eyes off of her, I’m not one to argue, so I happily tuned away from her and immediately felt her slick hands on my shoulders. Our earlier activities had already proven to me that Sofia was an expert with her hands and her firm but gentle kneading did nothing to dispel that notion. With practiced motions, she worked out any knots leftover from the stress of the work day that at this point seemed a life time ago. Her hands skated down my back in long sensual strokes repeatedly before stopping at the small of my back where her thumbs circled applying just the right amount of pressure.

“Mmmmm,” I sighed. “That feels absolutely incredible. yeahhh… right there….”

“ Right there?” she giggled back seductively.

“Yessss… god, that feels good”

“How about here?” she offered with a sly intonation as her hands wrapped around my body, her breasts now firmly pressed against my back, hard nipples pushed into my wet skin. “Does that feel good too?” she whispered directly into my ear before gently nibbling on my lobe.

“Fuck yes,” I groaned.

“Good” she sensually purred back, one hand sliding over my chest the other working its way down my stomach. She slowly wrapped her hand one finger at a time around my spent cock, gently squeezing and massaging me, teasing me knowingly back to life, her full lips still playfully grazing on my ear and neck. Every touch Sofia made was masterful, every tease perfected, but natural. It was all too much, and although I was no longer an 18 year old with endless stamina, somehow I was once again rock hard in Sofia’s skilled hand.

Using the suds as lubrication she worked her hand up and down my rigid shaft with long slow gestures, rotating and corkscrewing her wrist with each stroke. She worked gracefully, keeping a methodical, purposeful rhythm. All I could do was tilt my head back, letting the water splash off my face, and sigh with pleasure.

I began to feel Sofia’s lips working their way down my back, creating a trail of kisses that stopped at the base of my spine. The hand that had been on my chest slithered back around and was now gently nudging my legs apart. With a delicate touch, she began caressing what until a moment ago I thought were my empty balls, now rapidly filling with seed. Still stroking my stiff member, never breaking rhythm, her two hands worked like a flamenco guitarist—one hand finger-picking chords with the other hand sliding along the frets. She knowingly pressed her thumb against my perineum, sending an electric shock through my body, capped off with an affirming moan. So utterly lost in the pleasure, I didn’t even think twice when I felt Sofia’s tongue slide between my soapy cheeks, tickling my anus. Her hands continuing their movements, her long strokes increasing speed but still deliberate as the tip of her tongued began to circle and flick over my puckered asshole.

My body was being overtaken with new sensations and it was almost too much to handle. Tongue pressed against my tight hole, Sofia jerked my eight inches, both hands now on my shaft twisting and writhing in harmony. My body stiffened, my cock impossibly sensitive from all the activity. I was going to cum again. I let out a loud, deep and guttural cry as my cock twitched repeatedly in her hands, relinquishing every last drop of cum my tired testicles could muster up. As I breathed heavily, Sofia’s hands finally surrendered my instantly soft member, spinning me around only to once again engulf my manhood with her mouth, letting her tongue swirl around making sure she cleaned up every last drop. The sensations were jolting and my body continued to spasm with every greedy flick of her tongue.

Finally, she stood back up, feigning innocence, but sporting a wicked and knowing smile. I pulled her to me one last time letting my tongue part her lips before gently nibbling on her bottom lip and pulling away.

“So,” Sofia smiled again, “How about that meal now?”

“Sure,” I chuckled back, “but first I need to wash off from this shower.” The bad joke seemed to miss its mark—perhaps, a language gap. Regardless, Sofia smiled back before stepping out of the shower and wrapping herself in a towel. I quickly followed, cinching a towel around my waist as well.

Still wearing our bath towels, we sat at the concrete slab island that separates the kitchen from the rest of the living space on the pair of adjacent Aalto bent wood kitchen stools, enjoying our well-deserved meal of pasta tossed in a quick home-made tomato sauce. Conversation began to flow in syncopation with wine—another glass, another anecdote and I began to get a better picture of how this angel perched in front of me magically came into my life.


Brought up in a strict catholic family, Sofia, now 26 had spent much of her youth pushing back against all of her family’s values. As a child she would spend hours drawing and creating designs, following her creative muse as she saw fit. This, of course was a defiant contrast to the life of reserved bible study, one enforced by harsh Nuns, that her parents had envisioned for her and were subjecting her to. Nevertheless, Sofia continued to create, filling the margins of her notebooks with ideas and doodles, only briefly pausing when one of the nuns, using a meter stick as a teaching tool would decide she needed to focus. This however, only increased her drive to create and explore.

As her childhood morphed into adolescence, her inquisitive mind and rebellious streak manifested in thoughts of sexuality. Even under the cover of her conservative catholic school uniform, her womanly features became hard to miss and she started to noticed more and more men lasciviously staring at her as she walked down the street, got on the tram, or just when stopping to buy a Coke at the store after class let out. Sofia relished in the attention, both seeing it as a compliment and as an affirmation of her continued need to push back against her rigid upbringing. She began to recognize the power she could wield with her femininity and once she did, she never paid for another after school Coke again.

It was around this time, while staying at a friend’s house that she experienced her first orgasm.

Sofia and Yasmin had grown up together, went to school together, and shared the same disdain for their similar repressive situations. Yasmin however, was a bit slower to blossom and although striking in her own right, her slender frame, small chest, and long legs—which may have made her perfect proportions to be a fashion model—didn’t garnish the same attention as Sofia’s mature curves when out in public. Nevertheless, the two young teens made quite the tandem when seen together.

Yasmin’s parents were wealthy and lived in a large Catalan Modernisme Villa. As an only child, she had a section of the impressive dwelling to herself. Sofia, who came from more humble beginnings loved the space that the house provided, spending time there and arranging weekend sleepovers as often as possible. The families were members of the same Church and therefore, Sofia’s usually overbearing parents allowed these regular escapes, trusting that their values would be kept up while their daughter visited this like-minded family. And, for the most part they were correct. Regardless of their fortune, Yasmin’s parents maintained strong Catholic values and rarely let the girls out of the house during these weekend get-togethers.

However, the large house did provide Sofia with a sense of freedom she rarely felt at home. The girls were able to paint, gossip, and create their own little sanctuary in their isolated wing. Frequently, the girls would explore the internet together, looking up goofy sites and chatting on AOL with their other friends. At the turn of the millennium, the internet was still the Wild West—children and teenagers were becoming quite adept a surfing sites and locating information, but the older generation, aside from email, still remained fairly clueless.

That’s why it’s not surprising that one weekend, the girls found themselves with their eyes glued to the screen as the 56k connection slowly unfurled an image of an overly tanned blond with bleached hair and large, apparently fake breasts straddling the lap of a hairless, muscular man sporting a terrible mullet and hoop earrings. The woman’s eyes stared intensely towards the camera, red lips parted with a look that registered somewhere between surprise and pleasure. Her long legs were spread wide exposing her bald pussy and light pink lips that were greedily clinging to a large and veiny cock.

Both girls froze, eyes transfixed on the screen. They had never seen an image like this before and although they more or less understood what sex was, their sheltered upbringing had kept them from ever seeing anything even remotely this explicit. Sofia felt her nipples harden under the long nightshirt she was wearing, the brown points poking through the thin jersey material, and her bare legs clenched together creating a pleasant pressure. A hand instinctively found itself burrowing between her clasped thighs, wedging the stretchy fabric against her damp simple white panties. Her eyes closed and she let out a slight, but audible sigh.

“Sofia?” Yasmin interrupted, forcing her to open her eyes, face flush with a mixture of embarrassment and pleasure. “What are you doing?”

“Mmmmm…. What do you mean?” Sofia’s now husky voice replied, biting her lower lip, hand still pressed against her warmth through the two layers of fabric.

“Your hand… my god, it looks like what you’re doing feels amazing.”

“Mmmhmmmm” Sofia nodded, “it feels really good. Don’t you want to try too?”

“Maybe… I’ve never done this before” A look of equal parts embarrassment and excitement crept across Yasmin’s elegant angular face, her emerald eyes sparkling with anticipation, before acquiescing and letting her slender fingers drift between her legs eventually finding the source of her radiating heat. “Ohhh… I see….mmm… that does feel nice.”

“Look how pink her vagina is,” Sofia breathed back letting her fingers rub in circles. “And it’s hairless. Look, not a single hair! Is that normal?”

“I don’t know. Mine doesn’t look like that,” Yasmin answered back, now relaxing her body and enjoying her own sensations.

“Me too… I don’t think I look anything like that. I’ve never looked closely, but mmmmm,” Sofia moaned. “I have hair covering mine. Do you want to see?”

Growing up together the girls had obviously been around each other naked before, but neither had ever really paid attention or even considered that they may be different from one another. Both assumed that all vaginas were more or less the same. The thought that they could all be unique never crossed their minds. But now, staring at this raunchy image, the girls were confronted with the possibility of a whole new reality and their eager inquisitive minds began to race.

“Ummm… Ok… yes…” Yasmin whispered bashfully. Sofia removed her hand from warm spot between her legs, revealing to Yasmin—whose eyes were now locked on Sofia—a small wet spot on the front of the stretched out nightshirt. Yasmin’s hand continued stroke her increasingly warm, damp spot as Sofia reached under her long shirt, hooked her fingers in the waist band of her deceptively innocent looking panties, and slowly slid them down her tan Spanish legs. Then sitting back down, across from Yasmin, she hiked the hem of her shirt over her round hips exposing a dense, but soft triangle of dark adolescent pubic hair. Slowly, Sofia opened her legs, just enough so that Yasmin could see the small brownish pink labia protruding from the downy forest between Sofia’s legs, noting their partially agape position and their wet sheen.

“Mmmm wow… you are so different from that woman,” Yasmin offered as her fingers continued their dutiful work. And indeed she was, not just the hair either. Sofia’s pussy was markedly smaller than the woman in the image, her outer lips puffier, with smaller, shorter lips poking through and a small, slightly visible clit escaping the folds. It was a far cry from the stretched out and filled to the brim, light pink, hairless counterpart visible on the screen.

“Is it bad?” Sofia worried, closing her legs slightly, aware that she may be unusual after all.”

“No, I like it… it’s beautiful,” she encouraged. Then: Do you want to see me?”

“Yes, please,” Sofia quickly answered with anticipation wanting to confirm that she was not alone.

Repeating the steps Sofia had taken earlier, Yasmin began to remover her underwear. Her complexion was a bit paler than Sofia’s, with an olive hue. Her long thin limbs existed in contrast with Sofia’s rounded features and her sun-kissed gold and auburn hair juxtaposed nicely to Sofia’s long black mane. She returned to her seat, nightshirt pulled up to her midriff and parted her narrow olive thighs revealing a third possibility for what the female sex may in fact look like. Much like Yasmin herself, Yasmin’s pussy was long and elegant, punctuated with folds that when splayed open might resemble butterfly wings. Feathery hair appeared to be lightly dusted over her untrimmed mound and was far sparser than Sofia’s young bush offering a virtually unobstructed view of Yasmin’s slick teen opening.

Beginning to truly grasp just how different all women could be, Sofia relaxed, the euphoric feeling of earlier returning to her innocent body, and let her legs open wider, her sticky lips separating again below the thicket of hair. As had been the case all evening, Yasmin followed Sofia’s lead and spread her lean lower limbs as well.

Sofia spoke first.

“Can I touch it?” she inquired with a new sense of confidence.

After a hesitant pause, Yasmin delivered a quivering, “yes” along with a gentle nod of the head. Tentatively, Sofia extended her toned bronze arm towards Yasmin’s fragile virgin box. Yasmin held her breath in anticipation and when Sofia’s delicate fingers finally, made contact, Yasmin released an audible sigh. Palm up, the tip of Sofia’s middle finger ran a deliberate course along the longitudinal span of Yasmin’s longer lips forcing them to part as she worked her way from the base to the tiny clitoris poking out from under it’s hood. Sofia’s finger glided easily between the wet folds and she relished in the tactile sensation of feeling her best friend. She repeated the motion, creating a steady rhythm, moving her finger in elegant brush strokes. Yasmin’s breathing increased and she began purring softly, enjoying the unfamiliar sensations caused by the caresses.

“Mmmmm,” she cooed. “That feels so nice. I want to touch you too,” she added as her words trailed off into another soft moan.

Sitting virtually knee to knee now on separate desk chairs, Sofia reached down with her free hand to spread her own dewy folds, inviting Yasmin’s reciprocal touch. Yasmin reached across, still reveling in Sofia’s efforts, and simultaneously allowed her own slender digit to explore her friend’s wet opening. Both girls explored each other with eagerness allowing their fingers to trace the geography of one another’s folds and crevices. They experimented, looking for reactions, letting a finger burrow into the warm recesses one moment, massaging each other’s tiny fleshy buttons the next.

It was Sofia who first felt the sensations escalating to a new level as Yasmin’s fingertip circled Sofia’s extended clit faster and faster. “Yesss… right there…” She purred. “Please don’t stop. Keep doing that.” Yasmin continued her ministrations and Sofia mirrored her motions helping the other girl reach similar heightened sensations. Both girls were now breathing heavily, eyes closed, legs spread wantonly as the continued to learn what their young bodies were capable of. Each new sensation bringing increased the pleasure and sensitivity.

Sofia’s long deep breaths were replaced with short fast intakes interspersed with repeated encouragements and she felt her body tighten up. A rush came over her and she let out a primal squeal, squeezing her legs tight around Yasmin’s hand, holding it against her twitching sex. Yasmin felt a flood of warm liquid bathe her captured appendage as Sophia bucked and writhed.

Much to her credit Sofia’s fingers never stopped working. With one finger now buried inside her friend’s greedy opening another continued to work her fleshy pearl. In contrast to Sofia’s squeal, Yasmin let out low, guttural moan as the velvety walls of her young pussy clamped down on Sofia’s finger leaving a thick, white residue as evidence of her orgasm.

After brief pause, both girls looked up at each other, their eyes locked, and simultaneously they both began to giggle uncontrollably.


Over the next several years the girls continued to explore the capabilities of one another’s bodies. They developed a deep trust that allowed them to try new things, whatever their active imaginations could think up or replicating whatever they could find on Yasmin’s computer. They discovered the nuances and subtleties of their distinct tastes, touches, and inclinations. As skilled and practiced as they became with one another, neither girl had yet had the opportunity to be with a man. Their strict religious lifestyle allowed them all the opportunities in the world to be with each other, but virtually no time in the presence of the opposite sex. The wonder and excitement they each felt, thinking and talking about what it might feel like to be filled with a man’s thick cock began to dominate their conversations. Both girls fantasized about what it would feel like to be rammed repeatedly by a strong man or to wrap their mouths around someone’s rigid, veiny member, to take a man in their throats, to taste his seed. Alas, the girls were going to have to wait, their adolescent existence providing no opportunities to explore their wildest fantasies in the flesh.

It comes as no surprise then that when Sofia finally turned 18, she quickly left the strict confines of her parent’s oppressive rule and moved into a small flat in the young trendy neighborhood of El Raval. There she practiced her sketching by day, quickly realizing she was adept at coming up with creative clothing designs. She finally had a chance to nurture the talent her parent’s forced her to neglect for so long. By night, she worked in one of the hip bars that dot the area, finding a group like minded, artistic friends.

One night, after a long shift, Sofia found herself sitting amongst friends enjoying a lively conversation over bottles of Sidra. She knew most of the faces and names in the convivial group, but there was one unfamiliar face she couldn’t take her eyes off of.

Joaquim, was older, in his early 30’s, with the appearance of a well travelled vagabond filled with worldly experiences. His dark narrow eyes, permanent scruff, and disheveled hair heightened his mysterious air and was further complimented by his uniform of a dark, loose, partially buttoned shirts well worn slim fitting jeans, and distressed boots. His persona oozed sexual confidence, and his charm and ease with conversation backed up that characteristic. He too was a painter, his work hanging in galleries from New York, to London, to Tokyo. And most importantly, on that night at that bar, over numerous bottles of Sidra, he was drawn to the young face sitting across the table.

As nighttime slipped into morning, the group of friends dispersed, admitting defeat to the new day’s sun. Only two remained at the abandoned table, Sofia and Joaquim.

“So, I suppose you need to go home now, no?” Joaquim offered while effortlessly rolling a cigarette, his strong fingers working delicately, the remark existing somewhere between a question and a challenge. Although he had been drinking all night, there was no hint of it in his already gravely voice. He brought the cigarette to his lips, lighting it with match from the booklet left on the table and waited for a response. When Sofia hesitated, he was quick to continue: “C’mon, I know a place to get a cup of coffee and the fluffiest tortilla you’ve ever tasted. Let’s go.”

Sofia followed him through the hot narrow streets, which were beginning to sizzle in the morning summer sun, tired but excited for the possibility, listening as he talked, he regaled her with tales of his travels. There was something magnetic about Joaquim and although they had just met, at that moment, she would have followed him anywhere. However, when they arrived at the narrow doorway on a back street, Sofia was a bit surprised.

“Wait, where are we?” she asked when she finally did speak. She has been listening so intently, enraptured by his voice, that she hadn’t actually said anything in several minutes.

“We’re here,” he replied with a Hemmingway like succinctness as he opened the door and walked up the steps. Sofia stood there confused wondering what she had gotten herself into, but her natural curiosity paired with her animalistic attraction to her new companion got the better of her. And, so when Joaquim impatiently asked, “Are you coming?” Sofia just smiled and scurried up the steps.

The pair passed through a heavy set of wooden doors at the top of the steps and stepped into a large, sparsely decorated apartment. The room itself was old and elegant, many of the original moldings and features kept in tact hearkening back to a time when architecture was art and builders we true artisans. The white walls were mostly undecorated in the traditional sense, but countless canvasses in all sates of completion were propped up against them—a visual insight into Joaquim’s process as an artist. Furniture, mostly comprised of antiques in various states of disrepair, paint splattered and threadbare, was arranged haphazardly, scattered throughout the great room, mostly functioning as a place for Joaquim to toss his worn shirts.

“I thought you said we were going to get breakfast?’

“We are,” he answered as he led Sofia to the kitchen. “I promised you coffee and the fluffiest tortilla you’ve ever had, did I not?” he continued, not waiting for a response adding, “So, I will make it for you.”

Sofia watched Joaquim work, cracking eggs, chopping vegetables, peeling and boiling potatoes. He was confidant in his motions, and seemed to barely be paying attention to what he was doing. His effortless skills allowed him to maintain conversation with Sofia, talking to her about art, praising some contemporaries, diminishing others, offering opinions and criticisms with a charming sense of arrogance that only a slightly narcissistic artist could get away with. And, Sofia was mesmerized. She lapped up every word.

He slid the dish in the oven, “Let’s go sit on the couch, we have to wait 30 minutes before we can eat. Besides, I want to make sure you’ve really worked up an appetite.”

They entered the adjacent room and found a seat on a sofa that was in relatively decent shape. Joaquim took this opportunity to learn more about Sofia, simultaneously allowing her the opportunity to speak and proving he wasn’t completely self-obsessed. Sofia began to come out of her shell. Below Joaquim’s coarse exterior she found an empathetic listener and it wasn’t long before she was telling him all about her repressed upbringing, her dreams to create art, and even a little bit about her good friend, Yasmin. Perhaps the countless drinks she had consumed throughout the night had skewed her judgment, or, maybe it was this new power dynamic she was experiencing—afterall, she had become quite adept at using her sharp mind and sexuality to control situations, while here she was infatuated with the man in front of her, unable to manipulate in the way she had become accustomed—but she felt that she could open up to Joaquim. Within 15 minutes she had revealed that she had never been with a man.

“Never?” Joaquim parroted with an arch of the eyebrow.

“Never,” she echoed.

Although not sure who had actually moved, somehow they found themselves sitting closer to one another than they had realized as if there was gravitational force at work. Joaquim reached his hand and brushed Sofia’s soft cheek. His hand was strong and rough, slightly calloused from his work, but as he had demonstrated when first rolling the cigarette and then again in the kitchen, delicate and nimble when needed. The tiny hair on Sofia’s arms stood up from his electric touch and she reached up placing her soft supple hand over his, holding him there wanting to prolong the sensation. Their eyes closed and their lips met. The sharp whiskers of his thick stubble pushed against her face, the sandpaper texture causing some pain initially, but reminding Sofia of her partner’s masculinity. The acrid remnants of tobacco and alcohol lingered on his breath as their tongues explored each other’s mouths and Sofia inhaled his deep musky scent. She too, still tasted of alcohol, but somehow her breath seemed sweet to Joaquim.

A fire started burning in Sofia’s body and she could feel juices beginning to accumulate on the lips of her young pussy. In that moment she knew more than anything she had ever known before, exactly what she wanted. She broke the kiss and pulled back allowing her space to lift the flimsy tank top she had been wearing over her head. Her gravity defying breasts sprang free with gentle bounce from their cotton confines, erect nipples pointing ever so slightly upwards. Joaquim momentarily marveled at her perfection, soaking in the vision before him, finally cupping her breast in his hand and drawing the nipple into his salacious mouth. Ever so gently, he rolled the hard nipple around with this tongue, lightly applying pressure with his lips.

Without warning, Joaquim grabbed Sofia by the waist, lifting her so that she could sit on his lap, her long denim clad legs straddling him as he continued to patiently and purposefully explore her breast with both mouth and hands. Sofia tilted her head back, reveling in his touch, her hands in his tousled hair. She could feel Joaquim’s cock growing in his jeans so she began to grind against it. She rocked and gyrated, allowing the silky fabric of her panties to rub back and for the over her clit. Joaquim continued fondling her impossible globes as his cock twitched under her movements sandwiched between his button fly and stomach.

She couldn’t take it anymore, she had to see it, she had to touch it, she needed it. She slid down Joaqium’s body planting kisses along his hairy chest and down over his stomach. Her hand went to his fly, first resting on his lap, feeling his size through his jeans. She teasingly clenched her hand around the outline of his manhood noticing the warmth through the fabric. She moved her hand up and down over the bulge and Joaquim squirmed slightly from her touch. Mercifully, she began to undo the buttons on his fly, one by one until his stiff cock could spring free, offering the opportunity for a sigh of relief to escape his lips. Sofia slid his pants down while admiring the real life hard cock just inches from her face. She stared at it taking in its size and features. It was not as long as the ones she had seen pictures of, but appeared to be as wide, if not wider, the head hidden within the folds of what Sofia would later learn to be foreskin.

“Go ahead, beautiful,” he encouraged. “Touch it.”

Sofia reached forward and let her finger wrap around the mighty girth in front of her. My god he was thick. She could barely get her hand around the base.

“Now stroke it, move your hand up and down. That’s right….mmmmm….just like that.”

Sofia obediently followed his instructions, enamored with the appendage she was grasping. As she stroked , the foreskin pulled back revealing the large spongy head already glistening with his clear precum. Her pussy once again flooded at the sight, panties soaked inside her tight jeans. Subconsciously, she licked her lips.

“Do you want to taste it?”

Sofia nodded in affirmation still moving her hand up and down his length. Then, sticking her tongue out she leaned in and let the tip make contact with the tiny pool of precum collecting by Joaquim’s urethra. It was salty, but sweet and immediately she wanted more. Holding his massive member in one hand she licked up and down the span, stopping at the head to collect whatever fluid appeared between strokes. “Mmmmm,” she hummed demonstrating she was enjoying the taste finally getting the answer to one of her teenage ponderings.

“Now, take it in your mouth”

A conflicting mixture of eagerness and nervousness overtook Sofia. She wanted to feel her lips wrap around his hardness, but she couldn’t fathom fitting the preposterous circumference in her mouth. But, this is what she had been fantasizing about, what she had been thinking about all those nights when she and Yasmin were alone in that big house, touching themselves.

She pulled back the foreskin, once again exposing his large sensitive head and then opened her jaw wide imagining she must look like a snake about to consume it’s pray that she had once seen in a documentary. She managed to get her mouth around the bulbous head, letting is rest on her tongue as she breathed through her nose. The ridges of her tongue moved against the delicate underside making Joaquim groan in pleasure.

“That’s a good girl…. Now deeper. Can you take more?”

Sofia’s pussy was pulsating now, her panties drenched, she could feel the wetness spreading towards her jeans. Something she had never felt before took over, she wanted nothing more than to please this man. Sofia took a deep breath and slowly began to lower her head further and further down Joaquim’s shaft, stretching and filling her mouth more than she thought possible before finally gagging. The action forced her to relinquish his slobbery cock and she puled away rapidly, eyes filled with water, saliva on her face.

“That’s ok, you will learn,” he smiled back.

At that moment, the timer in the kitchen beeped. “Oh fuck,” laughed Joaquim, his hard cock still standing tall covered in Sofia’s spit. “The tortilla! I completely forgot!”

Naked, Joaquim rose to his feet, Sofia still sitting on the floor at the foot of the sofa, and hurried off to the kitchen. After a few moments he returned, his fat cock now hanging soft, holding two plates with what as promised looked like the fluffiest tortilla Sofia had ever seen. However, at that moment, Sofia had absolutely no interest in the expertly crafted breakfast in front of her, which became abundantly clear to Joaquim who had come to sudden stop upon returning. There, he took in the view of Sofia laying back on the couch, fully undressed, knees up and legs apart, with two of her fingers methodically rubbing her extremely wet pussy.

“I’m sorry,” she teased. “But, I just couldn’t wait. I want to feel you inside me so bad. I’ve been wanting this for so long. I’m ready”

Joaquim dropped the plates, ignoring the cacophonous crash that echoed through the cavernous apartment, rushed over stroking his cock back to life, eyes transfixed on the wanton vision. Although Joaquim had had his share of women, this felt different. This young woman was sex incarnate, every inch of her body made to give and receive pleasure. How could a woman whose every pore radiated sexuality have never been with a man? At that moment he knew he would never want to let her go.

“Fuck me Joaquim. I want you to be my first.”

Joaquim didn’t need any more encouragement and as he arrived he lowered his naked body, propping himself up on his elbows, allowing his hand to rummage through the long disheveled strands of Sofia’s straight black hair, pressing his face to hers, and he began to kiss Sofia with a fervor he had never experienced before. He wanted her as badly as she wanted him. She needed to feel his pulsating girth inside her and he needed to feel her tight, wet walls dilate and constrict around him. With one hand, he reached down to guide his swollen head towards Sofia’s dripping entrance. He rested his head against her splayed lips before applying a gentle amount of pressure allowing the head slip inside her.

“Ahhh,” cried Sophia. This wasn’t the first time she had felt something inside of her—both she and Yasmin had explored the depths of her teenage womanhood with their small feminine fingers, but now, with just the head, Joaquim barely inside her, she had never felt this full before.

“I won’t hurt you, I promise, “Jaoquim sputtered in broken pieces between kisses, removing himself from her just as slowly as he had entered, her lips clinging to him not wanting to relinquish their vice grip. Sofia immediately felt an emptiness that could only be understood in diametric opposition to the fullness she had felt just seconds earlier. Joaquim sensed her yearning and again pushed his expansive head past her petals this time allowing himself to sink in a bit further, stretching Sofia wider than she thought possible. He held his position, allowing Sofia to dilate and adjust in order to accommodate him. Again he slowly withdrew and again Sofia clamped down refusing to feel empty. Joaquim’s cock was now slick with Sofia’s abundant secretions and he only waited a second before easing himself back in, mustering all the patience and self-control he could manage not to jam himself in with one forceful stroke. They repeated this dance several more times until finally, after what felt like a lifetime, Joaquim was able to rest his entire length inside of Sofia’s virgin tunnel.

Now entirely full, Sofia’s walls clenched down on Joaquim’s invader, an uncontrollable rush taking over her young body. She convulsed around him as wave after wave radiated from the point where the two lovers were connected, her breath short and fast as she experienced her first orgasm of the night without even moving.

He held there, kissing Sofia, letting her regain whatever little composure she was capable of at this point, before slowly gyrating his hips and grinding his pelvis against her sensitive button. Sofia appreciated her gentle lover and moaned against his kisses approvingly. Continuing his circular motions, Joaquim began to pull back from Sofia, adding a subtle in and out movement to grinding. Each stroke allowed Joaquim to pull back more and more, his cock gleaming with her endless flow of fluids. Before long he was rhythmically working his entirety, allowing just the head to remain before diving back in to grind against her again. His strokes were long and disciplined, forceful in their apparent passion but never jagged or rough.

Never fully recovering from the initial earthquake of her first orgasm, Sofia’s body was overcome with tremor after tremor as she allowed Joaquim to enter her again and again. Her spasms rode his rhythms, their bodies in concert, her mind disassociating from her body.

Nestled deep inside of her, Joaquim used his strong hands to adjust their position. He sat up, legs in front of him while Sofia’s legs wrapped around his lean torso. His hands perfectly encapsulated the curvature of her backside and he began to push and pull Sofia back and forth. Sofia lunged forward, throwing her arms around him for support as her breasts pressed again him, sandwiched between their sweaty bodies. He rocked her more forcefully now encouraged by the feel of her skin against his.

Joaquim could feel the familiar tightening coming on. He knew he was firmly in control and although right on the brink of eruption, he didn’t want to release his seed quite yet. Sofia seemed to be reaching the peak of another wave and he wanted to let it crash over her.

“Oh my god… fuckkk…. Yesss…. Yesss… YESSSSSSSS!” Sofia’s body jerked as she completely lost control, overcome by the intensity of her orgasm.

Now was Joaquim’s moment. He lifted Sofia off his impaling member, her sex still twitching and quivering with the spasms of her powerful orgasm, and released a furious torrent of cum in the air. Spurt after spurt splashing on the two entangled lovers, the painter now being painted.

Once again, their lips found one another, this time replacing the animalistic fervor with gentle passion.

“Thank you for not cumming inside me,” Sofia whispered acknowledging Joaquim’s ability to maintain his wherewithal during such a heated moment. “And thank you for being you,” she added before the two collapsed into a sweaty heap to enjoy a well deserved rest.


For the next six years Joaquim and Sofia continued their torrid relationship constantly exploring not only one another’s bodies, but one another’s psychologies as well. They learned how to please each other, pushing each other’s boundaries, continually expanding their repertoire of techniques and predilections. However, as with many artists, the couple fought as passionately as the fucked, sometimes leading to long separations that inevitably led to incredible make up sex. And, although at some point in the relationship Joaquim had proposed to Sofia, as time passed the fights became more frequent. Of course they still loved each other, but when Sofia, who truly believed she and Joaquim would eventually be together forever, but who also had never left Europe, was offered a position in a PhD program in New York, she couldn’t pass it up.

To be continued…..

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Strangers on a Train part 1 SEX STORY


You never know who you might bump into on a crowded subway. This is my first attempt at this type of writing. Let me know if you’d like me to continue. Thanks and enjoy!

“Goddamnit!” I muttered to myself frustrated and exhausted as I emerged from the the revolving doors of the towering steel and glass skyscraper where I had spent another grueling day fighting the good fight known as advertising.

The foggy drizzle that had been a persistent nuisance all day had finally given way to a full on deluge and I had forgotten to bring an umbrella to work with me this morning. “Better just make a run for it ,” I thought as I pulled the New York Times broadsheet from my tan calfskin attaché and fashioned it into a makeshift barrier between me and the elements. At 33yrs of age, I was no longer the 18yr old specimen I once was, but daily boxing session with a personal trainer had kept me in excellent shape and therefore, a little sprint was of no concern. I dashed towards the subway entrance a couple of blocks away, clutching my briefcase close to my 6′ frame, holding my Makintosh overcoat closed, hoping that yesterday’s news would do an adequate job masquerading as today’s umbrella.
Regardless of the inclement weather, New York’s streets were still typically crammed with all the usual urban suspects: throngs of tourists managing to huddle in all of the most frustrating places in order to stare up at the cloud covered edifices that make top the imposing skyline; business men in their bespoke suits and topcoats clutching oversized golf umbrellas as they make futile efforts to hale rush hour cabs; hawkers, street merchants, and food vendors selling all means of knick-knick and foodstuff from under tarpped street carts; and every other type of miscreant, oddball, teenager, and worker bee that make up New York’s endless patchwork all in a rush to somewhere. I pinballed through the eclectic crowd avoiding any major collisions, finally arriving at the stairs that lead down to the F train back to Brooklyn.
After ditching the fully saturated, ink-smeared Times in one of the overflowing bins and swiping my metro card I arrived at the platform to find an impenetrable sea of people all waiting for the same train. “Great,” I thought, “I had to be hip and move out to that Loft in Brooklyn instead of just buying that condo in the City… I could’ve walked home!” Well, I had no choice now, so I attempted to navigate through the damp crowd, timing it just right so that I was able to board an arriving train and grab a prime rush hour position leaning against the door. Wedged in like sardines I was contented to just stare down at the ground avoiding eye contact for the duration of my 7 stop commute to DUMBO.
The familiar mildewy heavy smell associated with cold wet humans contained in a warm tight space began to penetrate my olfactory sense when I caught I whiff of something sweet and feminine. So wrapped up in my own personal misery, I failed to notice the stunning figure who must have boarded the train shortly after me. Although she was facing away from me, it was obvious that she was confidant and sexy, her long neck inches from my face and her round legging covered ass pushed lightly against my upper thigh in the painfully stuffed subway car. Her designer boots and stylish raincoat and scarf hinted at a european sophistication that immediately marked her as either a NYC local or a visitor from fashion forward cultural center somewhere overseas.
I could see over her shoulder that she was studying a guide book in what appeared to be Spanish, which made sense considering her olive complexion and obsidian hair that she wore tied up in a haphazard way that seemed effortless but must have taken her hours in the morning to perfect. “A tourist, ” I thought, “probably here with a boyfriend or something… no point in trying to talk to her,” as if the mind your own business mentality so deeply ingrained in every native New Yorker would ever allow me to start a conversation with a stranger on a crowded subway. Well, at least I had an excuse not to embarrass myself.
Then suddenly, as trains tend to do, the car jolted and rocked and the mysterious stranger fell backwards against me, her soft ass landing square on the head of my cock, which had been laying dormant along the inside of my thigh. I dropped my briefcase and instinctively reached out to brace her fall, catching her elbows and cradling her into my body keeping her from slipping to the wet floor. Still slumped against me, she turned her neck, looked up at me with improbably large brown almond eyes, her long eyelashes fluttered and she whispered an embarrassed “I’m so sorry…uhhh thank you” in a raspy Castilian accent that sent a pulse through my body.
“Don’t mention it,” i replied trying to sound composed as I helped this heavenly creature back to her high-heeled feet.
Turning around now, her face just below mine, she offered a shy smile. Due to our proximity to one another in the congested swampy car, her perky cashmere sweater clad breasts brushed repeatedly against my upper abs as the train rocked back and forth and we slowly started making small talk.
“… wait, so you’re telling me, you’re here in New York alone???” I asked shocked that such a perfect vision would ever be alone anywhere. Women like this always had men with them and a man would never let a woman like this out of his sight.
Over the next few stops, as the train raced towards my eventual terminus, I learned that Sofia was indeed here from Barcelona where she had begrudgingly left her fiancé in order to come to NYC and work on her phD. “I just arrived here yesterday,” she offered in a meek but lush voice. “I’m renting a room near Pratt in an old house, but other than the nice old landlady, I don’t yet know anyone here… Its only been two days and I already feel so alone…”
Her eyes fell away from my stare momentarily and I could tell she was a little embarrassed at how forward she was being. Being the chivalrous gentleman I am, I immediately consoled her,
“I’m sorry to hear that, but hey, you know me now.”
“That is true,” she giggled. “And it is really nice to meet you she added with a devilish grin.
My stop was rapidly approaching and I had to act fast if I wanted to keep this conversation going. It’s incredible, that in a city with as many people as New York, its almost impossible to meet anyone, and I wasn’t going to let this godsend slip away that easily.
“I know this sounds ridiculously forward,” I started, “but would it be crazy if I invited you over for dinner tonight? I mean, I know we just met, and you barely know me, but I have some simple food at home and some wine and I’d be happy to whip up a home cooked meal for you.”
Wow, I couldn’t believe I had said that. There’s no way a beautiful woman like this would just come home with a stranger she had just met on a train. I must be out of my mind I thought. But then, as her heavy lidded gold flecked chocolate eyes once again met mine, she blushed, smiled and replied much to my delight, “That would be very nice…. I was just going to order pizza again.”
Immediately my mind began to flood with all the images of what I was hoping would happen later, imagining her perfect tan body, her full red lips kissing their way down my firm muscular stomach, her soft touch on my skin… and just like that I started to feel that familiar feeling as the blood started rushing and my flaccid cock began to inflate, not fully, but enough so that the tent in my wool suit pants would have been obvious if she hadn’t been standing so close blocking the other passengers’ views. Luckily, before she was able to seem to take notice of what was happening a few feet below where our eyes had been locked, the doors opened at York St.
“Well, this is it, ” I said turning away to face the opening doors and exit the train. I took this brief second while Sofia could only see my back to take a few deep breaths and clear my mind so that that embarrassing bulge could subside before we had to walk through the station. We walked side by side through the tiled subterranean tunnel, lost in our conversation, eventually emerging at the top of the long stairwell only to be jolted back into reality as we were reminded that it was still pouring out. Luckily, I only live a few blocks from the station, but neither of us had an umbrella.
“I hope you don’t mind getting a little bit wet, “I chuckled. I opened my rain coat and offered to try and shield her with it and before I could get a response, her body was nestled up against mine, and with my arm around her back, I pulled the raincoat over both of our heads and our hunched over forms made a mad dash towards my apartment.
But it was no use. By the time we reached the imposing door to the converted warehouse typical to this part of Brooklyn, which housed the chic industrial loft that I was paying far too much for, we were both soaked to the bone. I fiddled with the number pad by the door, which then emitted a loud buzz allowing us to spill into the exposed brick lobby. Looking at each other’s completely saturated clothes, wet hair, and squishy shoes, we both broke into laughter,
“Look at you,” Sofia exclaimed between chortles, “you’re so wet!”
“Yeah, well you’re no better!” I teased back.
But truthfully she was. Her hair had fallen down and the wet tendrils framed her picturesque face. Her eyeliner was smeared and her lips were slightly blue, making her look fragile, but somehow even sexier. Lastly, I noticed her nipples had gotten hard from the cold wet air and were clearly visible though the thin material of her wet sweater. My god, she looked incredible.
We rode oversized converted freight elevator up to my floor, laughing and joking the whole way. The elevator jerked to a stop and I pulled the lever to release the horizontally split doors, opening up directly to my large minimal loft apartment. A quick glance around and one would notice the open kitchen split from the large living area by a marble island, several mid century Danish bookcases filled with all sorts of books, A large tweed sectional, several pieces of iconic Eames and Knoll furniture, a modest, but impressive art collection, and two open doors: one to the bathroom and one to the bedroom.
“Wow,” Sofia said emerging from the elevator, taking in the quintessential bachelor pad, “what an incredible place. Its so big!”
“Thanks. I just moved in a few months ago. Still getting used to this whole Brooklyn thing. I’m sorry,” I said changing the subject and gesturing towards the bathroom “how rude of me. You must still be freezing. There’s some towels in there if you want to go and dry off. I have to appologize, I don’t have any women’s clothes to offer you, but I’m sure I can find you something to wear while you clothes dry.”
Sofia thanked me and again flashed that perfect smile. “Whatever you have will be fine, ” she replied as she kicked off her heels and walked towards the bathroom door, her perfect round ass swaying in time acting as the metronome my heartbeat was following and cock twitched to. The door closed. She disappeared and I went to my room and rummaged through my things looking for something suitable for her to wear.
Still wearing my soaked suit sans jacket and shoes I gently rapped on the bathroom door and called in, “Hey, all I could find were these sweats and this t-shirt. I hope…..”
But before I could finish my sentence, the door swung open and Sophia appeared with nothing more than a towel wrapped around her body being held up by her perky breasts. She stepped out of the doorway reclaiming her proximity from earlier commute, pulled my face towards hers grasping my tie, and kissed me softly on the lips. Seductive and gentle without being aggressive, it only lasted a second. She then fell away from me and simultaneously let her towel drop to the floor.
I stepped back slightly to take in this perfect vision. She stood about 5’7″ without her heels. My deep set olive and copper eyes traced a line up her body starting with her feet and ending in her gaze. Her body wasn’t exactly what I had imagined, it was better. She was toned and fit with just a slight amount of extra weight around her perfectly curved hips and ass. Her dark, full breasts jutted out from her chest with a slight curve so that her 2″ areola and large puffy nipples pointed slightly upward, their firmness in shear defiance of gravity as they hovered impossibly. Her stomach was flat with just a hint of toned muscle showing through and just below was a small triangle of closely trimmed hair pointing down to her swollen and slightly parted pussy, her excited clit barely, but visibly extending past the separated outer lips and dewy protective inner folds. I was speechless.
“You like?” she asked teasingly. I was unable to answer. I’ll take that as a yes,” she added giggling as she stared at the large tent that had reassumed its position in my trousers.
As I fumbled looking for the right words, Sofia removed my tie, unbuttoned my shirt, and then reached forward to caress my now solid 8″ through the thin wool of my pants letting a deep moan escape her lips. She expertly massaged the head and shaft before grabbing it to lead me over to the couch where she let go and pushed me back so that I was sitting, my face level with her sweet smelling mound, her flawless naked body standing over me. She then bent over at the waist, her mouth looking for mine, tongue pushing past my parted lips, resting her hand on my knees. Our tongues began to dart around, swirling, pulling back as I gently nibbled on her lower lip causing her to purr under her breath. As we continued to kiss, her hands began making their way from my knees, up my thighs, toward the strained zipper of my pants, my pulsing cock begging to be let free. A request she was happy to oblige. Her nimble fingers quickly unfastened my belt, opened the fly of my pants, and knowingly wrapped themselves around my thick shaft, her small feminine hands barely abled to close around the girth.
“I love the way your cock feels in my hand,” she let escapee between kisses, “its so big and full.”
With that she began kissing her way around my neck and ears, then down my chest, stopping to tease my nipples with her tongue as she sank to her knees still gripping and stroking my hard member. She circled each nipple with her tongue while using her free hand to tweak whichever nipple was free from her salacious mouth. Continuing her journey south, taking her time licking and kissing my flat stomach, she eventually reached her prize. She then extended her tongue and in one long stroke ran it the length of my shaft along the underside, from the base to the sensitive frenulum causing me to shudder. Clearly this was a women who knew what she was doing, a woman who took pleasure in pleasing. And who was I to stop her?
Using her saliva as lubrication, she gently jerked the shaft while simultaneously sucking and tonguing my swelling balls, her hand sliding up and down never quite reaching the sensitive head. Her expert mouth tickling and teasing. Gradually her mouth and hand switched places and I felt the wetness of her saliva moving back up the underside of my cock again. As her hands began to fondle my balls, she used the tip of her tongue to lap up the bit of clear pre-cum that had pooled at the opening of my bulbous spongy head. Her tongue flicked, poked, and swirled in an attempt to fuck my urethra driving me absolutely wild. A stream of yeses and don’t stops escaped my lips as I leaned back to enjoy the electric sensations. FInally, at the perfect moment, in one smooth motion, Sofia opened her mouth wide and swallowed all 8″ letting her nose bump up against my groomed pubic hair. All I could do was moan as she opened up and my head disappeared down her throat. She held it there for a moment as her eyes watered up, then pulled back rapidly leaving a chain of saliva to maintain the connection of my cock to her lip. A few sloppy tugs of my spit drenched cock and again, she inhaled my member. This time after bottoming out, she began slide her lips up and down while sucking, creating such a perfect rhythm that you could use her slurps as a click track to record to. WIth one hand Sofia worked my balls occasionally teasing my asshole with her fingers, while her other hand worked in concert with her mouth up and down the shaft so that my whole cock was constantly engulfed, her tongue swirling. Whatever notions I had of Sofia being a innocent or naive foreigner were long gone.
“God, Sophia, uhhhhhh,mmmm, you are fucking incredible…. uhhhhh………”
Her eyes looked up to watch me writhe in ecstasy and I could tell that although her mouth was stuffed full, her lips were indeed smiling.
She continued to work my manhood masterfully, riding my rhythms, edging me closer and closer, but not letting me finish. Whenever I was about to cum, she would ease up just enough to let me relax before working me back up to the edge of the cliff over and over again. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore,
“Baby, I’m gonna –”
I never got to finish the sentence. Sophia pumped my cock fast and hard and I let out a grunt as the first torrent of cum shot down her throat and her relentless lips released me. Still jerking me with her fist, the next few bursts streamed across her lips, neck, and tits. Finally, painted with my cum, she let go and acquiesced flashing the most devilish smile i have ever seen. “That was just to say thank you for being so nice to me today…” she said with mock innocence and then kissed me, the salty taste of my sticky cum still on her breath.
WIth that I began to think that I should be nice to strangers more often, but my mind was quickly brought back to the present as her hand began pumping my member back to life. She wasn’t going to let me rest. That’s fine I thought, I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve too.
Pulling my open shirt off as we kissed, I flipped us over, our mouths never separating, so that Sofia was on her back and I was leaning on top of her, my seed being rubbed into her tender skin. I wriggled my now semi hard dick from her grasp so that I could now taste her delicious body. And I wanted to taste every single bit of her. I began to place playful kisses over every inch of her skin coming ever so close to her sensitive nipples and pussy, but never letting my lips make contact. Sofia began to writhe, begging me to touch her, and finally I sucked a puffy hard nipple into my eager mouth. She squealed in delight, arching her back, feeding me her nipple. Pulling back, I then blew a stream of clod air on her slobbery wet nipple, causing Sofia to shudder and for goosebumps to appear on her skin while concurrently pinching and working her other breast with my free hand, then repeating the action on the other side.
“Please,” Sofia pouted in her sexy accent, “please lick my pussy.”
I had purposely avoided making contact with her sensitive mound, allowing her desire to build up to the point she was ready to explode. However, with that request, I finally placed my head between her parted thighs, admired her quivering swollen pussy, and in one long stroke ran my tongue from her puckered little asshole, between her sticky lips, and up to her already erect clit.
“UUHHUUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUUHHHHHH…” she moaned as her whole body shook. She was so worked up from my teasing that she came the instant my tongue made contact with her juicy pussy. The taste and scent of sweet nickel, a vaguely metallic honey pleasantly assaulted my senses. Fluid began oozing out, which I delightedly lapped up, spreading her lips wide with my fingers as my tongue lurched forward and began to explore her insides. Her hands reached forward, grabbing handfuls of my chestnut brown devil-may-care-hair, and she started to hump my face, my tongue fucking her dripping slit. Sophia’s body seemed to be caught in the throws of a single long orgasm, but when I finally wrapped my lips around her clit and began swirling my tongue, she nearly lost it.
“FUUUUUUCKKKK!” she screamed followed by a torrent of words that must have been in Spanish. Although at that moment, I wouldn’t have been surprised if she was speaking in tongues. I let my tongue continue to make rapid circles, first clockwise, then counter, all the while my lips glued to her clit. As Sofia bucked, I inserted first one, then two fingers into her now soaked cunt. Pushing down gently on her stomach, still sucking her clit, I began to move my fingers in that knowing come here motion as I teased her g-spot.
“Oh my god! oh my god! oh my go! Aye Dios Mio!” she chanted repeatedly. My fingers now moving faster and faster, pressing the spongy tissue, I could hear that telling squishing sound. I relinquished her clit focusing all of my efforts on her g-spot and at just the right moment, pulled my fingers away allowing a gush of fluid to explode from her pussy, soaking me, her, and the couch. Presently, her body had fallen victim to minor uncontrollable seizures brought on by intense waves of orgasm flooding her body. Her electric skin quivered and her eyes glazed over in some sort of out of body experience. Her legs still wantontly akimbo presented me with a clear view of her still spasming sex, twitching and breathing. Her inner lips fully engorged splayed open begging to be filled again.
“Holy shit,” she panted pulling my head back up for a kiss, sucking herself off of my tongue “I’ve never cum like that before… that was… unreal. Look, I’m still shaking.”
We laid together there on the sofa, holding each other in a spoon position for what may have been a few minutes or a few hours. Time was no longer functioning properly. Slowly, Sofia regained control of her body and senses, acknowledging my presence by shimmying her bare ass against my partially deflated manhood. The two perfect spheres that her backside comprised of opened just enough to create a deep chasm where my cock could nestle. Using the slick remains of her pervious deluge, she continued her devious wiggles, sliding along my increasingly had cock. My hands reached around her shapely figure, one greedily massaging her full globes, the other walking down her flat stomach to the swampy mess between her bronze thighs in order to pinch her outer lips together around her hypersensitive clit, rolling the little button around inside the folds. Sofia’s long exposed neck just millimeters from my face became the target for a flurry of soft kisses and warm breath. Moving up to nibble on her earlobe, I could here her breathing intensify, I whispered in her ear,
“I’m going to fuck you now.” to which she replied with an affirmative purr.
My cock had fully recovered from its earlier expenditures and was ready to feel those pink lips gripping its girth. Slowly I stood from the couch, my abundant 8″ bobbing in front of me and so hard it was nearly pointing directly up with the arc of the shaft causing the thick spongy head to practically bump my belly button. Sofia rolled to her back again launching her endless legs towards the exposed beams of the industrial ceiling allowing me to grab her tapered ankles, pull her towards me, and rest them on my broad shoulders. Reaching down, I grasped my pulsing column with one hand while using the other to unfurl her pouty pink lips. Still gripping my cock, I placed the head against her syrupy opening holding it there momentarily before beginning to rub the head between her soft petals, but not yet allowing myself to penetrate her. Up and down, around in small circles, painting her pink canvass with my skillful brush. Sofia squirmed, trying to impale herself on my rigid pole, but to no avail. Her whimpers acted as pleads for me to enter her. Her body was begging me to fuck her.
“Please, please, please fuck me…. I want you to fill me up, stretch me out… mmmm….please,” as she reached down now rubbing her clit, oozing sexuality from every pore.
I had no choice but to oblige and so slowly I let my helmeted warrior slip past her walls, resting the head just within her velvety opening. She was impossibly tight and so I just waited there, head buried like an ostrich in the sand, allowing her vice grip walls to dilate and accept my girth. With gentle slow strokes I began to work my length inside of her, allowing half of my cock to be swallowed by her hungry pussy, before pulling back and removing my head from her greedy lips. Then back in, still only half way. I developed a steady in out rhythm, allowing her pussy to only engulf half of my length with each stroke before pulling back so that just the head remained inside. As difficult as it was not to just spear her with every inch, I maintained control, breathing slowly and deeply, fucking her with only 4 of my inches. Sofia moaned and wiggled pinching her own nipples as I leaned in, pushing her legs back, my mouth finding hers. Our tongues danced, not a passionate slow dance, but more of a grinding dirty delta juke joint drag dance. The kind of violent kisses that seem to have the worst intentions, biting each others’s lips, sucking on each other’s tongues, and nibbling on each other’s flesh.
My pace intensified, but still only using half of my length. Finally, as our passion reached a new fervor, I gave in and in a single stroke thrusted my full length inside of her, my heavy balls careening with her puckered asshole, my bulbous head pushing her cervix. I’m not sure if she had realized that I had been holding back, but when she felt that the invading army of my cock instantaneously double in size and fill her to the brim, she let out an animalistic scream, shrouded in equal parts pleasure and pain. Her orgasm raced across her body with an unmatched fury, causing her to dig her nails into the flesh of my ass, holding me inside her as her body flailed and shuddered.
“UUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHH! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck!” emerged from her lips but had clearly originated from somewhere far deeper within. She was in sweaty ecstasy and she was mine.
Sofia’s muscles began to relax inviting me to resume my assault. Now fucking her with long consistent strokes, grinding my pelvis against her clit every time I bottomed out, I could feel her pussy clenching and spasming around me. Her orgasm hadn’t completely stopped, just subsided temporarily, allowing her to ride the waves and crest with intermittent crescendos.
“Si, si, fuck me, ay, ay, yes, oh, oh, aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!” became the soundtrack to our lovemaking. Long streams of unintelligible spanglish came pouring from her lips as she continued to loose herself in sexual nirvana.
I could feel the pressure building up in my balls and that familiar prickly sensation worked its way along my raging monster. I wasn’t going to cum yet though. This was too good to finish so soon. In an attempt to save myself from an early ending, I pulled out gripping tightly at the frenulum until the immediate urge to expel my seed subsided. Just as I let go, Sofia sat up and like a magnet, her mouth was around my cock again.
“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM…..” I sighed. “God, your insatiable, do you know that?”
Letting my cock pop free of her stuffed mouth for just a second she retorted in the lust throaty Spanish accent, “I’m not sure what that means, ” jerking my wet cock with two hands, “but I’ll take it as a compliment…” That knowing smile creeping back across her lips before resuming her oral ministrations. Running my fingers through her thick black mane, allowing her to open her gullet, my head repeatedly found its way to the back of her throat.
Relinquishing my manhood once again, “Its my turn to fuck you now,” she offered with a sincere determination.
Slowly she kissed her way back up my body as she stood up, one hand still gently pumping the hard cock sandwiched between us, the other exploring the muscular topography of my chest. Her lips met mine for a brief kiss, which she broke in order to push me back down on the couch. Not one to argue in these types of situations, I fell back into the soft seat and Sofia climbed onto her knees, straddling my midsection, eventually lowering herself so that she was sitting on my cock which was plastered against my abs. Grinding her pussy back and forth, using the combination of her wetness, my precum, and her saliva as lube, she rocked her hips bracing herself hands on my shoulders. Reaching down, I adjusted myself and with almost no resistance, my cock disappeared inside of her. Sofia began to ride me, making circular gyrations, grinding her clit into me as my head poked around her insides. Her ample tits inches from my face, I took a nipple in my mouth and teased it. My hands gripped her lush ass, working in synchronisity with her movements. Pulling her as she continued to grind, her head thrown back, guttural utterances escaping her filthy lips, she was loosing herself again. The intensity ramped up and Sofia arched her back and grabbed my knees behind her. Her nipple popped free of my greedy mouth and from this position I could feel my cock ramming her g-spot. With one hand still gripping her incredible ass, I began rubbing her clit with my free thumb. Sofia tossed her hair and bucked digging her nails into my legs. She moved faster and faster, rocking and bouncing on my cock with reckless abandon. I could sense she was reaching one of her peaks again. She begged between gasping breaths,
“Cum inside me, its ok, please baby…”
I didn’t need much more of an incentive to let go then that. I relaxed my clenched muscles allowing the sensations to overtake me. Simultaneously, I felt Sofia’s velvety walls clamp shut around me. The first surge of cum exploded from me decorating her deepest reaches. Her twitching pussy milking my cock. Burst after burst of hot semen filled her up as she yelped in unmitigated pleasure, riding the wave of her biggest orgasm yet. We were lost there for a moment, sweaty bodies twitching uncontrollably, grabbing onto one another for dear life.
I was brought back to reality when I felt her lips searching mine out. We kissed deeply and sincerely, this time with a tenderness that replaced the ferocity of earlier. My cock began to soften inside her, not fully, but enough so that the potent mixture of each other’s sexual fluids began to trickle out down her thighs, onto her lap, pooling between us in a sticky mess. Our faces practically touching, noses playfully rubbing,
“You know,” Sofia whispered, “maybe it won’t be so lonely here.”
“Maybe it won’t,” I replied contently. “You know,” I added, “I never did make you dinner. Are you hungry?”
“Hahaha! Yes. I’ve worked up quite an appetite, ” she responded still laughing, “but right now, look at us. We’re a mess. Maybe we could wash off first……………”

To be Continued.

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A Dog Ties His Knott SEX STORY

A Dog ties his Knot

Shelby raced down the field, her tan skin and toned muscles were flawless and all the men on the sidelines couldn’t help but stare at her. Her long blonde hair was tangled, but that only made her more appealing and her perky breasts were a full firm B cup that you could see in all their glory as her thin jersey clung to her moist skin. With 10 seconds left in the game she ascended the last few feet and landed the ball into the net for the game winning goal. As her teammates gathered around her, she couldn’t help but notice all the men on the sidelines staring at her and she grinned playfully at them. Now at 18 she was probably the last girl on her soccer team who was still a virgin, but that didn’t bother her at all. It was not that she was a prude; she just didn’t like any of the boys at her high school and found them immature and none the less sexually unappealing. She was quite the tease however, flaunting her body in tiny daisy duke like shorts and tight tank tops that hung low so her cleavage was clearly visible.

Shelby threw her sports bag into the trunk of her car and climbed sorely into the driver’s seat. The soccer field was only a short distance from her house and she couldn’t wait to get home to take a long hot bath.

As the water ran filling up the tub she slid herself down into it letting the warm water relax her, but her mind floated and she soon found herself feeling quite Horney instead of relaxed. She was used to masturbating and loved playing with her clit to make herself cum, but, she loved it even more when the pressure from the shower assisted her, causing her to have an even more intense orgasm. She positioned her legs on either side of the faucet and slid her butt down towards the running water. Making sure the water fell right onto her clit, beating down on it, sending shock waves of pleasure throughout her body. Her knees buckled as she got closer to Cumming and a loud groan escaped from her. She soon found herself thrusting her pelvis closer to the faucet allowing for harder water pressure on her clit as she suddenly released moaning loudly as she came. She fought her best the hold herself up, allowing the water to run its full course surging her into a second orgasm but her legs were weak, both from the game earlier and the strength it took to hold herself up against the faucet.

She climbed out of the shower her legs buckling under neither her from exhaustion and wrapped a towel around her wet naked body. Exiting the bath room she opened the door to her large dog Cain who had been staring at the door, obviously interested at all the commotion going on in the bath room. She nudged him aside and made her way to her room where she promptly collapsed on her bed. She was worn out and exhausted from the day and she felt her tired eyes closing.

Shelby was awoken suddenly, she felt something cold and wet working its way up in between her legs and then, oh god, she felt a warm wet tongue run from the entrance to her pussy up to her pert little asshole. She was startled, but for some reason it seemed to excite her as the tongue probed deeper into her pussy, separating her pussy lips and into her small, tight, virgin hole. The dogs tongue once again made its way from her pussy to her ass and she felt it poking and working its way into her tight ass hole. The pain was immense and she let out a cry. So she scrambled quickly to remove herself from the situation. She stood up and felt wet fluid running down her leg, although she had sort of found it degrading and totally disgusting that she had just allowed Cain to lick her naked pussy and ass apparently it had also caused a quite large arousal in her cunt which she could now feel was beginning to ache, wanting more.

Shelby headed back to the bathroom to finish herself off once more when she felt the cold nose press up against her behind as she was walking down the hallway. “CAIN NO!” she ordered but the dog paid no mind to her command. Without warning he jumped up onto her back, his large paws landing on the shoulders. His nails dug into her smooth skin and his weight, along with the pain and the pressure coming from his nails forced her to the ground. She fell to her knees and she furiously turned to give him a smack when she felt her towel slipping off her. She reached to grab her towel and secure it once more but instead froze in fear as she felt Cain’s paws fall onto her once more. She tried to push him off but the sheer weight of the dog pushed her further to the floor. She was now on her elbows and knees when it struck her, Cain was mounting her. She let out a deafening scream and she felt him start to move back and forth. His claws digging into her, she could feel them ripping her skin and the blood trickling down her sides.

His motions became more fluid and she felt his dick hit against her pussy lips. “OH FUCK” she let out, her mind racing, she was not going to let herself get fucked by a dog, much less allow herself to lose her virginity this way. She tried scrambling forward to get away from Cain’s grasp but that only made the situation worse. She soon felt the tip of his dick hit the entrance of her tight virgin ass hole. She let out a gasp but it was to late, Cain had known he hit his mark. Thrusting forward he forced his cock into her ass. Shelby screamed in pain as she felt her tight skin ripping and expanding. He began to pump his cock in and out of her ferociously and she began to cry. Shelby screamed out in pain again and the dog tightened his grip on her, pulling her closer to him, scratching her deep with his claws. Suddenly she felt his cock tightening and became aware that a large lump was slapping against her asshole. Max thrust again and she felt the Knott in the dogs penis start to enter her ass. The pain she thought was unbearable until she felt him thrust again this time shoving the whole knot into her now raw but still tight little hole. She cried out in pain and felt the Knott growing larger and larger until it felt like there was a baseball right inside her ass, and then she felt him cum, his warm cum shot up deep into her ass and he seemed to spasm a few times letting out spurt after spurt of dog cum deep into her ass.

He soon released his grip of her and stood over her panting; desperate for escape she tried pulling herself forward only to feel the sharp pain of the Knott stuck in her ass, she couldn’t break free, she was stuck on him. She looked back and saw small trickles of blood and semen running down her legs. In pain and exhausted, she blacked out.

She had only blacked out for a few minutes, but she would later realize this was where she made her big mistake. When she woke back up she was in a haze, unaware if she had dreamt being anal raped by a dog or if that was something that had actually happened. She soon realized that it was not a dream as she felt the tremendous pain coming from her asshole as the dogs tongue licked the remaining cum from her behind and felt his hot breath the back of her pussy. Before she had time to move the dogs furry legs were around her and she found herself screaming “Not again Cain, Not again” the dog had however found his target more rapidly this time and she felt his prick move up into the entrance of her pussy. Realizing from the last time that there was nothing she could do to stop Cain from having his way with her she stopped squirming and got ready to accept it, in fear that her moving might direct his cock into her ass again. His next thrust was quite a surprise as he fully forced his cock into her, stuffing the whole thing inside her, ripping and tearing through her hymen. She screamed in pain and felt blood trickle down her legs once again, but this time as he fucked her it begin to feel more and more erotic.

Shelby found herself thrusting back against Cain and fully enjoying her first fuck. All of a sudden she felt herself close to climaxing and she released, experiencing the biggest orgasm she had ever had. She found herself moaning in pleasure this time instead of pain and her own cum was running freely down her legs. Right as she was about to cum again she felt his cock stiffen and grow. She became aware that he was about to cum and feared his Knott being buried inside her once more. She felt the bulge starting and tried to move forward once more. “Oh please Cain stop. I promise ill suck it for you” she moaned, still very much enjoying the feeling of his cock being stuffed inside her. She felt him quicken his pace as his prick hit hard against the back of her pussy and felt him shove his Knot inside her once again. The Knott started growing and she felt an immense pain forming as it grew bigger and bigger. This to, was now beginning to feel like a base ball was growing inside her and she felt the entrance hole to her pussy slightly tearing. Tears stung her eyes but through the pain she still found pleasure and she once again found herself close to an orgasm. Right when she was about to cum she felt his cock pulse as Cain let out jet after jet of hot dog cum deep into her cunt. This sent her into major over drive and she screamed as her orgasm took control of her body once more.

When he finished Cumming he stood atop her panting and she laid there and waited for his Knott to subside. When it finally shrank, his cock slipped out of her and she looked down and saw all the dogs cum running down her legs into a pool onto the floor, she crawled over to him and on impulse took his prick in her mouth and cleaned the reaming cum off him until his dick subsided slipping back into its sheath.

This was when she decided that Cain would now be her new fuck buddy and she could wait till she found a smart college boy to have sex with. She didn’t like those high school boys anyways and she doubted any of them could fuck her as well as Cain had, or give her orgasms like he did. She went from a virgin being raped by her own dog twice in one day taking both her virginities to a woman completely devoted to her dog until she met the “man of her dreams” As they say “the dog is man’s best friend,” but I think in this case they mean, the jdog is a woman’s best friend.

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Awesome Mom Part 2 SEX STORY

a36aa589331858801723ebaf24f533bb Awesome Mom
Part 2

Thanksgiving had come and gone and so did mom and I. When our neighbor left our house, Dad watched a movie with us in the living room while mom cleaned up. When she was done she came into the living room and watched the end of the movie. When it was over, my little brother went upstairs to his room and went to bed. My dad followed after the nightly news. I stayed downstairs with my mother for a few minutes. When we heard dad go into the bathroom, I pulled up moms skirt and began to rub her ass. She was facing me and grabbed my head and began to explore my mouth and tongue again. I pulled my right hand from her ass and inserted a finger in her cunt. She was sopping wet already. After a few minutes, she said she had to go upstairs and promised my dad a Thanksgiving fuck. In a way I felt jealous, but I was willing to share. Mom was just happy that he was paying attention to her tonight. Mom reached out, grabbed my cock and said “If I get done early and your awake, maybe I can give you that desert you wanted. She gave me a little peck on the lips and walked upstairs. I shut off all the lights, locked up the house and went upstairs to my bedroom.

After getting dressed for bed, I tip toed over to my parents bed and could here the bed squeaking. It sounded like my dad was trying to pound my mother’s ass into the box spring. Now I was jealous, but excited at the same time and began to jerk off listening to my mom moan and call out in pleasure. I walked back to my room and began to go on the computer. I began to search for porn tubes with mothers and sons. I found a few and finally found a video I liked. I played it and began to think of my mother. I closed my eyes and began to pound away. At this time, my mother was done with my dad and came to my room. My door was closed but unlocked so mom quietly walked in intending to surprise me. I surprised her instead. She was taken back when she saw me jerking off. She walked up behind me and was there for a moment before she said “so you like older women”? I nearly jumped out of my skin. “Mom” I said “I didn’t here you come in”. She was looking at the video streaming on the computer and asked “Is this what your into, or did I just start something new”? I said “You started something new, I used to look and younger girls or porn stars, but now I think I like MILF’s”. I asked where dad was and mom said he fell asleep after her came as usual. When mom startled me I jumped up and was standing with my cock in my hand. Mom sat down at my computer and said she never watched porn on the computer only every now and again with my father during special occasions. She began to click on different sites and was looking at all different things, like blow job video’s hand jobs video’s, anal and so on. She clicked on an older woman seducing a younger girl and leaned back in my chair. Mom was wearing a robe with nothing on underneath. She opened her robe and began to stroke her pussy. I was watching this and reached out for one of her tits while still stroking my cock. As the lesbian video got into full swing, mom would occasionally look at me and then back at the monitor. She really did like girls. Watching mom masturbate to the video was too much for me. I felt that familiar feeling in my balls and my legs began to tense. I told mom I was about to cum and she opened her robe wider, exposing her tits. “Cum on my tits and face baby, let it go”. I did and came all over her like she wanted. With that mom began to cum and was soon dripping all over my leather computer chair and floor.

Mom took her fingers and began to wipe the cum from her face and tits and lick them. “Ummmm, you taste like your dad”. I sat back on my bed while mom went to the bathroom to wash up. She came back, but I was asleep on my bed with my feet hanging off the bed and cock in hand. Mom told me later that she came back for more, but I fell asleep so she put my feet on the bed, covered me and went to down stairs. She told me the next morning that she was up till 3 am masturbating to porn on the computer. She laughed and said “I got you into older women and you got me into computer porn”. I had plans to go out with my friends especially because there was a girl who was my friend’s cousin and I wanted to bang her for the past year. She lived in the next town but was with her cousin at my game and wanted to finally hook up. Dad had gone to work and my brother was on a play date at his friend’s house. My mom was disappointed that I was going and wanted to have some fun, but I wanted this 15 year old piece of ass. Mom was great, but I still liked girls my own age. Mom jokingly said, “I don’t mind, you can bring her over and we could share you”. HHHMMMM that was I thought.

I met up with my friend Roy and his cousin Toni, she was hot. She had medium length brown hair, small tits and a great ass. We were at my friend Roy’s house along with 10 other kids because his parents were away for the weekend. It was noon and I found out that Toni had to leave in an hour, so after 15 minutes we excused ourselves and went to Roy’s bedroom. Long story short, we got naked and I fucked the shit out of this little minx. She wasn’t bad for 15. She sucked my cock and I ate her bald little pussy and then fucked her cunt, but I realized she wasn’t really experienced. We made arraignments to meet soon and she left the party. I left a few minutes later, because all I could think about was my mom home alone. It was 1:30 pm when I got home and was let down to see moms car gone. I went into the house and after about 15 minutes, mom’s car pulled up. She had gone to the gym and then food shopping for milk and a few other supplies we went through during Thanksgiving dinner. Mom was surprised to see me too. She thought I would be at Roy’s all day. I helped her with the groceries and she asked how my little hook up was? I said it was fine, but she wasn’t mom. Mom looked at me and asked if I wore a rubber. I stated no and that Toni was on the pill for a year now. Mom looked at me for a few seconds and said “do you still have her pussy on you or did you wash it off”? I said “I thought you might like that” and pulled out my cock right there in the kitchen. Mom squatted down and smelled my cock and said, “wow she has a nice smelling pussy” and placed my cock in her mouth and began to suck me off like a champ. Mom was wearing Lycra pants and top, had a sports bra underneath and looked so fucking hot. Her ass was just spectacular and you could almost see her camel toe her pants were so tight. Mom began to suck my cock with such energy that the spit from her blow job was dripping all around her hand and face and you could even hear the drops of spit hitting the floor. I didn’t want to cum just yet, so I pushed mom’s head off my cock and made her stand up. I put my thumbs on the inside of her waist band and pulled those Lyrca pants off her ass. Mom began to protest only because she said she needed a shower after her work out. Once again, like a good son, I didn’t listen. I pulled her pants and thong down past her ankles and off her legs, and then made her sit on the kitchen counter. I grabbed the back of her right knee and held it up to her chest as I buried my face in her cunt. Mom was still asking me to stop so she could shower and not smell like sweat, but the musky scent of her pussy and sweat made me crazy and I ate her out with the force of ten men. I inserted two fingers into her cunt trying to find her G spot and licked her clit like crazy. Mom began to tense up and said “Oh my god honey, don’t stop, don’t stop, mommy is going to cum”. With that she grabbed my head and held it just off her pussy about an inch or two. She replaced my tongue with her fingers and rubbed her clit furiously. In seconds she began squirting her pussy juice all over my face and the floor. Just like her spit, I could hear her cum hitting the tile floor under me. I began jerking off and soon was ready to cum too. I told mom I was going to cum and she slid off the counter and sucked my cock dry. We both sat on the kitchen floor, spent.

After a few minutes, I told mom I was going upstairs to clean up. Mom said she would be up soon and wanted to put the groceries away and start dinner. I took a quick shower and entered my room. A few minutes later I heard mom go in her bedroom where she soon took a shower. I lay on my bed naked and dozed off for a few minutes. I woke up when I heard my mom calling out for me to come to her bedroom. I entered her room and found her on her bed with just stockings and high heels. Mom also had her rabbit (vibrator) next to her. I told mom to wait and went to my room for my digital camera. When I returned I told mom I wanted pictures to remember this by and also to jerk off to. She agreed but said they had to either be secured in a password file or on a thumb drive and NO ONE was allowed to see them but us. I agreed and started taking some shots of my mom posing. Mom even said she was getting very turned on by posing for pictures. She picked up her rabbit and began to fuck her cunt with it. All the while I was snapping away. I couldn’t believe my smoking hot mom and I were doing all this crazy shit. Mom flipped over onto her stomach and inserted the rabbit into her ass. I almost died. Mom began to moan as the rabbit disappeared up her ass. Mom fingered herself with one hand while fucking her ass with the other. Soon mom was coming again. I snapped a couple of great shot of her cum squirting out of her cunt. I got on the bed and mom rolled on her back. I positioned myself between her legs and inserted my cock in her cunt. I began to pound away and snap some pictures of her cunt eating my cock. Mom flipped me over and began to ride my cock like she was breaking in a horse. A few times she came off my cock and slammed down right on the head of my cock. She just reached down pulled me straight up and inserted it back in. I was in heaven. I wanted mom’s ass now, so I rolled her off and onto her back. I placed a pillow under her ass and grabbed my cock. I told her I needed her ass now and she reached up, grabbed the back of her knees and pulled them up to her tits, exposing her open ass to me. I placed the head of my cock at her opening and she said to be careful and go slow. I lubed her asshole with her pussy juice and my pre cum. Soon mom was taking my entire shaft. I rammed her for all I was worth while mom screamed out in pleasure, “fuck my ass baby, that’s it fuck my ass hard. I want you to cum in my ass honey”. Mom was now holding both legs against her tits with one arm while her other hand was rubbing her clit. I couldn’t take it any longer and exploded into mom’s ass. As I did, mom came too and squirted all over my lower abdomen. I held my cock in her ass until it got softer then pulled out. Mom grabbed the towel from her shower and placed it under her ass. She lifted one leg and we both watched as my cum dripped out of her ass and her little asshole ring began to twitch and contract. It was nasty and hot at the same time.

We cleaned up and my dad and brother soon came home. Mom and I continued to fuck all through High school. Mom wanted to do real weird shit like have me fuck her from behind in front of her bedroom window as we watched my dad snow plowing our driveway or by the bathroom window while he was just outside by the pool and so on. Toni and I became an item while I was in High Scholl and I would teach her everything mom did to me and soon enough she was one of the best fucks I ever had. She was a grade behind me and after I went to college I only saw her a few times in four years. When I went to college mom and I all but stopped our sessions. I was too busy and never stayed home much even when I did come home. I was 6’3” and 255 lbs in college and was playing football for my dad and moms college. Good genes and some rounds of steroids kept me in prime shape and I was being scouted by a few NFL teams. But my knee gave out with a career ending injury my senior year. During one of the school breaks I was home and mom and I had one last round for old time’s sake. I told her I still jerk off to the hundreds of pictures I took of her over the years. While she was jerking me off she said do you remember Toni the little girl you used to follow you around and come over all the time. I said “yes, of course, she was a great little lay”. Mom said well I seduced her just after you left for college and fucked her for a year while you were gone. Mom leaned in next to my ear gave me a little lick and told be the whole story. It was one of our best and last fuck sessions we had, but her and Toni will be another story.

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Awesome Mom SEX STORY

Awesome Mom
Part 1

My experience all started when I was 16. Let me give you some background on my parents first. Both were from the same state on the East coast but never met until some years later. They both attended a Division A College in the Mid-West. My dad played football and mom played volleyball. My dad stood 6″‘3″, 250 lbs with dark hair and played tight end. My mom was 6′, 150 lbs with blonde hair. Both could have been models. They met during their junior year and dated till the end of senior year when my mom got pregnant with me. Five years later my brother was born. My mom was only 21 at the time and my dad was 22.

They stayed in the Mid-West because my dad never made pro but received a degree in engineering and got a great job from an Alumni of the school. My mom received her degree in education and taught grammar school during the school year and played on a beach volleyball league during the summer. I travelled a lot with my mom during this time until my brother was born. My mom would later take my brother and me until he was three and my mom was then 29 years old. My dad worked through the summer and we would travel with my mother and one of her friends who would watch us. When I was six I remember hearing noise coming from the bed next to me with my mom and her friend. My brother was still in a folding play pen. I was scared because I thought she was in pain, It was years later when I was in high school that I realized she had sex with her friend right there in the bed next to me. After mom retired from playing, she just taught school and we would hang out all summer by the lake with a few of her different friends.

When I was 16 I was the starting quarterback for the junior varsity at my High School. During my sophomore year I took my team to an undefeated record. I thank my mom and dad for my great genes. I was 6’ and 190 lbs when I was 16 and had an arm like a cannon. My dad taught me a great work out regiment and would work out with me every morning before school. This kept my body in prime condition. He also taught me never to commit to any girls through high school and college. He said just use them for sex and move on to the next one. What a guy. The night before Thanksgiving I played my last JV game and took my team to their first division title. However, on the last series of downs I slipped while dropping back for a pass and pulled my groin. I came out of the game for the last two minutes, but we won anyway.

That night when I got home I was icing my groin and then would apply heat. My dad was down stairs and my mom came to my room to check on me. My mom said she had done this numerous times and knew a great way to massage the pulled muscle. I was embarrassed as my mom pulled down my shorts and asked me to open my legs. I said “mom, no, I don’t want you touching me there”. My mom just smiled and said, “You know how many times I’ve done this for your father”. I looked into my mothers blue eyes and then down to her breasts. She was wearing a low cut sweater and her 36 D cups were standing at attention. When my mom grabbed my groin next to my balls, I had to look away to avoid getting a hard on, it didn’t work. My dick popped up past the waistband of my boxers. I looked down and felt the warmth of my mother’s hands and her excellent skill at massaging.

I noticed that my mother never looked up at me and kept staring at my crotch. I apologized for the hard on, but she shrugged it off and stated it happened to my dad too. Then she blew my mind when she said she thought I was bigger than my dad. I became red in the face and she began to giggle. I lay back on my pillow and closed my eyes. That’s when I felt her thumb brush against the head of my cock. At first it was just one pass, then another a minute later. Pre cum started to form at the tip of my cock. I was now staring down at what mom was doing and she finally looked up at me and said, “It’s nice to have someone get excited over my touch again”. I thought, oh no there must be trouble in paradise. Mom looked back down and ran her thumb over my pre cum and began to stroke my cock with more frequency. “I know what will make you fell better baby”. Do you want mommy to help you out”. How could I say no? “Sure” I said and mom pulled at my waistband until my boxers were around my thighs. Mom got up and locked my door. I asked her what about dad and my brother, she said dad was watching a movie and wouldn’t be up for a while and my brother fell asleep on the couch.

I looked at this awesome woman standing before me. I never looked at my mom in a sexy way, but I did now. She was gorgeous. She had long blonde hair, nice firm breasts and a fantastic ass. She was wearing jeans and a low cut sweater. She had just finished preparing food for Thanksgiving but still smelled like her perfume. As she walked over to the bed, she said I played a great game and deserved a little reward. She knew the speech my dad gave me about girls and also knew I had not been with one all season. The girls in school knew my act and unless they just wanted to get laid, which most did, they knew I wouldn’t date them, just fuck them and move on. My cock was rock hard and I thought I was in a dream. I couldn’t believe my mom was doing this; she was always so straight with us. I later found out that she was slut in college and with girls too. Mom sat next to me on the bed and began to stroke my cock. She was a pro. I thought I would cum any second, but mom knew how to hold me off. While she was stroking my cock, she said “please don’t think of me as a bad mother, it’s just that I wanted to held out your pulled muscle, but once I saw your cock I couldn’t help myself”. Your dad doesn’t get that turned on by me anymore”. “I think he’s having an affair anyway”. She almost blew my mind. What the fuck, I thought they were the perfect couple. I figured what the hell now so I asked my mom, “Can I see your tits”? Mom didn’t hesitate; she pulled her sweater over her head and unclipped her bra. Her tits were perfect. I reached out and began to stroke her nipples.

She began to talk dirty which also blew my mind. I never heard my mom curse before. She said “yeah, grab my nipples baby it’s been so long, pull on them hard, fuck yeah”. When I did she began to stroke faster and with a purpose. That’s all it took. Mom felt my body tense and I said I was coming. Mom leaned over and jerked me off all over her tits. I couldn’t believe how much I came. My cum dripped off her tits and onto my thighs. Mom began to rub my cum all over her tits. She took one of my tee shirts off the floor and wiped her tits, placed her sweater back on and said how my groin was now. I said it couldn’t be better.

The next day was Thanksgiving and it was just us and a neighbor who had no family. All of my Uncles, Aunts and cousins were back east. Like I said my parents stayed in the mid-west after college. We had a lot of friends, but no family. I couldn’t get my mind off of my experience with mom the night before. After dinner our neighbor and dad fell asleep on the couch before desert. My brother was in the basement locked on his usual video games. I approached my mom in the kitchen she was wearing a long skirt and sweater. She looked so hot to me all of the sudden. She was the ultimate MILF. I asked her if she was ok with what happened last night. She looked at me and apologized and began to cry. She thought she just fucked me up for life and that I would be in therapy for life. I said no way. It was kind of funny, but when she was jerking me off I told her I didn’t look at her like my mother, but as a gorgeous older woman who I wanted to fuck also. Mom stopped for a second and said we needed to talk. We went upstairs to my room and she closed the door. She said that she has been with many men in college but never cheated on him with a man after marriage. She was bi sexual and had numerous affairs with women after marriage. The way she saw it women weren’t cheating. She usually picked up girls from college who she met while playing on the beach volleyball circuit. That explained the noises I heard coming from her bed in the hotel room when I was six. Anyway, when she played volleyball in high school, almost all the girls were gay and she had a few experiences and liked it. But she also liked boys too much to be totally gay. So after marriage she found sexual exploration with women instead of men and felt it only natural and that it didn’t feel like cheating on my dad. That was until last night. She said she had no intention of jerking me off or having any thoughts prior to seeing my cock. After she saw my cock getting hard she couldn’t control herself. Then she looked at me and said she has been thinking about it all day. She began to cry again and said she was such a bad mother. I hugged her and told her no, in fact I think you’re the best mother in the world and if she wanted, I would show her my cock again.

She laughed and said no that what happened last night was enough. I figured she was being nice and knew what we did was wrong, but still wanted more. I stood up from the bed and dropped my pants, leaving my cock standing at attention right before her eyes. I looked at her and stated, “I know you want to, and I want you to also”. Mom looked and me and said “what do you want me to do”? I began stroking my cock and stepped forward and said “suck it”. Mom grabbed my cock and said “you really don’t think I’m a bad mother for this do you”? I said no and that all I wanted to do was please her and make her happy. Mom took my cock and placed it in her mouth. She started off slow and soft, gently stroking me as she sucked my cock. Mom pulled my cock out of her mouth and said, “oh God I’m going to hell, I love this so much, your cock tastes so nice, I want to make you cum baby” I grabbed the back of moms hair and began to pull on it. She pulled my cock out and said” that’s it baby, pull mommies hair, and pull it hard”. I began to move my hips forward and back, fucking mom’s mouth. Mom began to give me a sloppy wet blow job and was letting the saliva drip off my cock. It was on her hand, face and dripping on the floor. It was the most incredible blow job I ever had. I knew I was about to cum, so I pulled out of her mouth. Mom seemed disappointed when I did that. She looked up at me with a quizzical look. I said “I want to see you pussy mom, I saw your tits last night”. Mom stood up and began to undo her skirt. She looked at me and said “I’m such a slut doing this for my oldest son, but I can’t help myself, you’re too sexy and I’m so fucking horny”.

Her skirt fell to the floor and she wasn’t wearing any underwear. She said she masturbated twice last night and once in the bathroom before dinner, thinking about my cock. I reached my hand between her legs and touched her cunt. It was dripping wet. I inserted my finger into her cunt and she began to moan. My middle finger began to fuck her pussy in and out. Mom’s legs began to buckle and she placed her hand on my shoulder. I grabbed her waist with my other hand and pulled her close. I found her clit and began to rub it with vigor. Mom’s forehead was against mine, so I tilted her head and began to French kiss my mother. Our tongues were in perfect harmony and moved as if we were lovers for years. She moaned in my mouth and grabbed my head with both hands as she began to cum. “That’s it baby I’m Cumming, your making mommy cum, don’t stop”. With that she exploded on my hand. I wouldn’t call it squirting, but she was releasing cum and it was drenching my hand. I held her so she wouldn’t fall and laid her back on the bed. I knew what I was thankful for that day.

As mom lay on the bed catching her breath I grabbed her and slid her up on the bed. I was between her legs and all of the sudden mom stopped me and said “no, we can’t fuck”. Fucking is incest, what we did wasn’t incest, but if you fuck me it will be”. I liked the way she thought, but she knew it was incest already, she was just trying to justify us not fucking, and I didn’t listen. I had to have her and I had to cum right there. I grabbed my cock and slipped in right into her pussy. She threw her head back, placed her hands over her face and just said “oh my god”. I began to pound away with all my might. Mom laid there lifting her ass to meet my every stroke. After about five minutes I was about to cum. I told my mom and she asked not to cum inside her and to pull out. As I pulled out she slid between my legs and swallowed my cock. Mom sucked every last drop of my cum and we both laid there spent. We quickly got dressed and had one last kiss before returning to the family room. Dad and our neighbor had just woken up and mom said, “Anyone ready for desert”? They both said yes and she called down stairs for my little brother. I said I was ready for desert and mom knew just what I meant, when dad walked in the dinning room, mom looked at me and said I have some desert for you later, and walked into the kitchen.

To be continued…

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My Two Aunts Part 3 SEX STORY


Continued true story

My Two Aunts
Part 3

My wife dropped me off at the Airport. Just as I got there Aunt Dee called my cell and said to wait for her and that she was only a few minutes away. I gave my wife a kiss goodbye and thanked her for everything. A few minutes later, Aunt Dee pulled up with her husband. We all hugged and after her goodbye with her husband Aunt Dee and I walked through security and to our gate. We were two hours early and decided to have a few morning drinks. After three bloody Mary’s, we bordered our plane and were on our way to Arizona. We had a great time reminiscing and talking about our lives and family. I didn’t want to bring up our few month fuck fest all those years back, but once on the plane, Aunt Dee brought up the topic.

She told me those two months after she was in school she was doing a lot of coke and fucking up in class. She stated that she me a girl named Cindy who lived upstairs from her and was a sort of punk rocker chick. Aunt Dee said they became friends and Cindy liked coke too. She only lived 30 miles from the college so she would make runs back home weekly for her stash. She too was making money at school by dealing to classmates. She said Cindy was a lesbian and before she knew it Cindy seduced her and she had her first lesbian experience. Aunt Dee figured that she was in college and it was just experimenting, right? Anyway, before she knew it Cindy was making her have sex for coke and it became a regular thing. After Christmas break, Cindy showed up with a dildo and fucked her on a regular basis. I told her I remembered Cindy around the dorm and at parties and thought they were just friends. She told me the weekends I was there was the only time they didn’t fuck. Aunt Dee said her head was so fucked up, she didn’t even know what day of the week it was. Anyway, one weekend just before we broke it off three of Cindy’s friends came to visit and before long they all started to fuck around, except they got a little rough. In fact Aunt Dee said she was raped by them. After they were fucking around, one girl became really aggressive and held her down while the other started to slap her and pull her pants down. Before she knew it, Cindy had the dildo out and they all took turns holding her down and fucking her. One girl was a squirted and she would always squat over her when she came and would cum all over her face while another girl held her down. When the finally let her go she stayed in her apartment for three days. I didn’t want to tell her, but I had a huge hard on while she told me the story.

Aunt Dee met a body builder named Steve who was a few years older. They started dating soon after that and by then it was spring and our affair was over. Steve was on steroids and was able to get her coke when she wanted it. When school ended so did their relationship because of the distance of where they lived. My grandparents found her coke a week after she was home and connected her 2.5 GPA with her drug addiction and sent her off to rehab. I knew that part of the story; hell the whole family knew that part of the story. After six months in rehab, Aunt Dee was back on the wagon and commuting to one of the States best college where she earned her degree four years later with honors. She married her husband a few years later. He had just become a Fireman and was a great guy and a straight arrow. Aunt Dee lay her head down on my shoulder and we both fell a sleep until we landed.

Aunt Linda was waiting for us at the airport and soon we were at her house and putting our cloths away. It was Thursday and with us gaining an extra three hours, we had all day to reminisce. I had tickets for a Friday night Baseball game and a Sunday afternoon football game, so we had plenty of time together. We had a few cocktails and Aunt Linda took us to some of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. We all talked about the old days and family again, but there was always underlining sex talk and jokes and I got the impression that neither one was happy about their sex life. We stopped for dinner and more cocktails. After dinner we went back to the house and watched the sun set over the mountains. It was still in the 80’s and Aunt Dee suggested we go swimming. I went to my bedroom and the girls to theirs. I was dressed first and jumped in the pool. The next one out was Aunt Linda. Aunt Linda was 50 years old, still had her long brown hair and a great body for her age. She gained a little weight but was still able to look good in a bikini and her tits were much bigger than I remember. She jumped in the pool and swam up next to me. She put her arms around me and gave me a peck on the lips and a big hug telling me how glad she was that I was there and we could spend time together. She kept her hands around my next and complemented me for staying in shape, not like her husband. Aunt Linda told me that he has only been home for two weeks in the past four months because of his band. Then out of the blue she tells me that she only got laid twice in the past four months and that was two months ago when he was home. She said she was getting tired of masturbating to the internet. I almost choked on my tongue when she said that. All of the sudden I heard “My, aren’t we a little cozy in the pool”. With that Aunt Dee walked into the shallow end wearing and very sexy bikini. Her body was still amazing at 43. Aunt Linda never let go of me, just sort of turned us sideways to look at her. I almost died when Aunt Linda said “well maybe I want to get a little, you know we had sex 20 years ago”! Aunt Dee’s jaw hit the bottom of the pool. She said “when”? Aunt Linda said “I don’t know the date but it was around the time you when off to school, I think her just came back from dropping you off”? Aunt Dee gave me a stare I thought she wanted to kill me. “And how many times did you fuck”? Aunt Dee asked. Aunt Linda said “I’m not sure, a few but it was only one night”. Aunt Dee then spoke up and began to tell about our coke filled adventures. They both looked at me, called me a pig for fucking them both on the same weekend and not saying anything. They began to splash me and jump on my back. Both bikini clad ladies with the same face and bodies I’ve loved since childhood. I grabbed Aunt Dee first and tossed her across the pool and then Aunt Linda.

We fucked around and I groped each one as much as I could. I had a huge hard on and they knew exactly what I was doing. Finally Aunt Lind said “you keep grabbing my tits, here why don’t you just grab them the right way instead of your little touch here and there”. Aunt Dee just said “Holy Shit why don’t you just fuck him right here”. Aunt Linda then said “that doesn’t sound like a bad idea”. I reached out and began to massage her tits. They felt great. Because she never had kids, I guess they stayed perky because they were the same as a 30 year olds. Because of all the drinks we were pretty wasted and feeling no pain. Aunt Linda put her arms around my neck and said “do you still kiss as well as you did all those years ago. I said “better”, and with that Aunt Linda and I locked in a French kiss as I was still groping her tits. Aunt Dee just watched in shock. We finally broke our kiss and Aunt Dee said “are you done now, what the fuck”? Aunt Linda and I began to laugh and I slowly let my hand go down to her stomach and finally into her waistband and felt her cunt. Aunt Linda turned and looked at me with a smile. She knew exactly what I was about to say. I looker her in the eye with a smile ear to ear and said “you shaved”. She had a bald pussy instead of the hairy little bush I remembered. She told me that after watching porn on the internet, every woman was shaved, so she tried it and liked it.

Aunt Dee looked again and said “are you fingering my sister right in front of me”? I just looked at her and said “yep”. At this point I inserted a finger in Aunt Linda’s cunt as Aunt Dee swam next to us. Aunt Dee said “well my tits are better that hers” and began to remove her top. I reached out for one of them and began to fondle her left breast. They were magnificent. Aunt Linda said “hey, get your own guy; this one is mine for the weekend.” I was in shock. Aunt Dee said, “I’m two thousand miles from home, I’m not going out to find a man, besides, he’s family so it’s not like we are cheating. How about we share him?” I thought I died and went to heaven. After all these years, I was finally going to fuck them again.

I moved my hand down from Aunt Dee’s tit to her pussy and she too was shaved. I inserted a finger in her cunt and began to finger fuck both of them. I alternated kissing one then the other. Aunt Linda told me to get on the edge of the pool. I did as I was told and she pulled off my bathing suit. My cock was standing straight up and I reached for my drink and Aunt Linda commented on the size of my cock then wrapped her mouth around it. She used that same technique as she did 20 years ago and once again began to give me the best, if not better, than the blow job she did years ago. Aunt Dee got a little jealous and said “Can I have a turn?” Aunt Linda reluctantly handed over my cock and I watched as my gorgeous Aunt sucked my cock. She wasn’t as good as Linda but she knew what she was doing. After the two blew me a few times each, I suggested we go back into the living room. Once we were there, Aunt Linda (the hippie) lit a joint and we all took a drag. Aunt Dee was carful not to relapse but said she was clean from drugs for so long she was fine. I grabbed Aunt Linda by the hips and began to remove her bottoms as she was smoking her joint. She blew the smoke in my face and handed the joint back to Dee. I pulled her down on the couch and shifted to the floor so I was now kneeling between her legs. I began to lick her cunt and inserted two fingers in her wet pussy. I found her clit and went to town. She was so aroused that she came in under five minutes. I wiped my mouth and looked over at Dee. She was sitting in Linda’s computer chair with no cloths on masturbating. I made my way between her legs and began to eat her cunt. Dee just held my head and placed one foot on my shoulder. Before I knew it she was coming in my mouth. She bucked so much that she almost knocked herself off her chair. Her chair had wheels and I grabbed the arm of the chair before it tumbled over. We all began to laugh and finally I moved Aunt Dee to the couch next to Linda.

I got between Aunt Linda’s legs and pressed my cock against her pussy. I looked into her eyes and then leaned in for a kiss. While I was kissing her, my cock slid right in her pussy. She let out a moan and my whole shaft sank into her cunt. I began to pound away like a dog in heat. Aunt Dee just sat watching. I reached up and began to fondle Aunt Dee’s tits as I fucked her sister. I the reached over and began to kiss Aunt Dee. That was all I could take. Fucking one Aunt and kissing the other. I pulled my cock out and stood up. Both ladies put their heads together as I came on both their faces. My legs gave out when I was done and I sat back on the floor waiting to recoup. Both Aunt’s got up and went to clean up. When they got back we talked about how all our marriages have fallen into a funk. It’s not that we didn’t love our spouses, it’s just that we lost that intense lust, kind of like what we were feeling right now. Because we were family, we justified it, but we knew deep down that we were all lying to ourselves.

Aunt Dee then said she needed to get laid. I sat on the couch and Aunt Dee began to blow me to get my cock hard. It didn’t take long especially when I was thinking, I never cleaned my cock and she was sucking her sisters cunt along with my cock too. Aunt Dee then stood up, squatted over me and began to ride my cock. After a few minutes Aunt Linda reached over and began to rub Aunt Dee’s tits. When Aunt Dee didn’t say a word, Aunt Linda began to puller nipples and said, “Come on baby make your little Aunt cum.” “Fuck her tight little pussy.” Aunt Dee began to get excited and pound even harder on my cock. I was trying to meet every stroke with as much force as I could muster. Aunt Linda reached back and grabbed my cock as I fucked Aunt Dee. Then Aunt Linda got on her knees and pulled my cock out and began to suck on it. Aunt Dee looked back and said “Oh my god did you just do that?” Aunt Linda looked up and said “I know you like girls too, doest it matter at this point?” She then placed my cock back in her cunt and stood up next to us. Aunt Linda bent over and began to rub Aunt Dee’s clit and in no time Aunt Dee came, and shook violently on my cock. She slid off my cock and back on the couch. Aunt Linda took her place and did a reverse cowgirl on me. She was leaning back with her back against my chest and we began pounding away. Aunt Dee said “Two can play at this game.” and leaned in and began to lick my balls. When Aunt Linda calmed down a bit, Aunt Dee began to lick her clit. I couldn’t believe these two sisters were doing this lesbo act. It was amazing. Aunt Linda began to tense up and I knew she was going to cum. It seemed like she was tense and tight for a few minutes before she had the most awesome orgasm of her life. She would later tell us that that was the best she ever had. Aunt Linda stood up and sat next to me. Aunt Dee took her place between my legs and began to blow me. Soon I shot my load in her throat and she drank every drop. Dee stood up and planted a long kiss on me. When she was done, she looked at Linda and asked it she was alright? Aunt Linda said “I’ve never been better”.”

We all slept in Aunt Linda’s King size bed and took turns fucking the following morning. We took a break in the afternoon for more sight seeing and the baseball game. All I thought about was fucking them again. We did again after the game and a few time Saturday and Saturday night. Sunday we went to the game and after stopped at a local bar for a few after game drinks and shots. Once we were feeling no pain we returned home for some final fucking. Aunt Dee and Linda never really touched each other after the first night until Sunday night when I convinced Aunt Dee to lie on her back and Aunt Linda to lie on top of her with both pussies facing me. One on her back the other doggie style. As I went from pussy to pussy, they began to kiss and eventually wound up in a sixty-nine. I just sat there and jerked off. They didn’t last long and eventually I came for the last time in Aunt Dee’s mouth and she saved some for Aunt Linda as I watched Dee spit my cum into Linda’s mouth. It was fucking Awesome.

We had an early flight the next day and after our goodbyes we promised to do it again. Dee and I got on the plane and slept the whole ride home. When we arrived at the airport, we were picked up by both our spouses and stayed talking for a while. We said goodbye and I gave Dee a huge hug and off we went. My wife asked if I had a good time, and I said “No, I had the BEST time of my life with my Two Aunts!”

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My Two Aunts Part 2 SEX STORY


Continued story about the best weekends of my life

Now I was on my way into the city with Aunt Linda. My head was still reeling over last night and that morning with Aunt Dee. All I could think about was my Aunt Dee’s cunt and couldn’t wait to get back in it. While I was driving my Aunt Linda I noticed that she was the spitting image of my Aunt Dee only an older version. I never looked at her that way, but all of the sudden, I wanted her now. What the fuck was going on inside my head, two Aunts in one day. I figured Aunt Dee and I were a lot closer in age so that’s why we wound up fucking, but there was no chance in fucking Aunt Linda, was there?

Aunt Linda was 25 years old and working in the city for the past three years. She had an apartment there and enjoyed the city life. She was a bit of a hippie, loved nature, was very free and laid back and she didn’t like to wear a bra unless she had too. Aunt Linda was a pot head and the whole family knew except grandma and grandpa (Her parents). Anyway, while driving back Aunt Linda told me how she was without a boyfriend for the past six months and how guys all suck. She even joked about becoming a lesbian, but that women are worse than men. She asked if I would like to go to a club and hang out for the night because she hadn’t gone out in a while and all her friends were hooked up. Once we got to the city I called my folks and told them I was with Aunt Linda in the city and would be home in the morning. My mom was ok with it because I was with her little sister, what could happen, right?

Aunt Linda had long straight brown hair, blue eyes, a great ass and bigger tits that Aunt Dee, maybe a 38 D or so. They were very perky even when she wasn’t wearing a bra. We got to her place and I changed into a nice shirt I had in my bag from the trip with Aunt Dee that I never wore. Aunt Linda got dressed in a long hippie type skirt, white top but with a bra. We smoked a joint, had a beer and off we went. She got me into all these clubs I was under age for. She knew all the bouncers and bartenders. We drank and danced, not like Aunt Dee, but it was fun and we were having a great time. We left the last bar at 2 am and picked up some food and brought it back to her apartment. Just before we ate she lit up another and we smoked. The munchies kicked in and we ate our food. While we were eating Aunt Linda unclipped her bra and tossed it on the chair, not saying a word, as if it was purely natural. I could see her nipples right through her white blouse. I couldn’t take my eyes off of them and she knew it. When we were done eating, we cleaned up and went on her couch to watch TV. She sat down and I laid my head on her lap. She began to stroke my hair and asked about my most recent girlfriend. I told her we broke it off in April because she wanted to get to serious and I was just starting college. She was asking about my sex life and how much I got laid. I had a hard on that was bursting out of my pants, especially because I was looking straight up at her tits and she was caressing my face and hair.

Fuck this, I couldn’t take it and went for broke. I reached my hand up and began to caress her long hair, as I did the back of my hand was rubbing against her tit. I began to press harder and harder with every stroke, finally I began to rub her nipple with the back of my hand and finally placed it between my fore finger and middle finger and began to pull on it. Aunt Linda grabbed my hair and pulled it as she threw her head back and moaned out loud. That was all I needed. I reached under her shirt and began to rub her tits with both hands, pulling her nipples with each pass. She liked them pulled, just as much as Aunt Dee. I sat up and straddled her. Both hands still on her tits and placed a kiss on her lips. When she didn’t object, I stuck my tongue in her mouth and she answered back by opening wide. We kissed for a while and I felt her hands rubbing my cock. When we stopped kissing, she said “your cock feels huge, let me see that thing”, and with that I stood up and dropped my pants. I wanted nothing more than to have her mouth on my cock. I couldn’t believe it, less than 24 hours ago I was fucking her sister, my other Aunt. She placed her mouth on my cock and her right hand on my shaft. She kept her forefinger and thumb in a circle and pressed up against her lips. Every time she sucked and moved up and down my shaft, so did her hand. Her left hand continued to caress my balls. It was the best blow job I ever had. It was wet with spit and felt like velvet. I lasted less than five minutes and blew my load down her throat. She swallowed every drop and told me I tasted great. I pulled her shirt up and got on my knees and began to suck on her tits. Aunt Linda leaned back on the couch and reached her hands under the waistband of her skirt and began to rub her pussy. I figured I would help and as I reached under her skirt I felt that she was not wearing under wear. I also noticed that my free spirit Aunt was a bit hairy between her legs. Like I said she was a bit of a hippie. It didn’t matter, she wasn’t that hairy to begin with and besides I could smell her cunt and it smelled sweet and musky, the perfect combination. As I fingered Aunt Linda, she told me she hasn’t gotten laid in six months and need this bad. It seems like that was going around with my Aunts, and I was happy to help out.

I reached up and pulled her waistband of her skirt down revealing her hair little bush. It wasn’t has bad as I thought. It was trimmed, but full. Remember it was the 80’s and shaved cunts weren’t as popular as today. They were either trimmed, or had a landing strip, only a few girls were completely shaved and those were the ones with the best bodies wearing the smallest bikinis. Anyway I stuck two fingers in her cunt and bent them upwards trying to find her G spot as I licked her clit. Aunt Linda lifted her legs and placed both feet on the edge of the couch holding her knees and spreading her legs. She was instructing me to like faster, slower and finally hold right there as I felt her body tense and she came all over my face. She didn’t squirt, she was just soaking wet. As I went to wipe my face she stopped me and held my head and began to slowly lick her cum from my face, my dick got as hard as a rock. It was the most erotic thing I ever experienced that far in my life.

Aunt Linda held my hand and walked me over to her bed. I lay down and she straddled me, reaching for my cock and placing it at the opening of her cunt. She sat down on my shaft taking the whole thing. She kept rocking on my cock with her hands on my chest. I began to talk dirty to her and slapped her ass a few time. The more I talked dirty the faster she moved and harder she would grind on my lower abdomen. I started slapping her ass and telling her to rub her fucking clit on me until she came, she just moaned harder and started saying “yes, yes, I want to cum, oh god yes, smack my ass, hit it hard, treat me like your 15 year old whore”. I took my right thumb and placed it by her clit, and that’s all it took, she started to cum so hard she was banging on my stomach it actually started to hurt. I couldn’t take anymore and said I was going to cum. She jumped off my cock and swallowed the whole thing again, drinking every last drop of cum out of my prick. We both collapsed and fell asleep.

The next morning she was lying next to me with her cunt staring me in the face. So I got between her legs and started to finger her cunt to get it wet. She woke up with a smile and just said good morning. I stuck my cock in her cunt and she grabbed her legs and placed a pillow under her ass. She held her legs to her chest and leaned back, exposing her open cunt. That was one of the best fucks I ever had. I pulled out and shot my load all over her chest, face and hair. When I was done I fell back on the bed. Aunt Linda felt her hair and looked at me and stated “are you fucking kidding me, you came all in my hair”. We just laughed and she got up and grabbed a towel. I left a few hours later and wound up never fucking Aunt Linda again, until…..

It’s was 25 years since the best weekend of my life. We all eventually got married. Aunt Linda married a musician never had no kids and moved to Arizona. Aunt Dee got married to a Fireman and has two boys, one 15 year old and one 10 year old. Her husband also has a landscaping business on the side. I got married and have a 12 year old girl and 9 year old boy. Last year my wife gave me the most awesome birthday present: tickets to an Arizona Cardinals game and a Diamondback game on the same weekend in September. She got me three tickets and worked it out with both Aunt Linda and Aunt Dee. Because we were so close years back and haven’t had the time to be together in a while, she made all the plans for me. Aunt Dee was leaving her family behind for a four day vacation, and Aunt Linda’s husband was away on tour in Europe, so it would just be the three of us. This is when the really good part of this story takes place.

To be concluded……

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My Two Aunts SEX STORY


This is a true story. Just found this site and felt I had to share

My Two Aunts

Let me tell you how this current story starts by going back to 1966. My grandmother had my mom when she was 20 years old. My uncle came five years later and my Aunt Linda eight years after him. My mom was 13 at the time Aunt Linda was born. My Grandmother got pregnant unexpectedly at age 40 with my Aunt Dee. My mom was pregnant at the same time. I was born in August of 1966 and my Aunt Dee was born six weeks after me. True story. My Aunt Linda, Aunt Dee and I were all close growing up. Especially me and Aunt Dee. I never knew who Victoria Justice was until I saw my son watching a show last year and asked who the girl was on the show, he stated “It’s Victoria Justice; doesn’t she look like Aunt Dee when she was young”? I was thinking the same thing, she was the spitting image and Aunt Linda was just an older version of Aunt Dee. Aunt Linda and Aunt Dee could have been twins if not for the 7 years separating them. If you don’t know who Victoria Justice is, check her out on the internet and get back to my story.

We lived it adjacent towns and went to different schools but saw each other almost every weekend growing up. When we were 13 we played a game of “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours”. It was a Holiday weekend and we were in my grandparent’s basement. I coaxed Aunt Dee into lifting up her shirt and eventually pulling it off while I dropped my pants. We fondled each other a little bit but didn’t know what to do. To us it was like having sex. I remember her tiny tits and small nipples. They felt so soft and warm. A few moments later I had her pants down to her knees and was fingering her bald pussy. Oh my god you never forget that first sweet slit. It was funny because even though we didn’t know what to do, I fingered her pussy and she was stroking my cock. We got a little nervous and got dressed, never to speak of it again, until two years later.

We were both sophomores in High School and wound up at the same party in a different town. Neither of you knew the other was going. We were 15 at the time and I was with my buddy Tony and Aunt Dee was with her friend Jen. We bumped into each other shortly after we arrived. We talked and went our separate ways to see who we could hook up with. After a while we were back to hanging out with each other, but Tony and Jen hooked up and were making out in some room. There was a girl from her school named Jennifer who was a real bitch and I was hitting on her until I realized she thought the world revolved around her. Now Aunt Dee was a complete knock out, with her long brown hair, blue eyes and amazing body. I had the same family genes, just not the blue eyes. Not to brag, but I could have gotten laid anywhere, any place, any time. God gifted me with decent looks, height, slim body and a sense of humor. My Aunt and I were the hottest there and we knew it. Anyway, Jennifer and my Aunt hated each other and Jennifer began to break Aunt Dee’s chops in front of everyone. I was getting us a drink and when I came back I put Jennifer in her place to make matters worse no one at the party except Tony and Jen knew we were related. I told Jennifer that Aunt Dee was with me and proved it by making out with her in front of Jennifer. Jennifer walked away with her tail between her legs and Aunt Dee and I kept going. I couldn’t help myself and began to feel her ass with one hand and wrap my arm around her hips with the other. After five minutes I used the excuse that it was for effect. She said “I know”, wiped her face and said it was time for her to leave. I thought that a good idea before things got out of hand.

Once again, we never mentioned it again unit two more years later when she went off to college. Aunt Dee had dated over the last two years of high school and she even confessed to me when she lost her virginity not to long after our party. Anyway, she was now going to college in a different state, 250 miles away. I was staying at the local college because I was working and playing in a band and was enjoying myself. I eventually graduated from a very prestigious school in my state. My grandfather, her father, didn’t want to drive her to school, he said the ride was too much for him, so I loaned him my Dotson and he gave me his station wagon with all her shit in it. Aunt Dee was upset, not because her parents were not going but that her boyfriend dumped her at the end of the school year. It was August and I wasn’t sure if grandpa’s car was going to make the round trip, so I packed an overnight bag just in case.

When we got to the college we found her dorm and unpacked. I decided to stay the night because her roommate wasn’t to arrive for another two days. We walk around campus and fund a party at a frat house. No one cared who you were as long as you paid the five bucks to get in. While we were there and drinking, Aunt Dee confessed that she had been doing Coke for the past six months and asked if we could score. Coke wasn’t my thing, but I asked around and sure as hell for $75 bucks, I got her a gram. I couldn’t believe my Aunt was doing coke. It was only 1984, but what the fuck. She disappeared for a few minutes and came out like a new woman. We started dancing at this VFW hall and before I knew it my leg was between hers and we were bumping and grinding like crazy. My hand was on her tight as jeans and we were sweating to the August heat and booze. Aunt Dee leaned in and whispered in my ear that coke made her horny as hell. I looked back at her and said me too. She laughed threw her head back, arms in the air and her 34 AA tits sticking straight up in my face. She dropped her arms around my neck and planted her lips on mine and soon our tongues were dancing faster than us. I had both hands on her tiny ass and wanted to fuck my Aunt right there on the dance floor. We stopped kissing and dancing and got another drink. While sitting there saying nothing, Aunt Dee spoke first and said, “If you don’t mind, can you just be my friend tonight and not my nephew, I just need a friend tonight, I don’t want to be alone”. I said sure and that I never really looked at her as my Aunt anyway. We just laughed and left the party shortly after that.

We made out a few times on the way back to the dorm and got lost some too. When we made it back to the dorm, we both pee’d and lay down on the bed. She set out two lines and I did my first coke with her that night. I never really liked it much, but she did and holy shit did it make her horny. After we did the coke, we had some beer that I brought up and before we knew it we were back to sucking face and groping each other, this time was different. While I was lying on top of her, I began to squeeze her tits, I reached up under her shirt and began to massage be breast through her bra. Her hands found their way to my crotch and she began to rub her hands on the outside of my pants. I couldn’t take it any longer and had to have her .I had sit up and removed her shirt and bra. My dreams had come true. All those years of jerking off thinking about fucking my Aunt Dee were finally coming true. While I began to suck her tits I told her I wanted to do that since we were 13. She surprised me by saying her too but kept avoiding it because she knew this would happen. I sucked and pulled on her nipples while she was sitting on my lap. The more I pulled on her nipples, the hotter she got and began to order me to pull on them harder and slap her tits. I couldn’t believe a girl this gorgeous was such a slut. After a while she jumped back and began to undo my pants. She kept saying “I want to suck this sweet cock, take this fucking thing out now”. No sooner had my cock gotten out of my pants, and her mouth was all over it. God she was good too. Not the best I ever had, but she was good. I laid back and watched the entire show. I didn’t want to miss a sight or miss the feeling of her mouth around my cock. I thought I was going to blow a load in her mouth, so I pushed her back onto the bed and grabbed her pants. I needed to see and taste her pussy. Once I got her jeans off, I looked upon the most perfect pussy in the world. It was bald, smelled of perfume and that nice young musky odor. I began to kiss her inner thighs and inserted a finger in her cunt. She moaned and said “eat my fucking pussy, god I want you tongue on my fucking clit, make me come, I want to cum so fucking bad”. I was only happy to oblige. I inserted two fingers and found her G spot. She began to slide her ass back and forth while I licked her clit; suddenly she stopped, tightened up and held my head in place as I licked. She said “Oh God I’m Cumming, I fucking Cumming” and with that her body began to spasm until she was finished.

I worked my way up next to her and lay there for a moment. We were sweating like we were in a sauna, even though the A/C was on. I moved between her legs and grabbed the back of her knees and without a word, slid my cock inside her pussy. I fucked her for the good part of 20 minutes. Missionary, sideways, doggie style, you name it. She stopped once to do a line, but I didn’t care if it kept her fucking me the more the merrier. It wasn’t long before she was riding me and playing with her clit until she came. As she was having her spasm attack from coming, I shot my load deep into her cunt. I was scared at first, but after she told me she was on the pill. We feel asleep shortly after that. The next morning I woke up to her perfect ass staring me in the face. I inserted a finger in her cunt and began to finger her. She leaned her head back and said good morning. I rolled her over onto her stomach and inserted my cock in her cunt. I could feel her fingers working on her clit as I banged her as hard as I could. We both came again, this time I shot my load all over her back and long brown hair, and it was an awesome sight.

I had to leave and get my grandpa’s car back to him, but promised to come once a month on the one weekend my band didn’t play somewhere. I held my promise, and from September till April I showed up with an ounce of Coke, made myself a few bucks by selling all the cut stuff and giving her the uncut coke. In return she fucked my brains out. Around April she told me she had a boyfriend, and didn’t want to explain our relationship. I understood, and that was the last time I fucked her until……

I returned my grandfathers car and when I got to his house my Aunt Linda was there visiting from the city. My grandfather was waiting for me to come home to drive her back. He asked me how Aunt Dee was and I assured her she was fine. Not having anything else to do I got my car back and offered to drive my older gorgeous Aunt Linda back to the city. That’s where this story starts to get good. To be continued….

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THE VAMPIRE WAR Book 2 of The Vampire Sorceress T.L. Cerepaka

5665d4f20b4766dc8bc86f3848d2920745dc764fThe one day I take off from training with Dad just had to be the day when I get ambushed
by a bunch of vampires. I had been so looking forward to spending the day lying in my bed
catching up on my reading, because this week’s training had resulted in more than a few
injuries that hurt even with my powerful half-vampire body. Even though Dad was twice
my age, he really knew how and where to hit hard when he wanted, apparently under the
assumption that I could handle it due to my body being technically stronger than his.
In any case, I had been looking forward to resting after church today and had even taken a
shortcut through the back alleyways of Greensboro, the town I lived in, in order to get back
to my apartment faster. Of course, I’d been sticking to back alleyways a lot recently, ever
since I became a half-vampire, because they were usually darker than the main streets,
which meant I didn’t have to risk exposing myself to the sun and burning my skin or
outright dying. I still didn’t know exactly how much direct sunlight I could take, being a
half-vampire and all, but I knew that direct sunlight hurt and I wanted to avoid it as much as
Prior to my transformation, I used to avoid back alleys and dark places because I didn’t
want to get mugged or worse by random street thugs. After my transformation, however, I
felt a lot safer traveling these places during the day. I’d been accosted a few times by idiots
who thought I was easy pickings because I was a thin young woman in her twenties, but
they usually learned their mistake when I would send them flying with a spell or leave them
lying on the ground with a well-placed kick. Often times I just needed to flash my fangs or
lift my sunglasses just high enough for them to see my red eyes and they would run away
screaming about demons. I guess criminals really are a cowardly, superstitious lot after all.
But all this scaring normal human criminals must have made me complacent, because I
should have noticed the pale-skinned, dark clothes-wearing men who followed me from
church that afternoon. Unfortunately, all I could think about at the time was Pastor Jones’—
who was the pastor at my church—sermon on repentance and how great my dark apartment
was going to be after I got home. I was also distracted by my blood thirst due to not having
drank any blood since breakfast, which was not as bad as it used to be but still crept up on
me every now and then. Kind of like my craving for chocolate.
So when I found myself trapped in an alleyway, with two vampires behind me and two
vampires before me, I cursed myself for not noticing. Dad had taught me the importance of
situational awareness and I had gotten better at it than when I was just a normal human, but
my life had been so quiet for the past month or so that I had let my skills lapse.
I didn’t know who these vampires worked for. Like all vampires, they were pale-skinned,
with blood red eyes and fangs which were as sharp as knives. These ones were skinnier than
some I’d seen, but I knew that physical appearance meant little when dealing with vampires,
because most vampires had unnatural physical strength that was not reflected by the size of
their muscles. They looked like Newborns to me, the lowest rank in the Hierarchy, but even
Newborns could be a threat if you weren’t careful.
I normally wouldn’t be so worried about killing them, but unfortunately I didn’t bring my
silver sword, Domination, with me today, because when Pastor Jones talks about wielding
the ‘sword of God,’ I’m pretty sure that wasn’t an invitation to bring your sword to church.
It was possible to kill vampires without silver, but I still wasn’t as good at magic as I was at
swordplay, which meant my chances of killing these goons and getting out of here alive
were low.
Nonetheless, I summoned two fireballs in my hands and looked up and down the alley.
The vampires had not moved an inch since they blocked off my path, but that meant little
because vampires could move very quickly when they wanted to.
“All right,” I said, speaking in an effort to loosen my nerves, “who do you guys work for?
Are you from the Vampire Council? Is the Lamb doctrine no longer in effect and am I fair
game now or something?”
It made sense if they were from the Council. It had been well over a month since Lucius—
a vampire I knew who was more handsome than any vampire had a right to be—had
invoked something called the ‘Lamb doctrine,’ which basically meant he had been arrested
by the Order of Vampires in my place. I still didn’t know what Lucius’ current status was,
but I had been told that I would be safe from the Vampire Council for at least a month while
Lucius was being tried for my crimes. That didn’t mean that these guys were from the
Council, of course, but it would make sense if they were.
One of the vampires stepped forward. He was basically identical to the other three, except
with curlier hair and jagged claws. “We do not work for the Council, half-vampire. We have
come from someone else, who is aware of your power and wishes to make you an offer.”
“An offer?” I said. “What kind of offer are we talking about here?”
“An offer to join our master,” said the vampire. “Our master is seeking to increase his own
power and he wishes to have the power of a half-vampire on his side in order to do that.
Being a half-vampire means you’re quite unique.”
“Yeah, I know,” I said, “but I’m not particularly interested in working for your ‘master,’
especially without knowing who he is.”
“Our master gave us strict orders to keep his identity secret from you,” said the vampire,
“at least until you agree to meet him.”
“Sorry, but I’m not one for blind dates,” I said. “Go back and tell your master that I’m
waiting for the guy God has prepared for me, which probably isn’t a vampire.”
The vampire shrugged. “Our master did not say you would have any say in the matter. If
you refuse to come with us voluntarily, then we will have to force you to come with us.”
“Straight to the point,” I said. “Well, at least I don’t have to guess your intentions.”
The curly-haired vampire gestured at me. Its fellow vampires rushed toward me from
either side, but I immediately hurled my fireballs in both directions. Unfortunately, the
vampires dodged my fireballs easily, but I summoned more fireballs and kept shooting them
both ways. But aim was off, because I couldn’t aim in two directions at once, and so I ended
up hitting everything but the vampires.
So I cut off the fireballs and instead summoned an energy barrier around my body, just
like Dad taught me. The barrier blocked the slashing claws of the vampires, who looked
confused at the sudden appearance of this strange barrier I had summoned. But I then thrust
my arms out to my sides, causing the barrier to expand and smash against the vampires,
sending them flying everywhere.
I shut off the barrier and turned to run away, but then the vampires recovered from the
attack and flew back toward me on their wings. They landed around me and started to slash
and stab at me, forcing me to dodge their attacks as best as I could. I ducked and fired a
fireball into the face of the vampire directly in front of me, causing it to screech in pain and
stagger away from me, but then another vampire slammed its shoulder into me and I fell
onto the ground.
One of the vampires tried to stomp its boot on my face, but I rolled out of the way in the
nick of time and got to my feet a few feet away. I raised my hand to throw another fireball,
but then two cold hands wrapped around my wrists and jerked my arms backward. I looked
over my shoulder in surprise and saw the curly-haired vampire who had been speaking to
me standing there, his fingers tightly clinging to my wrists.
“You’re a quick one, half-vampire,” said the curly-haired vampire, “but our master
wouldn’t be happy if you escaped us.”
The curly-haired vampire slammed his head into the back of mine. It was a harsh blow,
much harsher than I expected, and I would have fallen onto the ground if the curly-haired
vampire hadn’t been holding me up. Then he twisted my arms behind my back and slammed
me onto the street, causing me to cry out in pain. The rest of his vampire friends soon
surrounded us, including the one I had thrown a fireball at, whose face was still smoking,
though it didn’t seem bothered by that.
“Now, we’re going to knock you out to make you easier to take back to the master,” said
the curly-haired vampire. “We’ll try to make sure it doesn’t hurt, but we can’t promise
I struggled against the curly-haired vampire, but he had me in a very awkward position. I
couldn’t use magic, because the pain in my twisted arms made me unable to concentrate. I
looked up to see one of the vampires pulling back its boot, probably to kick me in the face,
which would definitely knock me out and probably break my nose and some teeth at the
same time.
Right before the vampire could kick me, however, his head suddenly went flying off his
shoulders. The vampire’s body collapsed, and as it did so, I thought I saw a man wielding an
ax before he suddenly vanished, though that might have just been my imagination.
“What was that?” said the curly-haired vampire, fear entering his voice for the first time.
“Who did that?”
“I don’t know,” said another vampire, looking around uncertainly. “I think I saw a human,
A wooden stake suddenly burst through the vampire’s chest, sending black blood flying
everywhere. The vampire screeched in pain before its head also went flying off, its body
collapsing at the same time. This time, I was sure that I had seen a man wielding an ax
standing behind that vampire, though he disappeared too fast for me to make out any
specific details.
But I was never one to question my look. I felt the curly-haired vampire’s grip on my
wrists loosen, so I summoned a fireball in my right hand, which burned the curly-haired
vampire hands. It hissed in pain and let go, but then I kicked it in the gut, sending the curlyhaired
staggering backwards. I rolled over onto my back and held up my hand to shoot
another fireball, but to my surprise, the vampires were not paying attention to me. They
were instead retreating, looking this way and that as if trying to find a ghost.
“Where are you, human?” said the curly-haired vampire, his head whipping around wildly.
“Show yourself.”
A deep chuckle came from seemingly everywhere at once. “A vamp demanding that I
show myself? Please. You just don’t like the fact that I’m using your own ambush
techniques against you. Not so fun when the hunter becomes the hunted, now is it?”
Without warning, another vampire’s head flew off its shoulders. The remaining three
vampires all jumped when their friend lost his head, staring at his corpse as it fell onto the
street with a dull thunk.
“How are you doing this, human?” said the curly-haired vampire, panic now obvious in his
voice. “Stop it. It’s—”
“Scary?” came the voice again, masculine and amused. “Frightening? Anxiety-inducing?
Well, now you know how all your victims have ever felt. Savor it, because you won’t live
long enough to enjoy it.”
Another vampire’s head went flying off. The curly-haired vampire fired a strange dark
energy blast at the spot behind his friend, but it missed and only hit the street, leaving a
small crater where it landed.
A second later, the other surviving vampire’s hood was suddenly ripped off its head and
tossed to the ground. The vampire screamed in pain, clutching its now-burning face that was
exposed to the afternoon sun. But its scream was abruptly cut off when an ax appeared out
of nowhere and sliced cleanly through its neck. Unlike the other vampires, this one simply
collapsed to the street without further drama.
That left only the curly-haired vampire, who no longer looked as confident as he had even
a moment ago. He was whipping his head every which way, rotating on the spot, looking
desperately for the guy who was killing all of his friends. Me, I stayed where I was, because
I figured it probably wouldn’t be wise to be standing upright when there was a crazy guy
swinging an ax everywhere.
“Stop hiding,” said the curly-haired vampire, his voice stricken with panic. “Fight me, you
pathetic human, fight me!”
A dark laughter echoed through the alley. “’Fight me, fight me!’ You sound like my niece,
but my niece at least has the excuse of being a five-year-old girl. What’s your excuse? Did
your master steal your balls when he converted you? If not, I think I know what I’ll cut off
That must have been enough, because the curly-haired vampire turned and ran away. He
was making his way to the shadows behind a dumpster, probably intending to escape
through the Shadow Way, but then I heard a whistling sound and the curly-haired vampire
tripped and fell on his face. He tried to scramble back to his feet, but then he suddenly fell
back down as if someone was standing on him.
As it turned out, someone was standing on him. In the next instant, a man appeared on top
of the Newborn, pinning him to the ground with one of his boots. He wore long, red robes
and carried a large silver ax at his side. His hair was long and brown, but I couldn’t see his
face because his back was to me. His body was clearly muscular, though. I mean, it had to
be, otherwise how would he be able to carry around such a huge ax with one hand?
“A sorcerer?” said the curly-haired vampire in fear. “What are you doing here?”
“I prefer the term ‘vampire hunter,’” said the sorcerer, whose voice was exactly the same
as that voice which had been mocking the vampires during the entire fight. “And right now,
I have a vampire to hunt. Namely, you.”
The sorcerer raised his ax above his head, but suddenly the curly-haired vampire held up a
hand and a dark energy blast flew out of his palm. The sorcerer jumped backwards, but that
freed the curly-haired vampire, which immediately got up and rushed toward the dumpster’s
“He’s getting away!” I shouted.
The sorcerer, however, was already on it. He drew a knife from his belt and hurled it at the
curly-haired vampire. The silver knife nailed the curly-haired vampire directly between the
shoulder blades, causing it to scream in pain, but in the next moment it disappeared into the
Shadow Way and we saw it no more.
“Damn it,” said the sorcerer, lowering his hand and staring at the dumpster with a mixture
of annoyance and disappointment. “That was my favorite knife. Now I’ll never get it back.”
Personally, I thought that the fact that a dangerous vampire just got away was more
noteworthy than the fact that this guy lost one of his favorite weapons, but I didn’t say that
aloud. I just got to my feet, dusting off my jeans and jacket and checking myself to make
sure I was okay. Aside from a few scrapes and bumps, I seemed fine, though that made
sense, because I didn’t do a whole lot of actual fighting. At least, nothing on the same level
as this sorcerer guy anyway.
“Thanks for saving me,” I said, looking at the sorcerer. “I thought I was a goner there.”
The sorcerer turned around, and my jaw fell open despite myself. He was beautiful. I
didn’t know how else to put it. He had the face of a model, with high cheekbones,
penetrating black eyes, and a well-defined jawline. His long hair just added to his
handsomeness. That it was messy from all of the fighting he did just added to his
attractiveness, in my opinion. It helped that his chest was also pretty big. As I suspected, he
must have hit the gym a lot.
“You’re welcome,” said the sorcerer with a bow. “I despise vampires, especially vampires
that attack pretty young women like yourself. But don’t feel the need to thank me. I was just
doing my job.”
“Uh huh,” I said, nodding. My eyes couldn’t stop drifting to his silver ax. My vampire side
was sending my brain warning signs about it, while my human side told me to calm down
and not freak out.
Despite that, the sorcerer must have noticed what I was looking at, because he said, “Like
my ax? I’ll let you hold it if you want, though I think a girl as petite as you would probably
have difficulty holding it up.”
I shook my head and looked the sorcerer in the eyes. “Oh, no, it’s fine. I was just … I
don’t see people walking around with big silver axes like that all the time.”
The sorcerer shrugged. “Most vampire hunters prefer swords or knives due to their
lightweight nature, but I’ve always preferred my ax. Once you master the weapon, it is
actually even more effective at beheading vamps than a sword is. Combine it with magic
and you’ve got a terrifying killing technique that would make even a Vampire Lord
“So that was magic you did earlier?” I said. “The invisibility?”
“Correct,” said the sorcerer, nodding. “Invisibility is a difficult magic to master, but like
the ax, once you learn how to do it, it becomes indispensable for dealing with vamps.
Vamps tend to have better senses than humans, but they still rely on their sight more than
the others and never expect humans to use magic to hide ourselves like that. That’s why all
those vamps were so scared, because they weren’t used to dealing with a sorcerer who can
use invisibility.”
I didn’t tell him that I had been scared myself. Until I actually saw him, I thought he might
be some other vampire, maybe from the Order, who was taking out those other guys just to
get at me. Maybe that was paranoid, but given how I still didn’t know the full extent of
vampire magic, I felt it was a justifiable fear. I relaxed a bit now, though, knowing that he
was just a sorcerer and therefore a human who probably had nothing to do with the Vampire
“That’s interesting,” I said. “I can summon fireballs and energy barriers, but my magical
skills aren’t nearly as advanced as yours.”
“Comes with experience,” said the sorcerer. He snapped his fingers. “Oh, excuse me, I
haven’t introduced myself yet. Batholomew Reynolds, vampire hunter, at your service,
though you can just call me Bart for short.”
“Bart,” I said, nodding. “Well, I’m—”
“Tara Lee,” Bart interrupted. “Daughter of Richard Lee, the famous Hunter, correct?”
“How did you know?” I said in surprise. “Have you been stalking me?”
And then I thought, Would I be upset if a sorcerer as handsome as him was stalking me?
“Not exactly,” said Bart, shaking his head. “The Vampire Hunters Guild keeps up-to-date
information on all members, retired and active. I simply looked up the Hunter’s file and
found a picture of you, though I think it must have been from a few years ago because you
look slightly older than you did back then.”
I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed that Bart hadn’t actually been stalking me, but
aloud I said, “Wait, what Vampire Hunters Guild? I’ve never heard of it.”
Bart frowned, as if wondering if I was joking or not. “The Vampire Hunters Guild is the
sole vampire hunting organization among the sorcerers. Every vampire hunter is a member
of it, though you don’t have to join it if you don’t want to. Still, there are a lot of benefits for
joining, which is why pretty much everyone is a member. Your dad was a well-known
member back in his youth. Did he never tell you?”
There were a lot of things Dad never told me about, at least in regards to the sorcerer
community and his time within it. But aloud, I said, “No, he never did. In fact, I didn’t know
magic even existed until about a month ago. Dad never saw any reason to tell me about it.”
“He didn’t?” said Bart. “Interesting. I heard that the Hunter had left the sorcerer
community, but I thought that was just a rumor. Perhaps there’s more truth to it than I
Although Bart didn’t seem like a bad guy, I realized that I didn’t actually know him or
know if he was even really a vampire hunter. He was definitely a sorcerer, but that didn’t
mean he was friendly or a good guy. I had to be careful with what I told him, especially
given my nature as a half-vampire. Dad made it clear that sorcerers didn’t like half-vampires
anymore than vampires did, so I needed to be careful that I didn’t reveal my nature to him
and make Bart decide to put that ax of his in my neck.
“So how long have you been following me?” I said. “And why did you save me?”
“I haven’t been following you very long,” said Bart. “I followed you to church and then I
followed you here. I intended to reveal myself in your apartment, where we would have
some privacy, but when those vamps attacked, I decided to do what I did best and kill the
bastards. I apologize if I frightened you. It wasn’t my intention.”
“No, it’s fine,” I said, waving my hands. “I appreciate that you save me, but, um, why were
you following me in the first place? What made you want to look for me?”
“I need to see your father,” said Bart. He rested his hand on the hilt of his ax, though it
seemed more like a habit than a sign that he was going to draw it again. “There’s been some
dangerous developments in the sorcerer community and I need his help.”
“What kind of developments are we talking about?” I said. “And why are they
Bart looked away for a moment, as if uncomfortable. “I don’t feel comfortable discussing
them out here, where someone might eavesdrop on us. Best to discuss this in private with
your dad, especially as it concerns him. He will have the context necessary to understand
what’s happening.”
I frowned. Bart seemed to be telling the truth, as far as I could tell. Something bad had
happened in the sorcerer community and he felt like he needed Dad’s help dealing with it. I
couldn’t help but wonder what this problem was, but I didn’t think I would be able to
convince Bart to tell me what it was ahead of time.
“I’m not sure,” I said, rubbing the spot on my neck where I had been bitten what seemed
like a lifetime ago now. “Dad doesn’t really have much to do with the sorcerer community
anymore, so he might not be interested in helping. And besides, while I’m thankful for your
help just now, I still don’t know you well enough to—”
“I know your secret.”
I froze. “What?”
“Your secret,” Bart said. “You know what I’m talking about.”
“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” I said with a gulp. “I have no secrets. I mean,
not any secrets that most people don’t have—”
“Don’t lie to me,” said Bart. He pointed at me. “You’re a half-vampire. I overheard those
vamps call you that and you didn’t deny it.”
My eyes widened. I considered running away, but after seeing Bart take out all those
vampires like they were nothing, I didn’t think I would be able to get very far before he
caught me. “All right. I’m a half-vampire, but please don’t tell anyone. I don’t want to die.”
“Oh, I won’t tell anyone,” Bart said, “on the condition that you take me directly to the
Hunter so I can talk with him about what’s been happening in the sorcerer community.”
“Are you blackmailing me?”
“Of course,” said Bart. “Do you have a problem with that?”
I bit my lower lip. I was about to say yes, but then I realized that I was actually impressed
with Bart’s blunt honesty. That was a pretty rare thing to find in most people today and it
served only to make him even more attractive to me, maybe even outright sexy. There was
no way I could honestly say I was bothered by that.
So I slowly said, “No, I don’t. But I’m surprised you haven’t killed me already like you
did to those other guys.”
“I need you,” said Bart simply. “Besides, the daughter of the legendary Hunter couldn’t be
evil, even if she was turned into a half-vampire.”
I could tell that Bart, despite his bluntness, had other reasons for sparing me, but I chose
not to say that aloud. “Well, then I guess it’s time for us to leave.”
“Great,” said Bart with a winning smile. “We’re going to the Hunter’s house. Tell me
where it is and we can head there without delay.”
I offered to go to my apartment and get my car so we could drive to Dad’s house, but Bart
rejected the offer.
“We don’t need a car to get to the Hunter’s house,” said Bart, shaking his head. “Cars are
too slow.”
“Excuse me?” I said. “Cars are about the only way you can get around in Texas, especially
in the hill country. Do you sorcerers have a more efficient way to travel?”
“Yes,” said Bart, nodding. “Let me show it to you.”
“Is it the Shadow Way?” I said before Bart could do anything. I glanced at the shadows
behind the dumpster. “We’re not going through there, are we?”
“Of course not,” said Bart, shaking his head. “Sorcerers don’t use the Shadow Way. The
Shadow Way has a corrupting influence on humans who travel along it. Even sorcerers who
cast spells to protect them from the Shadow Way’s corruption rarely linger longer than they
have to. Besides, I don’t want to deal with the Strangers.”
“Then how are we going to get to Dad’s house quickly?” I said.
“Teleportation,” said Bart. “Hasn’t the Hunter taught you about that yet?”
I shook my head, slightly embarrassed. “No. Like I said, I’ve only known about magic for
about a month, so my understanding of it is still really basic.”
Bart looked at me in surprise. “Teleportation isn’t very advanced magic. It’s actually the
first spell you learn as a Journeyman. Are you telling me that you aren’t even a Journeyman
I knew what Bart was talking about. All sorcerers followed a path known as the Six Steps,
a traditional path designed to help sorcerers to advance in their magical skills. The first Step
was Apprentice, while the sixth and final Step was Master Sorcerer. From what I
understood, I was an Apprentice, though Dad thought I would probably reach the
Journeyman Step, the Second Step, by the end of the summer at the rate I was learning.
“I’m an Apprentice,” I said with a shrug. “Like I said, I just started. I’m not going to be a
Journeyman for a while. What Step are you on, by the way?”
“High Sorcerer,” said Bart. “That’s the Fourth Step, above Acolyte, which is above
Journeyman. Still, I don’t believe it. The adult daughter of the famous Hunter is still an
Normally, I would have been annoyed at someone talking to me like that, but Bart was so
good-looking that I was willing to let it slide for now. Besides, I couldn’t help but feel a bit
embarrassed about it myself. Dad told me that most sorcerers seriously started the Steps
when they turn sixteen, but I didn’t start until I was twenty-four. I would still learn and
grow, Dad always told me, but it would take a little bit longer than most because my
education had been so delayed. I had hoped that being half-vampire might accelerate my
learning a bit more, but if anything, it seemed to retard my growth, perhaps because my
vampire side wasn’t as magically adept as my human side.
“Can we get going already?” I said. “You wanted to see Dad, right? So let’s go and see
him already.”
“Okay,” said Bart, “but first, let me prepare the teleportation ritual.”
Bart pulled a bag out of his pocket and, opening it, began rotating in a circle, pouring a
thin line of shiny blue dust around him in a vague circle.
“What’s that stuff?” I said, looking at the blue dust, some of which had been blown on my
clothing thanks to the soft breeze. “Glitter?”
“It’s not glitter,” said Bart as he finished pouring the dust. He closed the bag up and
stuffed it back into his pocket before turning to face me again, his arms folded in front of his
chest. “It’s teleportation dust.”
“Teleportation dust?” I said. “I don’t suppose that means it can teleport people, does it?”
Bart looked annoyed at my lame attempt at a joke, but he said, “Yes, it does teleport
people, though not by itself. First, you need to create a circle around yourself like I did and
then cast a teleportation spell on the dust itself. Then the dust will take you to wherever you
need to go. Simple as that.”
“If you can already cast a teleportation spell, then why don’t you just do that instead of
messing with this dust?” I said, gesturing at the circle around him.
“Because teleportation spells by themselves are incredibly dangerous,” said Bart. “Done
wrong, a teleportation spell can actually kill its user by teleporting their body parts all over
the place, or worse, teleporting them inside out. It is possible to teleport using a spell by
itself safely, but only Master Sorcerers can do that, and even then, it’s still dangerous. For
the rest of us, we need this dust to protect us from its negative effects.”
I couldn’t help but imagine what I would look like if I tried to cast a teleportation spell and
ended up teleporting each part of my body to a different place. It was a disgusting mental
image, one I was more than happy to put aside in order to focus on something else.
“All right,” I said, “what do we do now?”
“Just step into the circle with me and hold my hand,” said Bart. He stepped back to make
some room for me in the circle. “Both of us need to be inside the circle in order for the spell
to work. Otherwise, I’ll teleport all by myself and you’ll be left here.”
I hesitated about walking into the circle with a guy I barely knew, but then I remembered
that Bart knew my secret and was more than willing to tell everyone about it if I refused to
go along with him. Besides, Bart was kind of cute. Not as handsome as Lucius, but
definitely attractive. A part of me was hungry to bite his neck, but I ignored my blood thirst
and stepped into the circle beside him.
“All right,” said Bart. “We need to make sure that all of our limbs are in the circle,
otherwise we won’t teleport to the Hunter’s house whole.”
“Keep your hands and feet in the vehicle at all times, eh?” I said.
Bart looked at me with a blank expression. “What? Was that a reference?”
“Yeah,” I said. “To what people who work on roller coasters usually say to people using
the rides.”
Bart frowned. “Roller coasters … those are the big metal things that Powerless ride for
fun, right?”
“You mean you’ve never been on a roller coaster before?”
“I’m a sorcerer,” said Bart, looking away from me. “I was born and raised by sorcerer
parents in the sorcerer community. Excuse me if I happen to be unfamiliar with the strange
death traps that Powerless use to amuse themselves.”
I had completely forgotten that sorcerers lived apart from the rest of humanity with their
own separate communities. Dad had explained that sorcerers remained separate from the
rest of humanity in order to fight vampires more effectively, but I’d had so little contact
with the wider sorcerer community since discovering my heritage and becoming a halfvampire
that I had forgotten that. It didn’t help that Dad was the only sorcerer I had any
regular contact with, and he was not an ordinary sorcerer due to the fact that he had chosen
to live among Powerless humans. As a matter of fact, I was pretty sure I hadn’t met any
sorcerers since becoming a half-vampire, which didn’t help me understand the sorcerer
community any better.
Bart opened his hand. “Take my hand. We’ll be safer if we hold hands, less likely to be
separated during the teleportation process.”
“Is that common?”
“No, but teleportation spells can go wrong even if you’re careful,” said Bart. “Better to be
safe than sorry.”
I took Bart’s hand, which was a lot warmer than mine. His hand suddenly closed around
mine in an unexpectedly tight grip.
“All right,” said Bart. “It looks like we’re all set, so here we go.”
Bart pointed a finger at the dust. A thin stream of blue light shot out of his finger and
struck the dust, immediately making the dust start to glow the same shade of blue as the
light. I had to cover my eyes with my other hand to keep my vision from being damaged,
while Bart just stood relaxed like he did this every day, which was very possible, given who
he was.
A bright flash of blue light erupted around us. I hissed in surprise and closed my eyes
tightly, but Bart didn’t make any sound at all. The bright light was almost enough to make
me let go of him, but I felt Bart’s grip tighten even more on my hand and he even pulled me
slightly closer to him as if trying to make sure I didn’t fall away.
But the bright flash lasted less than a second. In the next instant, the light faded away,
allowing me to open my eyes and see where we were.
We stood in front of the parsonage, Dad’s house. There was no mistaking the small
bungalow for anything other than the house of my dad. His red truck was even parked in the
driveway. All my worries about Bart teleporting me somewhere else immediately vanished,
though I let go of his hand anyway and stepped away from him to get out of his personal
“So this is the Hunter’s house,” said Bart, looking at Dad’s bungalow with a slightly
puzzled look. “I thought it would be bigger.”
“The church Dad pastors isn’t very big,” I said with a shrug. “The parsonage is about all
they could—”
“Church?” Bart whipped his head toward me, a puzzled and alarmed look on his face.
“Did you just say church?”
“I … did,” I said, eying Bart carefully. “Why?”
“The Hunter goes to a church,” said Bart. “Is that what you said?”
“I said Dad pastors the church,” I said, “and he has ever since he retired from vampire
hunting, so—”
Bart looked at the parsonage again, an ill expression on his face. “The Hunter not merely
attends a Christian church, but is also its pastor? I thought all the rumors about the Hunter
having converted to the Powerless religion were false, but if you are correct, then they’re
not merely true, but actually understating the horror of what has happened to the Hunter.”
“What are you so worried about?” I said. “Dad’s okay. He can still use magic and still
hates vampires. I don’t see what the problem—”
“I need to see him myself,” said Bart, lowering his hand. He didn’t seem to be paying
attention to me. “Hopefully this is all some kind of mistake or there’s some reasonable
explanation for all of this. Teacher always said that everything has a reason, though
admittedly she didn’t say that everything had a good reason, but—”
“Slow down, buddy,” I said. “I can’t understand a thing you’re saying. You’re talking too
But again, Bart didn’t seem to notice me. He suddenly took off up the driveway, walking
directly toward the front door of the house. Taken by surprise, I nonetheless walked after
him, quickly catching up to him despite his longer legs giving him longer strides.
“What are you so worried about?” I said, matching his pace as best as I could. “You act
like Dad was turned into a vampire or something.”
Bart huffed. “The Hunter becoming a vampire would be far less shocking to me than the
Hunter becoming a Christian pastor. In many ways, it is far worse.”
“Worse?” I said as we stopped at the front door. “What do you mean? What are you
talking about?”
“I don’t have time to explain it to you,” said Bart. “I need to see the Hunter and find out
just what is going on here myself.”
Bart grabbed the brass knocker on the door and slammed it against the door three times.
“Legendary Hunter! I, Bartholomew Reynolds, son of Arthur Reynolds and student of
Marissa Keen, have come seeking your assistance!”
I grabbed Bart’s wrist and jerked his hand down, causing him to look at me in surprise.
“Would you keep it down? I don’t want all of Dad’s neighbors to hear us and see you.
We’re lucky they didn’t see us just magically appear on Dad’s front lawn earlier.”
“But how else will he know we’re here unless we knock on the door?” said Bart.
I almost found Bart’s genuine confusion about how we were supposed to let Dad know we
were here cute, but then shook my head and said, “Look, I’ve got a key, so I can just let us
in. Don’t worry about what Dad will think. He’s okay with me just walking in and he’ll be
okay with you once I explain who you are.”
Bart frowned, but then he stepped aside, allowing me to step in front of the door and stick
my key into its lock. But when I turned the key, I discovered that the door was already
“I didn’t hear a click,” said Bart. “Did your key work?”
“No, but only because the door is already unlocked,” I said, removing my key and twisting
the doorknob, which moved as smoothly as ever. “Odd. Dad usually locks the door
whenever he leaves the house.”
“Leaves the house?” Bart repeated. “Don’t tell me we came all this way for nothing.”
I shook my head. “No, Dad must be here, even though he should actually probably be at
church right now or on his way back home. Maybe he got sick and had to stay home or
something. Only one way to find out.”
I opened the door and walked inside … only to step on something soft and squishy that
immediately pulled me up toward the ceiling as I screamed.
In the next moment, I found myself hanging upside down from the ceiling like a cocoon, a
strange, purple webbing wrapped firmly around my ankles.
“Tara!” said Bart, stepping inside and looking up at me. “Tara, are you okay? What
“I don’t know,” I said, looking in bewilderment at the strange purple webbing which was
slowly but surely moving down my ankles to my knees. “I just stepped on something and
then I somehow got pulled up here. Like someone set a t—”
I was interrupted by a screeching sound below, following by a long stream of webbing
shooting out of the darkness of the house toward Bart. The webbing struck Bart in the chest
and yanked him forward, but he grabbed the door jamb at the last second and held his
ground. But he had to hold the door jam with both hands, clutching it so tightly that the
jamb was starting to crack. The webbing was taut as whatever was on the other end tried to
pull Bart into its grasp, but Bart managed to stand his ground against the obvious effort of
the creature.
“What … is … this … stuff?” said Bart, his voiced straining under the effort of clutching
the jamb. “Webbing?”
I looked toward the dark interior of the house. Thanks to my night vision, however, I could
see as well as I could in the daytime, if not better, but part of me wished I couldn’t, because
the thing I saw was creepy enough to give me at least six months’ worth of nightmares.
It looked like a giant spider, standing in the hallway with its legs braced against the walls
on either side for support. It was hairy and brown, with two thick pincers on its mouth. The
purple webbing it had shot at Bart was coming from its mouth, which it was pulling back
with obvious effort. The spider had to be at least as tall as me, but three times as wide. It
looked like something straight out of a fantasy novel, but it was very real and it was very
really trying to kill both of us.
“What is that thing?” I said, staring at the spider creature in pure horror. “Where did it
come from?”
“It doesn’t matter what it is,” said Bart, his voice still strained. “Just kill it!”
Bart’s voice snapped me out of my horror. I popped my claws out of my fingers and
slashed at the webbing holding my feet up, sending me falling to the floor. I landed on my
feet and immediately cut the webbing that was attached to Bart. As soon as I did, the web
shot backwards and slapped the spider in the face, sending it staggering backward a few feet
as it growled in pain.
Standing upright, I held my claws before me carefully, keeping a close eye on the spider,
which was rubbing its face from where it had been hit by its own webbing. Its movements
were bizarre and abrupt, almost like a puppet, but as far as I could tell, that thing was a real,
living creature that would probably eat us both alive if it got the chance.
Bart walked up beside me, rubbing his chest where the spider had been pulling on it. He
was also looking at the spider, his mouth turned into a deeply disturbed frown.
“Uh oh,” said Bart. “I know what that thing is, now that I’ve gotten a better look at it.”
“Then tell me,” I said, without looking at Bart, because I didn’t want to take my eyes off
that beast. “And you’d better tell me how to kill it, too, because we’ll die if you don’t.”
“It’s a marionette spider,” said Bart. “They usually live in the Shadow Way where they
hunt anyone who is unlucky enough to get lost in there. Vampires sometimes tame them,
but most of the time they’re too wild and dangerous to tame because they’ll kill vampires
just as quickly as humans.”
“But if this spider is here, then where’s Dad?” I said, glancing at Bart. “And more
importantly, how do I kill it?”
“A silver weapon usually does the trick,” said Bart. “Unfortunately, we don’t have a silver
“Would vampire claws work?” I said, flashing my claws at him.
“Possibly,” said Bart. “If you can get in close enough and cut its throat, you could kill it.
It’s dangerous, though.”
“All right,” I said, looking at the marionette spider again. “You cover me with your spells
while I go in for the kill.”
I rushed toward the marionette spider, which had not moved an inch since I cut its
webbing. It reared back like it was about to shoot more webbing at me, but then a bright
light flew over me and struck the marionette spider in the face. The spider screeched in rage
and covered its face, which left it completely open to my claws. I raised my claws and
brought them down toward its face.
But at the last second, the marionette spider sank into the shadows on the floor. My claws
slashed empty air and I staggered forward slightly from the momentum, almost losing my
balance before I regained it.
“What the hell?” I said, looking over my shoulder at the spot where the spider had been
standing mere moments before. “Where did it go?”
“Oh, I forgot to mention that marionette spiders can enter and exit the Shadow Way at
will,” said Bart with a slightly sheepish grin. “It’s a common tactic they use whenever
they’re on the hunt. They’ll disappear into the Shadow Way to confuse their prey, only to
pop out of the shadows when their prey least expects it.”
I looked at him. “What do you mean, when I least expect—”
I heard movement above me and looked up at the ceiling to see the marionette spider
clinging to the ceiling. It fired webbing at me, but I jumped backwards and avoided the
webbing before it hit me.
Skidding to a stop beside Bart, I said, “Damn it. It’s too fast. How do we catch it?”
“I have a spell that could help,” said Bart. “But it will take a minute or two to get going.
Can you distract it for me while I set up the spell?”
“Distract it?” I said. “How?”
Bart opened his mouth, perhaps to give me a suggestion, but then some of the spider’s
webbing came out of nowhere and struck my abdomen. Without warning, I was yanked off
my feet and across the floor toward the spider, which was still hanging from the ceiling with
its eyes glaring at me as it drew me closer and closer to its gaping maw.
I slashed at the webbing, cutting it off instantly. I scrambled to my feet, but then the
marionette spider rushed toward me and knocked me down. It pinned me to the floor with
one of its legs and tried to bite my face off with its pincers. But I caught the pincers with my
hands and held them back as hard as I could, but it was difficult even with the extra strength
that being a half-vampire gave me. The marionette spider was incredibly strong and it was
only through sheer effort that I was able to hold it at bay at all.
“Come on, Bart,” I said, my voice straining now as I held back the spider’s pincers as best
as I could. “I can’t hold this thing off forever!”
“It’s almost finished,” said Bart somewhere behind me. “Just a couple more seconds and it
should be all set.”
But I didn’t know if I even had a couple more seconds. My arms were starting to get sore
from holding back the pincers, to the point where I just wanted to let go, but I didn’t,
because if I did, then I would end up spider food. So I forced myself to hold the monstrous
spider back as hard as I could, but even with all of my strength put into doing this, its
pincers drew gradually closer and closer to my face. I could smell its awful breath, which
was like mud mixed with oil, but I didn’t let it distract me.
Then, all of a sudden, Bart shouted, “Tara, push its head up! Now!”
Without hesitation, I kicked my right leg up. My leg slammed into the underside of the
spider’s head, jerking its head up, its pincers flying out of my grasp. The marionette spider
let out a grunt, but it was the last sound it made before a thunderbolt lanced out of nowhere
and struck the spider directly in the face.
The marionette spider’s head exploded, sending its blood and brains flying everywhere.
That included onto me, getting onto my clothes and hair despite the fact that I covered my
face with my hands. The marionette spider’s body collapsed on the floor in front of me. Its
legs twitched once or twice and then became very still.
“Tara, are you okay?” said Bart, running up to me and stopping next to me. “Are you
I sat up and felt the blood in my hair. “No, but now I’ve got spider blood in my hair and
it’s going to take ages to clean out. And my clothes are ruined, too.”
Bart tilted his head to the side. “Can’t you just drink the blood? Or do half-vampires not
drink spider blood?”
I licked some of the spider blood on my finger and shuddered. “Nope. Not drinking that.
Tastes like muddy water. Not all blood is made equal.”
“Well, it’s good to know that you’re unharmed, at least,” said Bart. He looked at the
marionette spider. “I wonder how this spider got here. Marionette spiders rarely leave the
Shadow Way, even to hunt. They usually prefer to hunt their prey in the Shadow Way,
because that’s their natural habitat.”
I looked down at my jacket, which was now covered in spider brains and blood, and
grimaced. “I don’t know, and frankly, I don’t want to know, but—”
A loud moan almost made me jump. It sounded like it was coming from the living room,
but I didn’t see anyone in there.
“What was that?” I said, looking up at Bart. “Did you hear someone moaning or am I just
imagining things?”
Bart shook his head. “No, I heard it, too. Stay here while I check the living room, just to
make sure that the marionette spider didn’t bring any friends.”
Before I could object to the notion that I couldn’t defend myself, Bart walked into the
living room and vanished from sight. But he was gone for only a second before he shouted,
“Tara! You need to see this and you need to see this now.”
Rising to my feet, I shouted, “What is it? Did you find the source of the moaning?”
“I did, but you’re not going to like it,” said Bart. “You’re not going to like it at all.”
The fear in his voice made me wonder what, exactly, Bart had found. I was almost afraid
to go look myself, but my curiosity—and my concern for Dad, who I didn’t see even though
this was his house—overrode my fear and I walked into the living room.
I wish I didn’t, because as soon as I entered the room, I saw Dad hanging from the ceiling,
looking quite dead.
Dad hung from the ceiling in the same way I did when I walked into that spider’s trap
earlier, only he was covered up in more webbing than I had. The webbing went all the way
up to his neck, forming a strange sort of purple cocoon over his body that made me feel ill
just looking at it. The rest of the living room wasn’t in very good shape, either. The TV had
been smashed and lay on the floor, pieces of its shattered screen everywhere; the coffee
table had been stepped on and destroyed right in the middle; and all of Dad’s Bible studies,
commentaries, and other theological books had been knocked off their shelves. The couch
was torn in two, which made it look like a big fight had happened here, but I still feared for
Dad’s life.
“Dad?” I said, running up to him and shaking him. “Dad, can you hear me? Dad!”
But Dad didn’t even stir. His glasses were missing and his eyes were closed. I wasn’t sure
if he was dead or just unconscious. He looked dead, but I didn’t see any blood or anything
to indicate that the spider had bitten him or anything like that.
I looked at Bart. “Bart, can you tell if he’s dead or not?”
“Hard to say,” said Bart, who wore an expression of disgust on his features. “Usually,
marionette spiders like to web up their food and let it sit for a while before they eat it,
because the webbing absorbs the moisture from their prey’s body and makes its body brittle
and crunchy. Given how the Hunter doesn’t look like a mummy, my guess is that he’s still
alive and still has most of his body fluids, but we should free him quickly just to make
I nodded and jumped up toward the ceiling. When I reached the ceiling, I slashed at the
webbing with my claws and Dad fell. But Bart caught him in his arms and gently lowered
him onto the floor. Pulling out a silver knife from nowhere, Bart began cutting a line down
the webbing as I fell back down and landed beside him.
“Hey, didn’t you say you lost your knife to those vampires earlier?” I said, looking at the
knife he was smoothly running down the cocoon’s surface.
“That was my favorite knife,” said Bart without looking at me. “I carry at least three silver
knives with me wherever I go. Knives are useful for more than just killing vamps, you
know. Ah, here we go.”
Bart finished cutting the webbing and dropped his knife on the floor. He ripped open the
webbing with both hands, revealing Dad’s body to us. Dad was in his Sunday clothes, a neat
white button down shirt and brown slacks to go with it. But if my clothing was disgusting
thanks to all of the spider’s bodily fluids sprayed on it, his were even worse, soaked straight
through like he had just been swimming in the ocean.
“It looks like the webbing was in the process of draining him dry,” said Bart with a sigh.
“Luckily, he didn’t lose much moisture, as far as I can tell.”
“You mean he’s going to be okay?” I said hopefully.
“I don’t know,” said Bart. “Even just minor draining of bodily fluids can cause irreparable
damage to the human body. Also, often the sensation having your fluids drained directly
from your body alone will kill a victim, so a marionette spider’s prey is usually dead long
before their corpse is drained of its fluids.”
“Meaning Dad might be dead after all?” I said, my voice growing high with fear.
“Let me check his pulse,” said Bart. “Only way to be sure.”
Bart grabbed Dad’s wrist and checked his pulse. “Yes, I can feel his pulse. He’s still alive,
still breathing, but it’s weak. I don’t know when he’ll wake—”
Dad suddenly gasped, making Bart and I nearly jump. At the same time, Dad’s eyes
fluttered open and he looked around in confusion, panting and breathing hard as he did so.
“Where … where am I?” said Dad, his voice ragged and dangerously low. “What
happened? Am I … am I dead? Is this heaven?”
“Dad!” I bent down over him and hugged him as tightly as I could. “You’re alive! I can’t
believe it. For a moment there I thought you were dead.”
“Tara?” said Dad, his voice tight. “Can you please let go of me? Having a hard time
breathing here.”
I let go of Dad and said, “Sorry. Didn’t mean to almost choke you out.”
Dad coughed and gasped so badly that I thought he was just going to die here and now.
“It’s fine, Tara. I’m just very weak right now and can’t handle bear hugs very well right
“Right,” I said. “You nearly had all of the fluids drained from your body, so you’ll
probably need to spend a lot of time sleeping to recover.”
“Fluids drained from my body?” said Dad in confusion. He looked down at his body and
frowned. “Where did all this webbing come from and why is my clothing so wet? And why
am I lying on the floor?”
“You mean you don’t remember being attacked by the marionette spider?” I said in
surprise. “Really?”
“Marionette spider …” Dad’s eyes suddenly widened with realization. “Yes, I remember
now. I just got back home from church and came in here to put my Bible away when the
spider attacked me. I tried to fight it off, but it took me by surprise and overwhelmed me.
The last thing I remember is getting hit in the head by one of its legs, but I don’t remember
anything else. Was it really a marionette spider?”
“It was,” I said, nodding. “Ask Bart. He’s the expert here, not me.”
“Who?” said Dad with a frown.
“Bart,” I said. I looked over at Bart. “Bart, why don’t you introduce yourself to—”
I stopped speaking when I saw that Bart was sitting a few feet away from us. It looked like
he had jumped away when Dad woke up, but he didn’t look like he wanted to come any
closer to us. He watched Dad with the same eyes that a scientist had when studying a newly
discovered species of animal.
Dad looked at Bart, a frown on his face. “And who are you, young man? You’re clearly a
sorcerer of some kind, but—”
“Bartholomew Reynolds,” Bart said quickly. “Son of Arthur Reynolds and student of
Marissa Keen. It’s an honor to meet you, great Hunter.”
“Arthur Reynolds?” Dad repeated. He struggled to sit up and failed due to how weak he
was, so he just lay in the webbing instead. “I recognize that name. Wasn’t he the head of the
Vampire Hunters Guild?”
“Yes, he was,” said Bart, nodding. “He’s my father. He told me many stories about you
and I’ve admired you my whole life, basing my vampire hunting career on yours, though
I’ve never had a sword like the one you used to wield. Still, I am just as ruthless in
exterminating evil as you are and seek to cleanse the world of all vampires, no matter where
they are.”
Bart spoke quickly, as if he was trying to get it all out before a timer was going off
somewhere. It certainly convinced me that Bart looked up to my dad, or rather, the stories
he used to hear about Dad, at any rate.
Dad blinked a couple of times, as if trying to take in everything Bart said at once. “That’s,
uh, nice to hear, Bart. But you can go back to the Vampire Hunters Guild. I’m not sure if
anyone told you, but I don’t do that sort of thing anymore and am not interested in taking on
“Oh, I’m not interested in becoming your apprentice,” said Bart. He scratched the back of
his neck. “Of course, I wouldn’t mind becoming your apprentice, because I’m sure you
would have a lot to teach me, but I really came looking for you because I need your help.
Not just me, by the way, but the entire sorcerer community, and the vampire community, as
“That sounds like a very serious problem,” said Dad. He propped himself up on his
elbows, which seemed to be all he could do at the moment. “What problem could be big
enough to threaten sorcerers and vampires alike?”
Bart looked Dad in the eyes. “Someone is trying to provoke a war between the Sorcerer
Parliament and the Vampire Council. And unless we stop them fast, I fear that they will
Before I could ask Bart to elaborate on his statement, Dad insisted on getting something to
drink and eat first, because he was very tired from having a lot of his bodily fluids sucked
from his body and needed to regain his energy before he could listen to Bart’s story. I got
him a glass of water and a ham sandwich from the kitchen, while Bart used a healing spell
to alleviate some of Dad’s pain. Bart also used his magic to do away with the marionette
spider’s corpse and its extra webbing, casting a spell that banished the remains of the
marionette spider to the Shadow Way where it would probably be found and eaten by
another marionette spider at some point (according to Bart, marionette spiders had a
tendency to eat their dead, which added another level of creepiness to them that made me
more determined than ever to not step foot in the Shadow Way ever again).
Thus, it was a few minutes later that Dad sat in his recliner in the living room, a thick
blanket covering his legs to keep him warm, while Bart and I sat on the remains of the
couch. I sat on the right end, closer to Dad, while Bart sat the left end, but despite that I
couldn’t help but feel a little excited to be near Bart. I still found him ridiculously
handsome, even if not as handsome as Lucius, and was glad to have a chance to look at him
as he told us his story.
“All right,” said Dad, reclining in his chair, with his ham sandwich sitting on a plate on his
lap. “You said that there is a threat to the sorcerer and vampire communities, that someone
is trying to provoke a war between the Sorcerer Parliament and the Vampire Council. What
did you mean by that?”
“Let me start from the beginning,” said Bart. He tugged at the sleeves of his robes, which
seemed to be an unconscious habit of his from what I could tell. “Ever since your
retirement, tensions between sorcerers and vampires have been going down. Not entirely,
mind you, and we’re definitely nowhere near close to making any sort of peace with those
vamps, but there’s been less violence between us than at any other point in history. Part of
this is due to how small the vampire population is nowadays.”
“What do you mean?” I said. “Has the vampire population shrunk?”
“Considerably,” said Bart, “particularly within the last twenty years. No one knows for
sure, but official estimates from the Parliament indicate that the world vampire population
has fallen by as much as twenty percent over the last couple of decades, with another ten to
twenty percent drop over the next decade.”
“That’s amazing,” said Dad. “When I was a vampire hunter, the vampire population was
actually growing. What’s the cause for this sudden decline?”
“There are a variety of reasons for that,” said Bart. “One is that vampire hunters have
simply gotten better at killing vamps. You were more influential over the Guild than you
might realize, Hunter. A lot of your techniques have been copied and mastered by the new
generation of hunters, who have used these techniques and abilities to kill vampires more
efficiently than ever. The number of kills recorded in the Guild’s record book has gone up
steadily since your retirement, particularly within the last couple of years or so.”
Dad smiled. “Good to hear. I’m surprised that they’ve been copying me, though, because
when I left the Guild, it was on not exactly good terms with the Guildmaster.”
“Well, everyone in the Guild I’ve spoken to has nothing but good things to say about you,”
said Bart with a shrug. “Even my father, Arthur Reynolds, has only ever told me good
stories about you. You’re seen as a hero by most vampire hunters, a standard by which other
vampire hunters judge themselves.”
“Are there other reasons for why the vampire population has been declining?” I said,
before Dad could respond. “Surely it can’t just be because the vampire hunters are getting
better at killing.”
“You’re right,” said Bart. “Another reason is the lack of Vampire Lords. Many have been
killed over the last couple of decades, and those few that have survived generally stay out of
sight. Because they are not going out creating new Hordes or sending out existing
Hordelings in their stead, there haven’t been enough new vampires created to replace the
ones being killed off.”
“It’s kind of a cycle,” I said. “You guys have gotten better at killing vampires, which leads
to Vampire Lords and their Hordes to hide instead of going out and making more
Newborns, which makes it easier for you guys to kill vampires because there aren’t as many
and those few that still exist are too afraid to come out and be killed, and so on.”
“Exactly,” said Bart, nodding. “I’ve even heard some people say that we might actually be
able to wipe out the vampires entirely by the end of the century. Hard to know if that’s true
or not, but the fact that people are even saying that should show you just how effective
we’ve gotten at killing vamps.”
“Well, if everything is going so well, then why do you need me?” said Dad. He took a bite
out of his sandwich and swallowed. “Sounds to me like you guys have this under control.”
“I’m not finished yet,” said Bart, holding up a hand. “Anyway, because of the declining
vampire population, the Vampire Council has issued orders to the vampire community to
avoid fighting sorcerers. They haven’t tried to send any peace envoys or anything like that,
but right now the Vampire Council has been advising all vampires under its jurisdiction to
keep to themselves and find other food sources to quench their thirst. There are even rumors
that the Vampire Council is considering trying to form some kind of peace treaty with the
Parliament in order to spare their people, though so far I haven’t seen any real evidence to
back that up.”
“I still fail to see where I’m supposed to come into this,” said Dad. “Or when you’re going
to get into this war you mentioned.”
Bart folded his arms in front of his chest. “The problem happened two weeks ago, shortly
after this month’s parliamentary meeting. When the members of the Sorcerer Parliament
were leaving the meeting room, they were attacked by several vampires claiming to be
members of the Order of Vampires.”
“You mean the Vampire Council’s secret intelligence organization?” I said.
“Yes,” said Bart, nodding. “I’m surprised you’ve heard of them, given your general
ignorance of other parts of magical life.”
“I have some experience with them,” I said with a shrug.
“Right,” said Bart. “Well, the attack was unsuccessful, because the members of Parliament
were protected by their bodyguards and were able to kill or drive off the Order members
who participated in the attack. They managed to capture one vampire, however, who
claimed to have attacked the Parliament on orders from the Vampire Council itself.”
Dad visibly stiffened when Bart said that. “You don’t believe him, do you?”
“Why wouldn’t he?” I said, tilting my head to the side. “Aren’t vampires and sorcerers
always trying to kill each other anyway? Why is it so surprising that the Vampire Council
would send some of their assassins to try to take out the leaders of the sorcerers?”
“Because that’s never happened before,” Dad said patiently. “For as long as the Sorcerer
Parliament and Vampire Council have existed, the two ruling bodies have never directly
fought each other before. There was a general unspoken agreement between them that they
would never directly attack each other, though there have been several close calls
throughout history.”
“The Hunter is correct,” said Bart. “As a result, the Sorcerer Parliament has put together a
team of vampire hunters whose job is to hunt down and kill the members of the Vampire
Council in retaliation, a team I am a member of, though I managed to get away from
everyone else in order to find you.”
“Why?” said Dad.
“Because I don’t think the Vampire Council actually sent any Order members to kill the
members of Parliament,” said Bart. “I don’t trust or like vamps in the slightest, but this just
doesn’t make sense to me. Why would the Vampire Council risk escalating hostilities with
the sorcerer community when their people are in such a precarious position?”
“But didn’t you just say that the captured Order member claimed to have been sent by the
Council itself?” I said. “That seems like conclusive enough evidence to me.”
“I don’t consider it conclusive because the Order member killed himself while he was in
custody,” said Bart. “Everyone else think it’s because he didn’t want to be forced to tell
more of the Council’s secrets, but personally I think he just wanted his lie to avoid being
uncovered. The Vampire Council has expressly denied sending any assassins after the
members of Parliament, though no one besides me believes them.”
“I agree that it doesn’t make sense for the Vampire Council to provoke Parliament like
this, but vamps aren’t always logical,” said Dad. “At their core, vamps are evil, soulless
creatures who want to cause as much death and destruction as they possibly can. That means
they won’t always act in rational ways.”
I winced slightly at Dad’s denunciation of vampires. I knew he didn’t include me in that
characterization, what with me being a half-vampire and all, but I still couldn’t help but feel
a little offended when he said that. It was probably because I was thinking of Lucius, whose
status I still didn’t know. He didn’t seem to fit Dad’s description of vampires, but then, I
guess there always are exceptions to the rule.
“True, but the members of the Vampire Council are all Vampire Lords, and Vampire
Lords are known for being more intelligent than their Hordelings,” said Bart. “Besides, I’ve
uncovered evidence that someone is attempting to provoke an all-out war between the
sorcerers and vampires. Let me show you.”
Bart pulled a piece of paper from his robes and held it out for us to see. It was a letter of
some sort, written in very beautiful cursive that made me jealous, because my own
handwriting wasn’t anywhere near that pretty.
“What is that?” said Dad. “A letter?”
“Yes,” said Bart, nodding. “I found it shortly after the initial attack on the Parliament. It
appears to have been dropped by one of the Order vampires.”
“Who wrote it?” I said.
Bart pulled the letter back to himself and looked down at it. “I think it is from whoever is
actually behind the attack. It describes what time the vampires should attack Parliament, as
well as the possible protections keeping the Parliament members safe.”
“That doesn’t seem like evidence to me,” I said. “Unless you have reason to believe that it
was not written by one of the Council members, that is.”
Bart looked up at us, a serious look on his face. “The reason I believe it was not written by
a Council member is because it was signed by someone calling himself ‘the Cyclops.’”
“Cyclops?” I said. “Like the mythical creature from Greek mythology?”
Bart nodded. “Yes, which, by the way, are not real, of course.”
“Then it’s a pseudonym,” said Dad. “Maybe one that a member of the Vampire Council is
writing under.”
Bart shook his head. “Nope. None of the Vampire Council members write under
pseudonyms, and I know this because I checked the Guild’s detailed files on them and
didn’t find this pseudonym in any of them. It’s someone else, though I still don’t know who
at this point.”
“Have you showed this letter to anyone in the Parliament or Guild?” said Dad.
“I did, but everyone thinks it’s either a member of the Vampire Council, like you, or
maybe the Chief of the Order, a vampire named Xanner,” said Bart. “No one believes me
when I say that it is someone else entirely.”
“Is that why you came to me?” said Dad. “Did you think I might be more willing to
believe you?”
“Yes,” said Bart. “All my life, I’ve heard stories about the legendary Hunter, whose
knowledge of vampire magic and lore was second only to the Vampire Council. It was a
risk, I’ll admit, but it was also the only choice I saw that I had.”
Dad tapped his chin in thought. “Interesting. I wonder if that marionette spider that
attacked me had anything to do with this Cyclops character.”
“Or those vampires who attacked me in Greensboro,” I added. “They said their ‘master’
wanted me to join them, but they didn’t say who he was.”
“I think it’s entirely possible that all three of these events are connected,” said Bart. “We
just need to figure out how, that’s all.”
Dad sighed. “I retired from vampire hunting precisely because I didn’t want to get
involved in this kind of nonsense. Oh, well. Sometimes God tells you your work isn’t done,
and it’s pretty obvious that he’s telling me that I still have some work to do in the sorcerer
community. Very well. I’ll help you.”
“Actually,” said Bart slowly, as if he was afraid of offending Dad, “I’m not so sure I want
your help anymore.”
“What?” I said. “You came all this way and told us about a possible war between sorcerers
and vampires erupting and now you’re telling us that you don’t want Dad’s help?”
“Yes,” said Bart. “I know what I just said, but having seen what the Hunter is like, I am
not sure I want his help anymore.”
“What do you mean?” said Dad. “If you mean how weak I look, that’s because of the
marionette spider’s webbing. Give me a day or two and I’ll be back in shape in no—”
“That’s not what I mean,” said Bart. “I mean what you’re doing with your life now. Your
profession.” He took a deep breath and then said, “You’re a Christian. And I can’t work
with Christians.”
“Wait, really?” I said, looking at Bart in disbelief. “You don’t want to work with Dad
because he’s a Christian? That seems like an awfully petty reason to not want his help
Bart glared at me. “Petty? How is it petty to not want to work with members of the
religion which has spent so long silencing and oppressing my people? Do you even know
what Christians have historically done to sorcerers?”
“What are you talking about?” I said. I looked at Dad. “Dad, do you know what Bart is
talking about? What does he mean that Christians have oppressed sorcerers? Is he just
making things up now or what?”
Dad readjusted his seat in his recliner, a slightly uncomfortable look on his face. “He’s not
exactly lying, but he also doesn’t really understand the full context of the historical
relationship between Christians and sorcerers. Sorcerers haven’t exactly been nice to
Christians, either.”
“Only because Christians have been outright cruel to us,” said Bart. His fist closed tightly
around the letter in his hand, nearly ripping it. “When I first heard the rumors that the
legendary Hunter Richard Lee had converted to the Powerless religion, I assumed that they
were wrong. Even if they were right, I thought it might not be so bad, because you might
only be a normal convert, but when Tara told me that you were the pastor of a church, that
confirmed all my worst fears.”
“I converted to Christianity well before I quit my vampire hunting career,” Dad pointed
out. “Ask anyone who was active in the Guild at that time, such as your father, who could
tell you that I was a Christian for several years before I stopped hunting vampires. Or did
Arthur keep that a secret from you because he didn’t think you could handle the truth?”
I held up both of my hands before Bart could respond. “Wait, wait, hold on. Can someone
fill me in on the history between Christians and sorcerers? I know that Christianity has been
against magic for pretty much it’s entire existence, but I’m thinking there’s something
deeper going on here than that.”
“It began when Constantine made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire in
the third century AD,” said Bart. “The Church began to persecute sorcerers, even though
some sorcerers had been working for the Roman Empire from its founding until Constantine
was made emperor. That was just the beginning of a long history of Christians persecuting
and attacking sorcerers wherever they found them. Part of the reason we sorcerers have
remained separate from Powerless society is that we don’t want to be persecuted by the
“It can’t have been that bad, could it?” I said hesitantly.
“It was even worse,” said Bart with a shudder. “In every time and place where Christianity
has held power, sorcerers have had to take extra precautions to remain secret. It’s true that
sorcerers have always, to some extent, had to hide our true nature from the rest of society
even prior to the rise of Christianity, but it grew much worse under Christian persecution,
though admittedly Muslims and Jews haven’t treated us much better.”
“But the Church doesn’t persecute sorcerers anymore nowadays, right?” I said.
“Only because no one in the Powerless world really believes in magic anymore,” said
Bart. “But I guarantee you that if most people found out about us, we’d find ourselves
persecuted and hounded just like our ancestors. Christians would do everything in their
power to kill us and it would be like the old days again. That’s why most sorcerers aren’t
Christians and never, ever will be.”
“Are you atheists, then?” I said. “Because you said the Muslims and Jews aren’t much
better, so—”
“No,” said Bart, shaking his head. “Most sorcerers do believe in God, but not a personal
one. We simply believe that God created the universe and then left it to run on its own. We
don’t believe that he is paying much attention to it, much less than he’s actively engaged
inside it. And the idea that God would become man and die on a cross for our ‘sins’ … well,
we find that simply ridiculous.”
Then Bart looked at Dad, his eyes full of disappointment. “So you can imagine how I feel
when I find out that one of the sorcerer community’s greatest heroes is now serving the very
same religion which has oppressed our people since its inception. I had hoped that the
rumors were false, but if anything, they just downplayed the seriousness of the Hunter’s
I bit my lower lip and looked at Dad. Dad, to his credit, didn’t look very angry. He simply
sipped his cup, though whether he was thinking of how to respond to Bart’s accusations or
if he was thinking about something else, I couldn’t say.
“What do you have to say for yourself, Hunter?” said Bart. “Why did you convert to the
religion of our enemy? Did you lose your mind after spending so many years fighting
Dad took another sip from his cup and lowered it onto the plate he held. “I think that I
don’t need to explain myself to an uppity young kid like yourself. Maybe you need to
understand that you’ve been taught just one perspective of history and not the entirety of it.”
“I don’t need to know the entirety of history to know that you’re basically a traitor to our
people,” said Bart. “I don’t understand why the Parliament has allowed you to live. Or did
you really retire from the Guild at all? Or were you kicked out because you converted to
“I retired on my own,” Dad replied. “It was never a problem in the Guild even when I was
working there, aside from a handful of idiots who were saying the same things as you.
Luckily, I was so great at killing vamps that the Guildmaster at the time didn’t care what
those idiots said.”
Bart suddenly stood up. “Idiot? It’s not idiotic to hate the religion that has oppressed your
people ever since its inception. But I guess you’ve got to project your own flaws somehow,
“Whoa, Bart, calm down,” I said, reaching out to touch his wrist, “there’s no need to get so
Bart yanked his hand away from me before I could touch him and took a step back. He
glared at me and said, “And why are you a Christian? You’re a half-vampire, for God’s
sake. I didn’t know it was even possible for a half-vampire to be a Christian.”
I hesitated when he said that. Ever since I became a half-vampire, I had been worrying
about my salvation and whether I was still saved or not. Dad thought I was, and I did, too,
but I couldn’t deny that I still had my doubts from time to time. They weren’t as serious as
they used to be, but hearing Bart say that was almost exactly the same as him reopening an
old wound I thought had closed long ago. It hurt, and it hurt a lot.
“Anything is possible through the power of Christ, Bart,” said Dad. “You would know that
if you weren’t blinded by your own bigotry.”
Bart’s hands shook. “Better to be blinded by light than by darkness, Hunter.”
With that, Bart turned and left the room. He left so quickly that I didn’t even realize it until
I heard the front door open and close with a slam.
“Bart?” I called out, rising from my seat on the couch. “Bart, are you there?”
“He’s gone, Tara,” said Dad without a hint of sadness in his voice. “And don’t bother
going after him. He clearly doesn’t want anything to do with you or me anymore, which is
fine, because I don’t want anything to do with him, either.”
I sank back onto the couch, but unlike Dad, I couldn’t feel satisfied about this. “But Bart
seems like a good guy. And his theory about a war developing between vampires and
sorcerers seems like something worth investigating.”
Dad shrugged. “It’s entirely possible that he’s wrong. Given how he reacted so violently to
the fact that I’m a pastor, he probably isn’t a very rational man in the first place. Good
I bit my lower lip. “But everything he said about Christianity and sorcerers … was it
Dad sighed. “Yes, but like I said, he doesn’t have the full context. He only knows what
he’s been taught by his parents and community. He doesn’t understand why Christians and
sorcerers have clashed so often throughout history. Yes, sometimes Christians were in the
wrong, but just as often, sorcerers were the instigators and it was the Christians who stopped
“Really?” I said. “How so?”
“While sorcerers are generally better than vampires, that is not always the case,” said Dad.
“Throughout history, there have been a few sorcerers who have been even worse than the
vampires they claimed to fight. Some of these sorcerers either went on to become dictators
themselves or else use their magical abilities to influence Powerless leaders for their own
purposes. This was especially common in Medieval Europe; for example, the Black Plague
was created by a mad sorcerer who wanted to cleanse Europe of all Christians and make the
continent into a homeland for sorcerers.”
I gulped. “That’s definitely crazy.”
“And that guy wasn’t even the worst sorcerer ever,” said Dad. “There’s a reason witchcraft
has been outlawed in Christian countries, and it isn’t because Christians are a bunch of
killjoys or bigots. Truth is that the sorcerer community hasn’t always been very wise with
its powers or always able to rein in its more destructive or evil members. Like many things
in history, the conflict between Christians and sorcerers is a lot more complicated than what
most people believe.”
I folded my hands over my lap. “So can a sorcerer be a Christian, then?”
“Certainly,” said Dad. “Technically, sorcerers can be members of any religion, but
historically sorcerers have never been involved in most major religions due to our status as a
separate race, plus, of course, the fact that many religions throughout the world—not just
Christianity—have persecuted sorcerers in the past. Even today, in many Third World
countries, it is dangerous to let Powerless people know you’re a sorcerer.”
“Do sorcerers have a religion, then?” I said.
“Sort of,” said Dad. “Like Bart said, most sorcerers do believe in a God of some kind, but
they believe that he doesn’t interact with the world much, if at all, and definitely not to the
same extent that Christians believe. Most sorcerers tend to believe in the Origin, the original
source of our powers, and it tends to take the place of God for most sorcerers.”
I rubbed my arm. “Why did you become a Christian, if I might ask? Did you hate
Christianity when you were younger, too, or what?”
“When I was growing up, I did,” said Dad, nodding. “Mostly because that’s what my own
father taught me and what everyone else in the sorcerer community believed. I was raised
by two sorcerer parents, so I never had a real chance to study Christianity on my own. It
wasn’t until I turned seventeen that I began actively studying the various world religions
and became a Christian as a result.”
“What made you become interested in religion in the first place?” I said.
“Lots of things, but mostly because I wanted an explanation for evil in the world that made
sense,” said Dad. “Whether you realize it or not, Christianity provides an excellent
explanation for the presence of evil in the world and, by extension, the existence of
vampires. But most sorcerers didn’t—and clearly still don’t, if Bart is representative of his
fellow sorcerers—believe that.”
“Was it hard being a Christian as a vampire hunter?” I said. “Did you ever have any
“Not as many as you’d think, given the rampant hostility toward Christians that exists in
the sorcerer community,” said Dad. He sipped his water again. “I think I was tolerated
mostly because I was such an efficient vampire hunter. I killed more vampires than anyone
else in the Guild at the time, so I imagine that the Guildmaster didn’t want to get rid of his
best vampire hunter just because I happen to belong to a religion he didn’t like. Guildmaster
Thomas was always a stern but fair leader and even mentored me for a while there. I guess
he must have retired himself at some point, though, if Bart is correct.”
“What about Bart’s dad?” I said. “You said you remembered him from your time in the
Guild. What did he think about your religion?”
Dad sighed. “Arthur was tolerant, I guess, and a little curious, because he always had more
interest in spirituality and religion than most sorcerers. But he never converted himself, and
it looks like his tolerant and curious attitude didn’t get passed down to his son. A shame,
because Arthur and I were good friends during my time in the Guild and the two of us made
an excellent team despite our differences in opinion. I’m not surprised to hear he became the
Guildmaster, though. He was usually second only to me in terms of vampire hunting, so it
makes sense that he got the job after Thomas retired.”
“Is that also why you left the sorcerer community?” I said. “Because of your religion?”
“That was part of it, but not the main part,” said Dad. “Truthfully, I just wanted to raise
you in a quiet, safe environment. That that quiet, safe environment would also be one where
you didn’t grow up mindlessly hating Christianity is a bonus, though an important one, of
I looked at the hallway again and frowned. “I wonder if we’ll ever see Bart again.”
“Doubt it,” said Dad. “If he reacts that violently to the mere idea of Christianity, then he’s
probably going to avoid us like the plague. A shame, really, because I’d been hoping that I
might get to see his father again, because it’s been years since I last saw Arthur and I don’t
know how he’s doing.”
I looked at Dad again. “And you’re absolutely sure that I shouldn’t go after him? The war
“Probably nothing,” said Dad, shaking his head. “And even if it is, what do I care? I’m not
involved in either side anymore. Besides, even if a war breaks out, I think the sorcerers will
be able to deal with the vamps, assuming Bart was telling the truth about the declining
vampire population numbers. You should just go back to your apartment and not worry
I bit my lower lip, but nodded and said, “Okay, Dad. I guess it doesn’t really involve me
anyway. Still, I wonder who sent that marionette spider after you.”
“I don’t know,” said Dad, “but don’t worry about me. I’ll just be a little more careful for a
while until I’m better.”
I stood up. “Well, then I guess I’ll leave, unless you want me to help with the clean up,
that is.”
Dad shook his head again. “No, that won’t be necessary. I know a spell or two that should
clean up this mess nicely.”
“All right, then,” I said. “See you later, and stay safe.”
I turned and left the living room. I opened the front door and stepped out, closing it behind
me silently. I half-expected to see Bart standing on the front lawn, but a quick look up and
down the street showed me that he had indeed teleported, though to where, I didn’t know.
A part of me felt like I should try to find him and help him stop this war, but on the other
hand, I didn’t know Bart all that well and for all I knew he might want nothing to do with
me, given that I was both a half-vampire and a Christian. And like Dad said, this really
didn’t have anything to do with us.
So I walked down the driveway, intending to get back home and get something to eat,
because I was hungry.
“Frederick!” I called out as I entered my apartment and closed the door behind me.
“Frederick, I’m home!”
A slight mrow sound came the kitchen, causing me to poke my head in and see Frederick
lying in his bed beside the fridge. Frederick was my pet cat, a colorful calico who I had
owned for a couple of years now. I’d gotten him when he was a kitten, but he had grown
into a big cat very quickly, to the point where I used to have a hard time lifting him up due
to how heavy he was (not fat, though. He was just a very big cat). Nowadays, of course, I
didn’t have trouble lifting him due to the increased strength I received when I was turned
into a half-vampire, but that didn’t change the fact that he was quite big.
Freddy looked up at me from his bed, a lazy look on his face. Based on the size of his
belly, I figured he must have gotten a mouse at some point while I was away. That was
another reason I kept him around. He was a good mouser, though you’d never know that
given how lazy he appeared. I rarely saw him actually catch mice. Most of the time, I just
noticed that his belly was bigger than it should be, which was all the evidence I needed that
he was catching mice.
But for the moment, I didn’t care about Freddy, because my blood thirst was becoming
unbearable, given how I hadn’t had any blood since breakfast. So I walked into the kitchen
and, opening the door, pulled out a bottle of monkey blood from the top shelf. Popping open
the lid, I drank about a quarter of the bottle before closing the lid and sighing with relief as
my blood lust died down. It had been bothering me ever since I left Dad’s house an hour or
two ago, to the point where I’d had to use a lot of my willpower just to avoid attacking
random people on the bus I took back to Greensboro. It had been hard, though, especially
when a young woman about my age sat next to me on the bus.
Leaning against the kitchen counter, I looked down at the monkey blood. I still had a lot of
monkey blood leftover from what Lucius had given me on our first day of training together,
even though that had been a month ago. This was because I’d discovered that I didn’t need
to drink the whole bottle to sate my thirst, that I could get away with drinking less than a
quarter of the bottle itself. And I didn’t even have to drink it every day, either. I could go
two or three, sometimes even as much as four, whole days without needing to sate my thirst,
which made it even easier to conserve the monkey blood I had.
Another reason I conserved my supply was because I didn’t know where to buy monkey
blood. Lucius had mentioned something about introducing me to his ‘merchant’ last month,
but because Lucius had been arrested before he could do that, I didn’t know where Lucius
got his monkey blood from or where I could get some for myself. It didn’t bother me at first,
but now I had about a week or two of monkey blood left and I wasn’t sure what I was going
to do to replace it.
I had considered hunting animals at night, but I had never gone hunting before, much less
at night as a vampire blinded by my blood lust. Another option I’d considered was raiding
the local hospital’s blood donor supply, but that was even less realistic, because I might get
caught, and even if I wasn’t caught, I didn’t want to drink human blood and become more of
a monster than I already was.
What I needed, more than anything, was Lucius. He would be able to introduce me to the
merchant who could sell me more monkey blood. That way, I would never need to worry
about losing control of my blood lust and accidentally harming someone.
I felt something brush against my legs and looked down. Freddy was rubbing against my
legs, a clear sign he wanted attention, so I put the bottle on the counter and bent over to
scratch the back of his ears. But I wasn’t really paying attention to Freddy. I was thinking
about Lucius and how, unless a miracle happened, I would run out of monkey blood and fall
victim to my own vampiric nature.
The problem was that Lucius was still in the custody of the Order of Vampires. And I had
no idea where the Order was, so I couldn’t stage a rescue, assuming Lucius was even still
alive at all. For all I knew, Lucius might have been executed a while ago and I was all on
my own. That would be terrible luck for me if it turned out that Lucius had been beheaded
already, so I told myself that Lucius was probably still alive and that all I needed to do was
just find him and everything would be okay.
But that was far easier said than done. As I said, I didn’t know where the Order was. I
knew they were based in a place called Castle Wings, but that was about as helpful as telling
me that they lived in Hogwarts. I could use the Shadow Way to go there, but I was still
terribly afraid of the Shadow Way after my close encounter with the Stranger known as
Timmy. Besides, Lucius had said that you shouldn’t travel the Shadow Way alone, even if
you are an experienced vampire, thanks to the aforementioned Strangers.
And, despite what Dad said, I still worried about Bart. I felt like he was telling the truth
about an all-out war brewing between the sorcerers and the vampires. Someone probably
was trying to provoke an open conflict between the two sides, but I had no idea who it could
possibly be. Whoever it was, they wanted me. I still remembered those vampires who
cornered me in that alley earlier today, who had talked about their ‘master’ wanting my
power. They were involved somehow, I knew it.
Again, though, I was at a loss for what to do. I wanted to find out if Lucius was okay, but I
also wanted to help Bart. It didn’t help that the two of them were both fairly attractive,
which was true of Bart even despite how much he hated Christianity. I felt like they were
both ultimately good men who needed my help.
The question, though, was how to help either of them, if at all. Maybe Dad was right. This
didn’t really have anything to do with us. Maybe the only thing I needed to worry about was
keeping my monkey blood supply in stock, but that just tied back to Lucius again. I
wondered, though, if Dad might be able to help me in that area. He wasn’t a vampire
himself, no, but he was very knowledgeable about vampires and might be able to help me
figure out where to buy more blood for myself.
My thoughts were interrupted by a knock at the front door. The sudden knock startled
Freddy, who immediately ran behind the fridge.
“Oh, Freddy,” I said with a chuckle. “It’s just the door. There’s no need to be such a
scaredy cat.”
Shaking my head and thinking about how silly cats could be, I walked over to the front
door and opened it. “Hello?”
But there was no one standing on the other side. I poked my head out of my apartment and
looked up and down the main hallway, but didn’t see anyone out. It was completely empty,
which would not have been that alarming normally, but given how the knock had literally
just been a couple of seconds ago, there was no way that whoever had knocked on the door
could have had enough time to run away before I opened it. Maybe I had heard someone
knocking on one of the other apartment doors. Due to how close the apartments were to
each other, it was common to think someone was knocking on your door when they were
actually knocking on someone else’s door that was close to yours.
I pulled my head back into my apartment and was just about to close the door when I
noticed a small package on the ground in front of my door. Bending over, I picked up the
package and looked it over. It was small—about the size of my cell phone—and unmarked,
save for two words written in black marker: ‘TARA LEE.’
I frowned. That was my name, all right, but I didn’t know who could possibly have sent
me this package. I hadn’t ordered anything online recently and I wasn’t expecting a package
from any of my friends or family. That the package had no other identifying information on
it—not even a return address—told me that this had been hand-delivered to me, though by
who and why, I didn’t know.
Closing the door to my apartment, I walked back into the kitchen and sat down at the
kitchen table. Freddy jumped onto the table and began trying to take my attention away
from the package, but I pushed him away in order to focus on the box. Freddy made an
annoyed mrow, but then hopped off onto the chair next to me and curled up, though he
didn’t look happy about the fact that I was paying more attention to the package than him.
He would just have to deal with it.
I felt the package. There seemed to be some kind of bottle in it, or at least something made
of glass. My first thought was that it had to be a shot glass of some sort due to how small it
was, but it seemed absurd to me that someone would mail me a shot glass, of all things.
Besides, I didn’t drink alcohol, and not just because I was a vampire, which made a shot
glass a really useless gift, if that’s what it was.
I cut open the package with one of my claws and pulled out the object. My eyes widened
with amazement at the small, glass object I held in my hand.
It wasn’t a shot glass at all. It was a very small bottle of monkey blood, tightly sealed with
a cork. Like the package, it had no identifying information on it other than ‘MONKEY
BLOOD,’ but I didn’t care. I was so thirsty that I ripped open the cork and chugged the
entire bottle down in one gulp. The monkey blood flowed down my throat easily, making
my mouth and throat feel refreshed. It had been a long time since I drank that well and for a
moment I just sat there at the table, savoring the taste of monkey blood in my mouth and the
sensation of the blood going down my throat into my body.
“Man, that was good,” I said, putting the now-empty bottle down on the table. “I wonder
who could have sent me this, though, Freddy. Do you think it was Lucius?”
Freddy didn’t say anything. His tail swished back and forth, as if trying to find out if I
would let him sit on my lap or not.
That was when I noticed a small piece of paper poking out of the packaging. In my haste
to drink the blood, I had not noticed the letter which had fallen out with it. Picking up the
paper, I discovered that it was a short letter, which read:
To Tara,
Hope you enjoy the monkey blood. Thought you might be running out, so I sent you this
bottle just to be safe.
Also, meet me in the Greensboro City Park tonight at midnight. I have more monkey blood
where this came from, but can’t give it to you just yet for reasons you’ll understand soon. I
also can’t say much here in case this letter is intercepted by the Order. Just be there at the
time I mentioned. See you soon.
From, Lucius.
Normally, it wasn’t the smartest move in the world for a young woman in her twenties to
be out in the park after dark. While the Greensboro City Park was well-known for its safety
and security, the fact was that city parks at night were prime locations for creepers looking
to kidnap or rape young women without being caught themselves. There had even been a
well-publicized story last year about a man who raped a woman in Greensboro City Park at
midnight, though like I said, that was an aberration and had done nothing to scare people
away from the Park (though I heard from Jane, who works for the city, that fewer people
came to the Park at night since that incident).
But I was a half-vampire, so I felt perfectly safe. I could see better at night than I could
during the day, for one, so if any creeper tried to sneak up on me, he’d have a hard time
doing it. Even if someone tried to get me, they’d have to contend with my enhanced strength
and magical abilities, as well as Domination, which I’d brought along with me for safety.
While I was still an Apprentice level sorcerer, I was good enough with magic that I wasn’t
afraid of any Powerless humans who might try to harm me.
But even if I had been just a perfectly ordinary Powerless girl, without a hint of magical or
fighting prowess, I would still have gone to the Park tonight, because I wanted to see Lucius
again more than anything else in the world and this was my best, maybe only, chance to do
I crouched among the trees near one of the Park’s ponds, where I was unlikely to be seen
by any late night Park attendees unless they were actively looking for me. I didn’t want to
draw unnecessary attention to myself, so I kept still and made no noise. Granted, I hadn’t
seen anyone else tonight other than a Park worker who had been pulling midnight duty back
at the entry booth (he’d been easy to sneak by because he had been reading something on
his tablet rather than actually doing his job), but I still wanted to make sure that no one other
than Lucius saw me.
Of course, the letter hadn’t told me where, exactly, I was supposed to meet Lucius.
Greensboro City Park was big. Not quite as big as some parks, perhaps, but it was big
enough that it was a popular spot for joggers. There were a lot of places in the Park that
Lucius might go to, but again, the letter hadn’t specified. Maybe that was the point, given
how Lucius seemed concerned about his letter somehow being intercepted by the Order.
Luckily, I used logic to figure that Lucius would likely appear somewhere in the heart of
the Park, which was the wildest and least visited part of the Park. The trees were thickest
here and the trails weren’t nearly as well defined or clean as the ones around the periphery. I
suspected that Lucius, not wanting to break the Secrecy Pact which separated the magical
world from the nonmagical, would come here because he would be less likely to be seen
here than elsewhere.
Yet even if my theory was wrong and Lucius was instead going to be somewhere else, I
would know. I couldn’t explain how, but somehow I would know exactly where he was
when he appeared. It was something like instinct, but not quite. I just knew that I knew it, if
that made any sense.
What made all this waiting hard, though, was my blood lust. The small bottle of monkey
blood I’d had earlier helped quench my thirst a little, but not for long. I wasn’t in danger of
attacking random people—yet—but I feared that if Lucius didn’t show up soon, I would be
forced to go back to my apartment to avoid losing control of my vampire instincts. I did not
want to spend the rest of the night stalking the poor Park workers who were stuck with the
graveyard shift.
Then I heard movement nearby. It sounded like footsteps, moving softly through the trees.
At first, I thought it was just one of the Park workers or maybe one of those rare night time
visitors, but my enhanced hearing allowed me to hear the sound of feet walking across the
leaves. That meant that whoever was here was walking barefoot, and because only a
vampire would walk barefoot at night like this, I concluded that it had to be Lucius.
Rising from my spot among the trees, I walked out of the trees and stood on the shore of
the pond. The pond was as dark and quiet as the rest of the Park, but I could still hear
movements in the trees around me. I looked between the trees, trying desperately to catch a
glimpse of Lucius, who I knew had to be close. I couldn’t quite feel him, not yet, but I knew
that he had to be close by and that I would see him soon.
Then I saw movement among the trees. It was quick, brief, easy to miss if you weren’t
paying attention like me. But the general shape of the figure moving among the trees looked
just like Lucius. I didn’t know why Lucius wasn’t just walking out and showing himself, but
I didn’t care. I just stepped forward and said, in a low voice which barely contained my own
excitement, “Lucius, is that you? It’s me, Tara.”
The only response I received was silence. I didn’t even see the figure moving among the
trees anymore. Had Lucius stopped? If so, why? Surely he would recognize my voice,
wouldn’t he? Maybe the fact that I was speaking had taken him by surprise and he was
trying to make sure that it was actually me.
Taking another step forward, I said, “Lucius, it’s okay. I don’t know what you’ve been
through or where you’ve been, but you don’t have to be afraid. It’s just me, Tara.”
I heard movement among the trees again, but this time, it wasn’t just one person. It
sounded like multiple people were converging on the pond from multiple angles. I whipped
my head this way and that, but it was impossible to focus on one thing for too long. I could
only see shapes and shadows moving among the trees, but one thing was obvious: They
were all coming toward me.
Then, without warning, multiple vampires burst out of the trees on every side. They
appeared silently, without making a noise, but it was impossible to miss them. They were all
tall and lanky, their mindless red eyes standing out against the darkness of the night like
candles. I didn’t know where these vampires fit on the Hierarchy, but given how mindless
they looked, I guessed they were Bloodseekers, maybe Draculs. In any case, there were
about six of them, which meant I was outnumbered, though that didn’t mean I was going to
give up yet.
“Who are you people?” I said, looking this way and that in a vain attempt to look at all of
them at once. “Where’s Lucius? What did you do with him?”
“Lucius isn’t here right now,” said a voice from the shadows of the trees suddenly. “You’ll
have to look for your knight in shining armor elsewhere.”
From within the shadows of the tree, another vampire stepped out, only he looked different
from the Bloodseekers which surrounded me in a loose circle. His red eyes displayed an
intelligence that was fairly human, while his physique, though not as bulky as Lucius, was
definitely athletic. He had long leather wings poking out of his back, while his head was
bald and he wore a goatee which made him look especially evil. He was definitely not a
Bloodseeker, though who he was, I didn’t know.
But I knew a threat when I saw one.
“You’re not Lucius!” I cried out.
I rushed toward the vampire and swung Domination at him. But the vampire dodged
Domination easily and then kicked me in the stomach. The blow knocked me backwards,
almost causing me to fall into the pond, but I caught myself at the last second and threw a
fireball at the vampire. The vampire, however, raised his hands and spread them apart,
creating a glowing energy barrier. The fireball struck the barrier and exploded, but when the
smoke cleared, the barrier still stood and the vampire on the other side stood completely
“You’re quicker than Hojak said,” said the vampire. “I wonder if those are the natural
reflexes of a half-vampire or if you were taught to move that fast when faced with an
obvious threat like me.”
Panting, I held Domination before me defensively. “I don’t know who you are or what you
did with Lucius, but I will take that stupid head of yours off your neck if you take even one
step closer to me. And I’ll kill every last one of your friends, too, if they try anything.”
“We didn’t do anything with Lucius,” said the vampire in annoyance. “He’s still in Castle
Wings, being held prisoner for crimes he didn’t commit. We just forged his handwriting in
order to trick you into coming here.”
“You mean Lucius was never going to be here at all?” I said, lowering Domination
slightly. “It was all a lie?”
“Of course,” said the vampire. “But a useful one, seeing as it brought you out here, right
where we want you.”
I grit my teeth. “You’re acting like you’ve got me, but I’m still standing and I still have
Domination, which I know you vamps are afraid of. I don’t think you thought through your
grand master plan terribly well.”
“Planning has never been my forte,” said the vampire with a shrug. “But you’ve got to
admit, my plan worked well this time. If you hadn’t been so desperate to see that selfrighteous
Pure, you would never have come out here in the first place.”
He had a point, but I would never admit it to him. “I take it you don’t think very highly of
“I think little of Pures in general,” said the vampire. He licked his lips. “They give up
human blood for no reason other than to feel superior to the rest of us. Quite frankly, I think
the Council should outlaw Purity and set up bounties for all Pures. They make the vampire
race weak with their unwillingness to feast upon our natural prey. Lucius is no different.”
“Lucius is way better than you,” I said. “Even if he wasn’t a Pure, he’s still better than the
rest of you vamps.”
The vampire shook his head. “Look, I’m not interested in debating the merits of Purity.
I’m interested in bringing you to our leader, and I know just the way to do it.”
“Your leader?” I said. “Are you with those creeps who attacked me in the alley earlier? Or
are you with another Vampire Lord who wants to use me for his own purposes?”
“Hojak and the others are my allies, yes,” said the vampire, nodding. “Or were my allies, I
should say, given how they all got themselves pointlessly slaughtered by that vampire
hunter. We work for the same leader, the same master.”
I sighed deeply. “Okay, can you tell your ‘master’ that I’m not interested in whatever he
has to offer? Because I’ve already had to deal with one Vampire Lord who wanted to use
my powers to further his agenda and I have zero interest in going through that experience
The vampire smiled. “I never said that my master is a Vampire Lord, did I? But even if he
was, you still wouldn’t be able to resist the offer I am going to make to you.”
“And what ‘offer’ would that be?” I said. I gestured at my ears sarcastically. “I’m all ears.”
“Simple,” said the vampire. He pointed at me. “If you kill one of the members of the
Sorcerer Parliament for us, then we will free Lucius from his captivity and you will never
have to worry about him ever again.”
“You want me to kill a member of the Sorcerer Parliament itself?” I said.
“You catch on quickly,” said the vampire. “So? What do you say?”
“You’re acting like I would even consider doing that,” I said. “I don’t know how this
works in the vampire world, but among humans, we sometimes repeat what we heard
because we thought we misheard it because of how crazy and unbelievable it sounded.”
“Oh, I have no doubt you’ll agree to it,” said the vampire simply. “After all, you care
about Lucius more than anyone in the world, maybe even more than your own father.
You’ve been pining for him for the past month, worrying ceaselessly about his wellbeing, so
it is only logical that you would agree to work for someone who claims they can help him.”
“How did you know I’ve been missing Lucius?” I said. I put a hand on my head. “You’re
not a telepath, are you?”
“Our master has his ways of knowing things,” said the vampire. “As his humble servant,
I’m expected only to deliver the messages he wants me to deliver, not question how he
knows things. But I’m telling the truth that we could free him. Castle Wings is a wellfortified
castle, but it’s not nearly as impregnable as the Order thinks it is.”
I hesitated, and then asked, “How is Lucius? Is he okay? Can you tell me that, at least?”
“I can tell you that he’s still alive,” said the vampire, “though in rather bad condition,
because the Order doesn’t treat its prisoners very well. Still, he’s very much alive and
misses you almost as much as you miss him.”
That sounded almost too good to be true, but at the same time, I wanted to believe it,
because it made me feel better. “And you say you will free him if I kill a member of the
Sorcerer Parliament.”
“Exactly,” said the vampire. “My master always keeps his word, should you accept and
complete this mission. Lucius will be freed and you and he will be together again, perhaps
In my mind’s eye, I saw myself in a wedding dress walking down the aisle of a church
with Dad. Lucius stood on the stage in a black tuxedo which made him look more handsome
than he had any right to be. He smiled when he saw me and I smiled back, filling me with so
much warm feelings that I just wanted to run up and kiss him there and then.
But then I shook my head and brought myself back to reality and said, “Why does your
master want me to kill a member of Parliament?”
“Isn’t it obvious?” said the vampire. He spread his hands. “War between sorcerers and
vampires. Plain and simple.”
My eyes widened. “So someone is trying to start a war between the sorcerers and vampires
after all. Bart was right.”
“It’s not much of a secret,” said the vampire with another shrug. “Obviously, we don’t go
around telling people about this, but any sufficiently intelligent person would be able to
figure it out if they paid attention, which most people don’t.”
My eyes narrowed. “Who is your master and why does he want to start a war between the
sorcerers and vampires? What does he hope to gain from that?”
“Now that’s a secret,” said the vampire with a smirk. “What he hopes to attain from all of
this is ‘top secret,’ as humans might say. It will become obvious in time, however, to
vampire and sorcerer alike. In the meantime, there is much work to do, including the work
of actually starting the war in question.”
“And you think that me killing that member of Parliament will start the war?” I said.
“How does that work, exactly? Am I supposed to leave a calling card that says something
like ‘I, a vampire, killed this sorcerer. Now go to war.’”
“You’ll know the details soon enough,” said the vampire. “For now, I just need your
acceptance or denial. Are you going to do what my master wants or are you going to
“What will your master do if I refuse?” I said. “Kill me?”
The vampire folded his arms in front of his chest. “Eh, probably not. But we will kill
“You wouldn’t.”
“If we can rescue him, then we can also kill him,” said the vampire. “It wouldn’t be that
hard. Simply send in an assassin armed with a silver blade and take off his head. Even I
could do it, and I’m no master assassin.”
My hands balled into fists. I could tell that this vampire and his master—whoever he was
—were serious about killing Lucius if I refused. I couldn’t stand the thought of Lucius
dying, but on the other hand, I also didn’t want to be part of a plan to kick off a war between
sorcerers and vampires. I didn’t see how anyone could benefit from a war of that size and
scale, but that didn’t mean much, given how little I knew of the magical world in general.
To buy a little more time to think, I said, “What about the marionette spider that attacked
my dad in his home? Was that your doing as well?”
“Yes,” said the vampire, nodding. “My master sent that spider to kill the Hunter. Sadly, it
didn’t work, but it came very close.”
“Why?” I said. “Why did your master want to kill my dad?”
“Because my master considers him a threat and wanted him out of the way,” said the
vampire. “But we’ll leave him alone if you will agree to do what my master wants you to
The vampire spoke like he was offering me a great deal. Either his sense of morality was
skewed or he was being sarcastic. I couldn’t tell which.
“So?” said the vampire. “What is your decision? You better answer quickly, because our
master is an impatient man and he doesn’t take well to those who dither.”
“What if I decide to fight you instead?” I said. “You and your allies? And kill every last
one of you?”
“You can try, I suppose,” said the vampire. “But consider our brief skirmish earlier and
how I came out on top. For being such a unique and powerful creature, you don’t seem to
have much in the way of fighting skills or magical ability.”
He was right and I knew it. I didn’t have a very good track record taking on so many
enemies at once. The Bloodseekers were probably easy enough on their own, but given how
this guy was clearly far above them in the Hierarchy, my chances of beating him were pretty
low. I found myself wishing, for the hundredth time, that I had received more training and
that I had had an ally like Lucius or even Bart. As it was, however, I was on my own, which
meant that I wasn’t in a very good place to negotiate.
My eyes darted back and forth as I considered my options. On all sides, I was surrounded.
And even if I somehow managed to beat all of them, I would still be unable to save Lucius,
who they would probably kill as soon as they found out what I did. I saw no way out of this
except to agree to their deal, but I couldn’t do that, because I wasn’t an assassin and had no
interest in becoming one anytime soon.
“Well?” said the vampire. “The clock is ticking, half-vampire. Our master expects us to
return with a response as soon as possible. Otherwise, he will get angry, and you don’t want
to see him when he gets angry. Trust me.”
I bit my lower lip, but slowly and reluctantly lowered Domination. “All right. I accept
your deal.”
“You do?” said the vampire, who sounded genuinely surprised. “You aren’t going to try to
fight us?”
I sheathed Domination, even though that left me feeling incredibly vulnerable. “No, I’m
not. There’s no point. I wouldn’t be able to beat all of you by myself.”
I hated to admit it, but it was true. I was in no position to beat these guys. All I could do
was accept their offer and hopefully find some way to turn it around back on them, though
that was starting to seem increasingly less likely the more I thought about it.
“That is very good to hear,” said the vampire. “Our master will be more than pleased to
hear that you’ve made the right choice. Now, come with us. We have much work to do and
it will take a little while to set you up.”
A few minutes later, the vampire—who told me that his name was Jajaras—and I stepped
out of the Shadow Way into the hallway of an unfamiliar building. It was a fairly wide
hallway, with old red carpeting along the stone floor. Portions of the walls were slightly
darker than others, which seemed to be where old paintings had once hung. It reminded me
of stereotypical European castle interiors, except there were no lights or torches by which to
see. Not that I needed them, of course, being a half-vampire and all, but it still felt kind of
strange anyway.
“Here we are,” said Jajaras, gesturing at the hallway. “This is our master’s base, Castle
Rook. It is located in Central Europe.”
“Europe?” I said. “You mean we’re not in America anymore?”
“Why does that surprise you?” said Jajaras. “The Shadow Way can allow a person to
travel anywhere on the planet from any other part of the planet. It’s why we vampires love
to use it.”
“Well, it’s just that I’ve never been outside of the United States before,” I said. “So I’m
curious about this place.”
“Take your curiosity and throw it away,” said Jajaras, turning away from me, “because
we’re not going on a tour of Central Europe. We came here only to get you the necessary
information to assassinate the member of Parliament we’ve picked out for you. We will be
in and out in less than an hour, maybe less than half an hour, depending on how quickly you
grasp what needs to be done.”
“Will I get to meet your master?” I said.
Jajaras shook his head. “Not today, no. Our master is out of the castle at the moment, but I
will be sure to let him know that you were here. And anyway, everyone will see our master
eventually, once his plan bears fruit. For now, follow me.”
Jajaras took off to the right, moving quickly and forcing me to move just as quickly in
order to keep up. As we walked, I could not help but look around the barren, empty hall and
its grimy stone walls, floor, and ceiling.
“This place doesn’t look like anyone lives here,” I said, looking at Jajaras’ back as I
followed him. “I take it your master isn’t much of an interior decorator?”
“He doesn’t care much for elaborate decoration, yes” said Jajaras without looking over his
shoulder at me. “So long as the ceiling holds and the walls don’t have any holes in them, our
master doesn’t care what it looks like, and neither do we. The human fascination with
making your living quarters look ‘nice’ is strange and one which makes humans look even
weaker than they already are.”
“What’s wrong with wanting to make your home look nice?” I said. “If you’re going to be
spending most of your time at your house, then I think it makes sense that you would want
to make sure it looked good.”
Jajaras looked over his shoulder at me like I had just said something really stupid.
“Despite being a half-vampire, you talk an awful lot like a human. That is to say, far too
I felt a little embarrassed when Jajaras said that, but, being as curious as I was, I said, “So
where, exactly, in Central Europe is Castle Rook? Like, which country? Because there are
several countries in Central Europe and—”
“That’s not for you to know,” Jajaras interrupted me. “I probably shouldn’t have even told
you that much, to be frank. Still, it won’t matter in the end, because once the war starts,
neither the sorcerers nor the vampires will have the time or energy to come after our
I would have asked Jajaras more about what he meant by that, but there was something in
his tone of voice which made it clear that he didn’t really want to talk to me anymore. So I
kept my mouth shut, but I couldn’t stop thinking about how horrible a mistake I had just
made. I should have rejected his offer earlier and just accepted the consequences. That
would have been better than agreeing to assassinate an innocent man in order to start a
pointless war.
But if I’d done that, then Lucius would probably be dead already. And besides, I had
already decided that I was going to figure out a way to turn this around back on Jajaras and
his master. How, I didn’t know, but I was sure that something would occur to me at some
point. I prayed to God that he would give me the guidance and knowledge necessary to turn
this into something good, though for some reason I had a feeling that things were about to
get much worse.
We went down a short staircase and then stopped in front of a large wooden door. It
looked too heavy for one person to open by themselves, but Jajaras pushed it open with one
hand and entered. I stepped inside and looked around at our surroundings as Jajaras closed
the door behind me.
The room which we had entered was medium-sized, with a large wooden table in the
center that was covered with a black tablecloth. On top of the cloth were papers, pictures,
and books scattered about in what seemed to be a very disorganized fashion, though Jajaras
immediately began rifling through the papers and pictures as if they were perfectly
organized in a very logical way.
“What’s all that?” I said, watching as Jajaras pushed aside various papers and pictures here
and there.
“Information on the Parliament and Council which our spies within both groups have
gathered over the years,” said Jajaras, again without looking at me. “Much of it isn’t
relevant to our current mission, however, or to yours. There’s just one document I’m
looking for … ah, here.”
Jajaras pulled a single piece of paper out of the various scattered papers and handed it to
me. “Here is your target.”
I took the document and looked down at the picture clipped to it. It showed an elderlylooking
sorcerer who was completely bald, staring at the camera with the most piercing eyes
I’d ever seen on another human being. It was like he was staring up at me directly through
the photo itself, which made it hard for me to continue to meet his gaze.
Underneath the photo was a caption which read ‘PARLIAMENTARIAN LUKE
“In case you can’t read, that is Luke Michaels, the oldest and most respected member of
the Sorcerer Parliament,” said Jajaras, folding his arms in front of his chest. “Michaels has
been a member of the Parliament for over fifty years, longer than any other Parliament
member, past or present. Most Parliament members tend to last ten or fifteen, sometimes
twenty, years, but Michaels has been reelected several times.”
“Is he that good?” I said, looking up at Jajaras.
“I don’t know,” said Jajaras. “I don’t pay especially close attention to sorcerer politics. All
I know is that he is deeply respected among the general sorcerer population. His death at the
hands of a vampire assassin would undoubtedly stir up enough outrage from the sorcerer
community to encourage the rest of the Parliament to declare war on the vampire
community, which would in turn force the Vampire Council to declare war on them.”
I lowered the document to my waist. “But I’m not a vampire. I’m a half-vampire.”
“To your average sorcerer, there’s no difference,” said Jajaras. “In the eyes of the
sorcerers, we are all abominations who must be cleansed from the earth. Frankly, I am
looking forward to the war, because it will mean we vampires can finally go all out against
the sorcerers.”
“Are you going to fight in it?” I said.
Jajaras shook his head. “Of course not. And neither will anyone else in my master’s
employ. We shall remain outside of the conflict and wait for the perfect opportunity to
strike, when both sides are too weak to fight.”
“Is that part of your master’s plans or is he just afraid of getting killed?”
“You’ll find out soon enough,” said Jajaras. “Now, let’s discuss exactly how you are going
to kill Michaels. We already have a plan figured out, one that incorporates your unique
skills and abilities. All you need to do is follow it.”
“You mean you aren’t going to ask me for my opinion on it?” I said. “At all?”
“There’s no need,” said Jajaras. “My master is very knowledgeable about half-vampires
and is aware of their legendary powers and abilities. Plus, we’ve been watching you, Tara
Lee, ever since you killed Lord Taranas and prevented him from getting the Vampire
Sword. We know far more about you than you can even guess.”
Given how they had known about my connection to Lucius—as well as how desperately I
wanted to see him again—I did not doubt that Jajaras and his master knew even more than
they let on. They might even know who my mother was. It would not be wise to test their
claim, because I had a feeling they were going to pass with flying colors.
Instead, I said, “All right, tell me what I need to do. I’m all ears.”
Jajaras leaned against the table, his arms still folded in front of his chest. “It’s simple. You
will break into Michaels’ home on his ranch in Texas and kill him in his sleep.”
I frowned. “Really? It’s that simple?”
“It sounds simple, but as I’m sure you know, there’s a lot more to it than just that,” said
Jajaras. “Michaels didn’t reach his level of power and influence in the sorcerer community
by being stupid, after all. His ranch is well-protected, both with normal human defenses
such as gates and fences, and magical, such as spells designed to detect intruders or
magically-locked doors. His bedroom is especially well-protected, with a wide variety of
different spells that could turn any would-be assassin or thief into mushy paste if they’re not
I gulped. “Maybe we should abandon this plan, then, because I’m not good enough to
break into anywhere just yet.”
“Oh, you won’t be alone,” said Jajaras. “You’ll be escorted into the ranch by a spy on the
inside, who Michaels believes is a trusted subordinate. This spy will disable some of the
magical defenses protecting Michaels, though only temporarily in order to give you the
chance to enter and kill Michaels. You won’t have the luxury of time. You will have to get
in and out without delay.”
“A spy?” I said. “How did you get a vampire into the ranch like that? And one that’s won
Michaels’ trust?”
“When did I say that the spy was a vampire?” said Jajaras with a smirk. “He’s a sorcerer,
just like your father.”
“A sorcerer?” I said. “Why would a sorcerer work for your master? I thought sorcerers and
vampires didn’t work together for any reason.”
“Our master has a way of bringing together the most unlikely of allies,” said Jajaras.
“Once you meet him yourself, you will understand. Until then, however, you must kill
Michaels. If you do so, we will free Lucius, per our agreement.”
“What if I fail?” I said. “Suppose something goes wrong and I fail to kill Michaels. What
will you do then?”
Jajaras chuckled. “What will I do? Wrong question. Ask what my master will do, because
one thing I can guarantee you, Tara Lee, is that my master rewards failure one way only:
Death to the one who failed. It’s quite motivating.”
The plan to assassinate Michaels had to wait until tomorrow night, because Michaels
would not be at his ranch until then and the spy within Michaels’ ranch needed time to
disable the defensive spells and prepare everything for me. So Jajaras took me back to my
apartment, where he left several documents about the ranch with me which his spies had
gathered over the last couple of years. He gave me strict orders to keep them to myself and
not share them with other people. He warned me that sharing the documents—as well as the
plan to assassinate Michaels itself—would be treated exactly the same as if I had gone
ahead and told someone else about the plan, which meant that Lucius would be killed and I
would be as well.
I normally wouldn’t mind having to go back to my apartment, but there was no way I
could relax under the current circumstances. I couldn’t even read the documents, because I
was so worried about someone finding out what I was doing that I found it hard to focus
long enough to read them.
Nonetheless, I sat at the kitchen table, picking up random documents and staring at them
blankly before putting them back down. I only got the most basic information from them.
The ranch was called the Four Spell Ranch, it had been founded in 1885 by Michaels’
father, it was known to the Powerless world but people just thought that Michaels was an
eccentric billionaire of some sort rather than the sorcerer he actually was, and so on. Under
other circumstances this would have made for interesting reading material, but now all it did
was make me anxious. Even Freddy sitting in my lap wasn’t enough to make me feel better.
Why had I agreed to do this? It was the dumbest thing I’d done yet. I should have just said
no to Jajaras and tried to take him and his fellow vamps down back in the Park. But if I’d
refused, then that would have put Lucius’ life at risk.
And there was the problem. Lucius. I cared too much about him. I didn’t want to put his
life in danger. I didn’t want him to die. I wanted to see him again, to be with him again,
despite knowing how impossible that really was. Jajaras had exploited my feelings for
Lucius and now I was about to pay the price for letting him do that.
I couldn’t even call Dad and talk to him about it, because if I did, then I was sure that
Jajaras would know and kill Lucius. Nor was there anyone else in the world I could talk to
about this, either, for the same reason. And I would have to wait an entire day with this
knowledge weighing on my heart. I was glad that tomorrow was my day off from work, but
then I realized that would mean spending all day tomorrow by myself, rather than having
my secretary work to distract me.
“Freddy, you’re the only one I can talk to about this,” I said, stroking Freddy’s ears softly.
“But you can’t help me, because you’re just a cat and you don’t know anything.”
Freddy purred contentedly in my lap, seemingly not noticing my depressed tone. Either
that or he noticed and just didn’t care, which I wouldn’t put past him, given how he was a
cat and all.
There was a sudden knock at the door, loud and insistent. As usual, Freddy immediately
sprang from my lap and hid behind the fridge, his claws cutting my skin. Frowning in
annoyance, I nonetheless stood up and said, “Hold on, I’m coming!”
I walked over to the door and opened it. I didn’t know who I expected to see, but I
definitely did not expect to see Bartholomew Reynolds standing in the doorway, a serious
expression on his face.
“Bart?” I said. “What are you doing here? And how did you find my apartment?”
“The Internet is a useful tool, even though it’s mostly something the Powerless use to
make up for their lack of magical ability,” said Bart. “As for why I’m here, I need … help.”
Bart sounded very reluctant when he said that, almost as if he was ashamed to admit it.
Then I remembered how angry he had been earlier, about how he refused to work with
Christians and how he saw me and Dad as traitors to the sorcerer community, and I realized
that he was probably just reluctant to come to a Christian for help.
“Help with what?” I said.
“The war,” said Bart. “Remember? The one I told you about?”
“Ah,” I said, nodding, trying not to look guilty. “Right, the war between the sorcerers and
vampires that you think someone is trying to start up.”
“I don’t just think someone is trying to start it,” said Bart. “I know someone is. And I think
I’ve finally figured out who it is.”
“Oh, really?” I said. “That’s interesting. What do you need my help with?”
Bart looked up and down the hallway outside my apartment quickly, as if to make sure we
weren’t being eavesdropped, before leaning forward and saying, in a low voice, “Because if
it is who I think it is, then I can’t defeat him on my own. I need help … and you’re the only
one who I think can help.”
“Hold on,” I said, holding up a hand. “This is all so fast. I don’t even know who you’re
talking about.”
Bart pulled back. “Forgive me. It’s just that time is of the essence and I have a hard time
being patient, especially once I learn the truth. We should sit down in your apartment and I
can tell you all about it.”
I almost nodded, but then remembered all the papers on the kitchen table and said, “Uh,
can you wait just a minute? My apartment is really messy and I need to clean it up a bit
before you can come in. It’s a literal garbage dump.”
Bart frowned and looked over my shoulder. “It doesn’t look that bad to—”
I slammed the door in his face and rushed to the kitchen. Scooping up all the documents in
my arms, I rushed to my bedroom, kicked open the door, and dumped all of the documents
on the floor near the foot of my bed. Then I grabbed my coat off my bed and tossed it over
the documents, which hid them sort of well, but would have to do for now.
Rushing out of my room, I opened the apartment door again and found Bart still standing
where I’d left him. “Okay, it’s all clean now. Come in and make yourself comfortable.”
Bart eyed me suspiciously, but then shrugged, maybe deciding I was just weird or
something, and entered. I closed the door behind him and the two of us walked into the
kitchen, where Bart took a seat on one of the chairs and I leaned against the kitchen sink.
“So,” I said, wrapping my fingers around the handle of the false drawer of the kitchen
sink, “this seems kind of late.”
“I know,” said Bart. I noticed he had bags under his eyes, which he immediately rubbed as
if he was sleepy. “And normally, I wouldn’t bother calling up anyone this late, but when I
get engrossed in research, I have a tendency to forget what time it is. Back when I was an
Apprentice, I would pick up a book before I went to bed thinking I would read a page or
two, only to spend all night reading it. And these were long books, too, with plenty of
difficult language to decipher.”
“Well, the late hour doesn’t really bother me, given that I’m half-vampire and all,” I said.
“But I take it that your research was fruitful.”
“I think it is,” said Bart, leaning back in my chair and yawning. “After I left you and your
Dad, I figured that I was all on my own in regards to stopping the war. I was lost at first,
because aside from that letter I showed you, I didn’t have much else to go on in regards to
finding out who was trying to manipulate both sides into going to war against each other.”
“Then how did you end up finding out who did it?” I said.
“The letter itself,” Bart replied. He pulled the letter out of his pocket again and laid it on
the table. “You see, there are certain spells which can scan a letter and the materials it is
made out of and tell you exactly what kind of ink and paper was used to make the letter. It’s
a spell mostly used by the Sorcerer Parliament’s Law Enforcers, because it is helpful for
solving crimes, but otherwise it is seen as a useless spell by most sorcerers. Even I
downplayed its importance until I realized that it could help me figure out who had made
the letter and where it came from.”
“Interesting,” I said. “What did the spell reveal?”
“Firstly, the letter is made of very fine paper,” said Bart. “A very expensive kind that you
can’t just find in your average office supply store. Same with the ink, which is even more
expensive and fine. You would need to be a fairly wealthy individual in order to have access
to the materials used to create this letter, which was my first clue that the person trying to
start the war is wealthy.”
Thinking about Castle Rook and how big and ancient it was, I nodded. “Yeah, that makes
sense. Still doesn’t tell us who it is, though.”
“Actually, it tells us more than you’d think,” said Bart. “There aren’t many figures in the
sorcerer or vampire world with this kind of money, so I eventually narrowed it down to a
handful of wealthy people on either side. Once I had the wealthy narrowed down, I started
looking for examples of their handwriting so I could compare it to the handwriting on the
Cyclops’ letter. I found several examples in the Sorcerer Parliament’s Library of
Knowledge, which was how I eventually figured out who had written that letter in the first
“And?” I said. “Who wrote it?”
Bart once again looked around, as if afraid someone might eavesdrop on us. Of course, the
only ‘person’ who might eavesdrop on us was Freddy, and he was currently too busy hiding
behind the fridge to eavesdrop on anyone at the moment.
Finally, Bart looked at me and said, “Luke Michaels, the oldest and most respected
member of the Sorcerer Parliament.”
My eyes widened in shock and my jaw fell open. “You can’t be serious.”
“You mean you know who Luke Michaels is?” said Bart. “I thought you were ignorant of
the sorcerer world.”
I gulped. “Uh, Dad told me about the Sorcerer Parliament once, including who Luke
Michaels is. I’m still not very familiar with him, of course, but I know that he’s the oldest
and longest serving member of the Sorcerer Parliament.”
“Well, you’re right about that,” said Bart, nodding. “He’s also a powerful sorcerer in his
own right. Some people think he could be the next Supreme Sorcerer, though he’s never
shown any interest in that title as far as I know.”
“Supreme Sorcerer?” I said. “What’s that?”
“You mean you’ve never heard of the Supreme Sorcerer?” said Bart. “Odd. I thought the
Hunter taught you about the Six Steps.”
“He did,” I said. “But none of the Steps are called Supreme Sorcerer.”
“That’s because the title of Supreme Sorcerer isn’t something everyone can attain,” said
Bart. “It’s a once in a generation—maybe even less than that—title granted only to sorcerers
of the most powerful abilities. There is only ever one Supreme Sorcerer at any one time,
because the title is bestowed upon the Supreme Sorcerer by the Origin itself. And anyone
arrogant enough to take the title for themselves will usually end up getting killed in horrible
I grimaced. “Well, who is the current Supreme Sorcerer, then?”
“There isn’t one,” said Bart, shaking his head. “The last Supreme Sorcerer died thirty
years ago, killed by a Vampire Lord. The Origin has yet to see fit to grant that title to a
deserving candidate.”
“How long does it normally take for the Origin to choose a new Supreme Sorcerer?” I
“No one knows,” said Bart with a shrug. “The Origin moves on its own schedule. In some
points of history, the next Supreme Sorcerer has been chosen almost immediately after the
death of the previous one. At other times, a full century passed before the Origin chose the
next one. It is pretty much impossible to predict, but thankfully the Sorcerer Parliament
doesn’t need the Supreme Sorcerer to function.”
“Then what’s the point of having a Supreme Sorcerer in the first place?” I said, tilting my
head to the side.
“The Supreme Sorcerer is supposed to delve into the secrets of the Origin and pass its
knowledge on to the new generations of sorcerers in order to make sure that the Origin’s
knowledge is not lost,” said Bart. “The Supreme Sorcerer has also, throughout history,
defended the sorcerer community and Earth in general from supernatural threats which even
Master Sorcerers have been unable to defeat.”
“What kind of threat is so powerful that it needs a Supreme Sorcerer to deal with?”
“You don’t want to know,” said Bart with a shudder. “Anyway, that’s irrelevant to what
I’m trying to tell you. The point is that Luke Michaels appears to be the one trying to
engineer a war between the sorcerers and the vampires.”
“But why would he do that?” I said. “I’m not saying you’re wrong, but if Luke Michaels is
a member of the Sorcerer Parliament, then doesn’t he have a vested interest in making sure
that there isn’t some kind of war?”
“I don’t know why he would do something like that,” said Bart, shaking his head. “I don’t
even want to believe it, because all my life I’ve grown up thinking that Michaels is a hero.
He’s been one of my biggest magical inspirations, right next to the Hunter himself. If
Michaels is trying to engineer such a stupid, pointless, and destructive conflict, then either
he’s completely lost his mind or he’s not as good as everyone was led to believe. Either
explanation is troubling, I’m sure you understand.”
“I do,” I said, nodding. “So what are you going to do about it?”
Bart rubbed his forehead. “I don’t know. If I went and accused Michaels of doing this
without any proof, I could get in serious trouble with the Parliament. I might even get my
vampire hunting license revoked and get kicked out of the Vampire Hunters Guild itself. At
the very least, people just won’t believe me and my credibility would take a serious hit and I
might embarrass my father. But I also can’t just sit here and do nothing about it.”
“Why did you come to me about it?” I said. I folded my arms in front of my chest. “I
thought you didn’t trust me, or my dad for that matter, because we’re ‘traitors’ to the
sorcerer community.”
Bart hung his head on his chest. “I’m sorry for saying that earlier. I just got so upset that
all of the worst rumors I heard about the Hunter were true that I stomped out without really
thinking. It’s a bad habit of mine that I’ve tried to curb in the past, but it still gets me when I
least expect it.”
“I’ll say,” I said. “I thought you were going to report me to the Parliament because I was a
Christian rather than because I’m a half-vampire.”
“Sorry about that,” said Bart, again without looking at me. “The reason I came to you is
because I figured you were the only person who would listen to me. No one else in the
Guild would believe my theory, and there’s no one in Parliament who would, either.”
I bit my lower lip, but said nothing. I was thinking about how this tied into the plan that
Jajaras roped me into. It seemed strange to me that Michaels would be trying to engineer the
war but at the same time also want me to assassinate him. Either Bart was wrong and
Michaels was not Jajaras’ master or something crazy was going on here that none of us
quite understood. I wasn’t a betting woman, but given all of the twists and turns that had
happened so far, I was willing to bet on the latter.
But I couldn’t share my thoughts with Bart, because if I did, Jajaras would kill Lucius. I
would have to be careful about what I said, because if I was too loose with my words, I
could easily make this situation infinitely worse than it had to be.
“I see,” I said slowly. “Maybe you should investigate this matter more fully first before
you do anything. It’s not like you have ironclad proof, after all. Right now, you just have
evidence that seems to point in that direction, but maybe you need some more evidence first
before you make any conclusions.”
“You’re probably right,” said Bart with a sigh. He raised his head to look at me. “But let
me tell you, Tara, that I don’t have confidence that any evidence I find will change this
conclusion. It’s just a feeling at the moment, but in the past, my instincts about such matters
have consistently turned out right. It’s why my father always used to tell me that I would
make a great detective for the Parliament, because I was capable of solving puzzles that
most people can’t with very little evidence.”
“I know, but I think it would still be best if you did a bit more investigation before
jumping to any conclusions,” I said. “Maybe you should go back to the Sorcerer Parliament
and try searching for clues there. You never know. You might find the proof you need to
convince everyone about your conclusion.”
“You’ve got a good point,” said Bart, nodding. “The Sorcerer Parliament headquarters
would likely be the best place to search for more evidence. Even so, I’ll have to be careful,
because if Michaels really is behind this plot, then he will probably try to destroy me if he
finds out what I’m doing.”
I felt relieved that Bart was going to do that, because it meant he would have to leave my
apartment and wouldn’t find out what I was going to do. “Great. So why don’t you leave
now and get a head start on the investigation? Time’s a-wasting and you have a war to
prevent, after all.”
“Right,” said Bart. “But I was wondering if you would like to come with me and help.”
I raised an eyebrow. “You want me to help you? Why?”
Bart leaned forward, resting his arms on the table as he did so. “Because I need as many
allies as I can get and you would be helpful. Plus, I’m worried that those vampires might try
to get you again and I want to make sure that you’re where I can see you.”
“Oh, thanks for worrying about me and all, Bart, but you really shouldn’t,” I said, waving
at him in a casual way. “I’ll be fine on my own. I think that, after you threw the knife into
the back of that vampire, they’ll leave me alone for a while. You should just focus on
confirming the identity of Cyclops. I can take care of myself.”
I wish I could have told him the truth, but unfortunately I didn’t want to put his life or
Lucius’ life into danger by letting him in on the fact that those vampires had essentially
already gotten me. I wanted Bart to be as far away from me as possible so that he wouldn’t
get involved in this assassination plot. While Bart could be kind of an asshole, I could tell
that he was a genuinely decent guy underneath and that he just wanted to do the right thing.
Bart frowned. “Well, all right. It would probably not be wise to bring a half-vampire to the
Sorcerer Parliament anyway, even if you are the daughter of the legendary Hunter. I doubt
they would be happy to see you.”
He rose from his chair. “Thanks for letting me into your apartment for this chat. I feel like
I now have a proper direction for my investigation. With luck, I’ll have the proof I need to
present to the rest of the Sorcerer Parliament in a few days, hopefully before that war starts.
And if I find anything important, I’ll let you know.”
With that, Bart turned and left my apartment. I waited until he closed the door behind him
and heard his footsteps walking away down the hallway before I sighed and sat down on a
nearby stool.
Nothing really made sense to me anymore. If Bart was right, then Michaels was both
engineering the war and yet at the same time trying to make me kill him. Furthermore, that
would mean that Michaels, a sorcerer, somehow got a bunch of vampires under his control,
which was a bizarre thought by itself, regardless of what Jajaras said about the
persuasiveness of his master. Clearly, there was a lot more going on than either Bart or I
understood, but unfortunately I had no way of finding out the truth.
Well, that wasn’t entirely true. Tomorrow night, when I went to assassinate Michaels on
his ranch, I would probably find out what was really going on here. One way or another, I
would discover the truth … and, despite how curious I was, I wasn’t sure if I was ready for
Tomorrow night found me crouching in the bushes just outside of the Four Wand Ranch,
which was Luke Michaels’ private ranch. More specifically, I was on its northeastern side,
outside of the tall, barb wire fence which ran the entire length of the Ranch. It was an
impressively tall fence, without any holes big enough for me to slip through. That normally
wouldn’t be a problem, because I could jump high enough to clear the top of the fence
easily, but the problem was that the fence was magically enchanted to block people who
tried to jump over it. The documents Jajaras gave me weren’t very clear on what would
happen to me if I tried to jump the fence, but they did make it clear that it would be painful
and that even if I survived, the Ranch guards would be alerted to my presence and capture
me before I could even think of escaping.
That was why I was sitting out here, a few minutes before midnight, waiting for the spy on
the inside of the Ranch to turn off the spell long enough for me to jump the fence.
According to Jajaras, the spy was supposed to show up at midnight exactly and disable the
security spell around this portion of the fence long enough for me to jump over it and land
on the other side. Then I would sneak into Michaels’ mansion, where I would then find
Michaels’ room, break in, and do the deed I had been dreading to do all day.
So far, I had not seen anyone in this corner of the Ranch, though that was to be expected,
partly because it wasn’t midnight yet, partly because I had already been informed that this
particular corner of the Ranch was rarely visited even by the ranch hands, which would
make it easier for me to sneak up to the mansion. I did, however, see the large, ornate
mansion located not too far from the fence itself. Most of the lights were on in the windows,
though my eyes were drawn to the upper right window on the highest floor, because that
was supposedly where Michaels’ room was. The light was off in there, which was how I
knew that Michaels was already in bed, or was getting ready to go to bed if he wasn’t
My hands were sweaty and my nerves were close to being shot. My blood lust was also
acting up the way it always did whenever I got nervous. I had taken a couple of sips of
monkey blood before going out precisely to avoid this, but it must not have been enough
because my mouth still thirsted for blood. I cursed myself for not bringing along a bottle for
precisely this kind of situation.
A part of me said that there was still time to leave, that I could get up and run away. I
didn’t even need to use the Shadow Way if I didn’t want to. I could just run all the way back
home, which would take several hours, but given my improved speed and stamina as a halfvampire,
that wasn’t nearly as daunting as it might have appeared at first glance. It wasn’t
midnight yet, after all.
But then I heard footsteps in the darkness on the other side of the fence and realized that
my time was up. A person-shaped silhouette appeared under the half moon’s rays making its
way slowly but surely over to the fence. The silhouette didn’t stop or hesitate, which meant
that it had to be the spy within the Ranch. He must have been confident that no one was
following him, otherwise he would not be moving so quickly and confidently.
The figure stopped in front of the fence, allowing me to see that it was a fairly lanky man
wearing a hood over his face. He raised a hand and waved it in front of the fence once. The
air around the fence shimmered and then faded, which was how I knew that he had disabled
the security spell.
Rising from the bushes, I jumped into the air as high as I could. I soared over the top of the
fence and landed on the ground next to the spy, who took a step away from me, perhaps
surprised by my sudden landing.
Standing up, I dusted off my pants and looked at the spy. “Hi, I’m Tara, the—”
“The half-vampire Jajaras told me about,” said the spy. His voice was creaky, like a pipe.
“You can jump rather high.”
“Comes with the territory,” I said with a shrug. “And you are the spy, right?”
The man nodded, though he didn’t remove his hood. “Yes. I’m Ethan Jester, the assistant
to Luke Michaels. Pleasure to meet you.”
I nodded. “Same here, though I guess you aren’t exactly a ‘loyal’ assistant to him, eh?”
Ethan looked away. “Michaels and the rest of the Parliament are fools. My true master,
however, is a visionary. Once you kill Michaels, you won’t see me crying at his funeral, I’ll
tell you that much.”
I tilted my head to the side. “Your ‘true’ master, eh? You mean the guy Jajaras works for,
the guy whose identity I still don’t know.”
“And whose identity you won’t know until it is needed,” Ethan said. He pointed toward
the mansion in the distance. “Now, enough talking. To reach the mansion, simply head
straight from here until you reach the back door. I left it unlocked and have also disabled all
of the mansion’s security spells. You won’t have to worry about being detected before you
“What about other guards?” I said. “Is there anyone else in the mansion I should be aware
“Nope,” said Ethan, shaking his head. “The other ranch hands stay in a bunkhouse on the
other side of the ranch. The mansion itself is reserved solely for Michaels, as well as any
guests he has over, but tonight Michaels is alone.”
“Is he asleep?” I said.
“He should be,” said Ethan. “Michaels may be a powerful sorcerer, but he’s still an old
man who needs his rest just like every other old person on the planet. He probably went to
sleep at least an hour ago, if not longer. By the time you get up there, he should be out cold
and will never hear you coming up behind him.”
I nodded, but in truth, I didn’t like how efficiently Ethan had managed to take out every
possible threat to the operation. I had hoped that something might go wrong, forcing us to
put off the assassination attempt for another night and therefore give me more time to figure
out how to get out of this, but it was obvious to me that the Cyclops (who I was sure was the
man who employed both Ethan and Jajaras) had been very smart about recruiting intelligent
people. That meant that I would have to hope for a miracle from God, but somehow I didn’t
think that the Lord of hosts was in the mood to bail me out of this situation.
“All right, then,” I said. “Time for me to go. See you later.”
“First, however, I need to make sure you know the backup plan,” said Ethan. “Jajaras went
over it with you, didn’t he?”
I nodded again. “Yeah. If the plan fails, I retreat into the Shadow Way and then send a
signal to let Jajaras know that I failed so he can fish me out of there. We went over it before
I came here.”
“Good,” said Ethan. “I just wanted to make sure that he hadn’t neglected to go over that
part of the plan with you, given Jajaras’ tendency to forget important details. Just typical
vamp behavior, you understand.”
Frankly, I didn’t, but given how little contact I had with vampires, perhaps I was just
inexperienced. “Okay. If you don’t have anything else to talk with me about, then I’m going
“Good luck,” said Ethan. “As for me, I’m going back to the bunkhouse. I left a fake replica
of myself in my bed there to make sure no one noticed I was missing, so I will have the
perfect alibi in the event you fail to kill Michaels.”
I frowned. “Why are you telling me this?”
“Some people need to model long term thinking to those who are less than capable of it,”
Ethan replied. “Vamps are notorious for their inability to think longer than their next meal.
Given how you are half-vampire, I wonder how that has affected your long term thinking
skills. Likely negatively, though I can’t say for sure.”
I scowled. “My ‘long term thinking skills’ are just fine. Now, are you just going to keep
passive aggressively insulting me like that or are you going to leave?”
Ethan shook his head. “I forget how sensitive vamps can be at times, but very well. The
next time we see each other, the war will have hopefully begun and the master’s plan will be
in full swing.”
Ethan turned around and walked away, this time moving quicker than before. I didn’t wait
to watch him go, however. Instead, I immediately walked in the direction he had told me
about, cutting across the wide property and doing my best to keep low to the ground to
avoid being spotted. I know Ethan said that there was no one in the mansion except
Michaels and that he had disabled all of the security spells, but it was still wise to be as
stealthy as possible anyway.
Despite the absolute immensity of the area around the mansion, I reached the mansion
itself quickly. I stopped behind an old-fashioned well that didn’t seem to be in use anymore
and looked around again. I had reached the back of the mansion which, as Ethan had said,
was completely undefended. I didn’t see any guards standing nearby or even a dog lying on
the porch. The back door light was on, but it wasn’t very bright, though it did make my eyes
squint slightly and my skin itch when it touched me.
It looked safe to cross, but then it occurred to me that I didn’t need to go through the back
door to reach Michaels’ room. The window to his room above me looked wide enough for
me to enter, and if Ethan was correct, then Michaels was probably sleeping like a rock right
now, which meant he wouldn’t be able to hear me enter, assuming I was quiet. Plus, I could
jump or climb up the house fairly easily.
So I ran out from behind the well and began climbing the back of the house. In seconds, I
reached the roof and carefully made my way over to the window to Michaels’ room.
Stopping on the window sill, I peered through the window carefully, just to make sure that
Michaels was actually asleep.
The room was completely dark, with not a single light turned on, not even a night light.
But my night vision allowed me to see Luke Michaels sleeping on his bed in the center of
the room. His back was to me, but there was no mistaking that long gray hair for the hair of
anyone else. I didn’t see anyone else in the room with him, either, which meant that I was
free to enter and kill him.
It took me a second to break the locks and open the window from the outside. Before I
pushed the windows open, however, I hesitated. Though I was in deep now, there was still a
chance—however remote—that I could turn and leave now. I could run away and leave
Michaels to sleep soundly in his bed. I didn’t need to kill him. I didn’t need to start a war
that would destroy both the sorcerer and vampire communities.
But then I thought about Lucius and how I didn’t want him to die. So I pushed open the
window and slipped inside as silently as I could, my feet lightly landing on the solid wood
And as soon as the soles of my shoes touched the floor, every light in the room turned on
at once.
The pain from being hit by so much light at once was what I imagined having a pot of
boiling water thrown in your face must have felt like. I screamed and slammed my hands
over my face and fell onto the floor, pulling my head down, trying to do my best to create as
dark a space as possible. But the lights were so bright that even the darkest place I could
make was still too bright. The light overhead burned every inch of my exposed skin, making
me feel like I was sitting in an oven.
“There you are,” said an old, deep voice above me. “I thought a vamp might try to get me,
but I didn’t think it would happen so soon.”
I slowly raised my head to see who had spoken, though it was hard to see because the light
was so bright. I put my hands over my eyes to protect my vision, though even that didn’t
offer as much protection as I would have liked.
Standing before me was Luke Michaels himself. He looked pretty much exactly the same
as he did in the pictures I had seen of him, except wearing blue pajamas rather than fancy
sorcerer robes. He was leaning on his cane for support, but I didn’t think he looked even
remotely weak, because his eyes were harsh and piercing. Even if the room had been
completely dark, I wasn’t sure I would have been able to meet his stern gaze without
looking away or begging for forgiveness for something bad I did.
“A pretty one, you are,” said Michaels, “but I know from experience that females are often
more dangerous than males. Luckily, females burn just as easily under bright light as
“How … how did you know I was going to attack you like this?” I said. I found it hard to
speak due to all of the pain I was in.
Michaels leaned on his cane and stroked his beard. “It’s something that the other members
of the Parliament and I discussed after that initial attack on us. We suspected that whoever
had sent those vamps to kill us would try to take one of us out when we were apart from the
others. So before I went to bed, I cast a light spell that would activate as soon as a vampire
set foot in my room. It’s one of the simplest and oldest security spells created by sorcerers,
but also one of the more reliable ones.”
I had to look down at the floor, rather than at Michaels himself, because looking up at him
meant looking at the light on the ceiling, which would have meant going blind, and I didn’t
want to go blind. “Do you know who sent me, then?”
“I can guess,” said Michaels. “The same person who sent those vampires to attack me and
the other Parliament members, presumably. I don’t quite know how you managed to break
into my Ranch, but I assume you must have had help on the inside, which means that after
I’m done with you, I will have to go through and find out who betrayed me.”
I looked up at Michaels urgently. “Hey, wait! I don’t know what you mean by ‘done with
you,’ but I’m not like those vampires who attacked you. I’m on your side and—”
Michaels slammed his cane in my face, knocking me to the floor. Then he jabbed the tip of
the cane into my neck, which burned like fire and made me gasp in pain.
“’I’m on your side,’” Michaels repeated mockingly. “Please. You just admitted that you
came here to kill me. That is not what someone on ‘my’ side would do. You’re a liar, and a
bad one at that, like most vamps.”
“Why does your cane hurt …?” I said, barely able to think through the pain against my
“Silver tip,” said Michaels with a smirk. “By itself, it can’t really kill you, but it’s useful
for pinning vamps to the floor like this.” He pulled a silver knife out from behind his back.
“This knife, on the other hand, can kill you. The question, then, is whether I should behead
you or stab you in the heart. Which would you rather experience? The beheading is quicker
and generally painless, while the knife takes a little longer to do the job and is quite a bit
more painful.”
I would have said that I didn’t want to do either, but between the bright light and the
silver-tipped cane being forced against my throat, I couldn’t speak at all.
“Beheading it is, then,” said Michaels. “A good choice, if I do say so myself.”
Uh oh. There was still a lot I didn’t know about my half-vampire powers, but one thing I
did know was that I would die just as easily as anyone if I got beheaded. The knowledge
that I was only a few seconds away from the end of my life sent adrenaline running through
my body.
I grabbed Michaels’ cane and shoved him backward. Michaels staggered backwards, a
look of surprise on his face, while I jumped to my feet and turned to run away through the
window. But before I could get very far, I heard something thrown at me and felt Michaels’
knife stab into my arm, making me stagger forward and grab a nearby chair for balance.
Looking at my arm, I saw Michaels’ knife embedded firmly in my flesh. I felt it, too, like a
branding iron being applied firmly to my skin.
“Now, now,” said Michaels, wagging a finger at me. “You aren’t going to get away that
easily, vamp. You aren’t going anywhere, in fact, until I say you can.”
I gritted my teeth. Bart hadn’t been lying about Michaels being a powerful sorcerer, and he
hadn’t even used any magic yet. I ripped the knife out of my arm and howled in pain as
black blood flowed out of the wound, but the immediate burning sensation was gone and the
pain was already starting to go away.
But Michaels waved his cane like a wand and thick steel chains descended from the ceiling
and wrapped around my arms. With a yelp, I was yanked up toward the ceiling, much closer
to the light, which burned my skin even hotter than before now that I was closer to it. I
couldn’t even look at the light anymore, forcing myself to look down at Michaels below,
who was grinning up at me like a madman.
“You’re a surprisingly tough one, given how you managed to pull that knife out of your
arm like that,” said Michaels. “Most vamps would have been paralyzed by shock if they
were stabbed like that, but perhaps you’re tougher than most. Never mind that. No vampire
can handle intense exposure to so much light at once like this. I can already see your skin
starting to smoke.”
What the hell? He was right. Slight wisps of smoke were already starting to rise from the
exposed parts of my skin. If I didn’t act soon, my whole body would catch flame, and once
it did, I would be dead for sure. Breaking the chains holding me up wouldn’t be that hard,
but there was no point in freeing myself if the light was going to continue to shine on me.
I exerted my strength and yanked as hard as I could on the chains. The chains snapped and
I fell to the floor, landing in a three point landing, but Michaels waved his cane again and
made the floor shake underneath me. The sudden tremor caused me to stagger and nearly
fall over, but I managed to regain my balance just as Michaels rushed toward me with
surprising speed, holding his cane before him like a sword.
I drew Domination from my side and held it up just as Michaels’ cane came flying at me.
Michaels’ cane struck my sword and almost knocked me off my feet, but I kept my balance,
holding Domination before me as Michaels forced me down with his cane. Despite being
such an old man, he was surprisingly strong, though it didn’t help that my arm was still
bleeding from where his knife had lodged itself earlier.
“A silver sword?” said Michaels, his voice slightly strained as he pushed against me.
“Interesting. I have never known a vampire to use any sort of silver weapon. Just what are
I gritted my teeth. “Not your ordinary vampire.”
With a grunt, I shoved Michaels back. Surprised, Michaels staggered backwards and I
lashed out with Domination, knocking his cane out of his hands. He grabbed his hand where
I’d cut it and cursed under his breath, but then I kicked him in the chest. He staggered and
stumbled backwards again, falling at the foot of his bed, and before he could get up, I stood
before him and placed the tip of Domination’s sword against his throat. Michaels froze, but
when he looked up into my eyes, I only saw hatred and anger, but not fear.
“You are … strong,” said Michaels, who was panting and still grasping his wrist. “I
thought you were rookie at first, but you seem a fair bit smarter than your average Newborn.
I suppose you’re going to kill me, now that you have me at your mercy.”
I still didn’t want to, because killing Michaels would just help the guy who was trying to
provoke a war between the sorcerers and the vampires. It would be the morally wrong thing
to do, and I knew it.
But my vampire half didn’t care. Michaels had burned my skin with his light, stabbed me
in the arm, and tried to kill me more than once. There was no way I was going to let
someone who had just tried their damnedest to kill me survive, especially someone as
powerful and influential as Michaels, who could easily make my life a living hell if he
survived even if he didn’t know my name. He needed to die.
So I raised Domination and slashed Michaels’ throat.
Domination cut cleanly through Michaels’ throat. Michaels’ eyes widened in surprise one
last time before his eyeballs rolled into the back of his head and he collapsed onto the floor,
blood leaking out of his throat and staining his pajamas. The stench of human blood made
my mouth water, but instead of bending over to start drinking, I dropped Domination on the
floor and stared at Michaels’ corpse in horror.
What had I done? I’d killed a man—an innocent man—in cold blood. I let my vampire
side get the best of me. I hadn’t even been thinking when I killed him. I was just so upset
from my fight with him that I didn’t even think twice about killing Michaels. The motion
came to me as naturally as if I did this every day.
I didn’t scream, mostly because my vocal chords seemed to freeze in my throat. I couldn’t
take my eyes off Michaels’ corpse. Even when the magical light went off—with Michaels
dead, there was no one to sustain its energy—all I could do was stare, with unbelieving
eyes, at the slowly widening pool of blood forming around his neck.
I looked at Domination, which lay on the floor nearby. Its tip was stained with Michaels’
blood, making it look less like a sword for justice and more like a murder tool. But wasn’t
that what it was now? It was a weapon used to kill an innocent man in cold blood. It was a
weapon I used to kill an innocent man in cold blood. And even worse, war between the
vampires and sorcerers was all but assured now, and it was my fault.
Once again, I found myself questioning my own salvation. If this wasn’t proof that the
Holy Spirit had left my body when I became a half-vampire, then I didn’t know what was.
For the last month, I’d thought that maybe I was overreacting before, that perhaps God
hadn’t abandoned me after all when I became a half-vampire, that my salvation was just as
assured as it ever was, maybe even more so because I would need God’s holiness to keep
my vampire side in check.
Now, however, I was far less sure of that than before and, instead, far more sure that God
was no longer with me. Maybe murder wasn’t the unforgivable sin, but surely this was a
sign that my salvation was essentially lost. It was even worse when I thought about all of the
people who were going to die in the upcoming war, the people whose lives I put in danger,
even if I didn’t mean to.
The door to Michaels’ room burst open and two men rushed into the room armed with
wands. I realized that they were sorcerers, perhaps some of Michaels’ own bodyguards, who
had either heard the fighting or perhaps had been made aware of the fight thanks to some
kind of alarm. They stopped as soon as they crossed the threshold and held their wands
before them like swords.
“Parliamentarian Michaels!” one of the guards cried out. “We heard fighting in your room
“He’s dead!” the other guard said. “And that woman killed him!”
Without waiting to see what either guard would do, I picked up Domination and ran
toward the window. I heard them shouting at me to stop and come back, but I didn’t listen to
a word they said. I jumped through the open window and landed on the roof, crouching just
in time to avoid getting blasted in the back of the head by a fireball that came out after me. I
jumped off the roof and landed on the back porch before taking off across the Ranch, hoping
against hope that Ethan’s disabling of the security spell protecting the Ranch was still in
effect and that I would be able to escape before Michaels’ guards caught me.
But I didn’t get very far before a bright blue light exploded in front of me, forcing me to
come to a stop and cover my eyes with my arm to avoid being blinded. When the light went
away, I lowered my arm and found myself face to face with another Ranch guard, a big,
burly man in jeans and wearing a cowboy hat. I would have mistaken him for just another
average ranch hand if he wasn’t also carrying a silver short sword in his hands.
“Gotcha, vamp!” the guard said. “You’re not going to get away that easily!”
The guard slashed at me with his sword, forcing me to parry the blow with Domination. I
tried to stab him back, but the guard dodged it easily and then immediately rushed in toward
me, his sword slashing across my chest. I raised Domination just in time to block the blow,
but the guard kept striking me again and again with incredibly rapid strokes, forcing me to
block each and every blow. This would have been hard even on a good day, but with my
arm still bleeding from where Michaels’ knife had struck it, I had to use all my wits and
speed just to keep up with the guard’s incredibly fast attacks. If I let even just one blow get
through, I doubted I would stand again.
But then the guard hit Domination too hard and his sword bounced off mine, briefly
leaving his chest open. I immediately slashed at his chest with Domination, cutting cleanly
through his shirt and making him cry out in pain as blood leaked from his chest. Rather than
collapse, however, he lunged toward me one last time, but his aim was off and I dodged him
easily before slamming the flat of Domination in his face. He fell flat on his back and didn’t
get up.
I didn’t stop to make sure he was down, however. I rushed through the darkness of the
night toward the fence as fast as possible. Though my strides were rather short due to my
height, I nonetheless made excellent progress, but I could also still hear the guards behind
me and felt the exterior lights of the mansion starting to turn on. I increased my speed,
hoping against hope that I would be able to escape before the Ranch guards caught up with
An earsplitting howl struck my ears like a punch. In the next instant, something large and
hairy bowled into me, knocking me flat off my feet. I hit the ground and gasped in pain,
because I’d fallen on my wounded arm, which made pain explode through me like crazy. I
heard large feet come to a stop nearby and raised my head to see what might be the very last
sight I ever saw.
The thing which had knocked me over was a dog. But not just any dog. It was massive,
probably twice as tall as me, and three times as thick. Its fur was thick and black, an almost
perfect match for the darkness of the night. Its eyes, on the other hand, shone more like
twinkling stars, which would have been beautiful if it wasn’t growling at me like a wolf,
flashing its dagger-like teeth, disgusting saliva dripping out of its mouth onto the ground
upon which it stood.
I recognized the creature from the documents Jajaras gave me earlier. It was a demon dog,
a type of dog that was magically enhanced by a sorcerer. More specifically, it was Michaels’
demon dog, an unnamed creature which the documents said patrolled the ranch at night. I
had completely forgotten about the dog until now, but I didn’t have time to feel ashamed
about that.
I rose to my feet, but then the creature rushed toward me. It snapped its teeth again, but I
managed to jump out of the way at the last second, hitting the ground with a roll and rolling
back to my feet several feet away. Again, the pain in my wounded arm exploded, but I
ignored it as I turned around to face the dog again, which had also stopped and turned to
face me, perhaps trying to make sure I wouldn’t dodge it again.
“Nice doggy,” I said, panting hard and trying to make myself look as nonthreatening as
possible. “I don’t know where your owner is, but you clearly aren’t supposed to be out so
late at night. Why don’t you go back to your doggy house and get some rest? I’m sure you
dogs need your sleep, too.”
The demon dog growled, so loud that it sounded like it was right next to my ear, but then
suddenly vanished before my eyes.
“What?” I said, looking around. “Where did it—”
A howling sound behind me was the only warning I got before the dog leaped out of the
shadows and slammed into me from behind. The blow sent me flying and I crashed into the
dirt, rolling along the ground until I came to a stop, dazed by the impact of the crash. I
shook my head, however, and raised my head just in time to see the demon dog rushing
toward me, its teeth bared like knives.
It took me a second to realize that the dog had probably just traveled through the Shadow
Way to sneak up on me, but that thought passed through my mind in a second. In the next, I
raised Domination and slashed at the demon dog when it got close enough. But then the dog
slammed its teeth on Domination and pulled hard, nearly yanking my sword out of my
hands, but I redoubled my grip at the last second and held on to Domination as tightly as I
could. This led to the most dangerous tug-of-war I had ever participated in, with me
struggling to keep Domination and the dog struggling to tear it out of my grasp.
“Let go, you stupid dog,” I growled through gritted teeth. “Let go, before I—”
“The demon dog has found her!” a voice that sounded dangerously too close for comfort
shouted. “I hear him growling! Sounds like he’s struggling with something!”
I looked over my shoulder and saw about three guards running toward us in the darkness.
One of the guards, the one in the lead, had a light at the end of his wand, which was
probably how they were getting around in the darkness, but it didn’t matter. Once they got
here, I was toast, which meant I needed to deal with this dumb dog as soon as possible.
Turning my attention back to the dog, I took one hand off Domination. Sensing victory,
the demon dog started pulling harder than ever, but then I raised a hand and fired a fireball
directly at the dog’s face.
The fireball exploded in the dog’s eyes, causing it to howl in pain and let go of
Domination. I pulled my sword back toward me and scrambled to my feet while the dog
stumbled backwards, whimpering and growling as it shook its head back and forth and
pawed at its own face. I threw another fireball at it for good measure, striking it in the face
again and causing the dog to run away crying like the overgrown puppy it was.
But I didn’t have time to enjoy the fact that I beat the dog. The guards were nearly upon
me, which meant I needed to run, but I was too exhausted from my fight with the other
guard and the demon dog to run. I took a few steps toward the fence, but my strength was
beginning to fail me. In seconds, the guards would reach me, and once they did, I doubted
they would be willing to hear my side of the story.
So I did the only thing I could: I stepped into the darkness and into the Shadow Way itself.
As soon as I passed through the Shadow Way, I dropped Domination again and collapsed
onto the stone floor. I kicked the door closed behind me, but that was all that I had strength
to do. I panted hard, my body practically dripping with sweat, but already I was starting to
calm down, because now that I was in the Shadow Way, I couldn’t hear the Ranch guards
anymore. I also didn’t think that the dog—the creature which the guards called ‘the
Hound’—would be coming after me, either, because getting two fireballs tossed in your face
was rather distracting. For now, at least, that meant I was safe.
I may have been safe, but I was definitely not sound. I rolled over onto my back and
groaned, because my arm was still bleeding. I clutched the knife wound, which felt deep,
but not irreparable. It was times like these that I wished I had healing spells at my
command, because they would have been really helpful right about now. Unfortunately, Dad
had said that healing spells were hard to learn and that he would teach them to me later after
I advanced further in the Steps. It seemed like a reasonable thing to say at the time, but now
I wish I had insisted on Dad teaching me healing spells anyway, because God almighty it
But the physical pain didn’t hurt quite as much as the knowledge that I had killed a human
being. And not just any human being, either, but an important politician, whose death would
likely result in a war that no one would survive. Getting a knife thrown into my arm was
probably the least I deserved for killing him.
Yeah, I know I only killed him because I’d been blackmailed into doing so, but that still
didn’t take away the fact that I’d murdered a man. I’d killed vampires before, but killing a
human being was different. Maybe it was because I didn’t care as much for vampires as I
did for humans, but murdering a human was very much a different experience from killing a
vampire. And not in a good way, either.
But I would worry about my existential crisis later. For now, I needed to get to Dad. He
knew healing spells. He would be able to heal my wound. It would mean having to tell him
exactly how I got this wound, which was a conversation I was not looking forward to
having, but the only other alternative was to lie here and bleed out. And unlike human
blood, vampire blood smelled awful, like crap.
I tried to sit up, but I was still too tired and the pain in my arm made me lie down again
anyway. Maybe I would just rest for a couple more minutes before I went anywhere. Lucius
had told me that vampires could handle wounds much better than humans, that I wouldn’t
have to worry about infection the same way I would if I were purely human, but that was for
full-blooded vampires like him. For a half-vampire like myself, I had no guarantee that
would apply to me. I might just bleed out like a normal human or I might survive like a
vampire. This was the part about being a half-vampire that I really didn’t like: Not knowing
whether I would have vampire or human responses to things—especially potentially lethal
things—I hadn’t experienced before.
But then I heard footsteps nearby. I looked around rapidly, but didn’t see anyone else in
the Shadow Way save for myself. Yet I still heard the footsteps drawing closer and closer,
though it was hard to tell from what direction they were coming exactly.
But if someone else was in the Shadow Way with me, then there was a good chance that a
Stranger was nearby, a member of that mysterious group of beings who stalked the hallways
of the Shadow Way. I’d had only one experience with a Stranger before, but I was in no
mood to deal with them again, especially in such a weak state.
I tried to sit up again, but I was still in too much pain to move. So I just lay there on the
floor, clutching Domination with one hand, ready to attack any Stranger who tried to get
me. The footsteps were getting closer … closer … right upon me …
A familiar vampiric face appeared over me. It was Jajaras, whose blood red eyes looked
down upon me with a mixture of interest and annoyance.
“There you are, girl,” said Jajaras. “You look hurt.”
Sighing in relief, I said, “Yeah, I am. My arm—”
“I don’t care about your arm,” Jajaras interrupted. “I was merely making an observation
about your health, not expressing concern for it.”
I bit my lower lip. “You’re a real charmer, you know that?”
“My master didn’t hire me for my ‘charm,’” said Jajaras. “Anyway, how did the mission
go? Was it successful?”
I nodded, but without any happiness. “Yeah. I killed … Michaels is dead.”
For some reason, I couldn’t say the words ‘I killed Michaels.’ I wasn’t sure why. Maybe
because saying it out loud would be tantamount to confessing my sin, and, even though
Jajaras was about the farthest thing from a Catholic priest, I wasn’t ready to confess
anything to anyone yet.
Jajaras’ face broke into a creepy smile. “Really? Impressive. I thought you would chicken
out at the last second and run away, but I see you are far more bloodthirsty, even brutal,
than I first imagined. I will have to apologize to my master for doubting his wisdom in
choosing you to do this important job, rather than someone more loyal such as me.”
“Yeah, yeah, I know,” I said. “By the way, how did you find me? I just entered the
Shadow Way less than a minute ago.”
“My master ordered me to wait for you in the Shadow Way,” Jajaras said. “Evidently, he
suspected that you might not make it out of this mission entirely unscathed. As usual, my
master was correct, something he will be happy to hear once I return to Castle Rook and
inform him of what has happened.”
“You’re going back to Castle Rook?” I said with a slight groan. “Is your master back?”
Jajaras nodded. “He is. And he would like to meet you now.”
“Me?” I said. I winced at the pain in my arm. “Really?”
“Really,” said Jajaras with another nod. “My master believes it’s been long enough. He’s
been interested in you for a long time, Tara, and he gave me orders to fetch you and bring
you back to Castle Rook once your mission was complete.”
“What about Lucius?” I said. “Are you going to uphold your end of the deal and save
Jajaras’ expression was strangely blank. “That will be up to my master to decide. For now,
let me heal your arm, because you are going to need to be in tiptop shape to meet my
Jajaras pulled a bottle of green liquid out of his coat and, popping the lid, dumped the
green liquid on my arm. As soon as the green liquid—which smelled of seaweed for some
reason—touched my wound, my wound burned. I groaned loudly, almost screamed in pain,
but I bit my tongue at the last minute. I felt the liquid sink into my wound, causing the
burning sensation to worsen with each passing second, until the burning sensation vanished.
I looked at my arm and was surprised by what I saw. My arm was whole again. It didn’t
even look like it had been wounded in the first place. Nor did it hurt. It felt like my other
arm, that is to say, uninjured and in perfect working order.
“What was that?” I said, looking up at Jajaras.
“A healing potion concocted by yours truly,” said Jajaras, waving the bottle at me before
putting it back in the interior pocket of his coat. “Most vampires can’t use magic, so in order
to heal from our wounds and injuries, we’ve had to rely on our own methods. Potions are a
very popular method for vampires to fix their problems and I happen to have a gift for
making them.”
“Is that why your master hired you?” I said, sitting up and feeling my newly-repaired arm.
“Because you’re a good potion maker?”
“That is one of the many reasons he chose me,” said Jajaras. “But enough talking. My
master will be pleased to hear that the mission was successful. And, of course, he will be
more than happy to see you. Come with me. We have no time to lose.”
Jajaras turned and started making his way down the Shadow Way. I scrambled to my feet
and followed after him, still holding Domination by my side. I really didn’t want to go with
Jajaras—I wanted to go back home and sleep—but I knew that if I refused to go with him
that Jajaras would just force me to follow him, and anyway, I was interested in seeing his
master for the first time, as well as finding out if he would save Lucius.
But even if Jajaras’ master agreed to save Lucius, that would not change the fact that I had
killed an innocent man and condemned the sorcerer and vampire communities to war, a war
I wasn’t sure either side would win.
It took us about ten minutes of walking through the Shadow Way before we reached
Castle Rook. We didn’t see any Strangers along the way, thankfully, but as usual whenever
I was in the Shadow Way, I felt like I was being watched by someone I couldn’t see.
Jajaras, of course, didn’t seem even remotely disturbed, but one thing I’d learned about
vampires was that, despite being just as much at risk of being kidnapped by the Strangers as
sorcerers, they didn’t worry nearly as easily as sorcerers did. I wondered if it was because
vampires were so naturally strong that they feared very little or if they were so soulless that
it never occurred to them to be afraid of anything. Both seemed likely to me, though it
didn’t matter much given how I had apparently missed out on vampiric fearlessness, given
my own timidity.
When we emerged from the Shadow Way into Castle Rook, we were back in the same
hallway that we had appeared in earlier. Not much had changed since I had last been here,
though a couple of sorcerers passed us when we emerged from the Shadow Way. The
sorcerers did not run away, but they did look at us with a mixture of surprise and suspicion,
though they didn’t say a word and soon disappeared around the corner of the hallway
behind us.
“Who were those two?” I said, looking in the direction into which those two sorcerers had
“Other servants of my master, of course,” said Jajaras. “I already told you that my master
employs both vampires and sorcerers alike, yes? Likely those two are back from a mission
of their own. Not sure what it could be, but given how they’re both sorcerers, I imagine they
must have something to do with the Sorcerer Parliament. In any case, it isn’t my place to
question what my fellow servants are doing. Come with me.”
Jajaras started walking down the hallway at a fairly quick pace. I followed, but it took a lot
of energy for me to do so, because I was still very tired from all of the fighting and
excitement of the night. I sure could go for a hot cup of coffee right now, but somehow I
didn’t think that Jajaras would be kind enough to get me one. He’d probably just glare at me
and mutter under his breath about how dumb I was.
We didn’t go into the same room from the last time I was here. We even passed the door to
it, with Jajaras not even glancing at it as we walked. He took me down another hallway, this
one narrower than the first, and lined with ancient suits of knight armor. They looked like
genuine suits of armor to me, like the kind worn by the knights of the Middle Ages, but we
didn’t stop or slow down to look at any of them in great detail. We just walked down the
hallway to a large stone door at the other end, a door with a heavy metal knocker on it.
“Here we are,” said Jajaras, stopping in front of the door. “The throne room, where my
master should be at this very moment.”
“A throne room?” I said, looking at Jajaras skeptically. “Does your ‘master’ fancy himself
a king or something?”
Jajaras looked at me with a completely serious expression. “He’s no king. He’s a
Before I could ask Jajaras to elaborate on that, Jajaras put both hands on the doors and
pushed them open. It clearly took a lot of effort on his part, but eventually the doors swung
inwards and we both entered.
The first thing I noticed about the throne room was the fancy dinner for two set in the
middle. No, I’m serious. In the center of this ancient and imposing-looking throne room was
a small table with a fancy white tablecloth covering it. On the table itself were two plates
with raw meat on them and two glasses of what might have been very red wine or blood.
There wasn’t a candle to top it off, but there was a bouquet of flowers, each flower a
different design and color. Two fancy-looking chairs stood on either end of the table, while
another vampire stood next to the table wearing a fancy tuxedo and carrying a covered dish,
like he was some kind of butler or something.
Behind the table was a large throne made of iron and stone. And seated on the throne was
a man I had never before seen in my life, yet who seemed oddly familiar just the same.
Unlike Jajaras or any of the other vampires I’d seen since coming here, the man sitting on
the throne looked almost human. He wore a simple but sexy black tuxedo, which
accentuated, rather than hid, his powerful muscles. His black hair was sleek and shiny,
making him look like he had just stepped off the set of a movie. Indeed, I would have
thought he actually was human, if I didn’t see his red eyes and the fangs sticking out of his
The man looked up from the book he was reading when we entered, but then closed the
book without looking and rose from his throne.
“Ah, you must be Tara Lee,” said the man as Jajaras and I approached. “The half-vampire
I’ve heard so much about.”
There was something strange about his voice. It was the accent. It sounded either
Hungarian or Polish, though I wasn’t up to date on my Central European accents. Either
way, it was strangely charming, almost enough to make me relax. But I didn’t, at least not
entirely … well, not mostly, anyway. Okay, I relaxed, but you try not relaxing when such a
handsome guy starts speaking to you in that sexy accent.
“Master Ambrus,” said Jajaras, stopping before the table and bowing low. “I have brought
the other half-vampire, Tara Lee, just as you requested.”
“Excellent work, Jajaras,” said the man, who I guessed must have been Master Ambrus.
He stepped off his throne and walked up to me. “You are even more beautiful in person than
in the pictures and videos I have seen. But I shouldn’t be surprised. Legend says that halfvampires
are beautiful, even more so than normal vampires.”
“Um, thank you,” I said somewhat awkwardly. “Are you Jajaras’ master? The one I’ve
heard so much about?”
Ambrus nodded. “Indeed. I am the leader of Future Dream, which is the name of this little
group of mine. I founded it years ago here in Hungary, when I wasn’t much older than
yourself, and have been steadily working toward the organization’s ultimate goal. Speaking
of ultimate goal, how did the assassination of Michaels go?”
“Perfectly, master,” said Jajaras. He gestured at me. “The girl Tara killed Michaels in his
room and his body was discovered by his bodyguards.”
“Wonderful,” said Ambrus. His face broke into a wide smile. “It is only a matter of time
before this news reaches the rest of the Parliament, who will deduce that a vampire, likely
sent by the Vampire Council, killed him. There will be pressure from within and without
Parliament to declare war, which will inevitably happen, because sorcerers have always
been looking for an excuse to wipe out the vampires and this gives them the perfect reason
to begin the process.”
“But why?” I said. “What do you hope to attain from this war? Everything I’ve heard
makes it sound like it will weaken both sides, maybe even destroy both communities
entirely. It sounds terrible.”
“It sounds wonderful,” said Ambrus with a sigh. “But that’s the reason I called you here in
the first place. Aside from my desire to see you for myself, I also wanted to tell you why
I’ve been working toward this goal for so many years. Hence why I had my servants set up
this fine dinner for us, because I believe that the best conversations are always had over
Ambrus gestured at the table before his throne. “Please, sit down. It will be easier and
more pleasant to talk that way.”
Ambrus spoke and acted like a true gentleman, but I sensed a hint of a threat behind his
gentlemanly demeanor, as if he would not take no for an answer. Given how I was
interested in learning what he was trying to do anyway, I didn’t see any point in his
threatening me, but maybe he just wanted to make sure I didn’t get any ideas.
So I sat down at the table, while Ambrus took a seat on the other end. He immediately
sipped the wineglass and sighed. “Ah, the fresh blood of a young Chinese woman. In my
opinion, young Chinese women have the best tasting blood among all the women of the
world, especially when freshly bled.”
I looked at my own wineglass, which was full of the same blood as Ambrus’. “’Fresh’?
What, exactly, do you mean by that?”
Ambrus smiled in a chilling way. “What does a restaurant that boasts freshly made
pancakes mean when it uses that word?”
A chill went down my spine as the implication of Ambrus’ question sank in, but I didn’t
say it aloud because I was now starting to realize that Ambrus was every bit as bloodthirsty
as any other vampire, his gentlemanly demeanor notwithstanding. “Thanks, but I don’t
drink human blood. I prefer animal blood, monkey blood to be specific.”
I expected Ambrus to mock me for it, because all vampires seemed to do that whenever I
told them my preferences, but instead he nodded and said, “Ah, yes, of course. Excuse my
forgetfulness. I don’t known very many Pures. Reginald, please switch out her wineglass for
what she really wants.”
The vampire waiter who stood at attention took the wineglass of Chinese blood off the
table and swapped it out with an identical wineglass that looked pretty much the same as the
first one. I sniffed it and discovered that it actually was monkey blood, so I sipped it,
savoring the flavor on my tongue.
“Do you like it?” said Ambrus. “That blood is also quite fresh, because I’ve learned about
your blood preferences through research and made sure to have some on hand in case you
asked for it.”
I licked my lips. “Yeah, it does taste good, but it’s kind of creepy how you’ve been
keeping an eye on me, to be honest. I don’t even know you.”
“My apologies,” said Ambrus, putting his hands together like he was praying. “It has
simply been so long since I last met someone like me that I didn’t quite know how to
approach you at first. I am normally quite smooth with the ladies, but you’ve tripped me up
a little bit because of our shared nature.”
I frowned. “Shared nature? Ambrus, I’m a half-vampire, not a full one. I know that means
I have some vampire blood flowing through me, but just because we happen to both have
vampire genetics doesn’t mean—”
“I’m not a vampire, either,” said Ambrus, shaking his head.
I tilted my head to the side. “Then you’re a sorcerer who likes to drink human blood? Like
some kind of psycho?”
“Oh, I’m not a psycho, either,” said Ambrus. His smile grew even more chilling. “I’m a
half-vampire. Just like you.”
Ambrus did not seem to be joking. He simply sat in his chair, his smile never leaving his
slightly bloody lips, looking at me as if to see what my response would be. He didn’t even
touch his napkin. Neither Jajaras, who stood nearby, or Reginald reacted, either, though they
could have just as easily been in on the joke with him.
I smiled uncertainly. “That’s funny, Ambrus, but you don’t expect me to really believe
that, do you? I’m the first half-vampire to exist in three centuries. Everyone’s told me that.”
“Everyone is wrong,” said Ambrus swiftly. He brushed back a single hair that was out of
place on his head. “And that is just the way I like it.”
I had no idea if Ambrus was being genuinely serious here or if he was playing with me. He
looked fairly serious, but he had also just claimed to be a half-vampire, despite there only
being one (which was me, obviously). I looked at Jajaras and Reginald for any hints, but the
two of them looked every bit as serious as Ambrus. Either Ambrus was actually telling the
truth here or they were both in on the joke, too. If so, then maybe I wasn’t dealing with a
bunch of crazy bad guys at all, but just a couple of guys who like playing pranks on
innocent young girls like me.
I looked at Ambrus again. “This isn’t funny anymore, Ambrus.”
“It was never meant to be,” said Ambrus. He leaned back in his chair, steepling the tips of
his fingers together. “I am being one hundred percent serious about my nature as a halfvampire.
You’re simply skeptical.”
“Skeptical?” I said. “More like outright disbelief. I’m the only half-vampire in the world at
the moment. There have been others before me, but I know for a fact that I’m the only halfvampire
currently active. You’re lying.”
“Could a vampire do this?” said Ambrus.
He held up a hand and a fireball—which looked exactly like the kind I made—appeared in
the palm of his hand. He tossed the fireball from hand to hand briefly before crushing it in
his left hand, making the light go out and turning the table dark again.
“You saw that, didn’t you?” said Ambrus. “The fireball spell, though simple for sorcerers
to learn, is beyond the ability of all but the most powerful Vampire Lords to learn. Even
many Vampire Lords refuse to learn it, because heat and light are harmful to vampires even
when they used it. And, true, being a half-vampire means I don’t take well to light myself,
but it also means that I have a much higher pain tolerance for it than most vampires.”
“It still doesn’t mean anything,” I said. “Maybe that was just a trick.”
“And maybe you’re just in denial,” said Ambrus. “But if you need more proof, consider
your sword, Domination. I have not asked you to take it off or get rid of it, even though
silver is incredibly dangerous to vampires. That’s because I don’t fear it as much as actual
vampires do. Right, Jajaras, Reginald?”
The two vampire servants, I realized, were keeping their distance from the table. They
were looking at Domination, which was sheathed by my side, with uncertain eyes. Ambrus,
by contrast, didn’t seem even remotely alarmed by it, even though he was less than five feet
away from me. He simply sipped his blood glass and rested it on the table as if he was on a
normal date.
“I see,” I said. “And I guess you are right. An actual vampire would never have let me
come this far with Domination, even if I kept it sheathed at my side.”
“Then you believe me?” said Ambrus. “That I am a half-vampire?”
I bit my lower lip, but slowly nodded. “That’s what the evidence seems to suggest so far,
so yes, I do.”
“Excellent,” said Ambrus. “I knew you would accept it eventually. Half-vampires have a
unique connection to each other. We are able to sense whenever one of us is around, even if
we can’t see each other. Don’t you feel that connection, Tara? Because I feel it toward you.”
I was about to say that no, I didn’t, but then I felt a hard sensation running along my back.
It felt like it was pointing me toward Ambrus, trying to make me be with him, but I stayed
in my seat because however attractive Ambrus was (and I had to admit that he was very
handsome), I knew better than to get close to him. Like Lucius, Ambrus was handsome but
dangerous. Unlike Lucius, however, Ambrus didn’t seem to have any sense of deeper
morality or principle. I had a feeling he’d sell his own mother if he thought it would get him
what he wanted. That meant I had to be careful around him, half-vampire or no.
“If you really are a half-vampire, how is that possible?” I said slowly. “Half-vampires are
incredibly rare. There is supposed to be only one half-vampire active at any one time, and
even then, they usually don’t live long because both sorcerers and vampires have ancient
laws requiring their deaths. The last half-vampire before me lived three centuries ago, well
before you or I were born.”
Ambrus wiped his mouth with his napkin before resting it on the table before him. The
bloodstain on his white napkin stood out like a red sore on a clear face. “True, half-vampires
have traditionally been extremely rare to the point where many vampires and sorcerers
consider us more myth than material, but no one knows everything. A clever enough
individual can stay underneath the radar of sorcerer and vampire alike, keeping his true
nature a secret until it is too late for anyone to do anything about it. Such is how I have lived
my life for the past seventy years or so—”
“Seventy years?” I repeated in surprise. “You look like you’re in your thirties.”
Ambrus smiled. “Has no one told you that half-vampires stop aging? We are stuck with
whatever appearance we had when we transformed. I was bitten on my thirtieth birthday, so
I am over a century old now. In fact, I’m the same age my grandfather was just before the
Second World War. I had always hoped to live to be one hundred, but I had never thought I
would look like I was thirty. I thought I would look old and decrepit, just like my
grandfather, but I’m not complaining, of course.”
I would have found his long-lived age impossible to believe if I hadn’t already known that
vampires could live to be extremely old, like Lucius, who was three hundred years old
himself. It also made me wonder if, one hundred years from now, I would look the same
way I did today. Would I always look like a young woman in her mid-twenties? Would I
never get gray hair or wrinkles or suffer back issues? I had to admit that all sounded
absolutely wonderful, but at the same time, I had gotten all of that by potentially losing my
salvation. I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing.
“Much like you, Tara, I grew up in a family of sorcerers,” said Ambrus. “Unlike you, my
family was open about our heritage, at least to me. My father was a famous Hungarian
vampire hunter, similar in many ways to your own father, except that he never retired. My
mother, on the other hand, was a stay-at-home housewife who raised me and my brothers
while our father was away. She was a wonderful woman, the epitome of femininity, though
she was never very good at magic herself despite being a sorceress by blood.”
“It sounds to me like you had a good life,” I said.
“It was,” said Ambrus. “Especially for a poor Hungarian boy growing up in rural Hungary.
But my father eventually retired after he became too old to keep fighting vampires, while
my brothers and I grew up and moved out of the house to go live our own lives and start our
own families. We still came back home to visit as often as we could, however, particularly
around Christmas and other important holidays like that. We made sure to support our
parents in their old age, like the good sons we were.”
Then Ambrus frowned. “But just because my father retired from vampire hunting, that did
not mean that vampire hunting had retired from him. Having been a vampire hunter for
thirty years, my father had inevitably earned many enemies, most vampires. Even after
retiring, the vampires never forgot how he killed so many of their kind. They eventually
tracked him down to his house and waited for the perfect opportunity to strike.”
I gulped. “Did they?”
“They did,” said Ambrus. “It was early Christmas morning, when my brothers and I and
our wives had come back home to spend the holiday with our parents. The vampire Horde
descended on the house before the sun rose and killed everyone, including my brother
Viktor’s pregnant wife. The only one who survived was me, and that was mostly because of
“How … how did you survive?” I said with a slight tremble to my voice.
Ambrus smiled sheepishly. “I had to get up to use the restroom and, because my parents’
house didn’t have indoor plumbing, I had to go outside. By the time I got back, the house
was a mess and everyone in my family was dead. A few vampires had also been killed
during the attack, however, but it didn’t make me feel any better, because I knew that the
actual Horde must have been much bigger than the few dead vamps I found.”
“What did you do after that?” I said.
“I was attacked,” said Ambrus. He rubbed his neck in the same spot where I had been
bitten. “As it turned out, not all of the vampires were equally dead. I was inspecting the
‘corpse’ of one of them when its eyes opened and it pounced on me. It bit my neck right
here and filled my veins with its poison. I managed to kill the vampire by stabbing it with
my father’s trusty silver knife, which he had dropped on the floor when he died, but because
the vampire managed to bite me anyway before its death, I ended up transforming into the
half-vampire you see today.”
I put a hand over my mouth. “How awful. Your whole family being killed and you being
transformed against your will … that’s one of the worst stories I’ve ever heard.”
“Then you haven’t heard many stories,” said Ambrus. “At first, I was distraught over this
transformation, especially knowing that the ancient laws of the sorcerers meant I was
supposed to be killed. I was so afraid of being killed that I ran away, even leaving Hungary
for several decades to avoid running afoul of the Hungarian sorcerers who would no doubt
kill me if they found out what I was. I later read a newspaper report about the death of my
family, which described the incident as tragic, but the police who investigated my family’s
death did not know who had done it and didn’t know where I was, either. I didn’t come
forward to help the police, because I knew there was no way they could handle the
vampires, nor did I want to break the Secrecy Pact and become the target of every sorcerer
in the world.”
“Where did you go after that?” I said.
“Everywhere,” said Ambrus. “I traveled around the world, first through Europe, then Asia,
and eventually South America. I avoided places where sorcerers might live and spent most
of my life among the homeless, who I fed on because I needed blood. I also avoided
vampires, because I knew they were not going to be any kinder toward me than the
sorcerers. All the while, my power grew, though it took me twenty years to become fully
comfortable in my new skin and accept what I was.”
“And then what did you do?”
“Returned to Hungary.” Ambrus’ eyes darkened. “I tracked down the Vampire Lord who
had sent his Horde to kill my family and slaughtered him and his Horde in return. By then, I
had learned how to use both my vampire and sorcerer halves equally well, balancing their
unique abilities and using their strengths to outweigh their respective negatives. I still hadn’t
told anyone what I actually was, but it was a relief to avenge my family. I feel like my
parents approved of my actions, even though they were not alive to see me do it.”
“Wow,” I said. “You slaughtered a Vampire Lord and his Horde all by yourself?”
“Yes,” said Ambrus, nodding. “They didn’t know what they were up against. Like you,
they thought I was just an ordinary vampire, a Nosfer who didn’t know his place in the
Hierarchy. By the time they realized what I was, they were all dead. The Vampire Lord, in
particular, suffered horribly before I finished him off. I gouged out his eyes with my father’s
silver sword and fed them to him before I cut his head off and burned his body with fire.”
That made me feel sick to my stomach. I wasn’t upset about the death of a Vampired Lord
from fifty years ago, really. I was more disturbed by how Ambrus seemed to relish in it,
even now fifty years later. He certainly seemed every bit the vampire he claimed he wasn’t.
“After that, I founded Future Dream, the organization which still exists today,” said
Ambrus. “It has been a long time in coming, Future Dream has, but its ultimate goal is about
to be fulfilled, and once it is, I will bring it out of the shadows and into the light.”
“But what is Future Dream trying to do?” I said. “Or maybe I should ask, what are you
trying to do?”
“You mean you haven’t figured it out yet?” said Ambrus. “Very well, let me put it plainly:
The complete and utter destruction of the sorcerer and vampire communities, with the only
survivors serving under we half-vampires, who will rule the planet as gods.”
I pushed back in my chair slightly, causing its feet to scrape against the stone floor. But I
didn’t get up, because I knew that if I did, Jajaras and Reginald would ensure I never
escaped. But I desperately wanted to stay as far away from Ambrus as possible now,
because it was becoming increasingly clear to me that he had lost his mind.
“You look scared,” said Ambrus. “There’s no need to be. I have zero intention of harming
you. In fact, I want you to rule alongside me as my queen. We can rule the world together as
half-vampires. How does that sound?”
“Horrible,” I said. “Why would you want to do such a terrible thing?”
Ambrus sighed. “I thought you might react this way, but very well, let me explain my
vision to you. I don’t mind having to explain it, because I love talking about my vision for
the future because it is infinitely preferable to the drabness of the present.”
Ambrus sipped his blood again and then said, “During my twenty years traveling the
world, avoiding sorcerer and vampire alike while trying to master my powers and
understand my new nature, I had a lot of time in which to think. I thought about a lot of
things: my dead family, my shattered faith, my new powers, and the new post-war world
which was being built all around me. Mostly, however, I started to think about the nature of
the vampire and sorcerer conflict. What started it, why it existed, and why both sides hated
half-vampires so much that they had laws requiring us to be killed on sight.”
“That’s easy,” I said. “The conflict between vampires and sorcerers started ages ago, when
the Darkness corrupted some humans and the Origin empowered others to fight them. The
sorcerers have been fighting the vampires ever since, protecting humanity from their
bloodthirsty nature.”
Ambrus laughed. He laughed long and hard, like I’d just told the funniest joke in the
world. I didn’t see what was so funny about what I said, though. I was perfectly earnest in
my explanation of the vampire/sorcerer conflict, at least as I understood it. Then again,
some people thought that earnestness was laughable anyway, which made me think that
Ambrus must be a little cynical.
“Do you really believe that sorcerers are any better than the vampires they hunt?” said
Ambrus after he finished laughing, though he was still smiling. “Come now, Tara, you of all
people should know that this isn’t a battle of black versus white, but gray versus gray.”
“Why would I think that?” I said. “I’m a sorcerer myself. Or was a sorcerer, anyway.”
“Think about it,” said Ambrus, tapping the side of his head. “Your father left the sorcerer
community because it hated him and his religion. You yourself are liable to be killed at any
moment, should a sorcerer stumble upon your true nature, all for something you had no
hand in doing yourself. You didn’t choose to be a half-vampire, after all, and yet the
sorcerers view you as just as big a threat as a Vampire Lord, if not more so. Sorcerer loyalty
only goes so far, it seems.”
“That may be true, but there’s a reason they hate half-vampires,” I said. I put a hand on my
chest. “It’s horrible. I don’t fit in either world very well. I have to constantly keep my
vampire side at bay so I don’t hurt anyone and I’m always afraid I’ve either lost or will lose
my personal salvation. I don’t want to be killed, but I can understand why the sorcerers—
and even the vampires—would want to kill me.”
Ambrus snorted. “There’s nothing wrong with being a half-vampire, Tara. The sorcerers
don’t want to kill us because we are a threat to humanity or goodness or whatever. They
want to kill us because we’re a threat to their power.”
“Their power?” I repeated. “I don’t get it. What do you mean?”
“You know exactly what I mean,” said Ambrus. “Sorcerers and vampires alike see us as a
threat to their very existence, not because we are abominations, but because we are
“Superior,” I said. “In what ways?”
“In every way,” said Ambrus. “We represent the perfect synthesis of sorcerer and vampire.
Like vampires, we are long-lived, super strong, quick, and can travel through the Shadow
Way. Like sorcerers, we can use magic and wield silver. We are the next step in the
development of the sorcerer and vampire, a hybrid who are both and neither at the same
“But what about the Darkness and the Origin?” I said. “Don’t they play a role in all of
“Mythology is all that they are,” said Ambrus. “One thing I’ve learned over the years is
that there is no good, there is no evil, no Darkness or Origin or God or Satan. There is only
brute power and the eternal struggle between the superior and the inferior. The ancient laws
were created not to protect humanity or limit the spread of evil, but to prevent the inferior
from being replaced by their natural superiors.”
“The entire conflict between vampires and sorcerers is a joke,” Ambrus continued,
apparently without noticing that I was trying to speak. He raised his blood glass, which,
despite my aversion to human blood, looked quite delicious. “They don’t really disagree on
anything fundamentally, don’t really believe in the whole ‘good versus evil’ motif they have
going on. They are simply two inferior species keeping each other around because they have
no purpose beyond this petty conflict. Otherwise, one or the other would have come out on
top long ago.”
“You mean that the Vampire Council and the Sorcerer Parliament are actually working
together?” I said.
Ambrus lowered his glass, a grim look on his face. “Of course not. They hate each other as
much as anyone. But to take the vampire/sorcerer conflict seriously is to buy into a myth
every bit as real as the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus. It is nothing more than a distraction
from the knowledge that they are inferior creatures who deserve to be replaced by their
natural superiors. That is to say, you and I.”
Okay, now I was sure that Ambrus was insane. I mean, I’d already suspected it before, but
all this talk about ‘inferiors’ and ‘superiors’ convinced me that, while his body may not
have aged much since he became a half-vampire, his mind had decayed to the point of
insanity. I wondered if I would end up the same way when I became as old as him or if there
was another reason he’d lost his mind.
Ambrus drank the rest of his glass in one gulp and tossed it away. The glass shattered
against the floor, sending pieces of glass flying everywhere. I winced when the glass
shattered against the floor, but I didn’t move from my chair. Ambrus may have been insane,
but that didn’t mean he was weak or pathetic.
“The point of Future Dream is to ensure the destruction of sorcerers and vampires,” said
Ambrus. “For the past fifty years, I have been steadily recruiting vampires and sorcerers
alike, moving them into key positions in both communities in order to ensure that the war I
planned would happen. Our numbers are few in contrast to the wider vampire and sorcerer
communities, but each and every one of us believes in the dream.”
“The dream of seeing your people wiped out and any that remain becoming subservient to
a power-hungry mad man?” I said.
Ambrus smirked. “You don’t mince any words, do you? But no, that’s not what they
signed up for. I have promised to make each and every one of them a half-vampire, so that
they may also become superior. A species needs multiple individuals in order to exist, after
all. I intend for half-vampires to fill the whole world, which is easier to do if I have a fairly
large group of such beings to start with.”
I looked at Jajaras and Reginald. Neither vampire looked even remotely surprised by this
revelation, which meant they must have been in on it the entire time. Of course they were.
Jajaras had shown to me just how fanatical the members of Future Dream were. And I could
see why. Given how Ambrus described being a half-vampire as such as an amazing thing, I
could see why so many members of Future Dream were working hard to make the dream a
Still, I couldn’t say I was convinced myself. I looked at Ambrus again and said, “Why do
you want me, then? And why did you wait so long to approach me?”
“Because I didn’t know you even existed at first,” said Ambrus. “Like you, I was
convinced that I was the only living half-vampire in the world, but when my own vampire
servants began to relay rumors of another half-vampire in America to me, I knew I had to
investigate them. The entire Vampire Sword episode nearly turned me off, however,
because I was sure that Lord Taranas would turn you into the ultimate living weapon.
Luckily, however, you broke his hold on you and killed him. That was good, because I
would have had to deal with him myself at some point and you saved me a lot of time and
energy having to do so.”
“I didn’t kill him myself,” I said. “God gave me the strength to do that.”
Ambrus chuckled darkly. “Ah, God. In my childhood, I went to church with my family
regularly, because my mother was a believer, even though my father, like most sorcerers,
distrusted and even outright hatred Christianity. I used to think it was a good religion,
myself, but seeing my family slaughtered so mercilessly like that, with nary a sign of God, I
abandoned it and no longer believe in a god of any sort. At least, not one that actually cares
about the world or its woes, at any rate.”
“You don’t understand God, then,” I said. “I’m sorry to hear about your family, but—”
“It doesn’t matter,” said Ambrus, waving at me as if to brush aside the topic. “I’m not
interested in discussing the existence of God. I’m interested in bringing you over to my side,
to stand by me as my partner. We could be the Adam and Eve of half-vampires, turning our
race into a mighty nation that no one on Earth will be able stand against.”
“Sorry, but I’m not particularly interested in bearing your children,” I said. “I don’t even
know if half-vampires can even have children.”
“Want to find out?” said Ambrus in a suggestive tone.
I bit my lower lip. “No, I really don’t.”
“When did I say you would have any choice in the matter?” said Ambrus.
I heard movement behind me and looked over my shoulder. Jajaras and Reginald stood in
front of the doors, which were closed and locked. There weren’t any windows in this room,
either, which meant that I was effectively trapped.
I looked at Ambrus again. “If you lay even one hand on me, I’ll rip it off and beat you to
death with it.”
“I never said I was going to lay even one finger on your pretty little head, my dear Tara,”
said Ambrus. “Instead, I am going to make you join me voluntarily. Jajaras, tell the servants
to bring him in.”
“Yes, master,” said Jajaras with a bow.
Jajaras melted into the shadows. A couple of seconds later, Jajaras returned, but he was not
alone. Two other Future Dream members—one a vampire, the other a sorcerer—followed
him out of the shadows, but they seemed to be carrying something large and heavy between
them, which I didn’t understand until they had completely emerged from the Shadow Way
and showed exactly what they were carrying:
It was Lucius.
Lucius looked unconscious. His head hung on his chest, while his legs scraped along the
floor behind him uselessly. He was shirtless, which I would have appreciated under other
circumstances, because it let me see his big, muscular body. But now, I wished I couldn’t
see him at all, because his body was marred with scars and barely healed wounds
everywhere, but especially on his chest. It looked like he had been tortured. He looked so
bad that I wasn’t even sure he was still alive or not.
“Lucius!” I said, rising to my feet.
Ambrus raised a hand. “Ah, ah, Tara, I didn’t say you could leave the dinner table. It’s
rude to leave your date for the first handsome man you see.”
Ambrus snapped his hands and I felt an invisible force shove me back down into my seat.
Still, I looked over at Lucius, who was so limp in the hands of his captors that he looked
almost like a doll.
“What did you do to him?” I said, looking at Ambrus again. “Did you torture him?”
Ambrus shook his head. “Of course not. You can thank the Order of Vampires for those
scars. They tortured him as the punishment you would have received if he hadn’t invoked
the Lamb doctrine and would have executed him at some point, had not my minions saved
“Saved him,” I said, “just so you can use him against me, right?”
Ambrus shrugged. “You can look at it that way if you want, but personally I think that’s
an unhelpful—and, more to the point, ungrateful—perspective to have on the situation.
Think of it this way. There’s at least a chance that Lucius will live now, however slim it
might be.”
“A chance?” I said. “What do you mean?”
“It’s simple,” said Ambrus. “Join me and my organization and I will let Lucius live. Reject
my offer, however, and, well, I think you know what I will do to Lucius if you say no.”
I couldn’t deny that. Right now, Ambrus had leverage in our negotiations. So long as he
had Lucius, I didn’t have as much power as I wanted. I could say no, but even if I did, I
knew that Ambrus’ servants would kill Lucius. Lucius was in no position to defend or free
himself, which meant that his life and safety rested entirely in my hands.
I clinched my fists. I didn’t want anything to do with Ambrus, especially after he mocked
God, but at the same time, I didn’t want Lucius to die, either. If Lucius died because of me,
there was no way I could live with myself, even if Ambrus’ plan worked and he made halfvampires
the dominant species on the planet. Ambrus may have had a hard life (assuming
his story was true, which was doubtful given how deceitful he obviously was), but that
didn’t mean he was right in his plans to destroy the vampire and sorcerer communities by
engineering a false war, a false war I had helped to start.
But again, I was in no position to save Lucius without risking his life. If I tried to get up
and save Lucius, Ambrus’ minions would probably kill him before I could get there. Or
Ambrus himself would step in and stop me. I didn’t know the exact range of Ambrus’
power, but given how he had been a half-vampire for seventy years, that meant he had seven
decades of experience in magical and vampiric powers on his side. He could probably
destroy me with a flick of his finger or at least inflict a lot of pain on me. In a straight fight
to the death, Ambrus would probably curb-stomp me, and he wouldn’t even need to try.
The only advantage I had over him was Domination, which had more reach than his knife.
Even so, Dad had taught me that the person with the bigger weapon didn’t necessarily
always win the fight. Skill and strategy mattered just as much as the weapons used, if not
more so, and right now Ambrus had skill, strategy, and weapons on his side, versus me, who
just had weapons (or weapon, in my case).
Ambrus leaned forward in his chair, an expectant look on his face. “Well, Tara? What is
your answer? I’m listening, you know. There’s no need to delay.”
I tried my best to think of a way—any way—out of this situation, but it seemed no use. If I
refused to help Ambrus, then Lucius would die, and it would be my fault. But I had zero
intention of helping a guy as crazy as him. I was saving myself for an actual Christian man,
not a nihilistic atheist like this guy. Ambrus was rather handsome, but he had already shown
what he really was to me: A monster who didn’t care about anyone else other than himself.
That was when an idea occurred to me, a possible way to get out of this situation with both
me and Lucius in one piece. It depended on how much Ambrus needed me for his plan, but
if I was correct, then he needed me far more than I needed Lucius.
I stood up. Ambrus raised a hand, no doubt to sit me back down, but I quickly drew
Domination from its sheath and held its blade against my neck. Ambrus’ hand froze, his red
eyes fixed firmly on my blade.
“What are you doing, Tara?” said Ambrus in a calm voice, though I could tell he was
surprised by my sudden action. “You’re holding your sword a little too close to your neck, I
“I know what I’m doing, Ambrus,” I said. “I’m offering you a new deal, just like what you
offered me, only my deal is even better.”
Ambrus raised an eyebrow. “A deal? You aren’t in any position to offer me a new deal,
young girl. I am the one with the leverage here, not you. Or did you forget that my minions
are currently threatening Lucius’ life?”
“I’m well aware of what your minions are doing,” I said. “But I also know that you want
me, but you can’t have me if I slit my own throat and die on the spot, right?”
Ambrus’ eyes narrowed. “You wouldn’t dare.”
“I would,” I said, speaking as confidently as possible in order to make sure he didn’t
suspect anything was up. “You’ve made it pretty clear to me that you have a grand vision of
turning me into your queen. You can’t do that if I’m dead, so if I slit my own throat, then
your whole plan will fall apart. At the very least, you’ll be pretty disappointed and maybe
have to work harder to make your plan a reality.”
For the first time since I had seen Ambrus, his smirk faltered. “You are not a suicidal girl.
I know that for a fact, because suicide is considered a sin in Christianity.”
“This wouldn’t be suicide,” I said. “It would be sacrifice.”
“Sacrifice?” said Ambrus. “That implies you are going to get something out of it, but I fail
to see how you benefit from killing yourself.”
“True, killing myself wouldn’t benefit myself exactly, especially because I still don’t
know if I’m going to heaven or not,” I said. “But it would mess up your plans and frustrate
you a lot, which would be all worth it in the end.”
“What about Lucius?” said Ambrus. “I thought you cared about him. Are you willing to
leave him in my hands just so I don’t get you?”
“That’s where the deal comes in, Ambrus,” I said. “In exchange for Lucius’ freedom, I
will not kill myself. In fact, I’ll even work with you willingly, just as long as you let Lucius
go, free and unharmed.”
I knew how crazy I must have looked to Ambrus, but it was the only real plan I had. I was
betting on the fact that Ambrus wanted me more than he wanted to kill Lucius. And
anyway, I could potentially kill Ambrus later on if I had to, perhaps when he let his guard
down. Of course, Ambrus did not seem like the type of guy who would ever let his guard
down, even around people he trusted, but this was still my best chance at stopping Ambrus
and Future Dream.
And yes, I was willing to kill myself, if absolutely necessary. I really didn’t want to,
because again I didn’t know where I would end up when I died, but if I had to, I would. It
was better to die than help Ambrus take over the world. I just hoped that Ambrus would
accept my deal, because I was not looking forward to cutting my own throat and bleeding
out on the floor of a castle in Hungary far away from home.
Ambrus’ eyes darted between me and Lucius, as if he was trying to find a loophole he
could take advantage of. I didn’t lower Domination from my throat, even though my
vampiric instincts were going crazy due to holding a sharp, silver blade so close to my neck.
It was one of the benefits of being a half-vampire, that I could use silver without being
overwhelmed by vampiric fear over it, though it was a bit distracting, I had to admit.
After a couple of tense seconds—in which I was sure that Ambrus was going to reject my
offer and kill both me and Lucius—he relaxed. “You drive a hard bargain, Tara, much
harder than I expected from a girl like you. Very well. I’ll spare Lucius’ life and let him go
free in exchange for your service by my side.”
A wave of relief washed over me just then, making me lower Domination to my side.
“Thanks. I didn’t expect you to actually give.”
Ambrus shrugged. “I’m a much more reasonable person than I may appear. I didn’t
survive for over a century by being stupid.”
“Great,” I said. I nodded at Lucius. “Tell your goons to let Lucius go. Do it now.”
Ambrus nodded. He looked over at them. “Drop the Pure.”
The vampire and the sorcerer dropped Lucius on the floor unceremoniously. Without even
thinking about it, I ran over to Lucius and knelt by his side, putting Domination on the floor
as I grabbed his shoulders.
“Lucius, can you hear me?” I said. “Hello, Lucius?”
A deep groaning sound came from Lucius. His eyes opened, but when he looked up at me,
his expression was strangely blank.
“Tara?” said Lucius in an incredibly weak voice. “Is that you?”
“It is,” I said, nodding. “Are you okay? Can you still walk?”
“Not sure,” said Lucius. “I might, but I feel tired. Where am I?”
“Safe now,” I said.
A shadow suddenly fell over me and I looked over my shoulder to see Ambrus standing
above me and Lucius. From where I knelt, Ambrus looked even taller than before, his arms
folded in front of his large chest, looking quite intimidating in his fancy suit.
“Ambrus,” I said, unable to hide the dislike in my voice. “I know I agreed to work with
you, but I want to make sure Lucius can get home first.”
“Why?” said Ambrus. “He is merely another vampire, one who will likely die in the
coming war. There is no point in worrying about him, not when we have so much work to
“He’s still my … friend,” I said, clutching Lucius’s shoulders with my hands. “And I
always make sure that my friends are safe.”
Ambrus looked unimpressed with what I said, but I didn’t care. Maybe I was going to
work with Ambrus for the rest of my life or maybe I wasn’t. All I cared about was making
sure that Lucius was okay.
I turned back to focus on Lucius and said, “Lucius, let’s try walking, see if your legs can
move or not.”
But Lucius wasn’t looking at me. He was looking up at Ambrus, his eyes puzzled.
“Who is this?” said Lucius. “And what ‘war’ was he talking about?”
“Lucius,” I said, grabbing his face and forcing him to look at me, “in order to save you, I
had to make a deal with this guy. A deal you probably won’t like, but—”
“What deal, Tara?” said Lucius. He propped himself up on his hands and elbows, though it
seemed to take a lot of effort from him. “What deal?”
“One that is none of your business, vampire,” said Ambrus. “Now why don’t you run
along and go back to whatever shadow you crawled out from? Your presence is no longer
needed here.”
“Ambrus, there’s no need for that tone,” I said, looking up at Ambrus somewhat weakly.
“Lucius isn’t even a threat. He’s—”
“A threat? Threat to what?” said Lucius. “What is going on here?”
Ambrus looked at the two servants who had been holding Lucius. “Grab the vampire and
drag him out of here. His presence is no longer needed.”
The vampire and the sorcerer nodded in understanding and moved to grab Lucius, but
Lucius immediately jumped to his feet and punched them both in the face. The sorcerer fell
down instantly, while the vampire staggered to the side, clutching its face where Lucius had
punched it.
Turning around, Lucius pointed at Ambrus and said, “I don’t know who you are or what
you’re planning to do, but all this talk of war and planning makes me suspicious. I’m going
to take you to the Vampire Council and see what they think.”
Before I could stop him, Lucius lunged at Ambrus, but Ambrus dodged Lucius easily. As
Lucius passed him, Ambrus reached out and grabbed Lucius’s shoulders and slammed him
face first into the floor. He twisted Lucius’ arms behinds his back and then drew a silver
knife out of his pocket, which he held above his head with clear intent to bring it down on
“Ambrus, no!” I shouted. “Our deal!”
“He attacked me,” said Ambrus calmly. “And two of my servants. I am at perfect liberty to
protect my life—and my plan—if anyone threatens it, including uppity vampires like
With that, Ambrus brought his knife down on Lucius’ neck faster than I could stop him.
Even though I knelt less than a foot away from Ambrus and Lucius, I felt so helpless. I just
watched as Ambrus’ knife came down toward Lucius’ neck, which would undoubtedly kill
Lucius even if it didn’t take his head off. I reached out one hand toward him, but I could not
reach far enough to actually stop him.
All of a sudden, the doors burst open and a small lightning bolt came out of nowhere and
struck Ambrus’ knife hand. The knife flew out of Ambrus’ hand while he cursed and held
his hand against his chest, his eyes widening in shock at his smoking fingers.
“What was that?” said Ambrus, his voice slightly tinged with pain. He looked toward the
doors. “Who shot that lightning bolt at me? A traitor?”
“That would assume I even worked for you in the first place,” said a familiar voice on the
other side of the doors. “Which I never have, and never will.”
A sorcerer with long, brown hair and a silver ax at his side stepped into the room. I could
not help but gasp when I saw him, because I recognized him, yet I couldn’t understand how
he could be here.
“Who are you?” said Ambrus, glaring at the sorcerer with anger and confusion.
“Bartholomew Reynolds,” said Bart, raising his silver ax. “Vampire hunter and son of
Arthur Reynolds, the head of the Vampire Hunters Guild. And I’m also here to kick your
“Bart?” I said, staring at Bart in disbelief. “Is that really you? What are you doing here?
How did you even get here in the first place?”
“Nice to see you again, too, Tara,” said Bart, nodding at me. His eyes darted to the dinner
table and frowned. “Don’t tell me you’re dating this guy.”
“I’m—” I shook my head. “It doesn’t matter. How did you find me? I didn’t tell you or
anyone else where I was.”
Bart chuckled. “Did you think I was just going to forget about you after I told you
everything I figured out? Truth is, when I left your apartment, I cast a tracking spell that
would allow me to find out where you were. That’s because I originally assumed that you
might be the person trying to cause the war and wanted to make sure I always knew where
you were in case I needed to stop you.”
“You mean you thought I was the bad guy?” I said. I scowled. “I don’t look like a villain,
do I?”
Bart shrugged sheepishly. “Sorry about that. It’s just that you were the only suspect I had
who made sense, given your nature as a half-vampire and all. Even then, I didn’t really
believe you were evil, per se, because you didn’t come across as intelligent enough to
orchestrate a plan like the one I just uncovered. But I wasn’t totally wrong about the identity
of the perpetrator. It was a half-vampire, but just not you.”
I was about to ask Bart if he just called me dumb, when Ambrus said, “How long have you
been here and how come my servants didn’t tell me about you?”
Bart smiled. “You mean the vamps I ran into? I killed them. They didn’t see it coming. I
thought about barging in, but I decided to wait a little while and overhear your plan first.
Looks like I made the right choice, because I now know everything you just told Tara. I’m
not sure if I believe even half of it, but I’m sure that the Parliament will be very interested in
hearing your story once I capture you and bring you back to them in chains.”
“You won’t get anything, hunter,” said Ambrus. “Jajaras, Reginald, kill him! Don’t let him
Jajaras and Reginald—who had been knocked aside by the doors when they opened earlier
—rushed toward Bart with blinding speed, but Bart raised his silver ax and slashed it several
times. Jajaras managed to avoid getting his head cut off, but Reginald ran headlong into the
path of the ax, sending his head flying off his shoulders and his body collapsed onto the
floor. Jajaras backed away, but Bart ran toward him and slashed with his ax, taking Jajaras’
head off in an instant.
Lowering his bloody ax, Bart looked over at Ambrus and said, “Is that all you’ve got?
Because I could do this all day and still have energy left to kill you.”
Ambrus growled, but then Lucius suddenly jerked upward, knocking Ambrus off him.
Lucius tried to get on top of Ambrus and pin him down, but Ambrus rolled away and got to
his feet. He looked at all three of us with pure hatred on his face, his hands clinched into
tight fists as he looked at us.
Lucius rose to his own feet and helped me up as well. It felt good to hold Lucius’ hand
again and I didn’t want to let go, but I did anyway so I could hold Domination in both
hands. Bart ran over and stood beside us, holding his ax in a battle stance as the three of us
faced Ambrus.
“Face it, Ambrus,” I said. “Not only do we have you outnumbered, but we also have you
outmatched. There’s no way you can beat all three of us in a fight.”
Ambrus’ hands shook, but when he spoke, it was in a very calm voice. “I will admit to
being impressed that you managed to turn this situation on me so quickly. And, indeed, all
three of you seem to be quite powerful, but your power still doesn’t come even close to
dwarfing my own. Indeed, it barely equals it.”
Ambrus put his hands together and pulled them apart. As he did so, a strange, shadow-like
webbing appeared between his hands, growing wider and wider as he spread his hands
apart, until soon he had a long black web in front of his body. The webbing moved and
undulated like water, but I had no idea what it was until Bart’s eyes widened and he
shouted, “Down!”
Before I could ask Bart why, Ambrus threw the webbing at us. Lucius grabbed me and
pulled me down to the floor with him, while Bart dropped beside us. The webbing flew
overhead, just barely missing us, and landed on the floor behind us, where it hissed and
immediately began eating into the stone floor as soon as it landed.
“Holy cow,” I said, looking over my shoulder at the black webbing eating away at the
stone floor. “What was that?”
“Acid webbing,” said Bart. “Very deadly spell. If it wraps around you, it will sear your
skin straight off your body. Even vampires can’t survive direct contact with that thing.”
“Explain later,” said Lucius. He pointed. “Look, Ambrus is trying to get away.”
Lucius was right. While we had been distracted by the acid webbing, Ambrus had taken
advantage of our distraction to make a run for the exit. Lucius leaped back to his feet,
however, and flew across the room. He flew over Ambrus and landed squarely in the open
doorway, causing Ambrus to screech to a halt before he ran into Lucius, who immediately
jumped at him and started slashing at him with his claws. But Ambrus grabbed Lucius’
wrists and started struggling against him, doing his best to keep Lucius’ claws from gouging
out his eyes.
“Lucius has Ambrus distracted,” I said. I looked at Bart. “What should we do?”
“Isn’t it obvious?” said Bart. He rose to his feet and dusted off his robes. “Take him down
before he manages to overpower Lucius. Watch.”
Bart summoned a fireball in his hand and threw it at Ambrus’ back. Right before his
fireball hit Ambrus, however, Ambrus whirled around and put Lucius in his way. The
fireball struck Lucius’ back, causing Lucius to cry out in pain, though he didn’t get far
before Ambrus shoved him backward onto the floor.
“Thank you for the help, Bartholomew,” said Ambrus with a chuckle. “I was worried that
Lucius might overwhelm me for a moment there.”
I looked at Bart in annoyance. “Watch where your aim. You nearly killed Lucius.”
“Sorry,” said Bart, scratching the back of his head. “I didn’t realize he would do that.”
I groaned, but had no time to continue to get onto Bart for this, because Ambrus was
stalking toward Lucius with his hands held above his head, clearly planning to kill Lucius. I
couldn’t let him do that, so I ran toward Ambrus and, when I was about halfway to him,
jumped and landed between him and Lucius.
As soon as I landed, I slashed Domination at Ambrus, but Ambrus dodged the sword and
slashed at me with his claws. But I managed to parry his claws with Domination and slashed
at him again, this time actually forcing him to jump backward to avoid getting cut.
“I see that sword is for more than just show,” said Ambrus, holding his claws before him
defensively. “Clearly, it can be used for killing, too.”
I didn’t say anything. I just slashed at Ambrus again, but he held his hands out and formed
a protective blue energy barrier around his body. Domination clanked uselessly against the
barrier, even bouncing off it. I staggered backwards, while Ambrus dropped the barrier and
lashed out at me with a slash from his claws, which cut through my chest and scratched my
chest and the upper part of my breasts.
I cried out in pain, dropping Domination and falling to the floor. I clutched my wounds,
which were bleeding, though not very badly at the moment. Still, the pain had been
surprisingly hot, like Ambrus had slashed me with a burning piece of metal.
I reached out to try to pick up Domination again, only for Ambrus’ foot to slam down on
my wrist. I looked up at Ambrus, who held his claws before him like knives.
“Like my claws?” said Ambrus, flexing his fingers. “They’re covered in silver, just in case
I ever need to use them against vampires. Or other half-vampires, as the case may—”
Ambrus was interrupted by a yell from Bart, who had somehow gotten behind Ambrus and
was now swinging his ax at Ambrus’ neck. Ambrus, however, dodged, easily dodging
Bart’s ax, and then lashed out with a kick, but Bart jumped out of the way at the last second
and easily dodged the kick. He swung his ax at Ambrus again, this time forcing Ambrus to
back away to avoid the ax’s sharp blade.
While Bart forced Ambrus to retreat, I rolled over onto my side to look at Lucius. He was
still lying on the floor, in a half-fetal position, his back smoking slightly from where Bart’s
fireball had hit him.
“Lucius, are you all right?” I said.
Lucius groaned. “I’ll be fine, Tara. Don’t worry about me. Just help your sorcerer friend.
Take down Ambrus.”
I frowned, because I didn’t think Lucius sounded well, but I decided that taking down
Ambrus was more important at the moment than making sure Lucius was okay. Doing my
best to ignore the pain in my own wounds, I reached over and grabbed Domination, pulling
it close to me and clutching its handle with both hands.
Rising to my feet, I looked over at the fight between Bart and Ambrus. Bart was swinging
his ax in what seemed like wild, yet calculated, strokes, while Ambrus dodged each slash as
best as he could. But even I could tell that it was only a matter of time before one of Bart’s
blows landed, and once it did, Ambrus would definitely go down.
But then Bart accidentally slashed too wide, leaving an opening, and Ambrus struck.
Ambrus slashed both his claws at Bart’s exposed chest, cutting across Bart’s robes and
causing Bart to cry out in pain. Ambrus followed this up with a swift kick to the abdomen,
making Bart drop his ax onto the floor before Bart himself fell down as well. Ambrus
caught Bart’s collar, however, and pulled back his claw, no doubt to stab into Bart’s face.
I didn’t even hesitate. I ran toward Ambrus and Bart, Domination held tightly in my hands,
and slashed it downward at the same time Ambrus’ claw flew toward Bart’s face.
Domination blocked Ambrus’ claw, causing Ambrus to look at me in surprise. But I didn’t
hesitate. I slashed at his face, intending to cut the top of his head clean off, but instead
Ambrus moved his head with the trajectory of my sword. Domination cut through his skin,
making Ambrus scream in pain. He let go of Bart and staggered away, clutching his nowbleeding
face with both hands.
“It’s over, Ambrus,” I said, pointing Domination at his face. “You’re coming with us. You
I expected Ambrus to start screaming and ranting at me, to start losing his mind and acting
incoherently, but instead, Ambrus slowly lowered his hands from his face and looked at me.
His face was horrible now. His handsome features were covered in blood, courtesy of the
long, ugly cut running from his crown across his nose and down to his chin. It looked kind
of like Lucius’ scar, except far worse.
“I will admit that my plan has undoubtedly failed,” said Ambrus. He didn’t sound like he
was in pain at all, despite the wound on his face. “But you would be deeply mistaken to
assume that means that I am going to come with you or your friends peacefully. Or at all,
for that matter.”
Ambrus stepped backwards and, before my startled eyes, vanished into the shadows out of
my sight.
I ran over to the spot where Ambrus had been standing mere moments before and looked
around hurriedly, but I didn’t see Ambrus anywhere. He seemed to have vanished entirely,
though I suspected that he had probably just stepped into the Shadow Way. I was just about
to follow him myself when I heard groaning behind me and looked over my shoulder to see
Bart sitting up, rubbing his stomach where Ambrus had punched him not more than a
minute or two ago.
“Ow,” said Bart. “First time I’ve ever been punched by a half-vampire. Not too different
from being punched by an actual vampire, though it still hurts a lot.”
“He got away,” I said, looking back into the shadows. “And I’m going after—”
“You won’t.”
I turned around again to see Lucius walking toward us. His back was no longer smoking,
but he walked slowly and deliberately, perhaps perhaps due to the pain in his back. He
stopped several feet away from Bart, who had gotten back to his feet by now and was
dusting off his robes.
“I won’t?” I said. “Won’t what?”
“Go after him,” said Lucius. “Ambrus clearly knows the Shadow Way better than you,
otherwise he would not have escaped through it. Given the size of the Shadow Way, you
will probably never capture him, even if you left right now. You don’t want to end up being
nearly tricked by a Stranger again, do you?”
I blushed, but said, “But if he gets away—”
“He has gotten away, you mean,” said Lucius. “Even I wouldn’t chase him now, and I
know the Shadow Way better than you. Besides, I suspect Ambrus is going to lay low for a
while, now that his plan has been ruined.”
“Has it?” I said. I lowered Domination to my side. “Michaels is still dead. The war is still
going to happen. Maybe Ambrus will have to rebuild Future Dream or something, but his
overall goal is still going to happen, even if he can’t take advantage of it the way he wanted
“Not unless we go to the Sorcerer Parliament and tell them the truth,” said Bart. He picked
up his ax, looked it over once, and hooked it in his belt loop. “If they know about Ambrus,
then they won’t feel the need to declare war on the vampires.”
“And I will go back to the Vampire Council and inform them about Ambrus,” said Lucius.
“They will be just as interested in hearing about him as the Parliament is, if not more so,
given how he attempted to frame them by manipulating you into killing Michaels.”
“But we don’t have proof of his existence,” I said. “Why would either the Parliament or
the Council believe you without proof?”
“Good point,” said Bart, folding his arms across his chest. He looked around the nowempty
throne room with a thoughtful expression on his face. “Maybe Ambrus has some
papers lying around this castle which might help us prove that he’s responsible for this.
Could take a while to find, though, because this castle seems pretty big.”
The mention of papers stirred a memory in my mind, causing me to say, “Wait a minute.
When I agreed to kill Michaels, Jajaras, one of Ambrus’ servants, gave me a bunch of
documents about Michaels, information that Future Dream had collected on him. I could
give you guys the documents so you can show them to your respective leaders in order to
convince them that they were nearly set up.”
“Really?” said Bart in surprise. “That’s convenient. Where are the documents?”
“Back at my apartment,” I said. “When we go back there, I can give them to you guys.”
“Sounds like a plan,” said Bart. “But I’d still like to investigate Castle Rook more fully.
There are probably still some Future Dream agents hanging around here and if we can
capture even just one of them and make him confess, that would be even better than
showing the Parliament some documents.”
“It would not be wise to explore this castle alone,” said Lucius. “If there are any Future
Dream agents hiding, they may attack anyone they deem a threat. It would probably be best
to come back here with backup later on, just to be safe.”
Bart suddenly looked at Lucius as if he had forgotten Lucius was here. “You’re Lucius
Red, right? I don’t think we were ever introduced.”
Lucius nodded. “Yes, that’s me, though I’m curious how you know my name.”
“Because you’re a Pure,” said Bart. “The Vampire Hunters Guild keeps a list of all known
Pures and your name is on it.”
“Why does the Vampire Hunters Guild keep a list of all known Pures?” I said. “What’s the
point of it?”
Bart shrugged. “Oh, you know, we just want to keep an eye on these supposedly ‘good’
vampires, just in case any of them go rogue or are lying about their nature. It’s happened
more than a few times over the years.”
That reminded me of what Dad said, about how Pures were still distrusted by sorcerers
because you could never be sure if a given Pure was actually good or if they were just
faking it. I didn’t think that Lucius was faking it, because from what I’d seen of him, he was
a genuinely good guy, even if he was a vampire.
“I see,” said Lucius. “Well, I hope I’m not too high up on the list. I’ve been on my best
behavior ever since I became a Pure.”
“I hope you have,” said Bart in a somewhat sour tone. He rested his hand on the handle of
his ax. “Otherwise … well, you know what I’d do, I’m sure.”
Lucius smiled, showing his long, sharp fangs. “And I trust that you’d know what I would
do if you ever came after me?”
Bart nodded curtly. “Yep, though I doubt you would survive very long if I ever decided
that you are a threat to humanity.”
“I’m over three hundred years old,” said Lucius. “It would be interesting to see a young
pup like you try to kill me.”
“Maybe I should try it now,” said Bart. “I still have enough energy for another fight,
though I’m not sure I can say the same about you, old man.”
“Hold on, guys,” I said, holding up my hands. “There’s no point in fighting each other,
okay? We have more important things to do than figure out who is the biggest kid in the
Lucius and Bart continued to glare at each other, but then Bart looked away first and
shrugged. “You’re right, Tara. I need to go back to the Parliament as soon as possible and
inform them of Ambrus’ existence. I think they will have a hard time believing me if I tell
them that he’s a half-vampire, though.”
“I wouldn’t worry about it, myself,” I said. “Once you show them the documents I will
give you, I’m sure they’ll be perfectly willing to believe that Ambrus is a half-vampire.”
“I hope you’re right,” said Bart. “It’s just that no one has ever heard of a half-vampire
hiding like that. Most half-vampires are discovered and eliminated fairly early on, because
their unique natures make them stand out.”
I nodded, but then something occurred to me and I said, “What about me? Are you going
to tell the Sorcerer Parliament about me?”
Bart shook his head. “No, I don’t think so. You’re different from Ambrus, Tara. Unlike
him, you’ve made a real effort to stop the war, even if Ambrus forced you to kill Michaels.
I’ll just tell them that I found Ambrus on my own and not mention you.”
I sighed in relief. “Thanks, Bart. I really appreciate it.”
Bart looked at Lucius. “What about you, Lucius? I know the vampires have similar laws
regarding half-vampires. What are you going to do?”
“The Vampire Council is already aware of Tara,” said Lucius. “And the only reason they
haven’t killed her yet is because of the Lamb doctrine, though it expired a while ago,
meaning that any vampire is free to kill Tara now.”
I gulped. “Does that mean the Council is going to send its agents after me?”
Lucius shook his head. “No, I doubt it.”
“Why?” I said. “Aren’t there supposed to be, like, ancient laws that say they’re supposed
to kill all half-vampires they find or something?”
“There are, but your case is a little different,” said Lucius. “Your dad is the Hunter, and
they’re afraid of pissing him off, to put it bluntly.”
I tilted my head to the side. “They’re scared of Dad?”
“Yes,” said Lucius. “And I think you know why, of course.”
“Because Dad used to be the best vampire hunter ever,” I said, nodding. “Still, Dad’s been
retired for twenty-four years. How much of a threat could he possibly pose to the Council?”
“A massive one,” said Lucius. “Remember, Tara, I knew your father when he was
younger, and I also have experience with so-called ‘retired’ vampire hunters. They may no
longer be actively going around the world hunting down my people, but they still have the
necessary skills to kill any vampire who comes after them. And the name of the Hunter still
evokes fear in a lot of vampires, even in many members of the Vampire Council.”
“So I’m safe?” I said.
“For now,” said Lucius. “Whether or not you’ll always be safe … I can’t say. All I can say
is that I suggest you stay close to Richard and continue to learn how to defend yourself. It’s
the only way to ensure your safety in the long term.”
I could not help but feel a little relieved when Lucius said that. I had been worrying quite a
bit over whether the Vampire Council would send agents to kill me, so hearing that they
were too afraid of my father to even touch me left me feeling happier than before. At the
same time, though, I didn’t like Lucius’ ‘for now,’ because there was no telling if that ‘for
now’ would last ten years or ten seconds.
But that was why I needed to keep training and become stronger. And hopefully someday,
I would find a way to become a normal human girl again.

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Catching Emily

femme-sexe-lesbienne-en-gif-porno-du-32This is a story about my sister and me. I’m sorry if the punctuation is screwed up, but there’s nothing I can do about it. If it bothers you please do us both a favor and move on to another story. If you decide to over-look it and stay, thanks and enjoy. And as always, feedback is most welcome.

My sister and I were raised in a strict household. There was no cussing and absolutely no nudity. We undressed in the bathroom and dressed in the bathroom… with the door locked.
Emily, was 16 at the time. She was a tall girl, perhaps five feet ten or even eleven. Height ran in our family, although weight did not. Emily was one hundred ten pounds at best.
She was not what anyone would call beautiful. She had long dark hair and pretty green eyes, but her nose was slightly longer than she wished and her teeth were a bit crooked. Still, I always thought she was pretty.
What Emily did have in her favor was a large pair of perfectly shaped breasts. She had developed these between the ages of thirteen and fifteen and I tried to see them at every opportunity, but always fell short.
I was fourteen and like any fourteen year old boy I lived for two things; nudie mags and jerking off. And even though the mags were a great inspiration my thoughts always turned to Emily while I was beating off. I just had to get a look at those tits, just once!
I devised a plan. My Mom and Dad both working the evening shift which meant Emily and I were home alone from the time we got off the school bus until mid-night. I was going to get a look at my sister if it killed me and actually, if I got caught that was a very distincted possibility.
On the day in question I told my Mom that I would be staying late for a science fair meeting and that one of my friends Mom would give me a ride home. I made sure my sister heard me.  20141009145617-b70f0e2b
School let out at three-thirty, but I ditched at two and thumbed a ride home. I then hung out in sight of my house until both Mom and Dad left for work.
Once my parents were gone I walked to my door and went inside.
Now, my stupid adolescent plan was to hide in the bathroom behind the shower curtain and when my sister came in to change her clothes I would get the peek I so wanted. In fact, I went a step farther and brought my digital camera with me. I turned off the sound so there would be no shutter noise and I also turned off the flash. And then I stood in there and waited for what seemed like an eternity.
Finally, I heard my sister come in the front door. My heart was racing. I was sure she would hear the bass drum beating that I felt in my chest. And then she came into the bathroom.
Thinking she was home alone Emily didn’t lock the door. In fact, I never heard her close it.
I had positioned the shower curtain so that I could peek out and see a reflection in the mirror of the entire bathroom on onc end of the tub and a straight shot at the toilet from the other. Emily began to undress.
First she pulled her shirt over her head and dropped it on the floor. Her breasts were everything I had imagined. She wore a plain white bra, but I didn’t care. I was electrified with the view I was getting.
Next she unbuckled her belt and let her jeans slide down her long shapely legs. I hadn’t realized Emily had such beautiful legs.  3485195
I held my breath. Would she continue removing pieces of clothing or would she put on some house clothes and head off to do home work. I waited and got my answer shortly.
Emily reached behind herself and unfastened her bra. It fell to the floor and my heart stopped. There was the true to life vision that I had only imagined for the past two years standing a foot or two from me. I had to squeeze the camera least I would drop it. But she didn’t stop there. As quickly as she had removed her bra she hooked her thumbs in her panties and slid them down over her knees and off her feet tossing them in a heap with the rest of her clothes. And oh my goodness her pussy was shaved. If my parents knew Emily had shaved her pussy they would killed her. If I could get a picture of this I would rule the world. I was frozen like a statue. If I moved or in any way let her know I was there I was also dead. D.E.A.D. I waited.
And then the most unbelievable thing happened. Emily closed the toilet lid and sat down. She reached into her purse, which I hadn’t noticed before, and pulled out a large, purple bullet shaped vibrator. She turned it on with one hand while spreading her shaved pussy lips with the other. I could see her clit which was already aroused in anticipation of what was coming. As soon as the vibrator touch Emily’s clit she threw her head back and moaned. This was the perfect time. I positioned the camera as to take in her entire body and pressed the shutter. And the fucking flash went off.
Emily snapped her head up and instinctively slammed her legs shut. I, on the other hand, nearly broke my neck jumping out of the shower and running toward my bedroom. I didn’t know if Emily was behind me or not and I didn’t waste any time checking. I ran into my bedroom, slammed the door and locked it. I had the picture but I also had some very big trouble.
A few minutes later Emily was at the door.
‘Open up you little shit’, she screamed.     images (2)
‘Not until you calmed down,’ I said yelled back. I was stalling until I could think of a place to hide the camera. Then it came to me. Just hide the SD card. Done.
I opened the door and Emily, who was now dressed, stormed in.
‘Where is it,’ she screamed again. She saw the camera on my bed and lounged for it.
‘Don’t waste your time. I pulled the card out’.
Emily turned to face me. ‘You are so dead. I’m telling Dad as soon as he gets home’, she hissed.
‘On really? Well when you tell him I hid in the shower be sure to tell him you were stroking your monkey with a vibrator. And if he doesn’t believe you, hell I’ll show him the picture’. At this point I had no idea what the picture looked like, but I wasn’t going to blow the deal. It was my only chance to get out of this mess.
Emily stopped cold. Her expression changed from rage to fear in less than a second. I just grinned.
‘Okay,’ she said. ‘What do you want? I’ll make your bed everyday, clean your room, what? Just give me the picture.’
I don’t know where the words came from that I heard myself say, but they were unmistakable.
‘I want you to do what you were doing in the bathroom while I watch.’
Emily turned white. ‘You’re kidding?’ she said.
‘No, I’m telling you what I want’. I got even braver. ‘I want to see to fuck your pussy with that vibrator’.
Emily shook her head. ‘No way. If you show Dad that picture you’ll be in the shit just as deep as I will be. You got nothing on me.’
‘Oh really? How’s this. Dad, I knew what Emily was doing and I knew you’d never believe me so I took a picture just to prove it’. Emily turned an even whiter shade of pale.
‘When,? she said.        tumblr_inline_mpdi97SFU51qz4rgp
‘Right here’.
Emily left the room. And I waited.
Thirty minutes passed and I was sure she was calling my bluff. She probably knew I would never do that to her. I wouldn’t ruin her life over this. Hell, it was all my fault for hiding in the shower in the first place. And then she came back into my room.
‘No touching,’ she said.
I nodded agreement.
Emily put the vibrator on my bed. She looked at me, directly in my eyes, and took her top off. This time she wasn’t wearing the bra.
I looked at her breasts more closely than I had before. The were perfectly round, perfectly symmetrical, with half dollar size areolas and eraser shaped nipples that stood at attention. My cock stirred in my pants.
Emily unfastened her belt and let her pants fall to the floor. This time she wasn’t wearing underwear either. My cock went from stirring to trying to break free of my own pants.
Emily went to my computer chair, turned it around to face me and sat down. As if I wasn’t in the room she turned the vibrator on, and as before opened her pussy lips and placed the tip on her clit.
It may have been my imagination, but was her clit a little more aroused then it had been it the bathroom?
Emily began to work the vibrator up and down her exposed pussy lips each time going all the way to her tight little asshole and then back up to her swollen clit. She made little ,oh, shapes with her mouth and occasionally let out a soft moan. I needed to jerk off.
Emily continued her motions and each time I thought she was ready to cum she slowed her pace just enough to let it pass. Finally, she laid the vibrator across her clit and yelled, ‘Now’!       images
Emily’s ass came out of the chair as she pushed the vibrator hard against her clit and closed her legs tightly. Her beautiful pointed nipples stood straight up. I thought I would cum in my pants.
When Emily’s climax subsided she relaxed back into the chair with her eyes closed. She hadn’t turned the vibrator off yet.
And then, to my absolute astonishment she began to rub the vibrator over her clit again.
‘Take out your cock,’ she said.
I was hearing things. This whole thing was beyond my comprehension and I was just hearing things.
‘What,? I said.
Emily looked at the obvious bulge in my pants and said it again.
‘Take out you cock’.
I did as she asked.
My dick was as hard as I could ever remember. I guess it was in the neighborhood of six inches. The tip was wet and the head was bright red.
Emily looked at it and then up at me. ‘Start jerking,’ she said.
I didn’t have to be told twice. It was a dream come true. As I stroked my prick Emily began to work her pussy over with the vibrator once more.
I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer and so I did something that surprised me and shocked Emily.
I stopped jerking off and walked over to where she was sitting, knelt down and pulled her hand holding the vibrator away. Before she could say a word I had my mouth over her clit and was licking it with everything I had. I didn’t know what she would do, but I knew this was an opportunity that would most likely never come again. And so I ate my sisters pussy.
Emily’s ass came off the chair as she grabbed my head with both hands and pulled my mouth tightly to her exposed cunt. She cried, moaned, laughed and bucked all at the same time. And oh she tasted so good. 8Or1V3r
Once I knew Emily wasn’t going to freak out on me I moved up and down her slit licking her asshole, dipping into her vagina and twisting her clit in my lips. It was only a matter of minutes until she slammed her pussy into my face and screamed out, ‘I’m fucking cuming in your mouth. Oh, fuck eat my cunt. Oh fuck.’ She held on with both hands.
I felt Emily’s clit twitch and her pussy hole contract as each spasm washed over her. After about twenty seconds of none stop cuming she began to shake and buck with less forcefulness until she finally collapsed into the chair.
I looked down at my sister. My cock was straining for relief. I took it in my hand and with just a few strokes I was on the verge of eruption.
Emily opened her eyes just in time. She pushed my hand away replacing it with her own as she force her magnificent tits upward. I began to cum in her hand. She jerked me off like a pro.
I shot load after hot load of cum onto my sisters tits. Some hit her stomach and one stream even hit her chin. I had never cum so much or so hard in my life.
When the last stream finally dribbled from my cock I thought I would faint.
I stood there, my prick hanging loosely with cum swinging in an arc from the tip while my beautiful sister was looking up smiling, my cum all over her.
She reached out and gently grabbed my balls.
‘Tomorrow don’t hide in the shower,’ she said. ‘Just wait for me in here….’

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A Charmed Life: The Ashland Witches, Book 1

382cdf6b0c5b74546b9142b08dcd600b1e8ac2daOf the four of us, the only one who could never stay in one place was
Fiona. She said it would take an act of the gods for her to come
home. This was the kind of statement that usually got her into
trouble. – Avery Ryan
Chapter 1
“So this isn’t how I expected us to be together again.” Waverly Ryan rubbed at her
arms and looked around the room.
As much as Fiona wanted to say, “Yeah, well I bet Emma did,” she kept her
thoughts to herself and mirrored her friend’s actions. It was colder than she
expected for April in Nebraska. She was usually in Paris this time of year, not
dressed in black standing in the bleak living room of her father’s old farmhouse
with other mourners.
In a way, she did expect to be here for this very reason. She was almost surprised
her father had lasted this long, considering his habits. She didn’t say so, of course.
But she knew Waverly’s sister, Avery, saw right through her. Even though Fiona
Shaw had perfected the art of the poker face, it didn’t matter because Avery could
sense and calm her emotions, a talent strangely at odds with her detached,
analytical nature.
Even without broadcasting her thoughts, Fiona could tell Avery knew exactly how
she felt. The problem was, so could Waverly, the circle’s token empath. It was a
talent that often got her into trouble because Waverly received so many emotions
that in some cases, she couldn’t handle it.
Fortunately, Avery also had a talent for mitigating the emotional effect on her sister
and directing the conversation in a way that deflected any awkwardness. Rather
than comment on the funeral or the rather tedious reception, she asked, “How long
will you stay?”
Fiona shot her a grim smile of relief. “As long as it takes to settle things, I guess.”
She shrugged and ran her hands through her short, red hair. She couldn’t manage
to tame it even at her father’s funeral, but it hardly mattered now. He was gone and
she was standing on the first floor of her house, surrounded by people she hadn’t
expected to see again, like neighbors and her father’s coworkers.
Sure, she expected
to see her best friends one of these days, but not the rest of the people there.
“So maybe the circle can be complete again,” Waverly ventured. “At least for a little
while. I mean, estates take some time to settle, right? And I’m sure you’ve got to
deal with things like insurance and the house…” She trailed off when Avery shook
her head at her.
“Talking about business right now? No,” Avery scolded her sister. “Fiona needs time
to grieve.”
Fiona looked at her friends, so different and so dear to her. Waverly was the fretful
one, often toying with her long brown hair and showing far more emotion than her
thoughtful sister, Avery. Some might go so far as to mistake Avery’s cool blonde
beauty for disinterest, but she wasn’t heartless – just methodical. And then there
was Emma – gorgeous, steady, ravenhaired
Here they were, in their mid to late twenties, their lives so different than when they
met in high school. All of them had jobs and Emma was settled down in a serious
relationship. Fiona glanced over at Crystal, Emma’s partner of seven years. She
stood at the punch bowl, nodding as she spoke with Emma’s mother.
“How is Crystal doing?” Fiona asked.
“She’s good.” Emma’s answer lacked enthusiasm and Fiona decided not to pursue
the topic. Her fellow witches weren’t the only ones who could read emotions.
“And how is Sara?” Waverly asked, drawing Fiona’s attention back to her.
“Who?” Fiona blinked as she tried to recall who Waverly meant.
“Sara. Wasn’t that the cutie you hooked up with in London?”
“Ohhh…” To be honest, Fiona hardly remembered. London was before Paris, before
Adaline, but after Helen in Athens, right? Sometimes her travels were a blur in her
mind and so were her socalled
“girlfriends” from one country to the next. As far as
she was concerned, all that mattered was getting her story, immersing herself in
whatever she was writing, enjoying a warm snuggle with a lovely lady, and then
getting on her way. How was she supposed to remember the names of all those
women? They were different every time.
Avery put her hand on Fiona’s arm and said to their friends, “I’m sure Fiona’s
lovers are the last thing on her mind today.”
Grateful for Avery’s intuitive intervention once more, Fiona dipped her gaze to her
feet. Shoes said a lot about a person or people, in this case. Emma’s were sensible
shoes. Waverly’s were a little too strappy for the spring, let alone a
funeral, and Avery’s were cute, classic Mary Janes.
Fiona remembered when she first met her friends. Their circle of three had been
bonded as a magick circle, but incomplete. Earth, air, and water needed her fire to
inspire their actions. And as part of a small handful of gay residents in their tiny
community of Ashland, Nebraska, they gave each other muchneeded
support, too.
Fiona’s wanderlust wasn’t the town’s fault, though. She liked Ashland well enough,
but she’d moved so often until she turned seventeen, it felt natural to always be on
the go. Heck, she hadn’t even stayed at the same college for four years. Though she
did manage to graduate and move immediately into a coveted job writing for The
New Yorker. Briefly, anyway.
“You could just stay,” Emma said and shrugged as if it were that easy.
Fiona bit back a scoff. Staying in one town, living in the same house was easy for
Emma, the everdependable
earth witch. She had Crystal and her store and her
family intact. Emma had perfected the art of adulting even before it became
fashionable to use “adult” as a verb. They jokingly referred to her as “the coven
Maybe it helped that she was a clairvoyant and knew what life would toss her way.
Having an idea of what to expect would certainly make it easier to move through
life, accept the positive, and work through the negative.
But Fiona would have hated that talent. She wanted life to be unpredictable and
interesting, to live with a “come what may” attitude. She didn’t need security
because things always went her way. And if they didn’t go her way, she had the
power to change that.
Except this. This was the one instance where she couldn’t manifest something into
being. Well, maybe she could, but she knew as well as her friends that disturbing
the dead was a dangerous business. Besides, it was for the best in this case. Sure,
her dad was an alcoholic. Sure, driving after drinking was a risk he took. It was no
one’s responsibility but his own. But, still…
She dipped her gaze to the circle of shoes again and let out a long breath. “I have to
settle his estate and that will probably take some time,” she admitted. “So I’m not
going anywhere too soon. Besides, I’m between assignments at the moment. I’m
sure if I need to work, I can take something local to keep me busy once I figure out
what I need to do here.”
Fiona could see it in the way Waverly tensed up. The brunette wanted to squeal and
jump up and down, but she managed to restrain herself. Thank goodness. A funeral
reception was no place for Waverly to go all perky cheerleader on her, especially at
their ages.
“Let us know if we can help you at all,” Avery said, reaching up to give Fiona’s arm
a gentle, reassuring squeeze. “We’re all here for you. We always have been.”
“Thanks. I appreciate it.” Fiona smoothed her hands down the front of her black
blazer and glanced around the room. “I should probably make the rounds. You
know, other people are going to want to talk to me, I’m sure.”
“Of course. We shouldn’t monopolize the daughter of the deceased.” Avery nodded
and glared at both Waverly and Emma until they nodded too. “We’ll stay and help
tidy up after everyone leaves if you’d like.”
Fiona waved them away as she took a step back. “There’s no need. Besides, Emma
has Crystal with her, and I’m sure all of you have work in the morning.”
“Fiona, remember, we’re a circle and we’re here for you.”
Avery’s words stopped her in